Classical music played in the most unusual ways

'No one stirs up a stew in the genre so charmingly as the string quartet Salut Salon. Their enthusiasm for extraordinary pieces is so contagious that even the biggest classical-musical dunce will become a fan.' Allgemeine Zeitung Mainz | 2013 Salut Salon is a group of classically-trained, attractive female performers ... Read more »


When was the Orchestra Pit invented? Click to find out..

Photo Credit: Friera via Wikimedia Commons The auditorium of Wagner’s theater at Bayreuth was designed in a simple semicircle, like ancient Greek theaters, and without the box seats for the social elite. The orchestra pit was invented in Bayreuth, and is hidden from audience view by a convex wall ... Read more »


Tchaikovsky and Brahms: It is fun to learn what happens when two fine composers of different temperaments meet for the first time:

These two great composers were born on the same day, seven years apart, and it is known that they could not stand each other. It is fun to learn what happens when two fine composers of different temperaments first meet. One account is by the hostess of their original meeting ... Read more »


FYI: The New Year's Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic

Photo Credit: David Basanta via Flickr The New Year's Concert of the Vienna Philharmonic takes place each year in the morning of January 1 in Vienna and it is broadcasted around the world to an estimated audience of 50 million in 72 countries. ... Read more »


Which is the world's first LP musical recording? to find out

By Fyrsten via Wikimedia Commons RCA Victor introduced an early version of a long-playing record for home use in September 1931. These "Program Transcription" discs, as Victor called them, played at 33⅓ rpm and used a somewhat finer and more closely spaced groove than typical 78s. They were to be ... Read more »


Who was the first documented conductor? Read this article to find out..

Photo Credit: Leosia Niezgodka via Flickr Did you know that Jean-Baptiste Lully, the first documented conductor, was the first musician to use a baton. It was a heavy, six-foot-long staff that he pounded on the ground in time to the music. One day, at a concert to celebrate the king's ... Read more »


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