15 Best Digital Upright Piano Reviews 2022

Best Digital Upright Pianos

Best Digital Upright Pianos

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It is essential that you know how to choose the right digital piano, whether you need one for studio performance or home use. Selecting a musical instrument that matches your budget is also critical, and that is where this buying guide comes in. Apart from giving you the features and specifications of the best Digital Piano, you will also be privileged to know the type of musical instrument to buy based on your skill level.

What are the Best Digital Upright Pianos to Buy?

2) Yamaha YDP 163R Arius Series Console Digital Piano

  • Pure CF engine
  • Reproduces sounds faithfully
  • Unrivaled playability and feel
  • Fifty classic piano songs
  • Music book and the built-in song memory

1) Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano

  • Elegant look with redesigned speaker system
  • String ensemble and electric piano tones
  • Two headphone outputs
  • Comes with accessories

3) Yamaha Arius YDP-181 Traditional Console Style Digital Piano

  • 88-key GH weighted action keyboard
  • Dynamic Stereo Sampling AWM piano
  • 2-track, 3-song recorder
  • USB TO DEVICE port
  • LED Display

Are you contemplating whether to buy a traditional acoustic piano or a Digital Piano? Here are some of the benefits of digital upright piano that you should consider before making your final decision:

  • Versatility/Volume

The volume of a digital piano is more comfortable to control over an expansive range, and you can practice silently with the use of headphones. The volume ranges of a traditional piano depend largely on how hard you strike its keys, which may not be easy to control. With a digital piano, you can practice without disturbing your household. Also, you can easily add brass, percussions, woodwinds, drums, and many other sounds to your musical performance, thanks to the built-in extensive sound set of the Digital Piano.

  • Cost

In terms of cost, digital piano beats its acoustic counterpart in that it generally cost far less. Apart from the reduced cost, the digital upright piano does not require elaborate maintenance, except occasional dusting whereas acoustic Piano requires frequent tuning, which might cost you if you don’t know how to do it yourself.

  • Convenience/Portability

Convenience and portability are two factors that you should also consider when making your decision on which Piano to go for between a digital upright piano and an acoustic one. Digital pianos are more compact and lighter than their acoustic counterpart. Digital Piano that is designed for stage performance can fit your vehicle easily when you need to take them out.

  • Connectivity

Majority of the digital piano available comes with MIDI capability, which allows you to establish a connection with your recording instrument and computers. Apart from that, many digital pianos feature USB port for making connections to other devices such as audio gear. You can use a flash memory card on some models, enabling you to transfer tunes to other devices and computers.

  • Recording ability

With most of the digital pianos, you can record your performance, which can be helpful a lot for beginner players who want to review how they are progressing. Sequencing ability and recording are essential if you have the aim of creating a song.

Choosing the Right Digital Piano for You

Here are some factors you need to consider when choosing the right digital upright piano:

  • Storability and Portability

You are required to check the weight of the Piano if you will be storing or traveling with it. So, take note of the weight and how you can easily break it down.

  • Your skill Level

Your experience, as well as skill level, is an important factor that you must consider when choosing the right digital Piano. If you are a beginner, go for a low-cost model that features some built-in learning tools. For intermediate or advanced players, you have a wide range of options; you must consider the velocity sensitivity and the choice response of any model you are selecting.

  • Check the Dimensions

Before buying a digital piano, be sure that it will fit the space you have provided for it. Consider the height of the keyboard of you are buying for a child.

15 Best Digital Upright Piano Reviews

1) Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano-Black Bundle with CS-67 Stand, SP-33 Pedal

Are you in need of a musical instrument that comes equipped with features and accessories that will enable you to start playing your Piano right out of the box? Consider the Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano.

The musical instrument comes with everything you need to get started. Interestingly, this digital Piano is perfect for players of different skills levels. Not only that, it features a proprietary sound source, “AIR,” which means Acoustic and Intelligent Resonator. This technological power feature provides the digital Piano with an authentic grand piano sound as well as a flawless dynamic for a high-quality performance.

Also, this digital Piano comes with the renown Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II Keyboard. In addition to that, the musical instrument features smooth ebony and ivory textured keys that offer a unique feel.

Furthermore, the product comes varieties of features that make practicing, sharing, learning, and other functions for everyone. It comes with two headphone outputs. Also, the product features a redesigned speaker system with an attractive look.

2) Yamaha YDP 163R Arius Series Console Digital Piano (Dark Rosewood)

Yamaha YDP 163R comes from the manufacturer of the world’s best acoustic piano. It comes with the convenience of an electric piano without sacrificing its performance. The Yamaha YDP 163R is one of the best digital Piano that is built to accommodate the growth of a pianist.

Meaning that it is designed to satisfy the needs of piano players as their skill level increases. One of the qualities of this outstanding musical instrument is unequaled sound quality. It features a pure CF engine that reproduces sounds faithfully.

Another noteworthy feature of the Yamaha is the unrivaled playability and feel. The musical instrument comes with a grouped keyboard with 88 keys which offers a lighter touch in the high end and a heavier touch in the lower end. This Piano is perfect for beginner pianist because learning with weighted action develops the finger techniques for playing on an acoustic piano.

Also, the function of the synthetic ivory top is to provide the white keys with a tactile surface and absorbs all moisture from the finger to enhance friction. The Musical instrument also features about fifty classic piano songs, which are provided in the music book and the built-in song memory.

3) Yamaha Arius YDP-181 Traditional Console Style Digital Piano with Bench, Rosewood

Are you in search of a digital piano with which you can conveniently record and assess your performance? If you answered yes to this question, then the Yamaha Arius YDP-181 is one of the great options that you should consider. It comes with features that allow players to record up to two tracks for simultaneous playback, which means that you can record both hands separately.

The Musical instrument comes with a songbook that contains a variety of traditional songs for your learning and listening pleasure. Another interesting feature of this outstanding musical instrument is its IOS compatibility. With a standard USB cable, you can connect the digital Piano to a mobile device or a computer.

The Yamaha Arius YDP-181 lets you to practice silently without disturbing anyone. It features a stereophonic optimizer that adjusts sound spacing and the separation from Piano, leading to an immersive, surround sound quality when playing and listening to the instrument through a pair of headphones.

The musical instrument features a state-of-the-art sampling technology and a pure CF engine for unrivaled sound quality. Yamaha Arius YDP-181 two-track song recorder allows the pianist to practice one hand at a time.

4) Casio Privia PX-870 Digital Piano – Black Bundle

The Casio Privia PX-870 comes equipped with a furniture-style bench online lessons, a polishing cloth, instructional DVD, among others. It features everything you need to get started as a piano player. The musical instrument is designed to give the player a true grand piano experience. It comes with a powerful new sound projection to give genuine piano sound and feel.

If you need a brilliant musical instrument that will always inspire you always to put up an excellent performance, the Casino Privia PX-870 Digital Piano is one of your best options.

With this musical instrument, you can conveniently practice in the comfort of your room without disturbing your neighbors. Not only that, you can also play this great musical instrument in the studio or anywhere else. It comes with ¼” jacks that enable you to connect two sets of headphones. The Piano has a duet mode that divides the Piano into two equal mode ranges, enabling a teacher and the student to play the musical instrument at the same time.

Furthermore, there is a unique headphone mode that optimizes the sound of the musical instrument for headphone use. Other features of this unique musical instrument are a modern wooden cabinet, practice and recording, power sound projection, and many more.

5) Yamaha Arius YDP-S54 Weighted-Acton Console Digital Piano –Black Bundle

Described as a musical instrument that adds value to your purchase, Yamaha Arius YDP-S54 comes with everything you desire in a piano. Whether you are striving for perfection or playing for fun, this musical instrument produces immersive sound.

It is finely designed based on years of experience and expertise of Yamaha technology. The Yamaha Arius YDP-S54 is ideal for students as well as a hobbyist; it is beautifully designed, enabling it to fit perfectly into any room.

The product features a half-damper pedal control that enables players to increase the amount of sustain. It also features a smart pianist application that gives players total control of the main function of the Piano. Not only that, but the app also uses chord technology to analyze a players’ favorite song from their music library.

6) Yamaha YDP 103 Arius Series Digital Console Piano with Bench, Dark Rosewood

The Yamaha YDP 103 is described as one of the world best digital pianos. It is designed for all categories of players and all the convenience of an electric acoustic piano. This musical is designed to grow with the players. The keyboard action is designed for more serious playing.

This musical instrument comes with a synthetic ivory keytops and a graded hammer keyboard action, providing pianists with a tactile surface with a seamless response. This musical instrument shines when it comes to the production of high-quality sound.

It features a Pure CF Sound Engine, which is the result of expertise and experience gathered from many years of piano production. Another noteworthy feature of this musical instrument is superb playability and feel. Furthermore, it offers a realistic performance.

Other notable features of this product are IOS compatibility, intriguing headphone experience, and it comes with an explanatory songbook. The Yamaha YDP 103 comes with a dual-mode that allows you to combine two voices together, like strings and Piano, for intriguing playing experience.

7) LAGRIMA Digital Piano, 88 keys Electric Keyboard Piano

If you are in need of an excellent digital upright piano that is perfect for beginners and Adults who are keen on improving their playing skills, the LAGRIMA Digital Piano is one of the great choices you can make. This musical instrument makes use of the popular French dream series.

Not only that, it comes with eye-catching features like 128MB capacity DSP200 sound source that enables the musical instrument to produce a more stable, clearer sound. This feature gives players vivid expression of their performance. The LAGRIMA Digital Piano also features multiple functions that enable you to learn the musical instrument with ease.

Some of the features of this great Piano are Built-in Stereo speakers that produce high-quality sound, giving you a perfect feel of your performance, Accompanying as well as the main volume controls, and Multi-track functions. Also, it comes with a pair of headphones which enables you to practice silently without disturbing your neighbor while practicing.

Other notable features of the LAGRIMA Digital Piano are teaching chord, reverb and chorus adjustments. Its flip cover design makes it convenient, classic, and practical. It is worth noting that the digital Piano comes with a MIDI and USB terminal that enable you to connect and interact with different applications on your computer or mobile devices.

8) Casio PX770 BK Privia Digital Piano in Black

If you need a Digital Piano that is packed with the needed features and accessories for convenient playing, you might want to give this musical instrument a trial. Some of its features are Austin Bazaar Polishing cloth for keeping your musical instrument in mint condition all the time, a bench for convenient playing, and an Austin Bazaar Instructional DVD which enables you to pick up some tip while practicing and learning the musical instrument. If you need a versatile piano that can serve as a recording, practice, and a performance tool, do not overlook the Casio PX770BK Privia Digital Piano.

A noteworthy feature of this classic Piano is a stereo speaker system that is constructed into an attractive wooden cabinet. The musical instrument offers intriguing piano sounds with detailed sound.

Not only that, it has eighteen additional tones. Other features of this exceptional digital Piano are 88-scaled weighted hammer action keys that feature simulated ebony ivory textures.

9) Casio Privia PX -770 Digital Piano –Black

Are you in need of a digital piano that comes with all necessary accessories, thereby adding value to your purchase? If your response to this question is yes, then you should not overlook the Casio Privia PX-770. The product comes equipped with everything you need to start playing immediately. The musical instrument comes with a bench, so you can get comfortable practicing with the Piano. And, you will be pleased to learn that the bench is designed to fit your home perfectly as it comes in a furniture style.

Apart from the bench, there is also an instructional book that will guide you in your quest at becoming a better piano player. You will also find an Austin bazaar polishing cloth and instructional DVD. The cloth helps to keep your musical instrument clean always while you gain learn helpful tips from the instrumental DVD.

The speakers of the digital Piano are crystal clear and produce high-quality sound. They are positioned to give players an optimal listening experience. If you need a piano that will enable you to record, practice and perform effectively, consider the Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Piano.

10) Casio Privia PX-770 Digital Piano-Black Bundle

The Casio Privia PX-770 will offer you a superior grand experience. It comes with myriads of eye-catching features that add significantly to its value. Some of these features are excellent piano sound, eight different tones, 88-scaled, weight hammer keys that features simulated ebony along with an ivory texture. Also, the musical instrument comes with a high-quality speaker system that is built into an attractive modern wooden cabinet.

This digital Piano comes with everything you need to get started. it comes with a bench that allows you to play your musical instrument comfortably. The included bench is designed to blend perfectly with your home décor.

Also, there is an instructional book that is designed to guide you to practice better. In order to also keep your digital Piano in mint condition, an Austin Bazaar cleaning cloth is included. Also included is the Austin Bazaar instructional DVD.

11) LAGRIMA 88 Keys Weighted Hammer Action Digital Piano

Designed to give an acoustic piano playing experience, the LAGRIMA 88 keys is upgraded digital Piano that comes with myriads of functions for your playing pleasure. The musical instrument offers dynamic, high-quality tones as well as natural touch response. This significant feature makes the digital Piano a popular choice among intermediate as well as professional piano players around the world.

Also, you will be pleased to learn that this musical instrument comes with different features that make playing, practicing, sharing, and learning fun for everyone. Some of its remarkable features are a built-in recorder, headphone output jack, as well as split, transpose, and USB functionalities.

The LAGRIMA 88 keys digital Piano comes with three pedals with cover. The pedals are Rear sustain pedal, soft pedal, and the sustain pedal. The free cover protects them from dust. Furthermore, this product comes with numerous functions; some of them are volume control, metronome function, Bluetooth remote control, MP3 function, among others.

The digital Piano requires no installation to connect to your Personal computer, Mac, iOs, and Android devices. You can connect Mic, audio devices as well as two sets of headphones.

12) Korg B1 Digital Piano Bundle with Korg STB1 stand and accessories

Are you searching for a reliable and accurate digital piano to add to your home? Consider the Korg B1 Digital Piano. It comes equipped with everything you need for serious practice. The musical instrument is compact, and it is the perfect choice for all your needs as a pianist. The musical instrument comes in a streamlined design, and it comes with myriads of features for the benefit of all progressive pianists.

Some of its features are superior sound, authentic keyboard, and excellent playability. It is worthy to note that this Piano stands alone in its class, distinguishing it from other pianos that are more like a stripped-down version of existing models.

The advantage of this digital Piano is that it is ideal for different categories of players irrespective of the playing skills. The musical instrument comes in white or black color to blend perfectly with any decor.

Furthermore, it features eight accurate, digitally sampled sound. Other features of the Korg B1 Digital Piano are 88 Natural Weighted Hammer and Onboard Reverb and Chorus effect.

13) Roland Compact Digital Piano Contemporary (F-140R-CB)

The Roland Compact F-140R-CB Digital Piano is designed for modern life. It comes in a compact, contemporary design for smaller apartments. The musical instrument is designed with useful technology from a renowned leader in the production of digital Piano. It comes with a built-in speaker that offers full, rich sound, and it also features a Headphone ambiance effect that treats you to an immersive listening experience.

With its onboard rhythm accompaniments, playing the musical instrument is more fun. Also, it comes with features that can improve your composition and playing skills; some of these features are Bluetooth connectivity, onboard recording, among others.

The USB port enables connection with other devices or hook up to a computer system while Bluetooth connectivity enables you to use music score applications. The Roland compact F-140R-CB comes with PHA-4 standard keyboard that features high-resolution sensing. Furthermore, the digital Piano comes with over 300 extra sounds that include brass, organs, strings, guitars, and so much more.

14) Yamaha P-515 88-Key Digital Piano –White Bundle with Yamaha L-515 Stand, LP-1 Pedal,

With Yamaha P-515, there is never going to be a dull moment. The Digital piano offers great tones that are typical of CFX and Bosendorfer Imperial concert pianos. The Piano comes with myriads of functionalities. Notable among them is the expansive range of sound to choose from, the digital Piano comes with over 500 voices, giving you the privilege to create any kind of musical genre.

Also, the musical instrument was made with high-quality material with a combination of expertise and cutting-edge technology for an intriguing piano playing experience. Also, the Yamaha P-515 comes in a portable, elegant, and attractive design, which makes it a perfect addition to any home and a dependable high-catching musical instrument to bring to the stage.

Other features of this musical instrument include an Austin Bazaar Polishing cloth, two month online lessons, furniture style piano bench, 88-Note cover, fast track music book with instructional DVD, and lots more. You will be pleased to learn the Yamaha P-515 features two advanced technologies, which are Binaural sampling and Stereophonic optimizer. Their function is to enhance the production of more realistic sound.

15) Roland RP102 Digital Piano Bundle

Are you looking for a digital piano that will match your lifestyle, space, and budget? if yes, then you should not underestimate the Roland RP 102 Digital Piano. It comes with an attractive bench that allows you to play the musical instrument comfortably. Also included are the Austin Bazaar Polishing Cloth and DVD.

The Roland RP 102 is designed to offer genuine piano performance plus onboard practice functionality. If you need a digital piano that comes in a compact and comfortable design, do not look elsewhere, it comes with a luxurious and highly playable weighted action keyboard.

Also, the musical instrument works perfectly with Mobile and IOS devices. And, it shows a digital notation through a Bluetooth connection. If you are in need of a versatile piano that is perfect for your home, ideal for lesson studios or other musical settings, consider the Roland RP 102 Digital Piano.

Choosing the Best Digital Upright Pianos

Whether you are an absolute beginner or an experienced player, buying the right digital upright piano matters a lot as it affects your playability. If you have decided to get a digital upright piano, select any of the best musical instruments, we have reviewed above, or you choose based on your level of expertise and your desired features such as portability, storability, playability, dimension, among others.

2) Yamaha YDP 163R Arius Series Console Digital Piano

  • Pure CF engine
  • Reproduces sounds faithfully
  • Unrivaled playability and feel
  • Fifty classic piano songs
  • Music book and the built-in song memory

1) Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano

  • Elegant look with redesigned speaker system
  • String ensemble and electric piano tones
  • Two headphone outputs
  • Comes with accessories

3) Yamaha Arius YDP-181 Traditional Console Style Digital Piano

  • 88-key GH weighted action keyboard
  • Dynamic Stereo Sampling AWM piano
  • 2-track, 3-song recorder
  • USB TO DEVICE port
  • LED Display