15 Best Roll Up Piano Reviews 2020

Best Roll Up Piano & Best Roll Up Keyboard Piano Brands

Best Roll Up Piano & Best Roll Up Keyboard Piano Brands

Have you ever come across a roll up piano keyboard before? Well, if you haven’t, now you are seeing it and reading about it. A roll up piano is the hall mark of piano learning for all those that are interested in playing the wonderful instrument.

It is a design that allows you to keep touch with your playing capacity while away from your original and conventional piano. As the name implies, a roll up piano keyboard is the type that you can roll up, put conveniently into your suitcase or bag and go to wherever you want. Space is not an issue when it comes to roll up pianos.

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What are the Best Roll Up Pianos to Buy?

2) S88 Portable Roll Up Keyboard Piano

  • Great Value
  • 88-Key
  • Great Sound
  • Easy to Use
  • Multifunctional

1) Roll Up Piano Portable Keyboard Piano

  • High Quality
  • 88-Key
  • Classic Fashion
  • Multi-function
  • Great Design

3) Aufitker Portable Roll Up Piano

  • Affordable
  • 49-Key
  • Great for Beginners
  • Comfortable Playing

Now, are you getting the gist? We hope so. Let’s have a better look at what it offers.

Features of a roll up piano:

The roll up piano isn’t just called roll up for nothing. Below are some of the features that gives it its unique name:

  • Contains regular and functional qualities and settings
  • It comes with effects, styles, demos, rhythm, midi, adapter, LED display, and more
  • Available in different types of keys—such as 37, 61, and 88 key settings
  • Compatible and used with Rechargeable batteries
  • Some come with thick keys that give you a better touch and playability


Roll up piano keyboards feature a bit of plastic and more of silicon rubber. This makes it possible to roll it up and store away comfortably or taking to anywhere of choice.

Each of the keys comes with sensors which react to your touch, converting them into sounds.

Does it come with advanced features?

This is one question asked by majority of advanced players. The answer is yes. Most of the roll off keyboards in the market now supports the use of midi files. You can connect to your computer, phone, tablet or MP3 and enjoy the very best in customization. Through the provision of USB port, nothing can stop players from having a variety of sound and tune to play.

What options do I have for Purchase?

There are quite some few but excellent options available for you. If you are already a good player of the piano, then there is nothing wrong in getting at least, a 61-key type.

Go for one that comes with midi, in case you come up with an idea that you can later put to use and create something better on your laptop back in your hotel suite.

There are some basic ones that are primarily created for kids, and they are usually in three octaves, running on AAA batteries. It features capabilities like start and stop, volume control, headphone jack and built-in speakers, and more.

On the other hand, the more improved ones feature styles, voices, demo songs, drum kits and more. The roll up piano keyboard is something every beginner should consider getting.

15 Best Roll Up Piano and the Best Roll Up Keyboard 

1) Roll Up Piano Portable 88-Key Soft Elastic Music Keyboard Piano

Nothing beats a full key roll up piano that allows you to practice and master the art of playing one of the world’s best instruments. The standard 88 key piano comes with 140 amazing sounds that excel in tone construction. 30 demo songs plus 128 rhythms are also included. The tone and rhythm selections enable the player to have top-notch performance and improved experience.

Do you want to go anywhere? This roll up piano is easy to carry about. Just roll it up and get it into your backpack or suitcase and hit the road conveniently. It comes with built-in 1000mAh batteries that recharge fast and sustain playing for the adequate number of hours.

The reason why most beginners prefer this option is the strong battery, durability and standardized design that performs excellently in a multi-functional role. You can also play with MIDI files and MP3 players of all categories. The harmless grade silicone keyboard material design emphasizes top safety design–one in which the black keys are higher than the white keys.

2) S88 Portable 88 Key Roll Up soft Flexible Electronic Music Keyboard Piano

Measuring 13 x 8.8 x 3.7 inches in dimensions, this roll up piano keyboard is a compact size type that brings convenience to the player. It is a complete 88 key piano. With amazingly touchy keys that requires minimum contact to play. The piano is lightweight, bearing a weight of 2.75 pounds.

The piano also features multi-interface functions with MIDI output. You can connect to your computer and edit your music. You can also use it as power bank, in the event of the emergency. It also supports MP3 players and other multifunctional support such as SD card, USB, headphone and external speakers.

The piano uses the newest 24-bit microprocessor that gives it more standard and mellow tone that exceeds the traditional 8-piece processor. The keyboard length is 50 pieces and it can also be used with a sustained pedal. The digital LED display tube is multifunctional, and its operation is simple.

3) Aufitker Roll Up Piano

If you are looking for something that is very compact, this is just it. The size of this keyboard measures 27.75 x 5 x 1 inches in dimensions and weighing just pounds. This means you can easily carry it about, even with one hand.

It is the type of roll up piano that kids should have. The piano comes with built-in speakers, just like most of the other brands in the market. But it also supports external speaker sources like a headphone and other loud speakers.

Yes. MIDI files are supported, and you can easily connect to your computer for recording and editing of your music. It features vibrato, sustains and chord, and tutorial function. The size is not just small, but you can also roll it up into a bag and off you go.

You can power the piano using a USB cord that comes included or use batteries to play anywhere or at any time. It has a built-in speaker with volume control. It also comes with the record and playback features, as well as echo and sustains that goes well with the audio output altogether.

4) Roll-up Piano Portable 61 Keys of Elastic Electronic Music Keyboard Piano Built-in Loudspeaker

This is another great design, with 128 different piano sounds, 45 demos and 128 rhythms for your choice of playing style. The processor speed shows that this model is a recent class of keyboard. The quality is good, and the piano is designed to produce a very good sound. The Piano keys are easy to play. It is the excellent piano that children can use for practice.

The Roll-up Piano feature 61 keys, with a multi-functional interface. Your kid can also connect to computer and smartphone or tablet to play MiDi files and add more spice to the beat and style of play. You can use the built-in speaker to play out your music. The design is powerful and gentle to touches. It has a stronger, black and standard tone keys, higher than the high-end and functional keyboard.

This is the time you can enjoy the best in piano playing exercises. The built-in rechargeable lithium battery can last you a good amount of playing time.

5) Kiker Tech 61 key Roll-Up Piano

The Kiker represents standard and portability, and that is exactly what beginners and the children need to practice and become perfect in what they play. The piano is a 61-key design pattern. It is an external pedal and a built-in microphone battery. The battery is rechargeable, which is expected for every roll-up piano.

This roll-up piano also meets the requirements of the portability and convenience expected from such instrument. This is possible as a result of the light weight, which is 3.4 pounds, while the dimension measures 10.8 x 9.4 x 3.4 inches.

The piano comes with 3 digital displays which include master volume control, mode selection key and speed control key. It also has demo medley, single finger chord, many finger chords, and more. With 128 rhythms, 14 demo sounds, and 128 tones from which you can make your selections.

A sustain pedal and record/playback functions complete the quality of this wonderful design.

6) S61 High Quality Portable 61 Key Flexible Piano USB MIDI Electronic Keyboard

This is the roll-up piano that has the thinnest white control panel. The body is highly elegant and the features are great. The piano comes with 100 rhythms, 129 tones, and 80 demos. It also features the newest MIDI chip technology, which enables you to record and play with MIDI files from your computer, smartphone, tablet or such other wireless devices.

The interface is rich, and you can incorporate your SD card, USB, and headphones for quiet and relaxing playing. The piano is professionally designed for beginners and children. the piano is portable, easy to roll up and store away conveniently.

It has the newest microprocessor featuring 24 bits that goes beyond the capability of the traditional processor. The built-in loudspeaker allows you to play your music to a wide audience. It also comes with a foot pedal, a charger adapter and a user manual for appropriate use.

7) Andoer 88 Key Electronic Piano Keyboard Silicon Flexible Roll Up Piano

When you go for 88 key pianos, it builds confidence in you that you come to the right moment of your career where you can play something is complete. The Andoer 88 Key Electronic Piano Keyboard comes with a solid midi interface—defining it as a reliable beginner roll up piano.

The Andoer comes with 100 kinds of rhythm and 23 demonstration songs. It also includes 128 kinds of tones you can always choose to perfect your playing style and create customizable play patterns. The 12-stage volume adjustment means you have complete control over how and what you are playing.

There is a build-in loudspeaker, which gives you the freedom to project comfortably to a larger audience. Also, the earphone jack means you can rather choose to play silently without disturbing the peace of your listeners.

You can also add external speakers to it to further spice up your play style. LED light display gives you the option to view your selections and customizable settings. And of course, rolling the Andoer up for storage and for play is like a breeze.

8) JouerNow RUP002 Thickened-Keys Roll Up Piano Synthesizer

The design of this roll up piano is what actually set it apart from a host of others. The smooth finish promises adequate safety design which features anti-bacteria silicon rubber that is non-toxic, harmless, and tasteless. The piano offers complete security and a high-quality design that is good for kids and other beginner users.

You can easily roll up the piano for storage when not in use. The compact size weighing just 0.64 ounces and dimensions of 57 x 4.9 x 1.3 fits right into any desk drawer, briefcase or backpack. The design allows the user to plug it in to an AC outlet or simply connect to the rechargeable 1000mA battery for power.

You can also use the battery to recharge other smaller electronics. The JouerNow is the type of roll up piano that allows you to practice on the go. You don’t need much space to start using the piano. If you feel like playing discreetly so you disturb others, the supported external headset feature can give you that. You want to play your favorite media files on your smartphone, computer or such other device? Use the USB MIDI

The keys are designed as such that they resembled the very height of the regular piano/keyboard. It comes with 121 rhymes, 140 timbres, and 30 demo sounds.

9) Andoer Portable 88 Keys Silicone Flexible Roll Up Piano

Andoer return with yet another complete set of roll-up keyboard piano. This particular design goes beyond the playing exclusivity of the kids. Adult beginners can rely on this roll-up piano keyboard to learn and play the piano in real form. It comes with 140 different kinds of tones. There are also 30 demos and 128 kinds of rhymes that you can use to spice up your play and music pattern.

The Andoer comes with a visual piano roll that enables you to edit MIDI files. It has a digital display board that enables you to see relevant information relating to tones and whatever selection you made. The piano also comes built-in speakers for loud play, and headphone connection if you don’t want to disturb your neighbor.

Another thing that defines the workability of this roll-up piano is the play and record function, together with the automatic toner modification functionality which provides you with easy control over the piano and how you play. Weighing 3.92 pounds and a dimension measuring 11.2 x 9.1 x 3.7 inches, you can rely on this portable roll-up piano for your practicing.

10) Flexzion Portable Roll Up Piano

Flexzion portable roll up piano is a high-quality type that features the best in MiDi interface. It is designed to support USB, sustain pedal, sustain and vibrato functionality. There are 128 types of rhythm. It also has 45 demo songs and 128 tones to play with. The featured recording and playback and programmable design and functionality enhance the quality and reliability of the instrument.

Like most other roll up pianos, the Flexzion also comes with a built-in speaker that enables the player to play out loud without even needing the backup of other external speakers. The headphone jack offers you an excellent means of exploiting the ability to play in secret, without disturbing others around you.

You can easily role it up and carry it to whichever place you want without having any form of difficulties. It will fit nicely into your bag or carrying case, and is compatible with window Vista, XP, 7, 8, 10, OSC, and MAC. It also supports hot plug and drive-free.

11) Portable Roll Up Piano 61 Keys Chord Built-in Stereo Speaker

Here is a rollable piano that you can easily carry to anywhere of choice. It is powered by 100mA lithium battery that can be recharge when the need arises. Built-in stereo speakers allow you to play to a listening audience.

Are you traveling and need to go with your music? This is the piano to take with you to your travels. Are you in the matching band in school? With is roll up piano, you display some skills and play to the gallery.

The piano features 3-way support for using MIDI files. That is, you can connect to your computer, MP3, microphone and chord functionality. That will give you the ability to play extra tones, edit files and other musical components loaded into your system. Your phone can also be connected to this system and the piano allows you to easily create music and also enjoy online music learning.

There are 128 rhymes and 128 tones available for you to choose and play according to your style of music. The sound in this 61-key piano restores the original standard and key design of the 44Hz frequency piano that plays more excellently.

12) iWord Rainbow Roll Up Piano

Let your little princess take her piano classes to the next level. You now have the opportunity to create sweet melody and using this wonderful roll up piano. The piano is made of non-toxic silicone material and it has an incredible 37 standard keys that deliver on soft touch.

There are 6 demo songs in the piano and 8 tones for your kids to play. The piano is also suitable for beginners to play and enjoy the very best of the instrument at such early stage. There is a build-in speaker plus an earphone jack for playing wherever you want. You no longer need to play with extra speakers.

The volume control allows you to turn the volume and play to the hearing of your family or friends. You can play your music secretly without bothering other people. You want to travel or be on the road? Just roll it up and put in your suitcase or backpack. Go to your favorite place or wherever, and with your AAA battery, nothing stops you from playing ahead.

13) Roll-Up Electric Piano

If you are looking for a piano that you can easily roll up for traveling and for storage, this is just what you are looking for. This roll up piano is the perfect choice for those looking to learn how to play the piano. It is the only piano in the market that comes, not just cheap and portable, but also with complete electric features that beats many in its price range.

The piano weighs just 1.25 pounds, defining it as a great, compact and portable learner roll-up piano. You can take this piano to anywhere you want—play and practice on it without any form of disappointment. In spite of being so small, the play quality that emanates from it is top notch. It is an electric piano with the full function like regular pianos.

It has 10 demo songs, which you can use for practical lessons. Then it has 16 instrument sounds, 99 rhythms, and a volume control feature that enable you to customize your play. Create your own tunes with an inbuilt speaker and an earphone jack for quiet and external playing experience.

14) Eoncore 27 Keys Roll Up Portable Keyboard piano for kids

Yes. Your kids can also learn how to play the piano. The Eoncore makes it easy for kids to master the art of playing the piano at such an early stage. The Eonecore is a 37 enjoying piano, meaning you will not be enjoying the advantage of learning and mastering the opportunity of playing a full and complete size piano. This baby can fit in nicely in your handbag. It is so portable and quick for roll up and carry about.

Complementing the standard keys are 8 piano tones. This model comes with whooping 100 rhythms which is a great deal from such a beginner product.

There is an external speaker output that enables you to pay your music to hearing of others (kids, of course.) Earphone jack means. if you don’t want to displease your family members or friends, you can do that by just plugging in the earphone jack and your piano sound would become a little bit audible or extremely quiet.

The roll up piano also has 100 timbre and 10 piano song for your practice pleasure. The unit is powered with 4AA batteries which you will have to buy yourself. With 500mw of output, we see nothing wrong with this roll-up keyboard.

15) Sharper Image Musical Portable 37-KeyDigital Roll Up Electronic Keyboard White

Sharper Image Musical Portable 37-Key Digital Roll Up Electronic Keyboard

The Sharpe Image is a 37-Key roll up piano designed to meet the needs of children who love to play the instrument. The roll-up piano comes with 10 built-in demo tracks which will enable your child to master tone identification and selection.

Apart from the portable design, the Share Image Musical also features play and record capability that allows you to record and playback your music at a later date after your playing session. It features an external speaker output for loud playing and connection to external sources.

The piano feature 37 keys, which not bad at all for a beginner and a child learning how to play the instrument. 100 rhythm and 100 timbre selections compliment varying beats and sounds designed to give you the best in playability.

Choosing the Best Roll Up Piano from the Best Roll Up Keyboard Piano Brands

Roll up pianos are not just popular for nothing. They are the bedrock of mastering the art of playing the real piano. For beginners, and for children, roll up pianos offer a level of the equal playing field between those who want to play the instrument and those who are already master in playing the instrument.

2) S88 Portable Roll Up Keyboard Piano

  • Great Value
  • 88-Key
  • Great Sound
  • Easy to Use
  • Multifunctional

1) Roll Up Piano Portable Keyboard Piano

  • High Quality
  • 88-Key
  • Classic Fashion
  • Multi-function
  • Great Design

3) Aufitker Portable Roll Up Piano

  • Affordable
  • 49-Key
  • Great for Beginners
  • Comfortable Playing

Everything about the roll up piano is intuitive and convenient. Though roll up pianos comes with limitations, its main purpose is to give kids something they can take outdoor, and also for adults who would be going away from the regular piano for a considerable time.

The reason why you need to get a roll up piano is the flexibility it offers. Most of them now come with MiDi these days, meaning the days that you are compared to go for a compact MiDi controller are over.

Do you want to play the instrument by learning? Get yourself a roll up piano today and go wherever the music takes you!