Music Promotion Service

Music Promotion Service
Music Promotion Service

CMUSE is a music publication, hence any topic must have a strong relevance to our website’s aims and must fit into our featured categories.

We provide music album or single music track review service.

We will review, promote and post about your music or music album on

This is a good chance to explore yourself to our reader!

What included in the post?

Music review post
Your photos (If any)
Your Social Media

Please take note you need to upload your musical video on YouTube if you wish us to embed it in the post.

The post will be published on our social media below:

Facebook ~100,000 fans
Twitter ~ 2111 Followers
Google + ~ 439 Followers
Pinterest ~ 1241 Followers

One time social media sharing is included in the service.

Please take note NOT all musical songs under the album will be mentioned

DISCLAIMER: Only music album with good quality will be accepted. We reserve the right to turn down the offer if the quality of music album is not up to par.

Please also check our musician interview service on

Contact us now and get a quote for this service.

You may also send us an email directly via [email protected]

Thank you.