30 Best Digital Pianos for Beginner Reviews 2022 – Best Student Digital Piano

Best Digital Piano for Beginner & Best Student Digital Piano

Best Digital Piano for Beginner & Best Student Digital Piano

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When you sing, your soul sings, and when you’re playing an instrument of any kind, you are actually singing. Music is one of the best passions of man. No matter the situation—good or bad—a particular genre or style of music will surely fit the mix.

The best way to sing or play songs is through musical instruments, and the piano/keyboard is one of the primary instruments of primordial and contemporary music. Digital piano is the best of all pianos/keyboards in the market today.

All piano enthusiasts, professionals, intermediate or musical instructors start their career from a particular stage—the beginner’s foundation. Whether you want to become a great piano player like Bach, or you’re a student wanting to learn the instrument or a hobbyist who just want to have fun; you will have to get yourself a good beginner’s digital piano to start your practice lessons.

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What are the Best Digital Piano for Beginner/Student?

2) Casio CTK 3500 61-Key Portable Keyboard

  • 400 Premium Quality Tones
  • Chordata Play App Integration
  • Built-In Tones
  • 61 Key
  • Auto Power Off

1) RockJam 54 Key Portable Electronic Keyboard

  • Highly Rated
  • Top Quality
  • Teaching Mode
  • Built-In Stereo Speakers
  • 54-Key
  • Compact Size

3) Alesis Recital 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano

  • 5 Aptly Crafted Voices
  • Educational Features
  • 88-Key
  • Adjustable Touch Response

To start the buying process, it is imperative that we first must acknowledge that different models from competitive brands are competing for your money. So, we took our time and went on to critically review the top 30 best beginners’ digital piano. The list and the explanations thereof are very informative.

Since the design of pianos has gone through numerous transitions, finding the one that fit excellently is always a daunting task. But not for those who are aware of what they are looking for, and what actually constitutes a good beginner digital piano.

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30 Best Beginner/Student Digital Piano Reviews and the Best Beginner Digital Piano Brands

So sit back, explore and order one of the best 30 beginner digital pianos from the best brands in the market.

1) RockJam 54 Key Portable Electronic Keyboard

The number of keys on the keyboard doesn’t always determine the quality and best results. Although a fully-sized keyboard with 88 keys will offer better versatility and style, some models with lesser keys has equally proven to be competitive. And that is what Rockjam brings to you with its rare 54 keys keyboard.

Featuring decent keyboard, with LCD screen display, Rockjam offers the beginner a reasonable way to stay focused and committed to the task of learning. For instance, using an LCD screen enable the beginner to see and pick the correct keys and chords without making errors. Even the 54 keys are and as such that they offer a considerable feel of a regular piano.

8 demo songs are on hand to test your playing skills, and the multiple teaching modes mean you have versatility in learning. Not every model has this feature. Okay, what about improvement? Well, that’s why you have the record and playback functionality—a feature that allows you to record, store and playback your songs or tones anytime for improvement and determination of how good you have gone.

2) Casio CTK 3500 61-Key Portable Keyboard

All eyes on Casio as they roll out one of the best beginner digital piano options ever to grace the market. The Casio CTK 3500 features the innovative design that will make the player and listeners enjoy the best of dance music. The model comes with polyphony tones that range 48 in numbers, and the fact that you easily switch to dance music mode means you have a more than 50 dance rhythms to select.

Casio CTK 3500 is designed to meet your specific needs, notwithstanding wherever you are located. The keyboard is portable, which is always a remarkable feature Casio models are recognized. Apart from enjoying the newly added dance mode option, Casio also offers additional 150 rhythms, together with 400 top-notch tones for your taste and preference.

The 61 keys are highly sensitive to touch and they enhance performance in a much better way. It doesn’t matter whether you are writing some hit songs or just starting as a beginner player, the CTK 3500 has hundreds of reliable tones that will take you to anywhere, whether on a battery or connected power source.

One of the best beginner digital pianos come from Alesis. It is a full-featured digital piano, great for young learners, but not only. It can suit the needs of children and adults alike. Anyhow, it comes with 88 premium full-sized semi-weighted keys that allow the learner to modify the touch response so that it fits the playing style. Also, it includes premium sounds voices, like acoustic piano or bass.

What we liked the most about this beginner digital piano is the adaptive feel that doesn’t compromise the quality of sound. Also, it comes with useful educational characteristics, allowing learners to adjust the metronome and use the Lesson Mode to their advantage. It comes with USB connectivity, which we can say it is useful for connecting the digital piano to a gadget. This enables you to use any educational resource online for self-teaching.

Further, Alesis offers access upon purchase of this product to two months of unlimited live classes from Take Lessons. Overall, this digital piano is versatile, compact, and packed with batteries so that you can practice on the go. The approximative dimensions for this product are 3.6 x 11.5 x 50.5 inches.

4) Alesis Melody 61 Beginner Bundle Portable keyboard

Alesis stands in between Yamaha and Casio regarding manufacturing the best beginners’ digital pianos available in the market. The Melody constitutes a major challenge to its competitors in the are of portability and compact design. All 61 keys are lighted-weighted, but the real del is the large volume of included sounds. The Alesis Melody features 200 sounds from which the player can select ones that fit into his/her practice lessons.

10 featured songs are also included in this design, and with over 128 accompany rhymes, you can go places with your lessons. Featured songs are playable under three different instructional modes, giving you much flexibility while enjoying the best. Like its sister version, this one also comes with split layer mode capability that gives the user the ability to play alongside a music instructor or partner.

Overall, Alesis Melody represents a good quality model which every beginner is looking forward to have. You can also get to enjoy your practice sessions using the headphones that mute the speakers sound automatically for privacy. Assembling the keyboard is like a breeze, even as a microphone and an adjustable bench are included for your convenience.

5) Alesis Recital Pro Digital Piano

If you’re looking for a digital piano for beginners that will allow you to achieve professional keyboard skills, the product sold by Alesis is for you! Most customers reviewed it as the top digital piano learners can use due to the 12 expertly designed voices and educational features. As such, with only one keyboard, you will have both an instrument and significant learning aid. This is a full-featured digital piano with 88 full-sized hammer action keys, along with adjustable touch sensitivity so that you tune the device accordingly to your needs.

Besides, this product comes with amazing 20W built-in speakers, several connectivity features, and a rare 128-note maximum polyphony. What we really liked about this product is that it is designed with qualitative materials, but at the same time, it gets you a lot of flexibility. It comes with an included battery, meaning you can perform on the go, no matter if you have a plug-in source or not.

Mainly, this is a fantastic digital piano for beginners, but at the same time is a great asset for performers that want to experiment and achieve new exciting skills. And the best part about this product is that it comes with 2 months of unlimited live classes from Take Lessons. The approximative dimensions for this product are 5.5 x 13.8 x 51.6 inches.

6) Yamaha YPG-235 76 key Portable Grand Piano

Yamaha piano models have always made it to the top in reviews—whether it be for beginners, intermediate or professional class pianos. The YPG-235 is just another example of a reliable product from a trustworthy brand. This model comes with 76 keys which are designed in such a way that allows the beginner to enjoy easy and expressive performances.

Being a member of the Portable Grand series of Yamaha, the YPG-235 has a lot of important features. First, the panel setting is very easy for the beginner to master within a short time, and the model comes with 30 in-built songs you can fall back on when the need arises. An included CD-ROM with 70 more songs mean you have a lot from which you can select to play your style.

Overall, this beginner’s digital piano that you can connect to the computer is very intuitive to use. You can simply reset the entire keyboard to become a stereo-sampled piano, which is excellent for practical lessons. The model comes with different voices like Flute, Trumpet, Soprano, Pan Flute, and more.

7) Yamaha PSR253 61-Key Portable Keyboard

All Yamaha models that offer 61-key have something in common—they are unique and overwhelmingly reliable for the practical lesson by the beginner. The Yamaha PSR253 provides the beginner with exceptional options. First, it can be set to dual mode, meaning the beginner can practice along with a more experienced player or music instructor.

When the duo mode split the keyboard in two, you and your partner can enjoy separate middle C for concise and free-flowing practices. At the back of the keyboard lies an AUX input space, which allows you to plug-in any device of your choice and plays the best of rhythms, music or tones from external sources like a Laptop, smartphone or tablet, etc.

Also included is the versatile and effective portable grand button which you can use to reset the keyboard back to factory settings, should the need arise. Additionally, the beginner will enjoy the services of 32 polyphony tones that will help in advancing to the next level while benefitting from different and remarkable tones.

Surely, this is worth the consideration anytime, any day!

8) Casio Privia PX160BK 88-keys Full Size Digital Piano

One of the greatest competitors challenging the Yamaha digital piano models is Casio. Unrelenting and ever reliable in manufacturing some of the best quality pianos, Casio amazing tones and power in projection is something Yamaha is finding hard to cope with. The Casio Privia Px160BK offers unbeatable audio surround and enhanced sound feel for the beginner. Such features are capable of promoting the playing interest of the beginner.

The Privia PX160BK is an improvement on formal model, the PX150. This model comes with a keyboard that uses Tri-sensor SHA (Scaled Hammer Action) technology that allows the keys to render easy and soft feel similar to ebony and ivory design. Another remarkable aspect of the Tri-sensor is that the beginner will achieve great dynamism and speed when playing.

Overall, this piano is rightly adjudged to having acoustic excellence because of the Air sound source incorporated in its construction. Measuring 9 ft from the ground also gives the PX160 the enviable edge of an excellent concert piano ever to grace the musical instrument market. With great resonator, connectivity, USB connection and amplifier all included; the PX160 is surely out to give Yamaha a run for its money.

9) Yamaha P125 Digital Piano

For several years now, Yamaha stood out as the go-to provider for beginner instruments. And this digital piano is no exception! It was designed at the same level of performance as it is the case with all the products distributed by Yamaha. The Yamaha P125 Digital Piano is a compact, 88-key digital piano, extremely helpful for those that aim to learn how to master this type of instrument. It features a user-friendly design, being extremely simple to understand and master.

Overall, it can create a dynamic, high-quality sound experience, but at the same time, it can sound quite similar to an authentic piano. And this happens thanks to the two-way speaker system, which is able to create an expansive piano sound in upward and downward directions. We quite love this digital piano from Yamaha, as it is both stylish and compact. Somehow, it was created with simplicity in mind and, of course, to fit in small spaces.

Besides, it is lightweight and compact, meaning you can carry around to your first (or future) gig. As a result, any aspiring performer can use it from home with ease. The approximative dimensions for this product are 52.2 x 11.6 x 6.6 inches.

10) Yamaha P45 (P45B) Digital Piano

Yamaha is well-established on the market of musical instruments, and it is only natural for them to have a series of products designed for beginners. This digital piano for beginners is one of the best products for aspiring performers because it has everything a learner might need. The Yamaha P45 has heavier touch in the low end and lighter touch in the high end. This allows this device to offer outstanding sound quality, similar to the one produced by an authentic piano. So, any beginner that wants to master a professional acoustic piano can benefit from experimenting with this tool.

Besides, this Yamaha digital piano makes use of advanced wave memory. This means that it can lead to deeper, more productive, and more profound sounds by simply activating a waveform. Overall, we recommend this product for beginners because it can represent the bridge between learning and performing on an acoustic piano. It comes with a user-friendly design, being easy to understand and use.

It features ten voices, 88 weighted keys, and several options perfect for exploring the musical world. All you have to do to access additional features is to hold the Grand Piano/ Function button. This allows you to search for the best setting in the menu. The approximative dimensions for this product are 57.6 x 16.5 x 11.9 inches.

11) The ONE Light Keyboard 61-key Portable Keyboard Piano 

Here is a great piano option that clearly shows you 61 outdoor keys you can play and practice on as a beginner. The capabilities of the lightweight but portable model guarantee a memorable experience for the beginner player. Boasting over 128 musical sounds, The ONE Light Keyboard is always going to be an excellent addition to the practical use of the beginner.

Not every beginner digital piano models comes with MIDI file capability, and do you know you have at your service over 4000 included sheet music, and as many as over 100 games, videos and more that you can enjoy? You can as well record music, sounds and tones of choice while MIDI files inclusion capability means you can make use of different files for your playing needs.

The manufacturer, unlike most other brands, has not forgotten the importance of incorporating a free learning app with regard to this model. The app will enable Android and iOS users to easy long in and teach them at a remarkable pace, ease and comfort. Lastly, the instructional manual guarantees you will be setting up your keyboard or piano with ease and enjoy playing all the time.

12) Casio PX-770 Black Digital Piano

Casio is a distributor of instruments with quite a reputation. And this digital piano for beginners offers the same level of performance and quality as it is the case with their professional products. This is a home piano, meaning it will occupy quite some space, but it comes with outstanding performance abilities. It has an air engine included in its design, which supports the seamless sounds and remarkable performance.

The keyboard was created by experienced performers, which is why it has an authentic feel with one of the acoustic pianos. This digital piano comes with a reliable stereo amplification system, which offers a great listening experience. And we can say that the sounds created by this instrument are crystal-clear and impeccable. An interesting feature of this home piano is that it comes with a Duet Mode. This is somewhat helpful for those that want to exercise alongside their teachers.

Also, this product can allow you to practice for concert play situations due to an interesting feature. You can play along with ten recordings of orchestral pieces so that you better your skills and abilities to follow the lead of a professional orchestra. This product has 88 keys and a maximum polyphony of 128. The approximative dimensions for this home piano are 11.8 x 54.5 x 31.4 inches.

13) Roland 88-Key (FP-10-BK) Digital Piano

The Roland 88-key entry-level digital piano has everything a beginner might need. First of all, this product comes with the beloved feature of all Roland’s pianos, the supernatural sound setting. This can create an authentic concert experience directly in your living room. Besides, it is an asset for self-taught learners, as it has a Bluetooth MIDI for wireless connection. In this way, you can use a wide array of apps for education and creativity learning.

What we liked most about this entry-level digital piano is that it has an authentic piano touch for maximum expression, along with headphones output. So, you can practice at any time and any place, because you won’t disturb your neighbors. Mainly, this is a great tool for aspiring performers due to the fact that it can produce a vibrant and responsive tone. It is a compact and user-friendly product that makes learning the piano extremely pleasant. The approximative dimensions for this product are 19.3 x 50.5 x 298 inches.

14) The ONE Smart Digital Piano Keyboard

Who said that if you’re learning the piano, you’ll have to settle for less? Well, The One Music Group stresses the need to learn this instrument with a professional approach. And these 88 premium full-sized hammer-action keys digital piano is precisely that. It is a tool for beginners, but it is tuned and created with all the professional features you might think of.

Also, it has professional built-in speakers, along with a 128-note maximum polyphony for the best sound experience. But the feature that we loved most was the keyboard. It can adapt to any learner’s needs while featuring a light-up pattern that guides you toward the notes you have to play.

Besides, there are quite a few playing modes one can explore, along with integrated video lessons and piano games. This product can be connected to any app so that you access additional learning tools. Also, you can connect this digital piano for beginners to your PC with the help of the USB-MIDI output. And the best part about it is that you have a Record Mode so that you document your evolution while learning. The approximative dimensions for this product are 52.4 x 5.5 x 13.7 inches.

15) Korg 88-Key SP170SBK2 Digital Piano

We all know those professional performers that rock a Korg keyboard. But did you know you can have a digital piano for beginners from Korg? Well, this 88-key home piano is designed with a lot of attention to detail. It has a lightweight and compact design, while the materials used in its creation are incredibly durable. As such, you can practice until you master this digital piano without worrying, it won’t get worn fast. Overall, what we liked most about Korg’s beginner keyboard is the sampled piano sounds that are able to teach you the nuances of a concert.

Furthermore, the clean controls are intuitive, so you can easily switch between them without hassle. You have access to ten sounds, ranging from electric pianos to organs. It is an excellent tool for learners, as it challenges your ability to adapt and perform in any environment.

This product comes with Korg’s natural weighted hammer action, which is well-known for its ability to accurately imitate an acoustic piano. This home digital piano for learners has adjustable key touch control, meaning you can choose from three levels of sensitivity. It is an asset for learners, as it will teach you about the adaptability of such instruments. The approximative dimensions for this product are 57.6 x 17.4 x 8.4 inches.

A closer look at the Yamaha Piaggero will reveal one of the most portable, lightweight and sleek design. Among Yamaha beginner piano series, the Piaggero is the best in offering a distinct sound quality mixed with incomparable portability. It carries the famous Yamaha Advanced Wave Memory, which comes handy making the best out of stereo sampling.

The built-in stereo speaker system elicits excellent sound that blends well with Yamaha all-time renowned sound projection. What actually makes this model the most portable among Yamaha’s beginners keyboard is the battery that is included. It features an alkaline battery that complies with Japanese Industry Regulation in weight, which also helps the keyboard to weigh 9 pounds in total.

With a battery that can last up to six hours of play, the beginner is sure going to enjoy a lot of practice time. Another great feature of the Piaggero is the “On & Off” mode inclusion, which helps in turning off the keyboard when idle for a considerable period. Such function helps in avoiding unnecessary use of power.

17) Roland FP-10 Digital Piano

For those aspiring performers that want to have access to a complete gear, this Roland digital piano bundle is the best option. It comes with a furniture stand, bench, sustain pedal, and polishing cloth. Simply put: you will have all the tools required to create your learning corner at home. This digital piano was designed with an 88-key hammer action format in a compact cabinet. As such, the sounds you will produce are rich and embellished with the popular responsive tone we’ve seen in Roland’s products.

This digital piano has a supernatural piano sound engine, along with a well-designed keyboard that offers authentic piano touch for the best results. Other features of this product include the built-in Bluetooth MIDI/USB MIDI interface, which allows you access to a wide array of connectivity features.

Also, the professional features added in the design of this digital piano can reproduce your playing accurately, so that you constantly challenge yourself to perform better. It comes with twin piano mode, perfect for those that want to practice alongside their teachers. The approximative dimensions for this product are 58 x 16.5 x 16 inches.

18) Korg B1 88 Key with enhanced Speaker System Black

A beginner piano system that features a complete size 88 power keys are always going to make up the best list in consideration. That’s exactly what the Korg offers its potential buyers. The 88 hammered keys are heavily-weighted to ignite the very best of sound and projection that will inspire the budding beginner. And like most other models, this one comes with a built-in sound stereo system which provides excellent and flattering tones due to the inclusion of MFB servo technology.

Korg also present the beginner with 8 perfect sounds that will expose the beginner to concise and excellent practical tones for progress. The body construction features a slim design, which made it easy to handle and carry about by the player.

Furthermore, the design is compact and quite affordable. And another thing that make this model a considerable one is that, unlike some model that are fine-tuned from existing models, the Korg B1 is manufactured directly from scratch to make the excellent device it is today.

It is not always easy to find something that will work flawlessly, especially for those who are just starting out, but the Korg B1 is one good option to always consider when shopping for one. the model offers great tone, rich sound, and excellent projection good enough for a beginner player.

19) LAGRIMA LG-8830 88 Keys Digital Piano

Lagrima is a well-known distributor of beginner instruments, as they strive to offer the best experience for young learners. And this digital piano is no exception. This 88 keys electric keyboards can be used with ease by both children and adults due to the compact and user-friendly design. Also, what recommends this digital piano for learners is the pedal protection, which prevents damage from continuous usage. As such, it won’t break easily, allowing you to learn and practice for a more extended period.

This digital piano is multi-functional, as it is created with a multitude of features, such as volume adjustment, multi-tone features, recording control, metronome function, or teaching function. Besides, it can be connected to your other devices via the USB/ MIDI terminal. The metronome is one of the best characteristics of this product. It allows beginners to modify the speed from low to fast.

This is an asset that will enable one to gradually gain a keen sense of how to perform on a piano. And this learning experience is completed by the chord characteristic, as it allows a better grasp of fingering practice. The approximative dimensions for this product are 52.7 x 17.8 x 32.9 inches.

20) LAGRIMA LG-803 88 Key Weighted Digital Piano

We all know and love the qualitative products available at Lagrima. This ten-grade weight action keys keyboard will make you feel like you’re performing alongside an orchestra. It offers heavier tones in the low end and lighter in the high end. This is an asset for those looking forward to mastering an acoustic piano. There are plenty of features one can benefit from with this digital piano for beginners.

Firstly, it has an MP3 function and Bluetooth remote control, which allows you to record, listen, and perform based on an indicated composition. And the best part about it is that it has 800 tones, dual voices, 600 rhythms, and 80 demos.

Simply put: what else you might need to gain the necessary skills to become a professional piano player? Well, you have it all with this top-notch product from Lagrima. Also, it comes with 15 universal selection function, two headphone jacks for silent mode playing and transpose characteristics. It is a great device, and you can connect it to numerous devices such as PCs or Android gadgets. The approximative dimensions for this product are 53.5 x 15 x 31.1 inches.

21) LAGRIMA LG-8831 88 Key Digital Piano

Lagrima is a reputable musical instrument brand with a wide array of professional devices for both professionals and beginners. And this 88-key digital piano is one of those products created for both children and adults that want to master this instrument. It comes with a folding clip cover design, incredibly convenient, durable, and user-friendly.

Besides, the three metal pedals were created from sturdy materials, which can withstand a lot of wear and tear. This means you won’t have to worry about damaging your device while practicing. There are plenty of settings a beginner can explore, including 80 demo songs, 480 tones, 128 standard GM tones, 200 present rhythms, and 64 polyphony. Also, the qualitative built-in stereo speakers reproduce accurately the sounds played, so that you get a deeper understanding of how to adapt your playing approach.

The USB/ MIDI terminal allows you to connect this portable electric keyboard to any smart device, while the silent mode will enable you to practice anywhere. You can use the headphone jack to manage your practice without disturbing your neighbors. Overall, this is a well-designed product that resembles quite well the traditional piano. The approximative dimensions for this product are 52.6 x 12 x 30 inches.

22) Best Choice Products 61-Key Beginners Electronic Keyboard

For those learners that want to start small, this 61-key electronic keyboard from Best Choice Products is our best recommendation. Overall, it is a useful piano set for any learner, no matter the age. It features 255 timbres, 255 rhythms, 24 demo songs, and 8 types of percussion. And we highly recommend it for those that never played the piano because it comes with an LED display, a built-in recorder, and three teaching modes. All of those settings can help you with your journey from a complete beginner to an experienced performer.

The metronome included comes with four distinct time modes, which aid children to discover the best sound and use it in their creations. This digital piano for beginners has a compact, and lightweight design is created with durable materials so that you can use it in the long-term.

Besides, it is an excellent play-at-home choice due to the stand, and padded stool included. Both can be adjusted so that anyone from children to adults can use the electronic keyboard. And the best part about it is that you can use headphones to play without interruptions. The approximative dimensions for this product are 32.5 x 15.2 x 36.5 inches.

23) Costzon 88-Key Portable Digital Piano

Costzon understands the need for beginners to get access to numerous features. This is why this portable digital piano is so carefully designed. It comes with a touch-sensitive knocking force, which lets you experiment with your playing technique. This signifies that the volume changes based on how hard you press the keys. Also, you can play distinct songs, as the interface will adapt and reproduce based on the genre you are attempting to learn.

The rich interface comes with MDI function, which permits you to connect the digital piano to various devices. Also, you can benefit from 128 rhythms, 128 tones, and 20 demos for a better understanding of how to master this product. And what we liked the most about this product is that it is both extremely durable and portable. It was created with a silicone panel, which diminishes the risk of damage.

Further, the ASTM certificate stands proof for the ability of this digital piano to withstand prolonged wear and tear. Mainly, this portable digital piano lets you practice anywhere, getting you access to a user-friendly design and plenty of useful settings. The approximative dimensions for this product are 49.2 x 7 x 2.6 inches.

24) AW 61 Key Black Electronic Digital Piano

Black is beautiful, no doubt, but color isn’t much of a consideration when it comes down to selecting the best beginner digital piano option. Features are always the key!

The Black Electronic keyboard is nor much of a distinct model from a host of other brands in the market. 61 keys feature is a popular design, and this one is not different. The design is suitable for the die-hard keyboardist or enthusiast who wants to master and play the very best in piano.

Standing atop the piano is an LCD screen, a good visual effect design suitable for people with poor eyesight. It also allows the player to perfectly locate the correct chord and select the right key for his practice lessons. The model is compatible with battery use and the power supply needed to run it is just 110V.

It is even better that, unlike some models, you don’t have to buy a separate music sheet. This model has one already, this also includes a music stand which further makes the whole process convenient and good for your liking. At such price, your children and beginners can smile home with this Black 61 key piano model.

25) Casio CTK2400 61-Key Portable keyboard with USB

For those looking for improving option for a beginner, the Casio CTK2400 beginner piano is the go-to product. The model provides for users every bit of Casio step-up system for learning, making it a versatile instrument for every beginner who will be purchasing them for use through their playing career levels.

The Casio CTK2400 Beginner Piano is loaded with awesome features that are designed to make the playing and learning process a simple task for the beginner. For instance, it comes with a built-in microphone, with sleek and intuitive sampling function for ease of play. The inclusion of power supply means you can’t run short of playing time.

This item is well packaged on arrival, although you will have to buy a stand to kick-start your playing career. There is a user manual for the beginner to go through the various settings and playing style of this wonderful piano. Regarding size, the piano appear a little tiny compare to 88-key models (and that’s good for the beginner’s convenient). However, you can count on its superb tones and rhythms.

26) Hamzer 61 Key Digital Music Piano Keyboard

Forget it, if a beginner piano doesn’t carry much rhythms, sounds and projection, the beginner will surely fail to progress to the next levels. Fortunately, Hamzer has all the requirements of a super quality beginner piano. From tones to rhythms and versatility, the Hamzer 61 Keys Digital Piano is a force to reckon with.

Hamzer comes boasting a reliable 61 keyboard, which also include 8 percussion sounds for better playing output. If you’re a timbre lover, this one has 100 for you. You can simply select the one you choose and play to the gallery. What about rhythm? Yes, there are 100 of them to practice with. The model also features additional demonstration songs, which are 12 in numbers.

The better side of the Hamzer is that you can split this piano into the dual model and enjoy practice lessons with your partner or music instructor. Want to know how far you are progressing? Just use the recording feature to record your performance and playback to see if there is room for corrections and improvement.

One other thing is certain; you can never go wrong with the output using the microphone jack, external speaker inputs, headphone using the 46 tempo control mechanism.

27) Casio LK-175 61 Key Lighted Keyboard

Casio returns with yet another super model that rank higher in its class, compared to other brand models. The Casio LK-175 is a unique piano, farther from being an instructional keyboard. The model features light-touch style 61 keys for perfect feel by the beginner. Like most of other Casio models, this one features a built-in microphone for external use while employing EFX sampler to generate excellent sound from the microphone.

The Casio LK-17 features amazing 110 songs with additional 150 favourable rhythms the beginner can choose to customize his or her playing style. A USB port included in this model means you can plug-in your external devices like your smartphone, tablets or PC, and enjoy a superior combination of creative and already made playing style.

Practical classes are made even simpler using polyphony notes that range 48 in numbers. This digital piano has more than all it takes to put you ahead of others in your practice sessions. The fact that you can add the midi file to this piano, makes it an excellent choice for the beginner, not to mention that the light-up keys increase the level of convenience and visibility during play.

28) Yamaha P Series P35B 88-Key Digital Piano (Black)

Keys are some of the most important features of any piano, and this model from Yamaha didn’t disappoint. Despite being a beginner instrument, the Yamaha P35B features outstanding 88 key settings—a flattering element for the upcoming player. Talking about ease of use, this is one of the best beginner digital pianos, with a simple one-button configuration that provides flawless performance during practical lessons.

Nobody expects a beginner instrument to be overweight, complex, and that’s exactly one area this piano excels. The player can blend two voices together in order to achieve a single goal. It is noteworthy that he P35B is the first digital piano that comes from the Yamaha all-time popular P-series. The sound that emanates from this instrument is superb and powerful—a feature that amazes people for its playing level.

Overall, the keys, especially the lower note keys, sound as an acoustic piano because of their heavier touch. For lighter playing, you can hit the lower keys to achieve more responsiveness. Furthermore, the P35B incorporates Advanced Wave Memory technology to render rich and flawless sound. Using a series of waveforms allow you to create richer, deeper and more spacious sound for your genre.

29) LAGRIMA LG-802 88 Weighted Key Digital Piano

If you’re looking for a beginner digital piano for young people, the product sold by Lagrima is the best choice for you. This 88 weighted key digital piano was designed to suit the special needs of children, teenagers, and young adults. Also, it was created with the help of professional performers so that it can be used as a training tool for both at-home learning and institution learning.

The main thing that helps learners in this digital piano is its exciting tone. It can reproduce with accuracy every note while resembling well the experience one might have with an acoustic piano. There are plenty of settings one can use, including a three-pedal system, several instrument sounds, and rhythms. This digital piano comes with built-in speakers that don’t compromise the sound quality.

Overall, this product is great for beginner children or teenagers because it gets access to multi-functional characteristics. You can use the metronome, the volume control, or the record mode so that you continuously seek ways to improve your skills. Besides, it comes with a quiet mode and two headphone jacks. The approximative dimensions for this product are 53.5 x 15 x 31.1 inches.

30) Alexis recital 78 key Beginner Digital Piano with Full-Size Semi-Weighted keys

You can only play a digital piano if you have love for one, and the Alexis recital beginner digital piano has all the functions that will reward your love for piano. The Recital is a complete package—88 key digital piano—which appear to be one of the fastest, better, and straightforward mode of practicing. The keys are weighted and in full-size, while adjustable response provide intuitive learning process.

Alexis allow you to customize voices by combining two different keys when in layer play mode. As a result, the player has a more versatile and rich toner output. Making use of the FX and pedal also renders excellent sound customization. Yes, this also incorporates a “split mode” features which give you the freedom to play the right or left keys at a particular point in time while you’re still enjoying your tones.

What about sound projection levels? Of course, you can enjoy every bit of rich and matchless sound emanating from this piano through the 20-watts speaker. Just imagine what such a sound would be to your hearing—a flawless, clear and powerful sound. Also included in this model are polyphony tones ranging 128 in numbers, which will give you the more exceptional choice of tones to select and enjoy.

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Choosing the Best Beginner/Student Digital Piano from the Best Beginner Digital Piano Brands

Mastering digital piano requires putting in the best efforts so you can achieve the very purpose why you are taking up one of these instruments. Another thing is that you must have to purchase a decent or rather, suitable beginner piano to excel in your practices. Anytime you place an order for a piano or you visit a local musical store near you, always make sure what you are buying have the followings:

2) Casio CTK 3500 61-Key Portable Keyboard

  • 400 Premium Quality Tones
  • Chordata Play App Integration
  • Built-In Tones
  • 61 Key
  • Auto Power Off

1) RockJam 54 Key Portable Electronic Keyboard

  • Highly Rated
  • Top Quality
  • Teaching Mode
  • Built-In Stereo Speakers
  • 54-Key
  • Compact Size

3) Alesis Recital 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano

  • 5 Aptly Crafted Voices
  • Educational Features
  • 88-Key
  • Adjustable Touch Response


A good beginner piano should have a warranty in the sense that, it helps in making the right assumption about the reliability of the instrument. A warranty-backed digital piano also protect you from manufacturer’s flaws and defects. However, not all models make rooms for such provision but they remain competitive in quality and in service delivery.

See what people are talking about it

Buying a beginners’ piano is an everyday thing and you won’t be the first or last to place an order. Against this backdrop, you are advised to consider reading online reviews left by real-time buyers on the product you are aiming to buy. That will give you a clue regarding the quality and design of the piano you are looking forward to.

Depending on your findings and choice, you can decide to settle for any of the above-mentioned beginners digital piano reviews.

If you’re interested in digital pianos but are new to the instrument, there are many things you must learn before you can master the instrument. There are a lot of factors that come into buying digital pianos, learning them and mastering them.

What Makes a Digital Piano Good?

There are a few specific things that determine whether or not a digital piano is good or not. Given below is a list of things to look for when you’re buying a digital piano, along with how they improve the instrument:

  • The sensitivity of the keys, as well as their response. The keys of a piano are the weight the piano possesses. For beginners, it is recommended to use an 88 weighted keys keyboard as it is simpler and easier to use, and it also provides the player with a great variety of high and low sounds. The best digital pianos allow you to tune with the responsiveness of the keys to make it suitable to your liking. However, no digital piano indeed has keys that can adequately mimic the feel of the keys of an acoustic piano.
  • Polyphony plays a huge factor when it comes to playing pianos. For those that are new to pianos and don’t know, polyphony is a piano ability to play multiple notes simultaneously. Most models allow you to play up to 32 notes at a time; however, the best digital pianos let you play even 200 notes at the same time.
  • Speakers are obviously a very vital part of digital pianos. The quality of the speakers will affect the quality of the sound, meaning that even the best digital pianos will sound terrible if their speakers aren’t good enough. When buying digital pianos, always check to see if their speakers are to your liking.
  • If you are looking to learn while also keeping up with your travel, portability will play an important role. Most digital pianos are portable, but not all of them are easy to move around. If you want to play and travel at the same time, it is suggested you get a lightweight piano, similar to the ones used by bands.

Popular Digital Pianos for Beginner Brands

Digital pianos have become more and more famous over time. Because of easy portability, advanced features that you wouldn’t find on an acoustic piano, and their very affordable prices, digital pianos are now being used even by some of the best professional pianists. This means that there is a lot of competition in the business. If you want to get familiar with some of the best brands in the digital piano business, there is a list of them below.


Roland is a very famous brand for every instrument, but its digital pianos are especially renowned. Roland has always been a part of the advancements in electronic instruments, and it is their goal to improve the field even further. Roland produces some of the most advanced digital pianos that offer the pianist a wide variety of options and settings when playing.


Considered the most well-known and best digital piano brand by many, Yamaha has produced incredible digital and acoustic pianos as well as other instruments. Yamaha provides pianists with many options, not only while playing but also when buying. Yamaha manufactures every type of digital piano, from keyboards for beginners to highly advanced pianos used by professionals. The beautiful designs of their pianos, along with the fantastic sound quality and responsiveness make Yamaha one of the best digital piano brands out there.


Casio makes some of the best and most affordable pianos. They have been in the digital piano business for a long time and have always been one of the best brands. Casio’s pianos provide users with advanced options that you would otherwise find only on the most expensive digital pianos. Their cheap and high-quality options have kept them so famous even to this day. Arguably, Casio has the best options for beginners.

What to Consider When Buying a Digital Piano for Beginner

No one is great at anything right from the start. As a beginner, you will obviously struggle at some points; however, as time passes, you will start to get much better. It is important that you never let your frustration get the better of you, causing you to quit. If you want to know how to get better at digital pianos, here is a list of the things you should try:

  • Get familiar with your keyboard. The most important thing to do while learning how to play pianos is being familiar with the function of every single key and also what type of sounds multiple specific keys make when they are pressed together. Further, focus on the features that your digital piano provides you, stuff like that. After doing so, you will be able to improve at a much faster rate.
  • The best thing that helps with improving your piano skills is how you play. When playing the piano, it is compulsory that you enjoy it. Express yourself while playing, and don’t give up if you can’t get something right. As time goes on, you will master the instrument.
  • Take advantage of the features digital pianos provide you. Digital pianos allow you to use headphones to listen to your music better. This helps with getting familiar with the keys as well. Another great function found in all digital pianos is the ability to record. Record every time you play and listen to the recording later to clear out any mistakes you may have made.

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