20 Best Portable Audio Recorder Reviews 2022 (Lightweight Audio Recorders)

Best Portable Audio Recorders & Best Portable Audio Recorder Brands

Best Portable Audio Recorders & Best Portable Audio Recorder Brands

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You don’t have to go extra mile before you record your music track, neither do you need bulky mass of equipment to record your live events. Recording higher quality audio and music track is no longer limited to the fall walls of the recording studio.

The good news is you can record on the go. The advent of portable audio recorder has made recording in its totality as simple as ABC. Wherever you come across your favorite song, the portable recorder enables you to own copies of your best songs without sacrificing the quality of recording and production.

The portable audio recorder is not meant for music recording alone, you can record any audible sound with it. It is a very useful device that will enable you to do the effortless recording of rehearsals, interviews, conversations and many more.

Nevertheless, it must be made known that the performance you get from any portable audio recorder depends on the type you buy. Therefore, this portable audio recorder buying guide is painstakingly structured to give you adequate information that will direct you towards getting the best portable audio Recorder that will satisfy you in every way.

What are the Best Portable Audio Recorders to Buy?

2) Zoom H4N PRO digital Multi-track Recorder

  • Clean and Clear Audio Recording
  • Great Value for the Money
  • Easy To Use
  • High Quality

1) Zoom H1n Handy Recorder (2018 model)

Zoom H1n Handy Recorder
  • Long Battery Life
  • Easy To Operate
  • Best Recording Quality
  • Streamlined Body

3) TASCAM DRO5 Stereo Portable Digital Recorder

  • User-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Easy To Operate
  • Premium Quality Recording

You need nothing but the best portable recorder to give you quality recording with high fidelity sound. We have carried out a great deal of research to help you achieve the best recording ever. Included in this guide are detailed reviews of carefully selected portable recorders. In actual fact, they are the best portable audio recorders in the market.

What is a portable Audio Recorder?

As seen from its name, a portable audio Recorder is a small handheld device that is capable of on-the-spot recording of any kind of audio like live shows, news, sound effects, lectures, conversation, rehearsal and the likes.

The Portable audio device is a remarkable advancement over traditional voice recorders. Here are some of the qualities that make the portable audio device a better recording device.

  • Better audio quality
  • Advanced kind of microphone builds
  • Additional features
  • Larger memory space and many more

No doubt, one of the best ways to improve audio and music production is to take a careful look at the type of recording device that will work perfectly for you. You can only achieve this through extensive research on the types of portable audio recording device available. We have helped you in this regard, all you need do is to sit back and go through all reviews of portable audio recorders below.

20 Best Portable Audio Recorder Reviews and the Best Portable Audio Recorder Brands

1) Zoom H1n Handy Recorder (2018 model)

Zoom H1n Handy Recorder

This is the latest model of Zoom H1n that is designed to help you achieve quality modern-day recording. It comes with lots of new features that give user an exciting recording experience. The only way to enjoy these numerous modern-day features is to purchase this device.

Zoom H1n comes with a streamlined body adorned with a maze finish and a newly packaged protective microphone enclosure. Not only that, the device comes with a built-in stereo condenser microphone.

Another notable feature of this latest device is single touch button control and long battery life, with Zoom H1n Handy Recorder; you can boast of up to 10 hours of continuous recording time when you use the built-in mic.

The manufacturers designed the device in such a way that, It will be very easy to operate without going through any tutoring. It has an intuitive and localized menu that enhance easy operation.

Other peculiar functionalities of this device are voice emphasis filter, playback speed control as well as stereo overdubbing functions. These features work together to give you the best recording quality you deserve.

2) Zoom H4N PRO digital Multi-track Recorder

This is a new and improved version of Zoom. It gets your recording job perfectly done. It’s a device designed to beat your expectation. The Zoom H4N PRO gives you a clean and clear recording of audio and music tracks.

This device is perfect for excellent four track audio recording of films, music, podcasting and so on. The Zoom H4N is not just an improved version of portable audio recorder; it is superior in all ways. The device was manufactured based on news ideas conceived by its manufacturers to improve the function and performance of Handy audio recorders.

With the newly added features, the device is perfect for taking any kind of audio recording. Some of these features are super low noise floor and unbelievable natural-sounding preamps. This device is also equipped with onboard X/Y microphone that provides spectacular stereo imaging and the two input combination allow you make use of your favorite microphone.

Zoom H4N PRO enables you to simultaneously record four tracks and you can record up to 140dB SPL using the X/Y microphones. Besides, it comes with notable innovation to give you an exciting recording experience. In addition, you stand to enjoy lots of newly added features when you get this device.

3) TASCAM DRO5 Stereo Portable Digital Recorder

TASCAM’s DR05 brings great and superb recording quality close to you than you can ever imagined. With this device, premium recording quality is on your palm. The device brings high-fidelity and great quality stereo recording to a handy and user-friendly device that is very affordable. You don’t have to spend fortune to acquire this device; it is very affordable despite its high grade performance.

TASCAM DR05 comes with a brand new microphone that is capable of handling up to 125dB SPL thereby endowing the device with the required sensitivity to get every bit of details effectively captured. The premium quality recording is facilitated by the addition of new recording features like a quick menu and peak reduction.

Another important feature to take note is the ability of the device to record in WAV and MP3 format which include 96kHz/24 bit high resolution audio, microSDHC and microSD media.

We are happy to tell intending buyers that this device is very easy to operate because its layout has been completely restructured to enable easy workability. You can actually operate this device quickly and easily with one thumb. With one button press, you can perform operations like adding markers, recording, adjusting levels and deleting bad takes.

4) Digital Voice-Prompted Dictaphone by Dictopro

This is a high quality portable audio recorder finished with an Aluminum body. It is a Portable device designed for quick and easy recording anywhere you go. You can conveniently handle this device and can be kept in purse and pocket for quick accessibility and portability.

The device comes with an attractive color LCD display, it is specially designed to be strong and study without neglecting the weight and the size.

Some of the special features of this device is ultra sensitive microphone which enable perfect noise reduction. This feature enables you to enjoy a crystal-clear recording even if you are away 40ft away from the audio source. It is a special device that will enable you record quiet and secret conversation.

The device makes use of a voice activated recording feature that saves you the stress of clicking every now and then. Also, you can receive and transfer files to your computer easily with this portable audio recorder.

5) TASCAM DR – 40 4 – Track Portable Digital Recorder

This is another great device from TASCAM TEAC professional. This device allows you to take four track recording on the spot. This superb and incredibly affordable 4 –track recorder provides you with everything you need to capture audio at any time in any environment.

With this device, you can effortlessly record live music, what you need to do is connect the main feed from the board to the DR – 40 and make use of the built-in microphones to capture all audio in the room.

Also, to record a video, connect your shotgun microphone to an input and activate the phantom power. With these connections, high quality audio and video recording is guaranteed.

The TASCOM is equipped with features that ensure your recordings come out with high-fidelity sounds, the built-in limiter, dual mode recording and automatic level adjustment are the great features for this purpose.

To help you master the art of audio and music recording, TASCAM DR -40 comes with helpful practice and studio- style recording tools like built-in tuner and a reverb. Features like reverbs and in tuner qualify this device for an exciting songwriting tool.

6) Zoom H2n Handy Recorder

Zoom H2n Handy Recorder is a fantastic portable audio recorder to consider when next you are going to market for your portable audio recorder or when shopping online for a befitting portable audio recorder. The device is built with an unparalleled portability and a professional touch.

The Zoom H2n Handy Recorder supports file in MP3 and MAV format and comes with two strong AA batteries, endowing the device with over 20 hours of continuous recording. This is a great feature to consider about portable recorder.

The key functions of this device include file dividing, A-B Repeat control, Marker and surround mixer, Normalize, MP3 post-encode and ability to record in MP3 up to 320kbps as well as WAV up to 24-bit/96kHz.

Other functionalities are Pre-Rec, Auto-Rec, variable speed playback, metronome and Tuner. These features enhance the devices’ recording capabilities.

Zoom H2n Handy recorder is portable recorder with high-fidelity sound and it is very easy to operate through its intuitive and friendly interface. Not only that, it is an impressive equipment that worth better than its price. Therefore, the Zoom H2n Handy Recorder is a great deice you can get at an friendly price.

7) TESCAM DR- 600mkII 4-channel portable Audio Recorder for DSLR

This is another super grade of portable audio device manufactured by TESCAM. It is an all-new 4-track solid state recorder that showcases the high level of expertise and decades of experience of TESCAM.

The TESCAM DR-600mkII is specially made for videographer and on-set filmmakers. It is a new recording solution that uses DLSRs. The device has brought solutions to lots of recording problem faced by filmmakers in the past period of years. The TESCAM DR -600mkII now comes as a better substitute for bulky recover that was formerly used for audio recording.

The TESCAM D-600mkII is built to cater for the yearnings of professionals as well as an amateur in audio recording and production. It comes with lots of unique features such as legendary AD converter, high-quality HDDA pre-amps, compact size and light weight.

It must also be noted that the device is well structured to fit in perfectly into any rig or under any camera to record high-quality audio up to 96 KHz directly into SD/SHDC media.

The device is also very easy to operate, using the TASCOM well known interface and external controls to carry out all major operation. In addition to this, the body structure, dials and the touch keys are carefully designed to eliminate handling noise.

8) Zoom H6 six-Track Portable Recorder

The Zoom H6 six- Track portable device is the one of the most technically advanced portable recorders. This handy recorder is a perfect portable audio recorder that gives you unparalleled experience in digital recording.

The device will totally change your perspective about recording, giving you a new and informed idea about audio recording. It makes use of a system of interchangeable input capsule that can be swap easily. And, it comes with both mid-side stereo and X/Y microphones for high-fidelity recording.

This device is not only perfect for live recording; it gives studio-quality audio and music production. The device has four microphone inputs and it’s capable of simultaneous recording of six tracks. This is a good advancement over its H5 counterpart that records four tracks simultaneously.

The Zoom H6 is equipped with newly repackaged preamps with a near-silence noise floor up to 24-bit/96Hz audio in MP3 or WAV format. The device is designed with ability to enable user record up to 128GBaudio files size directly to SD cards.

Also, the device comes with features like gain Knobs, owner’s manual, phantom power for each input, four AA size LR6 batteries, USB cable, sponge windscreen and many more enticing features.

9) Zoom H5 Four-Track Portable Recorder

This is a great handheld portable digital recorder to buy. You stand to enjoy a lot of great and quality recording functions when you choose this device for your audio and music recording. The portable device uses a system of input capsule that can be interchanged easily just as you swap the lens of your camera.

The device includes a removable X/Y capsule with extended signal ability and shock mounted microphones to reducing the level of noise occasioned by the handling of the device.

Zoom H5 four-track Portable Recorder is powered by 2 AA batteries, giving it a long recording time. Also, the portable device has a unique ability to record up to 32GB file size directly into SD/SDHC cards.

The combination of these powerful features enables you to perform as much recording as you desire. In addition, this device has a jaw-dropping capability of recording four tracks at a time. That is, Zoom H5 can save your precious time by recording four tracks simultaneously with one affecting the other and also without sacrificing the overall output quality.

The device is equipped with two microphone inputs with the TRS and XLR connectors with each possessing an adjustable phantom power and 20dB pad.

10) EVISTR Voice Recorder 8GB PCM 1536k Clear Stereo Audio, L53 Voice Activated Recorder

What a great portable digital audio recorder to buy. This is a one in a million portable audio recorder that come with innumerable eye-catching functions for maximum output to gain the confidence of experts in the areas of audio and music recording and production.

When you opt for this awesome device, you will enjoy lots of stunning features such as 1536KPBS perfect recording quality, voice clarity and many more.

The device is packaged with microphone that enables you to adjust sensitivity. Also, the device comes with a powerful digital wave processing device and is enabled to reduce the level of noise to facilitate effective audio recording.

It will interest you to learn that the device has a rechargeable 800mAh battery that allows you record longer than other portable recorders. When the device is fully charged, you will enjoy great moments of super recording for up to 15 hours.

Another feature of this great device that is worth mentioning is the space availability that allow store up to 300hours playtime long recording file.

11) TASCAM DR – 100 mkII 2- channel Portable Digital Recorder

This is a rugged portable audio recorder that offers high-end recording functionalities to sound engineers and musician who expect more from their portable audio recording device.

The TASCAM DR-100mkII features quite a good number of unmatchable features for great sound recordings. Some of these features are four built-in microphones comprising two omnidirectional and two cardiod, S/PDIF digital input, locking connectors, balanced line ins and many more.

Another noteworthy feature of TASCAM DR- 100 mkII is the possession of two battery system which enables users to record their audio for a satisfactory length of time. Also, this device comes in a rugged Aluminum body.

The device includes the following accessories – exclusive soft case, exclusive windsock, wireless remote control, power Li-ion battery, USB connection cable, Coin cell battery for affirming remote control operation and lots more.

One fact about this device is that, it has an attractive and a professional look. Also, the home screen is very easy to read and the battery charges fast with both optional and USB charger. These wonderful qualities are what you get when you opt for your own TASCAM DR – 100 mkII portable audio recorders today.

12) Roland R-05 studio WAVE/MP3 Recorder

Roland R-05 is an easy to use portable audio recorder endowed with astonishing sound qualities. The device has become the favorite of many musicians, journalist, choristers, lesson takers, students and so on, the list is endless.

Roland R-05 became the most preferred portable audio recorder of many professionals because of its straightforwardness. All you need to do in other to have a sound and clear recording is just to point and shoot. You will be amazed at the quality of job that will be done for you.

The Roland R-05 is perfect for you; in case you need to leave your memo in the car or to capture a song idea immediately before the inspiration leaves you. The device helps you to capture your idea instantly with the help of some nice features that facilitate easy and quality recording.

The outstanding qualities of this device are worthy of mention. It comes with a powerful stereo recording with an external input or a built-in stereo mic. Also, the device has a strong and attractive body.

The device comes with a good number of music-practice features such as loop playback, tempo adjustment without changing the pitch and many more. Other features of the Roland R-05 are auto song split and auto record start.

13) Sony PCM-M10portable Linear PCM Voice Recorder

This is a portable audio recording device with outstanding features and excellent performance. The devices is packed full of unparalleled functionalities that makes it stand among the best. The PCM – M10 linear portable audio recorder is a 96 kHz/24-bit capable device equipped with electrets condenser stereo mics, memory stick micro slot and a 4GB internal flash memory.

The device comes with USB high speed port for easy downloading and uploading of recorded files in either MP3 or WAV format. These files can be transferred to or from window PC or Macintosh computers. Not only that, Sony PCM-M10 comes in a very attractive and durable body and also endowed with a long battery life using the well known AA Alkaline batteries

The key features of this device are key control, cress memory, digital pitch, digital limiter, built-in speaker, cross memory recording, key control, low cut filter, trade mark functions, 5 seconds pre-recording buffers and many more technological driven features.

These numerous high-value qualities make Sony PCM-M10 portable audio recorder unequalled. You can afford yourself the unique opportunity of enjoying these appealing functionalities. All you need to do is to get yourself this device and start enjoying high quality recording.

14) Yamaha PR7 Pocket Recorder with Overdub Functions

This is an invaluable asset for professional musician. Yamaha PR7 pocket recorder is the newest high-grade portable linear PCM recorder that gives you high-quality recording at any location and time.

This device is upgraded with a newly produced crossed XY stereo microphone empowering the PR7 capturing high-resolution stereo recordings which helps to achieve continuous quality and natural sound.

Yamaha PR7 pocket Recorder offers a practice function for beginners. These practice functions are a metronome and an onboard tuner. In addition to this, the device has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface that allows individuals to access all the excellent recording functions such as marker editing and overdubbing. Also, the device features five performance optimized presets that is ready made for the variety of applications.

Considering all these top-notch qualities, the Yamaha PR7 pocket Recorder is a suitable recording device for you whether you are attending lectures, attending a speaking engagement, making a field recording, rehearsing or songwriting.

Some features of this device are easily monitored tripod, adjustable playback speed, 2GB Built-in Memory, micro SD/SDHC card slot, long battery life and many more eye-catching functionalities.

15) Sony PCMB 100 portable High-Resolution Audio/Voice Recorder.

Are you looking for a perfect portable audio recorder with numerous high-tech functionalities? The Sony PCMB100 is what you should be looking for. The device is a high-resolution recorder that is packaged with dual-position stereo microphones, SD-XC card slot and 32GB of internal flash memory. This Portable audio device is capable of recording audio in MP3 and PCM format.

It will interest you to learn that, Sony PCMB is made with lightweight Aluminum material and specially built to accommodate the demands of professional application packages. Also, a feature that is worthy of mentioning is the long battery life.

The device comes with conventional AA alkaline battery. An outstanding feature of the Portable audio recorder is a USB high-speed port that enables you to download and upload audio to or from Macintosh computers or Windows PC.

Other features of this unique device are super bit mapping, low-cut filter, dual path digital limiter, A-B repeat capability and digital pitch control.

Going by all these aforementioned qualities, the Sony PCMB is a portable Audio recorder that worth buying.

16) Sony High-Resolution Portable Audio Recorder

This is a reputable portable Audio Recorder that should be given consideration. According to the name, the device is high-resolution device manufactured by Sony. Sony is known for production of standard and quality devices; Sony High-Resolution portable audio recorder is not an exception.

The device is package to deliver super audio output. If you are an audio professional looking for a quality high-resolution portable audio recorder, it will be very advantageous to give this device a try. You will be glad you made that decision.

Expectedly, Sony High-resolution portable device is embedded with any astonishing features that give unmatchable audio recording and production experience. The devices come with features like holding the case, USB connection support cable and a year warranty.

Also, Sony High-resolution Portable Audio recorder enables you to carry out a digital recording of audio in MP3 and LPCM format.

This device helps you produce remarkable podcast with decent audio output and good listenership. If you need to record your interview or lecture sessions, Sony High-resolution will deliver an outstanding job in this regard.

Not only that, with expert adjustment and settings for high pass filter, mic sensitivity and others, you are sure to get a perfect music and audio mix.

17) Olympus LS- 14 Linear PCM Digital Voice Recorder

The Olympus LS-14 is a Digital portable audio recorder of great repute. It allows you to effortlessly record sound with a quality that is better than what you get from CD. The device enables user to capture high-quality sound up to 130dB SPL with the help of modern new amplifier and a modern directional stereo microphone. There are lots of exciting features to enjoy when you get this device.

This unique device is specifically designed for the musician to give a wonderful performance in the areas of overdub recording, Metronome and chromatic Tuner abilities.

Another key feature of this device is the ease of use. Olympus LS-14 can save you the stress of going through the menu bar in order to select the optimum recording level. The mode Select bar at the face of the recorder enables you to adjust recoding levels without stress.

Some notable features that give this device high reputation are huge storage space of 4GB internal memory as well as micro SD removable media. Also, the device is capable of 24 BIT/96 KHz Linear recording. This device comes with three modern Tresmic microphone systems that give unparalleled recording of audio and music tracks.

18) TASCAM DR- 100MKIII 192kHz/24-Bit Stereo Portable Recorder

Designed to meet the requirements of professional audio designers and sound engineers, TASCAM is one of the top-rated handheld digital recorders that gives the best performance irrespective of the recording condition and environment.

The TASCAM DR-100MKIII is designed to achieve a signal-to-noise ratio that exceeds 100dB, making it outstanding in the history of TASCAM. This quality makes the device a good choice for all lovers of good and quality audio and music production.

The TASCAM DR -100MKIII is a new model that combines exciting and unique features such as an up-to-date users’ interface, robust reliability and a studio quality sound performance. The combination of these super qualities empowers the device to deliver a truly exciting and breathtaking audio performance that outshines others.

This recording device has been professionally packaged to deliver exclusive dual level recording features. This enables the device to record a secondary backup file as the primary recording is going on.

In fact, this action does not affect the main recording because it is done at a lower gain level than the main recording. You should consider getting this stereo portable recorder because it is designed to serve you anywhere you go and for a long period of time, thanks to the super built-in Lion dual Battery.

19) Roland portable Studio Recorder, Black (R-07-BK)

Are you looking a perfect audio recorder that is quick to set-up and delivers high quality job irrespective of the recording scenario? Roland portable studio Recorder has the credentials you need in a portable audio device.

The device features a 128 by 64 graphic LCD equipped with white backlight for clear visibility. Roland portable Studio recorder comes with a good number of breathtaking features that makes it the choice of professional sound engineers and audio professionals.

Roland Portable Studio recorder does not allow you to waste time setting it up, it has one-touch scene features that enables you to set it up instantly at any recording location. In addition to this, the device comes with the functions such as wireless headphone, speaker playback and built-in speaker for easy and convenient playback.

Roland Portable studio recorder has the ability to record MP3 and WAV simultaneously and also runs on batteries as well as USB bus power. Another great feature of this device is that, it supports micro SD cards. You can control this device using a Bluetooth remote control along with smart watch and Smartphone.

20) Digital Voice-Activated Recorder, Yemenren 8GB sound Audio Recorder Dictaphone

This is a portable audio recorder that is well known for its superior recording quality. It is a great portable audio recorder that enables easy, quick. On-the-spot recording of audio and music tracks.

The device is equipped with a powerful all-directional microphone with a fantastic voice reduction feature. This enables the device to record even the faintest node at 1536KBps, providing you a recording output that is crystal clear.

This device is specially made to give you the best recording for your interviews, conversations, news, lectures, meetings, doctor’s advice and so on. Therefore, this device is a must for everyone who has an eye on perfect recording of audio in any occasion.

A notable feature of this great device is the multi-recording mode. You can perform your recording in Normal recording mode, voice activation recording and timing recording.

All these modes has their advantages and peculiarities. Also, the device is equipped with an long lasting memory space and huge memory space. The internal memory can store up to 1500 songs which is equivalent to 576hours of recording time.

Choosing the Best Portable Audio Recorders

The secret of a great audio and music production lies in the grade and type of the recording device used. It is therefore very important to be well equipped with adequate knowledge that will guide your choice when it comes to selecting a suitable portable audio recorder. Also, you should be able to know the best type of portable Audio recorder for different type of audio recording whether interview, conversation, lecture or rehearsals.

2) Zoom H4N PRO digital Multi-track Recorder

  • Clean and Clear Audio Recording
  • Great Value for the Money
  • Easy To Use
  • High Quality

1) Zoom H1n Handy Recorder (2018 model)

Zoom H1n Handy Recorder
  • Long Battery Life
  • Easy To Operate
  • Best Recording Quality
  • Streamlined Body

3) TASCAM DRO5 Stereo Portable Digital Recorder

  • User-friendly
  • Affordable
  • Easy To Operate
  • Premium Quality Recording

What next? You need to look out for the best Portable audio recorder that will serve you better than you ever imagined. How can you do this? Take a cursory look at the features and functions of the portable audio recorders and pick the one you considered better for your Music recording, audio recording, lectures, rehearsals, conversation or interviews. Then, launch into a new era of perfect and high-quality recording.