30 Best 88-Key Keyboard Reviews 2022 (Best 88-Key Digital Pianos)

Best 88-Key Keyboard & Best 88-Keys Digital Piano

Best 88-Key Keyboard & Best 88-Keys Digital Piano

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The Piano is one of the most popular musical instrument lots of people delight in playing. It is a perfect way to spend your pastime, relieve stress while offering heart-warming entertainment. We have the acoustic piano and digital piano—two different characters of the same instrument. Our focus in this review shall focus on digital pianos with fully weighted keys (88-keyboard pianos.)

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What are the Best 88-Key Keyboards/Digital Pianos to Buy?

2) Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

  • Authentic To the Touch
  • Deep & Rich Sound
  • Feature 10 Different Voices
  • Dual Mode
  • Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling

1) Alesis Recital
88-Key Beginner Digital Piano

  • Semi Weighted Keys
  • Clear & Rich Sound
  • Feature 5 Premium Voices
  • Adjustable Touch Response
  • Built In FX

3) Casio
Digital Piano (PX160BK)

  • Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action
  • Acoustic & Intelligent Resonator (AiR) Sound
  • Ideal for All Levels

Digital pianos are some of the most sought-after instruments in the market. They incorporate modern technology and make playing easier for players in all playing levels. Although, acoustic pianos have established their presence, digital pianos bring flexibility, convenience, and innovation into the fore of piano playing; hence, they are so popular these days.

An edge over Acoustic Pianos

Apart from the fact that digital pianos are available for every player, with regard to playing level and skills, they also have some few advantages over acoustic pianos.

For instance, the tune derived from digital pianos are always perfect and in most cases better than what is attainable in acoustic pianos. You don’t need to tune a digital piano, which gives them more reliability while encouraging young musicians to keep playing.

In addition, digital pianos are usually cheaper in price, as against the cost of buying a single acoustic piano. This is just one of the primary reasons why they are preferred by so many young and professional musicians.

Goals of the digital pianos

One major aims of the digital piano is to replicate the sound functionality of the acoustic piano without bearing the huge size and heavy weight that bedevils the traditional piano. Digital pianos are designed with the intent to recreate a true and genuine piano experience through the unique feel accompanied via the keys.

Today, most of the full, size digital pianos have weighted keys, and a lot also have hammer action. What it means is the that the higher keys are made to have a lower touch than the lower keys which are made to be heavier in touch, the same experience that defines an acoustic piano.

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30 Best 88-Key Keyboard Reviews and the Best 88-Key Digital Piano Brands

1) Alesis Recital 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano

Alesis Recital offers a full digital piano which includes 88 full size weighted keys with adjustable touch response. There are unique modes which provide amazing functions and combinations of sounds. For instance, the Layer Mode functionality allows you to customize and combine two voices to blend as one in order to achieve rich voice output. The built-in metronome is fully adjustable (with a tap tempo,) from a range of 30 to 280 minutes per minute.

The Alesis Recital also enables the player to assign selected tones to either only the left or right hand when in split mode. The player has the liberty of adding adjustable reverbs, Pedal Resonance FX and chorus to make the sound more realistic with great playing experience.

There are 5 built-in voices which includes Electric Piano, Acoustic piano, Organ, Synth and Bass. Each or a combination of these voices together with the 128 note polyphony provides unbeatable playing and music sensation. You can also connect to your computer or tabs using the USB MiDi Output for more educational playing experience. Out of electricity supply? Switch to battery mode to enjoy continuous playing.

2) Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

Once can feel the touch of Yahama’s Grade Hammer Standard Weighted key action from this reliable and unique full size 88 keyboard piano. At a dimension of 58.2 x 16.1 x 11.7 inches, the P71 has the required height that passes for a stage piano or classroom piece. And at a weight of 36.4 pounds, this piano can easily be moved about which is suitable for a variety of use.

The keyboard of the P71 is an excellent one which by virtue of the GHS allows the touch action to be heavier in the low keys and lighter in the high notes. The overall key action and the sound is great for those that love playing digital piano. Although it is digital, it cannot play or perform excellently like a true acoustic piano. However, the P71 is the perfect Amazon exclusive model perfect for rehearsing, learning and creating.

One good reason to buy the P71 is because of the intuitive settings that characterize its performance. Most of the settings in piano can easily be changed through a single button. Just hold down the Grand Piano/Function button and press selected keys to effect voice changes, configure the metronome, play demo sources and more tasks. Advanced Wave Memory (AVM) Sampling enable high digital technological recording to achieve acoustic piano sound. AVM also allow you to captured richer, deeper, and more spacious sound using two microphones.

3) Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano (PX160BK)

Not to be mistaken for the Casio PX-160B, the Casio PX160 digital piano is bundled with all the gadgets that make it easy for you to play right away. The Casio piano is affordable and is great form players of playing skill levels. It includes high-tech designs that stand out from the crowd. The sensitivity of the pedals, the weight of keys, and more, are some of the features that make this product worthy of consideration.

The Casio PX 160 Bundle Digital Piano is endowed with the popular Three Sensor-Scaled Hammer Action II keyboard. The keys render an amazing sensation. It incorporates additional features that enhance learning, sharing and playing quality music. The P-160 is an Austin Bazaar’s Bundle which includes a matching furniture stand and a pedal system of the SP33 design. The bundle also includes a piano bench that is designed to match the stand and piano itself.

Amazing in-built speakers and headphone outputs, including quarter-inch right and left output allows you to connect and enjoy sounds from external devices such as a laptop or tab. An instructional book and DVD is also included in the bundle for practical and quick learning process. Sheet music rest gives you convenience of playing while reading from your instructional books in front of you. Polishing cloth allows you to keep the keys and keyboard exterior clean from dust and dirt.

4) M-Audio Keystation 88 II / 88-Keyed Universal Keyboard

Now you can compose digital music and play virtual instruments with ease, like never before using the M-Audio Keystation. This keyboard controller highlight the very best of key functionality and how portable or compact a full size digital keyboard should look. Boasting 88-full size keys that has semi-weighted velocity sensitivity, them-Audio together with its 1 /4 inch sustain pedal input offers expressive and high-quality performance.

Another good aspect of the M-Audio Keystation is that its powerbase is via a USB port connect from to your computer or such other devices to create and take control of your own music. Such connection allows you to play or create sequencing music and other visual instruments on your PC, MAC, or iOS devices. The device is extremely perfect for musicians who are traveling most of the time.

The M-audio allows the musician to take command of music software when performing on stage. It is also handy for producers who are looking to add MIDI controller having a natural keybed-feeling to their studios. Start playing right away by using the directional and transport controls. You can also use such controls to perform and record thorough our music.

5) Alesis Recital Pro Digital Piano / Keyboard with 88 Hammer Action Keys

In many instances, beginners don’t want to invest too much in instruments, thinking that they are not up to the challenge. While this may be partially true, it is possible to get an instrument that is suitable for beginners, allowing proper skill development when the time is right. In other words, a player can get an affordable instrument that is right for learning, with the possibility of using it later on as well. This is what this professional digital piano from Alesis is set out to do.

Providing 12 voices and piano lessons, this instrument is just right for a beginner or student. The keys of the piano can be adjusted so that they match the preferences of the player. This way, the player will be able to use and touch the keys within his or her comfort zone. The piano also offers a Recital Pro feature, which means that the player can use headphones during his or her performance. This is ideal when practicing at home, not disturbing the other members of the family or neighbors.

It is worth mentioning that Recital Pro can control more than just sounds sent to headphones. It can offer stereo outputs to an amplifier, recorder, mixer, or other types of sound systems as well. A pedal can also be added, as there’s a pedal input offered by this digital piano. However, the pedal will have to be purchased separately, as it is not included in the package.

The piano may even be suitable for those looking to learn how to play the piano at home. With educational features in place and a premium 3-month subscription to Skooves, which will provide access to interactive piano lessons online, it will be easy to master this piano.

6) Yamaha YDP143R Arius Series Console Digital Piano

Remember those top-notch quality features that make Yamaha the greatest producer it is when it comes to pianos? Well, they are all included in this model. The Yamaha YDP143R tows the same line that saw the successful reign of the P-series. This model, for instance, features the popular Pure CF Engine that renders impressive and dynamic playing.

Another great feature is the inclusion of the Granded Hammer Weighted Standard keys functionality–the technology that enables touch actions to be heavier in the low keys while being lighter in the high keys–the same functionality you experience with an acoustic instrument. The YPG143R also has a built-in song memory that contains 50 classic piano songs, which are also included in a music book that accompanies this model.

For quick and easy navigation, Yamaha included the iOS device compatible Controller App, which adds a rich, graphical user interface to the overall play. This model also enable players to practice with one hand while recording their next hit single, using the two-track recorder. You can also achieve a more nuance and subtle playing experience during play by using the half-damper pedal control mechanism, which is similar to the one on a grand piano.

7) Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

Similar in style and craftsmanship to the Yamaha DGX660, the Yamaha P115 is a great professional level playing piano with full, accomplished features. The P115 features 88-key action which is lighter in the high end and heavier in lower end, just like an acoustic piano. The model also features the popular Pure CF Sound Engine, which produces the tone of a remarkable concert grand piano.

The P115 features excellent piano styles, which enable you to turn your simple chords into breathtaking accompaniments. While the GHS function allows you to master excellent finger technique, the improved tweeter position allows the instrument to be in perfect shape with the performer’s ears. YTHI model features brighter treble passage and melody lines, which are also more expressive in this model.

The P-115 features a variety of on-board performance rhythms with different patterns tom choose—from rock to shuffle and swings—there is always a great deal to choose from. The inclusion of Pianist Styles gives you the privilege of sounding like two people at the same time. That is, you can play different tones at the same time using the included 10 types of Styles, or simply play with a dueling partner.

8) Yamaha YPG-535 88-Key Portable Grand Piano

Among the Yamaha’s YPG series, the 535 is one of the best models ever. Yamaha concentrated many quality features and amazing packaging in this small-sized Grand Piano. It is a complete 88 key style that bears Graded Soft Touch technology for distinct and better feel.

An easy to use panel containing 127 accessible voices plus another 361 XGLite voices means you have a lot of endless sound you can create endlessly. If you don’t like your current piano settings, you can reset the entire system by simply pressing the Portable Grand Piano which will immediately reset the keyboard back to a sampled piano. There are other 30 built-in songs plus additional 70 more songs inside a CD-ROM for better song practice and playability. There is an interactive lesson system for learning the songs included in the Yamaha YPG-535.

The Yamaha YPG-535 allows you to download, record, and play more songs from the internet using the USB port connectivity. Yamaha education suite allows you to learn more techniques about songs in a new way, while you reserve the right to play along with one hand as the instrument sings along. You can change tempos and modes of your songs or play by adjusting them according to your desire taste.

9) Casio Privia PX160BK 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano

Casio returns with a bang by introducing a more advanced digital full piano keyboard with new speaker system measuring 2 x 8 watts. The new speakers allow the pianists to enjoy maximum pleasure when playing or practicing alone at home. You can even enjoy great performance from external loudspeaker sources using the newly included line-out slot. The speaker allows you to enjoy great performance on stage, in practice class or at home.

The PX160 digital piano is the sequel to one of Yamaha’s leading P-series models, the PX-150. The PX-160 incorporates the popular Casio’s trademark AiR Sound technology alongside with the impressive Hammer Action II keyboard with a Tri-Sensor onboard to make this another unique model. The aforementioned addition enhances the performance of the PX-160, which enables it to continue with its first-rate features and excellent styles at unbeatable price.

You can record your music and play from this 9-foot concert grand piano stand with its 4 dynamic levels. Damper resonance captures the dynamics of a performance with breathtaking speed and accuracy. The P-115 has a redesigned chassis that accommodate the new speaker system that provides a new sound which is suitable for classrooms or other environments where the sound can be directed towards the audience.

10) Yamaha DGX-660 88 Keys Weighted-Action Digital Grand Piano

It’s Yamaha once again, and this time, Yamaha is bringing to the fore, a more excellent and far-reaching sound capability. Most Yamaha keyboards are known for their versatility, and the DGX 660 capabilities closely fit the description. The DGX-660 is a new concept from Yamaha and it featuring the newest ensemble and interactive digital components that simplify the act of playing, learning and to share music a remarkable experience every time.

The DGX-660 has microphone jack-out that allows you to equip a microphone and sing along as you play or with other songs from pre-recorded karaoke song files. It features a built-in USB Audio Recorder that allows you to capture the most inspiring moments of your playing and share these accolades and feats later with your family and friends. Crystal-clear LCD can be switched to lyrics or score display, allowing you to see the notation for any MiDi song the DGX 660 is playing.

Yamaha incorporates the company’s Pure CF Sound Engine in this model together with the ultramodern sound sampling capability, and the end result is sound that beats every level f imagination and contemplation.

The DGX-660 also features the GHS weighted action which allows a heavier touch at the low notes while the lower notes have lighter touch, similar to what is usually attained in an acoustic instrument. The GHS Action is excellent for the practicing Pianist and optimized for learning to develop the proper strength and technique.

11) Roland 88-Key Entry-Level Black Digital Piano (FP-10-BK)

Roland managed to build a great reputation among professional musicians and music enthusiasts. The brand is well known for the quality instruments and accessories it offers, especially when it comes to digital pianos. Any player, beginner or not, who has the will to invest in a quality product should take a Roland digital piano into account.

This product, for example, may not come with a generous array of accessories, but it will certainly deliver as expected. What makes this Roland digital piano sound this great? The instrument has a special piano sound engine, called SuperNATURAL, famous around Roland digital pianos. It may be what sets this product apart from the rest in the same category.

The 88 keys of the piano’s keyboard have a touch that progressively changes its weight. This will allow the player to feel the keys better and rapidly form a personalized playing style. This digital piano also offers a Bluetooth function, allowing the player to connect the instrument with a variety of apps, including educative apps that will help him or her improve playing skills.

Roland FP-10-BK digital piano offers the possibility to use an app as well. With the help of Piano Partner 2, the player will be able to remotely control the piano and add more functions to the instrument. So, the instrument doesn’t just sound great, but it is also made to be in trends with the latest technology. When playing sessions have to be quiet, the possibility to add headphones to the piano and silent the keyboard will come in handy.

12) Yamaha P255 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

There is no doubting the qualities that Yamaha displays when it comes down to pianos and such other musical instruments of all playing levels. The Yamaha P255 is just another touch of genius while striving hard to extend the beautiful line of the P-series. This model has the full capacity to reproduce the sensation associated with the art of playing a Grand Acoustic piano—the hall mark of all pianos.

The P255 features a modern stylish design that accommodates all musicians; thanks to the compact ad intuitive construction. It comes with superb built-in speakers that allow the instrument to play any style or setting in a clear and perfect audio quality. You can even decide to include or just forget about an amplifier since the speakers can easily get the job done.

In addition to the exquisite design, the P255 also features a superior EQ (equalizers) sliders, with one each assigned to the low, mid and high-frequency range. The sound is great, and by using the EQ sliders, you can easily alter and adjust the piano’s sound to whatever style or sound you deem fit so long as it satisfies your playing or the acoustic sound environment. The sound of the P-255 is louder, and you get it to become better or even louder by touching a single button.

13) The ONE Music Group 88-Key Digital Upright Piano

The ONE Smart Digital Piano offers both beautiful and quality piece to your skill level and home décor. Its white color is easily notable once you enter into any room or studio where it is located. But the real deal that makes the ONE Smart to stand out from the crowd is that it enables upcoming or professional musicians to learn a piece of music or style within minutes.

Say ‘thank you’ to the perfect design that matches your computer, tablet or iOS devices—you learn in an enjoyable way from over 100 free videos integrated into the instrument, with light which enables beginners to learn everything. The design learning process includes section exercise and hand-gesture videos for precise direction and proper key selection.

The ONE Smart Digital Piano keyboard consists of LED light keys that aid your practice lessons, as they tell you the precise key to press. The keys also features the popular Hammer Action design for realistic feel and ultimate sound while its three-foot pedals gives you excellent control over the sound projection

With thousands of high-quality songs, you can control the instrument functionality via the app, as well as other features like the built-in metronome and volume control.

14) Casio PX-860 Privia Digital Home Piano

Casio is one of the few brands that is giving Yamaha a run for their money. Over the last few years, the company has been making giant strides in ensuring they manufacture top quality and reliable models in all playing levels. No doubt, there is a high level of competition among the top brands, and since competition fosters efficiency, the final consumer/customer is always going to get the best 88 full-size key piano.

Enter the PX-860! This keyboard comes with lots of amazing functionality and qualities. For instance, Casio introduced a multi dimensional morphing AIR sound source into this model, which also has an upgraded memory capacity. It must be noted that the new memory upgrade is far and 3 times better and larger than previous models. By such development, Casio has added more realism and uniqueness to the quality of sound created in the instrument.

Since we are living in the 21st century, Casio understands the concept of interaction and has taken steps to address it by including USB connectivity so that those musicians who prefer to link their instruments to recording and notation software can do so with ease. The brown color body construction is another plus to the PX-860, as it adds glamour to home décor. With plenty of reverbs, preset and built-in songs at your mercy, nothing can be better than the Casio PX-860.

15) Roland FP-30 88-Key Digital Piano (FP-30-BK)

Here is another notable brand name in the musical instrument world of competition. There is hardly a musician that doesn’t know or has not heard of the SuperNATURAL Piano Sound technology from Roland. The Roland FP-30 is a digital piano featuring 88 note PHA-4 standard keyboard that renders remarkable piano touch for optimal comfort and expression.

The Roland FP-30 also features reliable amplifier and unbeatable stereo speakers that project a sound so impressive and functional. It comes with a headphone output where in you can connect your earphones and play in a discreet mode while enjoying the best of keyboard action without disturbing the peace of your neighbour.

The body frame measures 55.2 x 16.2 x 12 inches in dimensions while it weighs 43.3 pounds, making it lightweight and highly compact for easier movement to and fro the studio, home, concert ground or from the classroom. Lastly, Roland also include Bluetooth functionality, and from every indication, the FP-30 is versatile for playing serious music, and a USB to derive port even made it a better product to consider.

16) Korg 88-Key Digital Pianos SP170SBK2

Korg is also a famous brand when it comes to digital pianos. This company has been making instruments for quite a while, and their digital pianos are appreciated and used by musicians from all over the world. This piano provides a wide range of sounds, with the possibility to adjust the volume as desired. Thus, it is easy to make this digital piano sound like a grand concert piano.

If the player wishes to experiment with a variety of sounds, this piano will provide no less than 10 different sounds. From organs to harpsichords and strings, and many more, this instrument has the power to stimulate one’s creativity. Even if the player wishes to enjoy the sounds of a classical piano, this can be easily achieved with this Korg digital piano. This is possible due to the Natural Weighted Hammer Action. This engine loyally reproduced the sounds of a classical piano, for enthusiasts to enjoy even when using a digital piano.

Therefore, if someone is taking classical piano lessons, but has no room to accommodate a full-size piano, a digital piano that can sound like a classical piano is a much better option. This way, the player can practice and rehearse a repertoire whenever he or she pleases.

The sensitivity and feel of the keys can also be adjusted. The piano provides three different levels, which can change the way the piano feels when in use. Anyone can personalize the response of the piano according to his or her personal preferences.

17) Roland 88-Key Digital Piano (GO-88P)

It is not that difficult to find a quality digital piano that is also in the affordable instrument's range. This GO-88P from Roland can be an ideal choice for beginners or offered as a gift to a music enthusiast. It is compact, light, and versatile. In other words, it is a great piano to carry around in a gig case. The case is not provided, but it is not that hard to find one suitable for the size of this digital piano.

Despite its slim design, the keys of this piano are full-size keys, with standard space left in between. So, the player won’t feel any differences when using this particular instrument. Another great feature is the fact that the built-in speakers are equipped with Bluetooth technology. Thus, it is very easy to connect a smartphone to this digital piano.

The instrument works on batteries, which makes it convenient as there’s no need for wires to hang around all the time. Also, the Bluetooth MDI offered by this piano will make students enjoy piano lessons directly on the instrument. The player just has to connect a smartphone or tablet to the instrument, and the lessons will be paired with the piano, giving the player the chance to practice his or her favorite songs or acquire new playing skills.

18) Kawai CE220 88 Wooden Key Digital Piano

Kawai may not have been the best of the famous brands you are used to in the musical instrument market. However, the company has been a force in manufacturing reliable and top-notch products, and the CE220 isn’t a disappointment at all.

The Kawai CE220 is a full size—88 wooden-key piano, but one with Graded Hammer Action. By incorporating GHA into this design, Kawai intends that the low keys have heavier touch and the high keys have more subtle and lighter touches. Such feature enhances positive, distinctive and comfortable playing. The use of AWA PROII ( a new inclusion) gives you a counterbalance sound action.

The CE220 features 192 polyphony tones, with exceptional sounds such as 22 reverbs & effects. Also included are 29 songs with a music book functions. We love the fact that the weight on the keys provides excellent flow from bass to treble, simulating the realness associated with acoustic grand piano.

In fact, we couldn’t find anything that look cheap or inferior on the CE220. The multilevel sampling technique used in this piano makes it one great option to always think about when out shopping for the Best 88 key digital piano this year.

19) Kawai ES110B Portable Digital Piano

Enjoy real and unique harmonic imaging sound technology from the Kawai ES110 Portable Digital Piano Black. This model is a full size—88 key piano with superior sampling and responsive hammer action at its best. Apart from its 88 weighted keys, which provides softer touch in the high notes and heavier touch in the low notes, the ES110 has a concert ground piano sound, which is in the default settings and is wonderful in performance.

19 fine and reliable piano sounds gives you an e excellent action while having the liberty to choose nd play whatever suit you. If truly you want something that is very close to acoustic or grand piano sound, the Kawai ES110 should be top of your shopping list. The piano is perfect for the stage and can lead you to places in a matter of time. It features a metronome and other good quality sounds. Every single sampling note is breathtaking and you can plug in your earphone at any time to disconnect the good sounding internal speakers, if you prefer to play in silent mode.

Overall, the Kawai ES110 is a great digital piano, especially the 8 exceptional piano sounds which are really good for individuals own music creation. Bluetooth and MIDI file connections are also supported. You can also split the keyboard into two and play in dual mode while enjoy the built-in Alfred piano lessons for better and quicker play mastering.

Any piano, whether, especially a full size one should add a good look to the overall décor settings of a home, and that is exactly what the William Rhapsody does. It is an 88 key board piano that features beautiful PVC wood-like body structure that fit interior décor of any home, especially for homes built with classic style design.

Apart from having fully weighted, hammer-action keys that ensure amazing feel, this model also comes with 12 high destination and custom sound that are located on the 32 bytes sample ROM. These sounds are great for practical purposes and for customization of your playing style and taste. The sounds vary from Bright for rock-n-roll to Grand pianos and Grand for classical performance. Others include electric pianos, nylon guitar, vibes sustain, organs, synth pad, strings, and more.

The Rhapsody offers a magnificent sound that fills your home or studio while adding the cool look to lit. Although some users have complained of the sound m being a bit muddy, as at when we tested this product, the sound was great and the feel was reassuring. You can enjoy the best on the selected instrument through the modulation/FX control mechanism that brings about a realistic rotary and effective vibrato.

21) RockJam 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano (RJ88DP)

A beginner may find a digital piano difficult, especially if we are talking about those in the professional range. What kind of features is important for a novice? Details like having the possibility to adjust the response of the keys and interactive lessons are certainly useful and helpful. This is why RockJam decided to develop this instrument, dedicated to all those wishes to learn how to play a digital piano.

It is worth mentioning that the instrument is also suitable for those interested in learning how to play other instruments, like Gran piano or Hammond organ. These are only a few examples of what this digital piano can offer. The instrument is more than versatile, offering the player a multitude of options and opportunities to learn piano playing skills or to upgrade the existing skills. The fact that this digital piano has sensitive keys, which can also be adjusted, means that the player will have an enjoyable experience each time. The instrument has built-in speakers that can each deliver a power of 12W, so the music made at this piano will sound beautiful. Of course, there’s a stereo headphone output available as well, for the times when practice should be done without disturbing the others.

The player will enjoy a pedal input and microphone input as well. However, the pedal or microphone is not included and must be purchased separately. The player or student will also gain access to a special mobile application, which will further improve the learning process and musical performances.

22) Alesis Coda Pro 88-Key Hammer Action Keys Digital Piano

When you come across 88 key sized keyboard pianos, know that there are accompanying qualities that defines it. For instance, most full, sized pianos have unique features such as USB port, AUX input connectivity, record and playback functionality, and more. The Alesis Coda is just a typical 88 key size piano with hammer action—meaning the keys are more heavier in the low notes while they are more lighter and responsive in the higher notes.

The Alesis Coda features an AUX input connectivity, a great option that enables you to play along external equipments. It has a score of in-built voices from which you can use to customize your playing tyle and taste. The capability to use the piano in a split and play two different voices at the same time is another good quality of this model. The Alesis Coda comes with preset music up to 60 in number, which adds more to your customizable option when you are playing.

Better still, you can choose to record your music by using the UserRecord functionality. There is a duet setting with 50 supplement patterns is also listed for your service. A power supply cord means you are always connected while pedal sustain guarantees you excellent playability under a comfortable atmosphere.

23) Yamaha P series P35B 88-Key Digital Piano

Hardly will you find a musician that does not know Yamaha is a household name when it comes to instrument. The company has been in operation for so many years. They have mastered the art of manufacturing user-friendly and resulted oriented pianos of the highest levels. Featuring some notable quality, the Yamaha P35B is one of the best full key (88 weighted) pianos in the market.

The P35B happens to be the first digital piano that opens the door for other models in the Yamaha’s line of P-series full, key pianos. The piano is highly portable for its quality, and it features superb sound and other excellent features that make it one of the best in its category. Like most of the P-series models, the P35B has a slim, compact design that requires less room for storage.

Graded Hammer Keyboard functionality is one of the many qualities that make Yamaha keyboards great. Such innovation allows the keys of the lower notes to convey a heavier touch feel while those of the higher notes are designed to be more receptive to playing on a lighter touch.

The P25 also features Advanced Wave Memory (AWM), a sampling technology that comes handy in recording acoustic instrument sound. The AVM create deeper, richer and wider sound using two microphones to of capture waveforms.

24) Best Choice Products 88-Key Semi-Weighted Keys Digital Piano

Best Choice 88-key digital piano can become the ideal instrument for beginners and experienced players alike. It is enjoyable and simple to play the instrument that can be used and stored without a problem.

This digital piano is light and comes with a foldable stand, which makes it ideal for small spaces, like a room inside an apartment. When the player is done using the piano, it is enough to take it off the stand, fold the stand, and put everything aside until the next playing session. The keys of the piano are sensitive to weight, so the player will enjoy a responsible instrument that will behave great during each performance. Even if we are talking about beginners and inexperienced players, this digital piano can help them control their playing technique better.

It is worth mentioning that the piano is capable of reproducing the sounds of multiple types of instruments. So, it is easy to be creative. All the player has to do, in order to change how the instrument sounds, is to press a button. Each type of instrument that can be reproduced by this digital piano will have a dedicated button.

The piano can be used with a sustain pedal, which included in the package and will arrive together with the instrument. This way, the sounds made by the piano can be dampened gradually or brought to an abrupt stop, depending on the preferences of the player. It is also equipped with high-quality built-in speakers and can be connected with a broad range of devices for improved playing experiences.

25) Korg B1SP 88-Weighted Key Digital Piano

Korg is a brand that has long been in the game of manufacturing musical instruments of all types. This model is full size, 88 natural-weighted key pianos with additional features that compete with some of the best brands in the market. This model features 8 digital sounds that are sampled and highly accurate. To make your playing style and customization easier, the Korg B1SP includes 120 Max Notes Polyphony, voices.

A unique MFB Servo tech 9 watts x 2 in-built stereo sound system fun renders unbeatable sound quality for maximum music feel and high-stand performance. Passive radiator and full-range speaker combines effectively to help the weighted keys simulate resistance, depending on the key you are playing. As an electric piano, the Korg B1SP can also simulate seven other instruments, including two types of organs and a harpsichord.

The Korg B1Sp features 3-pedal system unit allows the player to simulate the quality sound of an acoustic piano. The piano is great for creating, playing and sharing. A Sheet stand, an AC adaptor and piano bench comes with is the model to give you a full and complete digital piano instrument with balance and innovative functionality.

26) Yamaha P45 88 Weighted Keys Digital Piano

The excellence of the Yamaha famous P-series continues with the P45 making an entry into the full weighted 88 key digital piano board. In similar fashion with most other Yamaha P-series models, the P45 also features the remarkable Granded Hammer Standard weighted key, which enables heavier touch on the lower end notes while providing responsive and lighter playing at the higher notes. The GHS functionality provides the piano with the feel of an acoustic piano.

Regarding pre-designed functionality, the P45 carries 64 Max Polyphony notes, with 10 voices and AVM Stereo Sampling Tone Generation for to enhance your personal style preference and customization. Dual mode means you can play two different styles at the same time, while enjoying 4 levels of touches and 4 types of built-in reverbs. Additionally, the P5 also incorporates a USB Port that allow the pianist to connect external musical and educational sources to enjoy the best of music through computer, tablets or other devices.

All pianist can enjoy dense piano passage performance, using heavy sustain pedal, without cutting off notes. The unit comes with a Yamaha L85 stand, a bench and piano learning guide. While other models in the P-series seeks to provide quality in style and sound, the P45 takes the feel a step further by providing a complete set which adds to the overall comfort and style of play.

27) Casio PX760 BK Privia Digital Piano

Casio is among the few manufacturers of digital full, key pianos that gives Yamaha a run for their money. The company has fared well in many areas of instruments design, and the Casio PX760 is just one of the many good quality products from the company. This model is an 88-full key piano, and its designed to provide ivory and ebony feel.

The Casio PX760 has an expressive timbre that allows the instrument to provide a selection of to-quality sounds similar to an acoustic instrument for all piano purists to enjoy. More focus is dedicated to sound while rolling out this model, and success is that regard is made possible by virtue of the integrated triple pedal unit, together with its damper resonance that produces amazing sound quality.

To achieve excellent playability, Casio also integrated the “New Concert-Play” functionality in this model. The PX760 comes with 10 orchestral pieces that allows the player to play and practiced different piano parts, with the ability to change tempos. It also feature an integrated stand, quality cabinet, three pedal system and keyboard cover—all of which provide an appealing look for the PX760 when placed in any room.

Casio’s incorporation of the al-new Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action Keyboard II, together with Multi-Dimensional Morphing Air Sound Sources renders a stunning piano experience.

28) Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano

The Kawai KDP90 is a full size, 88 key digital piano that set the high standard at performance and price for people that don’t have much money to spend but are looking for a reliable, quality piano. By releasing this model, Kawai shows its determination to produce something that both authentic and innovative while being affordable.

The KDP90 comes with Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology which provides greater sound strength, with quality attention to detail. USB digital audio connection is also provided for, meaning you can enjoy more sound and music from external sources such as your computers. These models also feature the Advanced Hammer Action which adds to the quality and feel of key touch.

Dual mode inclusion allows the user to split the piano into two different sounds that you can play simultaneously. It also comes with 4-hand a mode which is used for splitting the keyboard into the identical 44-note piano, which is an excellent choice for group piano lessons as well as for duet performances. There is also a built-in sliding key, which effectively protects the piano’s keyboard from dust and dirt when the instrument is not in use.

Overall, the KDP90’s sound quality is good, but don’t expect too much from the product. The keys weight touch is fantastic, as it has superb, natural feel, adding much meaning your playing.

It is an excellent piano for the beginner and advance player at an affordable price.

29) FLYCHORD Hammer Action Graded Keys Digital Piano (DP420K)

FLYCHORD Digital Piano DP420K Featured with Triple Sensor –Hammer Action Graded Keys

Experience the best quality sound from a piano that has a Graded-Hammer Weight Keys that produces the unique style of an acoustic piano. The Flychord DP420K is a digital piano that allow keys at the lower end to produce a heavy feel of the notes while providing a lighter and less-profound touch at its higher octaves, effectively achieving the feel of the hammers that one would usually experience in a piano designed as acoustic.

Incorporating modern and newest high-tech, Flychord DP420 allows even a first-time user to easily setup and connects the piano. It comes with an AUX OUT jack to whom you can connect your home speakers or headphones. Its auto accompaniments feature with 50 styles, 40 voices and 5 sequencer user songs– meaning there is a lot for the ardent pianist to choose. Also, the model comes with Fill-In A/B and tempo features to spice up your music style and playing patterns.

Measuring 55 inches in height, 19.5 inches for width by 35 inches in depth, this unit will fit adequately into any classroom or stage performance. It is loftier than a significant number of other models and the height makes it more of a substantially upright model. With a one hundred and twenty-eight-note polyphony specification, the Pianist can make any sound without experiencing a drop in notes. It features a year complete-replacement warranty alongside the USB port that gives room for digital recording.

30) Roland Digital Piano (RD-800)

For those looking for a professional stage piano, the RD800 is the go-to model. The RD800 features the famous engine deemed “Super Natural” with a host of other remarkable features and sound that put Roland on the best brand ladder of excellence. This model comes with a wide variety of acoustic-type piano sounds from which you can choose to play your favorite rhythm and style. Sounds and styles available include a new Grand Concert derived from the V-piano Grand, as well as upright tones and more.

One notable aspect of the RD800 is the high numbers of additional sounds of 1100, which is perfect for stage performance. The sounds include Modern synchs, vintage keys, virtual tone wheel organs and a lot of other to go by. Also featuring in this model is Roland famous keyboard with escapement and ebony ivory feel, which is equipped with the newest and most sensitive touch receptor technology.

Regarding sound, the piano engine produces an incredible and accurate sound while enabling the player to personalize the music to suit his or her taste, with the aid of the designer functions aboard the piano. The sounds vary from classic vintage to EPs to Orchestral instruments, comprising of new EDM synths. There is a lot to enjoy from this model.

Choosing the Best 88-Key Keyboard from the Best 88-Key Digital Piano Brands

Pianos are one of the oldest instruments to date and have been a part of most mainstream music for a very long time now. Pianos became famous right after their invention and there have been many attempts made by people and brands to improve on the already great instrument, which is why there are so many different types of pianos out there. After the classical piano, the most famous piano variation is definitely the keyboard, which is a type of digital piano that is easily portable and is a great alternative to a classical piano if you intend to travel a lot.

Even the keyboard has a few types as well. Some keyboards have more keys than others but the most suited as an alternative to the classical piano is a keyboard that has 88 keys, preferably weighted.

2) Yamaha P71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano

  • Authentic To the Touch
  • Deep & Rich Sound
  • Feature 10 Different Voices
  • Dual Mode
  • Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling

1) Alesis Recital
88-Key Beginner Digital Piano

  • Semi Weighted Keys
  • Clear & Rich Sound
  • Feature 5 Premium Voices
  • Adjustable Touch Response
  • Built In FX

3) Casio
Digital Piano (PX160BK)

  • Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action
  • Acoustic & Intelligent Resonator (AiR) Sound
  • Ideal for All Levels

What to Consider When Buying an 88-Key Keyboard

If you are new to the instrument or if you just want to improve over your last keyboard there are a few things that you’ll need to take into consideration before you can make a choice. 88 key keyboards aren’t cheap so it is recommended that you spend all you have to at once so you can get the best and most suited keyboard that will be able to last you a few years. Some things that you will want your 88 key keyboard to have are listed below.

  • Get an 88 key keyboard that is filled with features. The only real advantage that keyboards have over a acoustic piano is that they are easily portable and have different features such as headphone jacks and the ability to record. These features are especially useful in the hands of more experienced players but could be a bit problematic for beginners. The features can make playing easy for you, as well as help you clear out some mistakes, which makes the keyboard a great and fairly easy instrument to play and enjoy. Make sure the 88-key piano you are buying is not just reliable in sound but is one that features record mode and USB port or Bluetooth connectivity. These are important features to look at for because, you will definitely have to add some music styles and sound to your playing pattern, which can only be possible from external sources like from computers, tablets, iPhone, iOS devices and more.
  • How much do you have and willing to spend? Price is an essential element in this case because; the cheapest ones are always those that don’t have all the capabilities that make a good, fully weighted 88-key piano. Therefore, when shopping for your piano, have in mind the one that has the features you want and compare that to your budget to arrive at a decision quickly.
  • Another main feature that the keyboard has in which an acoustic piano doesn’t is easy portability. A keyboard should be light-weighted enough to be easy to transport, allowing you to play on the go or practice on trips. This is a very useful feature for anyone that has to travel a lot and wishes to play the piano.
  • Further, most of the fully weighted pianos are designed to mimics the sound of an acoustic piano. Carefully determine the one you think fits your interest by reading about them from online customers reviews or practically testing them out in the nearest musical instrument store close to you.
  • As mentioned above, it is preferred that you get a 88 key keyboard with weighted keys if you want to get the closest experience to an acoustic piano. Weighted keys are especially helpful for anyone that is using a keyboard as a means to practice for playing a classical piano. If you play on light keys and switch to weighted keys after all that time of practice you may find it a little difficult to adapt, which is why weighted keys are recommended for anyone with a little experience in piano playing.

Popular 88-Key Keyboards Brands

As mentioned above, pianos are a very popular instrument, and the keyboard is one of its most famous variations, which is why so many brands manufacture them. The wide variety of models gives you many choices, which is always a good thing, but if you want to know which brands are the best at it, a list of some of them is given below.

  • Yamaha

In any list for most instruments, including digital and classical pianos, you will always see Yamaha as a top mention. Yamaha has been making some of the best quality instruments for a time span which crosses a century. They are experienced at making classical instruments as well as the more advanced and modern types. They make instruments for beginners and advanced players alike and are one of the best at it.

  • Casio

The same Casio which you may know for the manufacturing of many digital items such as watches and calculators also make pianos, and just like the other things, they are good at this too. Casio offers great and durable keyboards that will serve you for a long time at great quality, making them a great option.

  • Alesis

Alesis makes all types of digital pianos and they do so excellently. Alesis were made in 1980 and started off with digital instruments, unlike most other brands. Their models have won many awards over the years and they take pride in their great work and beautiful designs. In 2001 Alesis was taken over by Jack O’Donnell, who has then made many changes to the brand, which were for the good.

Helpful Tips for 88-Key Keyboard Players

Pianos are not an easy instrument to master, and despite the helpful features you can find in most digital pianos like the keyboard, they are still not that easy to get a hang of. However, below are a few tips that will certainly help you improve over time.

  • Get the most out of the features that you paid for. Listen to your own music by connecting headphones to the keyboard, or record it and listen to it afterward so you can notice the little mistakes you make so you can fix them as well.
  • Get pedals for your keyboard. A keyboard with pedals will allow you to play many different types of music and the 88 different keys combined with this will give you many different possibilities to create all types of sounds.
  • Know when to call it quits for the day. If you keep forcing yourself to play even after you’re tired you will only make more mistakes and start to dislike playing, which is why you should take a break when you feel like it just isn’t your day.


Just as you have seen above, there are so many piano brands in the market when it comes to choosing the best 88-key weighted piano. It is good to invest in one of the above-mentioned pianos since they have exceptional advantages that beat the acoustic pianos in the area of tuning, weather effects, and lots of additional features.