3 Best RockJam Digital Piano Reviews 2022 (Best RockJam Keyboards)

Best RockJam Digital Piano & Best RockJam Keyboard

Best RockJam Digital Piano & Best RockJam Keyboard

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Digital pianos are innovative ways to play the best in sound and musical skill display. RockJam is among the best digital piano brands in the market. They offer excellent designs that mimic and even in some instance surpass the very best of Yamaha digital pianos, especially in the beginner’s category.

However, since most of these pianos are different in build and key formation, picking the one that suits your purpose can appear a bit daunting.

Apart from RockJam, some models of which we have reviewed below, there are other brands of digital pianos in the market. These further complicate the process of choosing the best suitable for you. However, we have taken the time to review and present the best ways you can follow to choose the right digital piano for you.

So, here is what to look out for when buying your digital piano.

General features

Most people make the mistake of buying pianos that are based on a huge price tag. A piano based on the high price tag is not necessarily the best in quality. There are fairly cheap models that come with amazing features. Take, for instance, the RockJam 54-key piano, which has a lot of good features like sustain pedal, Midi file support, padded seat, music sheet stand, piano stand, headphones, and a host of other notable features. Whereas, the RockJam 54 isn’t an expensive model, but sophisticated all the same. Therefore, features should be the priority, not the cost of the piano.

Ease of use

Since most of the digital pianos are designed to be sophisticated, it is expected they are intuitive for the beginner player. So if you are buying piano today, consider how easy it is to learn.

What does it offer in terms of practical lessons—like piano App or face-to-face lessons?

Is there a manual to help simplify the lesson and playing process?

How easy it is to move the piano from one end to another end since you might be attending practice lessons occasionally. Think about that.

The sound

That you are buying a beginner instrument doesn’t mean you should go for an inferior product. The sound will not always be top-notch, but should be fairly appreciated. The keys should have a fair touch of responsiveness when in use. This is necessary to motivate the beginner when listening to the sound of his or her own making.


While Yamaha is king in the world of pianos, there are other competitive models that would give them a run for their money. A typical example is the RockJam brand and its series of beginners’ digital pianos. They are one of the best in the market. So consider them and the likes of Casio as well.

That said, here are the greatest digital pianos from RockJam. Enjoy the review.

3 Best RockJam Digital Piano Reviews and the Best RockJam Keyboards

1) RockJam Superkit 61-Key Electronic Keyboard

The RockJam 61-key Superkit Electronic keyboard is a full, size keyboard that is perfect for you if you are just starting out. The keyboard comes with 61 standard key sizes which feature LCD screen and a record and playback functionality.

The LCD displays the information relating to chords and keys you choose to play. As for the record and playback function, you can easily store what you have played and replay them on a later date for performance appraiser and for showmanship to friends and loved ones.

Get the best out of your playing style using the 100 rhythms and 50 demo songs incorporated in this keyboard. It passes well as a very nice gift for your child. You or your child can play discreetly using the quality headphones that comes with the keyboard. It is good when you play without disturbing the peace of others close by.

One thing that makes this package great is that it comes with everything that will make it easy for you or your child to start playing on the go. This includes a well-padded stool that gives you the best of comfort as you play for endless hours.

RockJam also included a learning assistant containing 30 free songs available on the piano App. The App is simple and you can use it with breathtaking ease. A face-to-face lesson and electricity supply complete the package that accompanies this excellent beginners’ electronic keyboard.

2) RockJam Portable Electronic 54-Key Keyboard

The RockJam 54 key electronic keyboard is an excellent choice for a beginner player. It comes with a lot of features that is very surprising for such a price tag. The features included can even satisfy the need of an advanced student player. The keys that accompany it provide a traditional feel of good and distinctive sound when played.

Two built-in stereo speakers mean you can enjoy the best of sound quality from this mid-sized keyboard. Loaded with as much as 100 different sounds, you can easily change the sound of your music to whichever you want.

The piano also comes with an effective and interactive teaching mode which will teach you how best to play the piano. On the good quality LCD screen, you get to know which of the chords or keys you should play. You will also be able to stay right on key; thanks to the beat point display by the LCD—allowing you more room to play perfectly.

There is a music sheet stand at the top of the keyboard which enables you to place your music sheet and play straight on from there. It also means your music sheet would not be flying about, as it is well secured in place.

Audio outputs allow you to connect to microphones, speakers and MIDI files of your choice. You can sing a special song along with your friends using the microphone connected to your built-in speakers.

There is so much to enjoy when using this piano for beginners.

3) RockJam RJ761-SK Key Electronic Keyboard

The RJ761 is among the best and most compact keyboards on sale. It comes with 61 full, size keys that respond positively to touch. We can describe it as a complete package because it is well loaded with most of the components that make up a good quality keyboard.

For instance, the RJ761 keyboard features a good sustain pedal that allows you to sync a jazz-band feel while playing your favorite key-songs. Following the sustain pedal is a set of high-quality headphone that embraces discreet and comfortable play when around people.

A super padded stool allows you to sit comfortably for hours and play the best of sound as you can. Also included is a keyboard stand that you can easily adjust to suit your height and style of play. The stand is sturdy and capable of withstanding extensive playing hours.

Perhaps, the better part is that the RJ761 incorporates a soft touchpad which makes it more unique and applicable across other lines of RockJam age group keyboard players. The multiple connection outlets that come with the RJ761 means you can easily connect and play MIDI files any time you choose.

Play with over 200 tones and rhythms included in this model, and enjoy carrying this piano from one practice point to another. Thanks to its weight of just 2 pounds.

Choosing the Best RockJam Digital Pianos

RockJam remains a formidable brand in the world of keyboard and other musical instruments. These keyboards reviewed above are strictly for beginner players. However, intermediates can also use them, especially with the RockJam 54 key piano.

These pianos are able to provide excellent options for anyone who is just starting out on playing the piano. Either of which you choose will really depend on your choice and scale of preference. However, be sure that what you chose is able to match your skill level and comfort.

While choosing your piano, always remember that price is not the major point of consideration. You can pay thousands of dollars for a piano and still end up being disappointed. Since competition fosters efficiency, always be on the lookout for products with good reviews, whether cheap or costly. The ability to meet your need should be your buying focus and not the price of the product.

Also, remember that a musician that is not committed to unearthing that hidden potential will never find anything good in a piano that is cost or cheaply made. That too is a fact that you must consider, especially if you are buying for someone else other than yourself.