40 Best Digital Piano Reviews 2022 – Best Electronic Keyboard Brands

Best Digital Piano, Best Electronic Keyboard & Best Digital Piano Brands

Best Digital Piano, Best Electronic Keyboard & Best Digital Piano Brands

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Are you in the market in search for a reliable digital piano? Lots of people who are just starting out are always in the market looking for the perfect keyboard to practice on; are you one of them? Or are you a piano enthusiast but don’t have access to one? or is it that you’ve been playing a low-price or cheap keyboard and are looking for a superior upgrade?

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Whatever the condition may be, we are committed to helping you get the solution to your needs. We are quite aware that it isn’t going to be easy sitting down and researching the best, affordable and most suitable pianos out there in the musical instruments market.

Due to the unique designs and characteristics digital pianos offer, the industry and sales have witnessed remarkable growth in recent times. Today, there more top notch, quality models compared to previous occasions.

There is a piano for everyone

No matter your stature, playing level or experience—whether you’re a beginner/student, intermediate or professional player—there is always something out there capable of taking care of your piano playing needs. Every playing level has a tailor-made piano that will efficiently inspire you to play, bring out the best in you, give you reasons to smile and allow you to reap the long-term benefit of playing the piano.

To make the search and experience easier for you, our experts have put together this piano buying guide with the aim of guiding your decision to the best and most reliable piano keyboards out there. We have included types, features and the various brands to look for, together with some of our best picks in the marketplace. So sit back and enjoy the ride!

To make the search and experience easier for you, our experts have put together this piano buying guide with the aim of guiding your decision to the best and most reliable piano keyboards out there. We have included types, features and the various brands to look for, together with some of our best picks in the marketplace. So sit back and enjoy the ride!

What are the Best Electronic Keyboards or Digital Pianos for Beginners?

2) Alesis Recital 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano

  • Premium 5 Voices
  • 2 Built-In 20W Speakers
  • 88-Key
  • Compact & Lightweight

1) Casio CTK-2550 PPK 61-Key Premium Keyboard

  • Highly Rated
  • 400 Tones & 150 Rhythms
  • Free Chordana Play App
  • 61-Key 
  • Dance Music Mode

3) Yamaha P71 Weighted Action Digital Piano

  • Slim & Stylish Design
  • 10 Various Voices
  • Authentic Touch
  • Dual Mode
  • 88-Key

Best Professional Digital Pianos 

If you would like to upgrade your existing digital piano to meet your professional playing, here are some good choices you may consider.

2) Casio Privia PX-870 Black Digital Piano Bundle

  • Ebony Textures
  • 4 Speaker System
  • 18 Different Tones
  • Adjustable Touch Sensitivity
  • Ideal for Quiet Practice

1) Casio Privia PX-160
Black Digital Piano

  • Hammer Action
  • Duet Mode
  • Built-In Recorder
  • 88-Key 
  • Ideal for All Skill Levels Pianists

3) Yamaha YDP103 Arius Series Digital Piano

  • Matte Black Finish
  • Sound Like Acoustic Piano
  • Advanced Stereo Sampling
  • Dual Mode
  • Controller App for iOS Device

Types of pianos you can buy today

Like we stated earlier, there are lots of pianos keyboard featuring different styles, designs, options and ease of use. Each piano is created to achieve a purpose regarding playability and sound resonance—deeply satisfying the needs of the player depending on the laying level. Below are some unique types of pianos common in the marketplace today.

Electronic Keyboards

This type of piano features a lot of sound options and functionality than most other types of pianos. They can produce and reproduce a broad range of electronic tones with breathtaking speed and accuracy.

In terms of use and performance, electronic pianos are the most suitable options for stage performance or production in the studio. Notwithstanding, they don’t always incorporate or mimic that unique sound for which pianos are known.

Some of them may not even have weighted key design and some have a little less than the normal 88 key full-size piano feature. Although electric pianos have lots of mouth-watering sounds to play with, they may not always be as realistic as their digital piano counterparts regarding piano sampling.

Portable and Stage Pianos

These types of pianos are primarily designed to suit the needs of the stage performance or live band playing. They may possess similar features as console pianos, including real piano sound and weighted keys, but in reality, they are more like keyboards compared to acoustic pianos.

In most cases, portable and stage pianos do not incorporate sustain pedals or built-in bases, meaning that the player will have to buy them separately, including a folding stand. Some of them do feature built-in speakers but such are intended only to be used with PA systems or amplifiers.

Digital Console Pianos

Digital console pianos are the types made to sit upright against the wall and in some cases; some are built to appear as an attractive piece of furniture. One thing is that this types of pianos are designed to be much mobile than acoustic pianos, they are, however, intended to remain permanent at your home.

Normally, digital console pianos have the necessary features that will effectively replace and even outperform the functions and forms of a traditional upright piano. Their unique functions include sustain pedals, built-in speakers, and base, while their weighted key action and realistic sound aptly defines and mimic a real piano.

Now you have an idea of what pianos look like and the types that are there in the market. However, we have more additional info for you at the conclusion page of this review. So be sure to read this piece to end and you would be glad you did.

Differences between a digital piano and an acoustic piano

There are many different types of pianos that you can decide to buy but it also depends on what your needs are and which one is best aligned to your needs. Portability is one of the factors that make people choose a digital piano over an acoustic one. This is because moving an acoustic piano around can be tedious, especially for those living in storey buildings.

It could turn out to be expensive due to the high likelihood of the acoustic piano being damaged in transit. Because acoustic pianos can be quite bulky, it is hard for you to adjust where you want to set them up so they tend to occupy a fixed position in the house.

Digital pianos also have an advantage over an acoustic piano when it comes to disturbing others during practice times. Acoustic pianos do not have headphones like digital pianos which means you may not have the flexibility to practice at any time of the day without worrying about being an inconvenience or nuisance to the rest of the family.

Digital pianos also do not require tuning and never go out of tune. There is also minimal maintenance required for digital pianos, unlike acoustic pianos. Acoustic pianos can be expensive to maintain. Tuning and maintaining an acoustic piano has to be done at least twice a year to ensure that it stays on key and this could cost up to $200 each year to do professionally.

Types of Digital Pianos

Now that we have established that you are going to buy a digital piano, there are many types of digital pianos you could buy. There are a lot of styles, brands, and costs to consider when deciding to buy a digital piano. We will be looking through several the different types of digital pianos that are available for you;

Upright digital pianos; These are made in such a way that they can be used in a vertical position. They typically look like the traditional acoustic pianos and they also are beautiful and can be flexible in terms of positioning and use.

Stage digital pianos; These are made for use in performances. Stage digital pianos can be used at home but they are also useful for live bands and other similar functions. While most stage digital pianos are unlikely to have any feature that makes it look like a regular acoustic piano.

One way that these are distinguishable from other types of stage pianos is that they do not have powerful speakers inside or any type of amplifying feature. Because they are usually paired with public address systems or powerful piano amplifiers, this is not usually a problem.

Grand digital pianos; These are done in the light of the traditional grand pianos. They are big, elegant and do not require tuning like normal grand pianos and are mobile enough to be transported easily to where they are used. Simply put, it is everything that a grand piano is without the maintenance, more flexibility, and resistance to weather issues.

The fact that it is digital also gives the user opportunities to tweak the sound output as needed. You can get a softer sound when needed or even virtual surround sound on many models of grand digital pianos.

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40 Best Digital Piano Reviews, Top Electronic Keyboards and the Best Digital Piano Brands

1) Casio CTK-2550 PPK 61-Key Premium Keyboard

Very versatile and light, it is easy to enjoy this keyboard from Casio anywhere. The product was made to be portable, so it is equipped with an internal battery that allows the player to use it even without a power source nearby. Of course, it comes with an AC adapter that will help with recharging the battery and using the instrument when the battery is low.

The keyboard of this piano will provide 61 keys, 400 tones, and 150 different rhythms. It is very easy to be creative with such an instrument, which allows the player to create numerous songs from scratch. The piano comes with a set of headphones, just in case the player wishes to hear the music all by himself and not disturb the rest.

The player’s performance can also be redeemed on the piano’s embedded speakers. This digital piano is a great choice for those that love classical music and for those passionate about electronic music as well. With the help of the Dance Music Mode, the player can create modern songs. It can also be connected with an Android or iOS device to use apps like Chordana Play, which shows the player how to play a particular song.

2) Alesis Recital 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano

Anyone looking for a digital piano that sounds and can be used as a real piano should take a closer look at this product. It features 88 keys, which are semi-weighed, making the instrument ideal for beginners and students. It is worth mentioning that the touch response of the keys can be adjusted, giving the player to personalize his or her keyboard according to personal preferences.

The instrument provides 5 different voices, giving the player the possibility to be creative and enjoy a high degree of flexibility. The sound is redeemed with the help of two powerful speakers, each with a power of 20 watts. Thus, the sounds made by the piano will be loud and clear. The instrument is also equipped with an output for headphones. This way, the player can opt for discretion with ease.

The piano also features a USB output, an input capable of sustaining a piano pedal and RCA outputs. So, professional results can be easily achieved with this product. Although it has a power adapter included, the piano can also work on batteries. D-cell batteries should be used for powering the piano, 6 of them to be more precise.

3) Yamaha P71 Weighted Action Digital Piano

The Yamaha P71 is one of the most exclusive and reliable models sold across popular platforms like Amazon. The model is a furtherance of the Yamaha P-series and it includes a superb adaptor and powerful sustain pedal. The P71 features a fully and brightly designed weighted piano style constructed keys which aptly stimulate the unique feel of an acoustic piano as well as providing outstanding high quality playing experience.

The Yamaha P71 comes with 10 different inbuilt voices which include digitally and top notch sampled tones from the real and best quality Yamaha acoustic grand pianos. The player has the ability to combine piano and strings by using the dual mode function to create new and inspiring playing experience. And with regard to design, the P71 has an attractive look featuring a stylish and slim design with a solid depth ranging 12 inches, which makes the instrument fit for any space, and weighing just 25 pounds; the P71 is one of the best pianos Yamaha has put together.

Overall, the P71 is just the perfect instrument for a player to exercise his or her mind, eyes and hands again after quitting the scene for a long period. It works great, versatile and highly reliable.

4) Casio Privia PX-160 Black Digital Piano

Who said digital pianos could not look like real pianos? Casio was inspired enough to come up with a solution to merge both of these two types of pianos. Thus, the player enjoys the advantages of having a digital piano, while getting the looks and the feel of playing a real piano. What does this mean? It means that the piano will come accompanied by a stand that is more a furniture piece than the regular tripod one gets for this kind of instrument.

There’s more to it, as the instrument comes accompanied by a system composed out of three pedals. So, it will be very easy to feel like playing a genuine piano this way. With this product, the creational process won’t be disturbed by anything because all the necessary tools and accessories are in place. This includes a proper bench for the player, which will make the performance or rehearsal hours easy and convenient.

For beginners, this piano can be an ideal choice because it comes with an instructional book and DVD. So, getting the hang of playing the piano won’t be such a daunting task. It is worth mentioning that the speaker system was improved for this model. There is also the possibility of using the piano with headphones.

5) Casio Privia PX-870 Black Digital Piano Bundle

This bundle from Casio could easily cover the needs of a student or beginner. It has all the features and accessories needed to make lessons comfortable and convenient. And the best part is that it looks very much like a traditional piano. So, it addresses those that want to learn how to play classical music as well.

This digital piano, which can be transported with ease, comes with adequate furniture for playing and rehearsal sessions. Thus, both the stand and bench will be real furniture pieces that will make the player feel like using a genuine piano. This experience will be enhanced by the existence of a three-pedal system, so much needed when looking to master the art of playing the piano.

But what if someone wishes to learn how to play the piano, but has little time for classes? In this case, it is worth knowing that Casio offers this bundle together with a book and DVD containing a set of instructions. So, even those unfamiliar with digital pianos will have the possibility to get around the instrument in the shortest time possible. At the same time, the player will gain access to several online piano lessons. Acquiring basic skills, in this case, won’t be too troublesome.

6) Yamaha YDP103 Arius Series Digital Piano

Another beautiful digital piano from Yamaha, this brand never ceases to amaze music enthusiasts from all over the world. It is very easy to think that it is actually a traditional piano, judging by the way it looks. But the company is selling a digital piano, which means the player will be able to tap into the benefits of owning such an instrument, such as connecting the piano to a mobile device.

The instrument will arrive with a stand that makes it look like a genuine piano. A padded stool will also be shipped, to increase the comfort of the player during performances. However, there’s more to this instrument that makes it similar to a real piano. The keys are made to react like a classical piano, feeling light toward the high end and heavier in the opposite direction. Thus, it is possible to enjoy the features of a piano with the modern advantages of owning a digital instrument.

An interesting feature of the instrument is the matte keytops, which are made to absorb moisture from the player’s fingers to remain dry and non-slippery even during extended performances. Because it is a modern piece of equipment, it is possible to combine two different voices at a time, to obtain the desired results.

7) RockJam RJ561 61-Key Electronic Keyboard Piano

A full-sized piano is not always a feasible solution. Such an instrument occupies a lot of space and can up being quite expensive. But, instead, a piano enthusiast can always enjoy a digital piano. This instrument is made with the help of technology and will sound and react just like a genuine piano.

The advantage is the much smaller price tag and dimensions. This product from RockJam features a full-size piano keyboard, so the player won’t miss anything while playing. Besides the 61 keys, this digital piano also offers 100 different rhythms and 50 demo songs, so making music with its help is easy. It comes accompanied by a set of quality headphones so that the others living in the house or the neighbors will not be disturbed by the creative act of the player.

The player will also enjoy a stool so that extensive hours at the piano will not be uncomfortable. Padded and resilient, this is certainly the kind of accessory any piano player should have. To make things even easier, the piano comes with an adjustable stand as well. The stand can be easily adjusted to the most comfortable height for the player. Also, with the help of screws, the piano can be secured in place, keeping it from slipping off the stand.

8) Alesis Melody 61 MKII 61 Key Portable Keyboard

It will be so easy to enjoy a piano without compromising space and budget. With the help of this digital product from Alesis, any music enthusiast can make his or her dream come true. The best part about owning a digital piano is that it can be used for creating and enjoying modern electronic music, not just classical piano music.

Featuring 88 semi-weighted keys, this is a versatile instrument that will allow its owner to be creative. The player also has the possibility to adjust the response of the keys according to his or her preferences. In other words, the pressure required to make the keys responsive can be made to suit the requirements of the player.

The performance of the piano can also be adjusted by selecting any of the available five different voices. Whether it’s about making the instrument sound like a genuine piano, organ, synth, bass, or electric piano, all these options are possible and available at the discretion of the player.

The instrument is also equipped with powerful 20 watts speakers that will redeem the performance at the highest quality. Of course, it is possible to use the piano with a pair of headphones, if making noise is not an option. There’s a pedal input available as well, plus the instrument can be used with batteries if desired.

9) Akai Professional LPK25 / 25-Key Ultra-Portable USB MIDI Keyboard Controller for Laptops

This is a solid and sought-after plug-and-play keyboard controller measuring 13 inches in sizes. Akai’s 25-key MIDI Keyboard is primarily designed to fit into the use of any studio. You easily store and stow away this keyboard in a backpack, piano keyboard case, or message bag, thereby providing improved keyboard functionality by virtue of the action velocity-sensitive keys, which is excellent for playing bass-line, lead parts, pads, and chord.

This keyboard is a small and affordable option that is suitable for music note input finale. The Akai LPK25 features resemble an actual piano, and during playing, you can rightly feel the depression of the leys, unlike some other controllers which feel and look more like buttons instead of keys.Using this keyboard controller is like a breeze—just connects with the provided cord, plug it into your computer’s USB port area and you’re good to go.

Using the LPK25 Keyboard Controller doesn’t require any batteries. It comes with buttons control for increasing or decreasing an octave, which is suitable for getting notes right where they are wanted. If you want the controller to speedily input notes, first plug it into your computer before attempting to open your Finale files. But be aware that this keyboard doesn’t have its own bank of audio effects.

10) Yamaha YPT260 61-Key Portable Keyboard

Yamaha never disappointed music enthusiasts, giving them instruments that raised to their expectancies. Suitable for professionals and students alike, the Yamaha digital pianos are always reliable and pleasant to use. Found in the affordable range, this can be a great instrument for anyone looking to learn how to play by using a keyboard.

Featuring 61 keys, this digital piano is more than capable of throwing a great performance. It comes equipped with a power adapter, but the rest of the accessories, like stand or stool, will have to be purchased separately. But besides this, it is a great instrument to have around. This is due to the fact that it can offer 400 different voices that can be used creatively.

Also, the player has the chance to enjoy no less than 130 auto-accompaniment songs, which will make studying and creative sessions much more enjoyable. The piano has a generous memory as well, providing 120 songs that can be played at the touch of a button.

As mentioned earlier, this is a great instrument for beginners, as it offers a lesson function split into 9 steps. Thus, anyone will be able to learn how to play the piano in no time. The piano can also be connected to a smartphone, tablet, or PC, allowing the player to play music and play along with it on the instrument.

11) Casio Privia PX160BK 88-Key Full-Size Digital Piano

Casio continues on its line of Privia series but with much-improved features and quality enhancement in the overall design. This version features a new speaker system design which enables the player to enjoy the best in hearing pleasure, especially when playing alone at home. The piano features productive digital functions that make the excellent 18 piano tones and resonance sound much better to the listening ear.

The Casio Privia PX160BK also features the Casio’s popular Tri-sensor scaled hammer action-2 keyboard design, which has ivory textured and simulated ebony keys that enhance outstanding feel. The sensor of this piano is highly effective in capturing dynamic performance with matchless accuracy and speed. The grand sound system features a redesigned chassis that incorporate both elegance and the ability to accommodate a brand new speaker.

Overall, the Casio PX160BK may not be completely perfect, but it’s a solid design and better option for intermediate and piano hobbyists. The piano excels in key weighting, sound quality, and portability. This piano has the capacity to replicate the experience of a typical acoustic piano, one that is easy to move from one place to another.

12) Yamaha YPG-235 Portable Grand Piano

When we talk about musical instruments, Yamaha is one major brand that always comes to mind. The company is famous for producing high-end, durable and reliable products, and the YPG-235 Portable Grand piano is just another testimonial to the company’s proficiency in manufacturing.

Featuring an intuitive and user-friendly panel, the Yamaha Grand Piano offers a wealth of piano-centric features which include Graded Soft Touch, stylish keys with remarkable levels of resistance. The piano also features a high-resolution stereo piano sample.

For the professional musicians or the music-loving student who is in need of more keys. This piano is highly recommended for use by many school teachers for new students to acquire a keyboard that will essentially match and grow with their music practice needs.

The Yamaha YPG-235 is a fantastic instrument with an amazing demo. It comes with an AC adaptor which is a genuine quality design from Yamaha. The headphones are very good and the stand is good quality, easy to assemble and doesn’t in any way wobble on the floor like some models from other brands. There is also a user manual for easy use and setup. At the end, you will discover to your utter amazement that the price is just too cheap for the quality you will be getting out of this keyboard.

13) Yamaha PSRE353 61-Key Portable keyboard

Reliable brand name, Yamaha, brings to the forefront another solid keyboard design featuring touch-sensitive keys while adding great dynamism to the individual playing experience. This keyboard version allows the player to play in a light manner while offering soft sound. When you hit the key of this keyboard hard, the sound that will resonate from it will also be loud.

The Yamaha PSRE353 keyboard is a unique design that incorporates dual mode which is used for splitting the keyboard into two efficient halves, with each having the ability sustain and maintain their own Middle C while practicing with a partner. In addition, the PSRE353 also features an Aux Input which allows the player to connect the keyboard to any form of musical device that has a headphone output, like a mixer, an MP3, phone, personal laptop or even another good keyboard, and listen to the sound and music emanating from it through the in-built speakers.

In order to control the output range and tenacity of songs, the Yamaha PSRE252 features melody suppressor that effectively isolates and reduce the impact of melodious audio songs connected to the Aux input line. This action reduces the volume and allows the player to play the lead or just sing along in full harmony.

14) Casio CTK2400 61-Key Portable Keyboard with USB

Casio CTK2400 distinguished itself from the brand’s host of piano series by featuring a new and intuitive design and functionality that includes sampling function featuring a solid in-built microphone, including power supply. The CTK2400 boast a staggering AHL Keyboard voices totaling 400in numbers. The unique thing that set the Casio CTK2400 Keyboard from a host of others is the incredibly affordable price range at which one can afford it.

The Casio CTK2400 is designed as a 61-key portable keyboard with lots of thrilling onboard sounds and outstanding playability features. It doesn’t matter if you haven’t touched or played a keyboard before; the Casio CTK2400 simplifies the experience and touch for you. To enhance success in practicability, the piano features a 3-step training/learning system, in addition to the outlandish 400 motivational sounds to play with.

In furtherance of its high-quality features, the player has the ability to sample in his or her own tone and enjoy unlimited play and thrill. If your aim is to rock out with some unique tunes, the CTK2400 is for you. It comes with lots of inbuilt songs ranging 110 in numbers, and as if that is not enough, you can even hook in your favorite music player and play along to the tone and sound of music you prefer.

15) Yamaha PSR-EW300 SA 76-Key Portable Keyboard Bundle

Anyone looking for a digital piano that is above average may just enjoy this option. Slightly more costly than most products in this category, this Yamaha piano may worth the investment. It is of the highest quality and ready to deliver around the clock. The piano comes together with an adequate stand and power adapter. Thus, playing it is easy and convenient.

The truth is that this piano can easily stimulate the creativity of the player. It provides no less than 574 voices on its 76 keys. So, making the piano sound as desired and exploring new ways of creating music is quite easy with this device. Also, it offers 165 style and 154 songs that are already present on the piano.

For a beginner, so many options can be intimidating. Luckily, this device was made concerning beginners. Thus, anyone looking to learn the secret of playing the piano will be able to enjoy an Education Suite, made specially by Yamaha. This will make the entire learning process easier and more convenient for those that want to do it but are afraid of not having sufficient time for classes. With the help of Yamaha’s suite, getting the basic skills will be extremely easy.

16) Casio WK-245 76-Key Touch Sensitive Keyboard

This digital piano offered by Casio has what it takes to suit the needs of a beginner or student. Equipped with 76 keys, it will make the learning process easy and enjoyable. It is compact and light so that it can be used almost anywhere and at any time.

Featuring an LCD display, the player can see the details of his or her performances at all times, which includes the notations of the played music. Playing this piano should be extremely easy, as the keys are sensitive to touch. Also, the keyboard can be split if the players wish to combine various tones.

The performance can get rather complex with the available AUX input. This will allow this digital piano to be connected with other devices, like an MP3 player, and boost the entire performance. At the same time, a USB port will give the player the chance to connect a mobile device to the piano and enjoy even more features.

This impressive instrument offers 600 tones and a library containing 152 different songs, all of them being built-in so the player can access them around the clock. There are also 180 rhythms the player can preset and 48 polyphonic notes that will enhance the performance.

17) Yamaha P125 88-Key Weighted Action Black Digital Piano

Even though the price tag of the product can be quite consistent, it may be worth spending the money if something of high-quality is offered in return. The same can be considered in the case of this product. Manufactured by Yamaha, this may be a digital piano, but it is more than capable of sounding like a genuine piano. So, all those that are in love with the bright crystal sounds of real pianos can opt for this instrument and enjoy such music any time they want.

Featuring 88 keys, the keyboard of this device is made to react the same way a real piano keyboard does. Thus, it will feel heavier to the touch at the low end, providing richer sounds, and it will be lighter at the high end. In this case, it is possible to enjoy playing the piano without spending a small fortune on it and worrying about space shortages.

The speaker system of the piano is made in such a way to surround the player from both directions, providing not just quality sounds but also an incredible stereo experience. Playing this piano can also be extremely convenient, as it can be connected to a mobile device and set up through the device.

18) Yamaha Arius Digital Piano Bundle (YDP-144)

Are you searching for a reliable, all-in-one digital piano? Well, Yamaha got you covered with this Yamaha Arius digital piano bundle, which includes a furniture bench, headphones, online lessons, a cleaning cloth, and an Austin Bazaar instructional DVD. And don’t mistake this as another basic digital piano to have at home.

In fact, this product sold by Yamaha comes with impressive features, which allows it to offer you an authentic piano experience. It comes with 88 keys, with synthetic ivory and ebony keys, and a GH3 keyboard. All these allow you to get an accurate feeling that we can say it is extremely similar to the experience of playing a real piano.

YDP-144 digital piano was created from durable materials, and it is suitable for learners, too. It can withstand several hours of continuous practice, and you can see there is little to no discomfort when played for quite some time. Also, it features an intelligent acoustic control, which balances the bass or treble automatically with the sole purpose of enabling you to enjoy a full sound.

The best part about this digital piano is that it can be connected to your favorite app on iOS to improve and gain new piano skills. Overall, this digital piano bundle is everything you need to practice at home for your next live performance!

19) Yamaha DGX-660 88-Keys Weighted Action Digital Grand Piano Premium

As always, Yamaha is a popular and reliable brand in the world of musical instruments, and when they decided to roll out this Piano, all eyes were wide open to receive yet another top quality design with intuitive features, great sound, and dependency—and surely, it didn’t disappoint! The Yamaha DGX-660 is a unique design that features Pure CF sound engine which dutifully reproduces and fine-tuned the meticulous tone of highly acclaimed and sampled Yamaha concert piano.

The Yamaha DGX-660 is a amazing and beautiful piano with breathtaking construction. There is no limit of options and features to maintain an interesting play. Designed as an 88-keys weighted action piano, the Yamaha DGX-660 Piano provides a superior sound with a mixture of fun to keep the player interested without breaking the bank.

The box that carries the Yamaha DGX-660 is a heavy type and the package include a foot pedal and a matching stand that enhances the perfect setting of the instrument. It comes with nice weighted keys that appear heavier in the lows while being lighter in the highs—a feature the company refers to as ‘Graded Hammer Standard. Featuring 6 soundtracks, 192 polyphonic voices, this piano is extremely loud due to the two 6watts speakers it uses.

20) Hamzer 61 Electronic Music Electric Keyboard Piano Black

Are in the market in search of something that is much more intuitive, appealing and top notch? The Hamzer Electric keyboard Piano has got all that you need. We reviewed this product and found out that this piano sound amazing. It has great tones and with so many other options. For those who are attempting to come out f retirement, this is the right piano for them.

The Hamzer Electric Piano is a perfect choice for a beginner or intermediate. Hamzel is a piano that has good multi-function, and it makes use of an accompanying adaptor or 6/D batteries. Like with most other models, the Hamzer Electric Keyboard features a dual learning mode, and 11 notes tagged for teaching. Using this wonderful keyboard will allow the player to record and playback his or her music as he or she deems fit in the course of practicing and improving.

The Hamzer Electric Piano design includes 61 keyboard percussion, 8 percussion, 100 rhythms, 100 timbres, and 12 demonstration songs. Other unique features include tempo control, fill-in, intro, ending, synth, rhythm, and utilization of vibrato, sustain and transpose effects. The piano also comes with solid 2 built-in speakers which enable the player to enjoy flawless sound and resonance. It comes with an adaptor, a music stand, and owner’s manual.

21) Yamaha P115 88-Key Black Digital Piano

The Yamaha P115 88-Key Piano is a design that closely mirrored the DGX-660 in the sense that both incorporate lots of features that work the same way. However, the P115 which features a Pure CF Sound Engine which clearly defines years of commitment to developing a state-of-the-art sampling technology that is evident in the sound of this awesome piano.

In terms of style and appearance, the P115 features a beautiful and intuitive construction. It comes with an improved tweeter position that works in line with the performer’s ears. Treble passages and melody lines are more expressive and brighter in this version, even as the new configuration ensures that the instrument comes alive and sparkles in sound across the entire toner range.

Featuring an onboard drum rhythm for practicing and performing, the P115 has a variety of rhythm patterns that the player can choose—from shuffle to basic rock and swing beats. This rhythm can add more fun and style to your play while practicing.

The Yamaha P115 88 Key Digital Piano also comes with a specialized app-digital piano controller—which enable the player to effectively control the numerous functions available in the piano using your iPad or iPhone. The piano comes with 3 years manufacturer’s warranty, even as this piano also allows you to play a dual or dueling sound, all by yourself.

22) Casio LK175 61-Lightted Key USB Personal Keyboard

We found that the Casio LK175 is one of the best keyboard ever made by the company. We reviewed and we have seen why so many customers are pleased having this piano. The piano offers the perfect opportunity for those looking to translate to a full-size keyboard while learning in a more easy and practical manner. Apart from being cheap, this keyboard has full-size keys, with a very solid and well-balanced stand that provide a practical and permanent practicing area for the beginner.

The Casio0 LK175 features a light-up key design that makes it easy for the student to locate and access the keys in a friendlier manner. It also has large song library that allows the player to practice along using different songs and sound options. The light-up keys also enable the beginner to learn without having to read much about music yet. Apart from having so many demo songs, the LK175 comes with sheet music, which actually gives you a reason to start playing again.

Although the LK175 isn’t much of a piano since the player cannot play pianoforte or forte, it still packs a lot of power and the ability to change the player’s life. It is easy to use, does a great job and is an excellent choice for holidays.

23) Casio PX-770 BK Privia Digital Black Home Piano

When playing the piano is more a passion than a profession, many don’t want to invest large amounts of money in buying professional equipment. However, having a piano around to have the joy of playing music whenever it is possible is certainly something music enthusiasts will enjoy.

Regardless of the case, this digital home piano from Casio can represent a very good choice. It is sleek and compact and is more than capable of producing pristine piano-like sounds. This is because the instrument is powered by an AiR engine. This special engine makes the digital piano sound like a traditional piano if the players wish it.

Of course, the instrument is quite versatile and ready to deliver a wide range of performances. So, it is up to the player’s creativity and mood. The player will be amazed by the speed of reaction and accuracy of the instrument’s keyboard. Playing energetic songs won’t be an issue with this digital piano, as it will react amazingly well.

The piano can be used by two persons at the same time, due to the possibility to split the keyboard into two distinct sessions. Thus, both the student and teacher can use the same instrument. The USB port allows the piano to be connected with the player’s favorite devices.

24) Yamaha NP32 76-Key Lightweight Portable Keyboard

Here is a design that provides excellent and gentle weighting while retaining the soft and comfortable touch common with the digital keyboard. This type of keyboard is much more reliable and trusted because of its stereo sampling capability which uses Advanced Wave Memory responsible for recreating and re-establishing natural instruments sound stereo.

The grand feature of this piano sounds excellent while the playback and recording features work flawlessly and neat. The user manual that comes with this keyboard contains easy-to-understand directions and the keyboard itself is extremely useful. However, the NP32 didn’t come with a sustain pedal and AC adaptor, meaning you will have to buy them separately.

In terms of sound features, the NP32 comes with decent sounding keys with better feel, compared to some models in its category. The keyboard has reliable volume control. The look is classy and visually satisfying. Another thing to note about this version is that the layout of the 76 key is large and adequate for most players, and it doesn’t take up to much space.

25) Casio PX860 BK Privia Digital Home Piano

Casio returns with yet another wonderful piano—the PX860 BK Privia Digital Home Piano—a design that features a tri-sensor scaled hammers action solid keyboard with unique characteristics. The Casio PX860 is a continuation of the Casio Privia Digital Home Piano series features multi-dimensional morphing air as their original source of the sound.

This version from Casio’s BK Privia Series features additional level of realism alongside the Air sound set providing sympathetic resonance from originating from the grand piano lid. The sound quality on this particular is way better than a lot of other models in its category. The speakers are simply incredible. When playing this piano, a listener will feel he or she is in a concert hall.

Apart from its outstanding design, the key action offers real feel, making the player to feel he or she is playing a real piano. The piano itself take less of usable space, being just 12 inches deep. The black color design can compliment your furniture, depending on the color and style. The only shortcoming in owning this piano is that once you have become used to playing on this, it makes playing on other great pianos seem dull.

26) Yamaha P125 88-Key GHS Black Digital Piano

This can easily be the most convenient bundle for a student or piano enthusiast. It contains everything a player needs to get started right away, without any further investments. So, it can be offered as a gift as well, to someone that wishes to play the piano or learn how to do it.

The bundle will provide a digital piano with 88 keys and 125 different features that will give the player the possibility to personalize his or her playing experience. The kit will also contain an adjustable stand and a padded bench. Both of them will increase the comfort and convenience of playing the piano, even for extended periods. A pedal and set of headphones will also arrive with the instrument. It is important to have the possibility to play the instrument whenever you want, even if that means not to disturb the others.

Also, the pedal will give the player the feeling of playing a traditional piano, when this is desired. A piano book with CD will be available as well, giving the player all the information needed to enjoy the most of this instrument. And, for safekeeping, a dust cover will be found in the same package. This way, maintenance will become an easy task.

27) Korg SP170SBK2 88-Key Digital Pianos

Korg is a well-known brand when it comes to digital pianos. While there might be other, more affordable options, they may not perform as a quality Korg digital piano. This product from Korg won’t be an exception to this rule. Made to produce sounds specific to pianos, it is very easy to enjoy a real concert with the help of this modern instrument.

Simplicity seems to be the concept that rules the design of this piano. It was made to be used with ease and with a high degree of comfort. So, even the buttons controlling the volume and the sounds made by the piano are easy to use. The player won’t lose too much time setting up the desired features to the instrument before a performance. If the sound of an acoustic piano is the desired outcome, then it will be easy to enjoy it with this piano.

The natural hammer action of the product will produce pristine acoustic piano sounds with minimum effort. Also, the player has the possibility to adjust the sensitivity of the keyboard. There are three different levels of sensitivity that will easily match the playing style of every player.

28) Yamaha Piaggero NP11 61-Key Lightweight Compact Portable Keyboard

The Yamaha Piaggero is a light, compact and slim model designed for beginners and approaching-intermediate to use in practical lessons and much more. Making use of Yamaha’s Advanced Wave Memory regarding stereo sampling, the Piaggero NP11 features resounding voices that efficiently expresses the real sound pianos are known for. This version from Yamaha offers a wide range of simple, user-friendly and intuitive functionality that displays the craftsmanship emphasizing the strip of red design felt at the back of the keyboard.

If you are in search for a keyboard in this category, the Yamaha Piaggero NP11 has a lot of surprise for you. As an inexpensive, small digital piano that has good or decent construction, including 61 keys, terrific sound and a solid interface that doesn’t complicate; this is a true gem to have! Perhaps, the most surprising thing about this keyboard is that it comes with adjustable intonation and look more classy than most of its inexpensive compatriots.

Overall, the keys of this Piaggero NP11 keyboard are soft-touch sensitive, meaning they respond to different levels of pressure to produce various sound dynamics. If you are planning to pursue a career in piano, weighted keys models are a must. But if you are the casual type of player who cannot really afford a weighted keyboard, the Yamaha Piaggero NP11 is your best bet.

29) Best Choice Products 88-Key Full Size Digital Piano Set

If space is limited, a slim and compact digital piano can easily meet one’s desire to play such an instrument. The best part about getting a digital piano is the fact that the budget is not compromised either. Real pianos can be quite expensive, considering they are made out of wood and get rather large.

Not to mention that one doesn’t have the same amount of benefits when using a traditional piano, like trying to make electronic or modern music. So, this digital piano can be used as a regular piano or as a modern instrument, according to the preferences of the player. It can easily accommodate a pedal system that will improve the experience of playing the piano.

It features 88 keys, all of them being semi-weighed. This means that the piano is easy to use even by students. The instrument comes with a stand as well, which is foldable for convenient storage. The device offers the ability to enjoy 6 different sounds for more creative performance. All of them become available at the touch of a button.

30) Yamaha PSRE353 61-Key portable Keyboard

By now we must have known that Yamaha is king in the world of musical instrument designs and production, and the release of this PSR353 confirms their status as one of the best in the industry. It is no secret that a piano designs that carry a full size of 61-keys are great and better for developing and mastering keyboard playing technique, and that’s exactly what this piano is all about.

This piano features a duo or dual mode that effectively split the keyboard into two outstanding halves, with each of them maintain their own Middle C for practice activities with a partner.The Yamaha PSRE353 features an Aux Line Input which enables the user to connect any compatible musical device that has a headphone output, such as a computer, MP3, a mixer, phone or even another solid keyboard, hear the sound and music through the internal speakers.

In order to measure and grade the performance of beginners, the PSRE353 comes with 32 notes polyphony which enables the beginner to advance to another level, without being cut off by virtue of the ring-through sustained notes. This wonderful piano uses batteries as well as power adaptor, which is sold separately.

31) Yamaha P Series P35B 88-Key Digital Piano

If you are looking for the first digital piano that makes up Yamaha’s legendary piano P-series collections, you just found it. The Yamaha P Series P35B 88-Key Digital Piano offers powerful features and superior sound that defines a truly portable instrument. This piano features keys that have a heavier touch at the lower note area while the higher ones are more responsive and highly sensitive to lighter playing.

While playing the keyboard, the player can effectively adjust the sensitivity to match and blend with whatever style and pattern so were chosen. Regarding sound, the piano features an advance wave memory with top class technology meant for recording an acoustic instrument sound. The Advance Wave Memory stereo sampling has the ability to create richer and deeper sound using pairs of waveforms.

Similar in appearance to other P Series versions, the Yamaha P115 features a contemporary, slim and compact design, which encourages portability and ease of storage in areas of wide applications. The piano is highly recommended by teachers for the new and old student to use in practicing and also in stage or theatre performance.

32) Yamaha P45 88-Keys Digital Piano

It seems the Yamaha P-series is one endless chain of high quality and user-friendly options for the intermediate and professional player to enjoy. As with every Yamaha high valued digital piano keyboard, the P45 88-Keys features GHS weighted action feel and quality sound output similar to that of an acoustic piano. The piano comes with 10 internal voices, a reliable 64-note max polyphony, as well as the famous Yamaha Advanced Wave Memory, the best stereo sampling tone generation in the piano business.

The Yamaha P45 also features a dual-mode functionality which enables the player to play the different sound, effectively simulating play with a partner. The keys of this piano version incorporate 4 levels of touch response, excellently complimenting the 4 types of reverbs that accompany this model.

The P45 also comes with a reliable, intuitive USB port connection which allows you to connect your external musical device sources and play along with your own favorite sound and music. The USB connection also helps in interacting with a range of music entertainment, music creation or educational applications using a mobile or computer device.

Overall, the size and weight of the P4 5 will stand perfectly in your playing room while giving you reasons to look forward to many hours of musical pleasures. The complete package includes the Yamaha L85 stand and knox bench, how-to-play music book and learning CD.

33) Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano

Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano

The Williams Legato 88-Key Digital Piano is designed to be an affordable alternative, with a host of superior features like being a semi-weighted 88-keys piano, electric piano, 6 great sounds, organ, bass, and synth, with built-in speakers. In order to effectively combine the built-in-metronome and sounds, the Williams legato features a split/layer function that has incredible output.

The Williams legato piano is an excellent choice for practicing and performing. The piano comes with 5 inbuilt sounds with the ability to select one at a time. The voices can also be layered in a manner that they will provide two unique voices at the same time, or assigned to the right or left-hand side of the split mood. The piano also features a volume control function that can be independently adjusted, as well as changing the split voice to any desired level.

This Williams Legato keyboard incorporates battery operation and can work with regular power supply. It also includes a button-controlled chorus and reverb effects applicable to each voice and such is retainable even when the power is completely turned off. The semi-weighted velocity sensitive keys allow the player to play soft, loud, and anywhere you think.

34) Casio PX760 BK Privia Digital Home Piano

If you are returning to piano playing after years of inaction, the Casio PX760 Privia Digital Home Piano is a reliable and befitting option to start playing again. The piano is designed as an 88-ebony keys piano with an ivory feel. Parading an expressive timbre, the Casino PX760 BK Privia Digital Home Piano offers all piano enthusiasts a high level of selection of sound which is very similar to an acoustic instrument.

The Casio PX760 BK Privia Piano features a triple pedal unit that consists of a superb damper resonance which produces fine sound quality. The piano also features a new concert play functionality which enhances more perfection in the playing process.

The Casio PK760 is a premium piano, well put together and is easy to change registrations. This piano Privia enhances great feat when playing the Beethoven ‘Moonlight’ Sonata, and the player can really move on to the Baldwin Grand. The Casio PX760 sound quality is excellent, and at full volume, it is one unique loud piano.

35) Roland VR-09 V-Combo Organ

This keyboard from Roland is a professional version that offers instant access operations for wiling and performing musicians looking for pro-quality, electric and acoustic pianos, as well as grand pianos featuring 88 notes stereo with multi-sampling abilities. This organ features a wide and reliable range of synthtones—whether from vintage classic sound to modern essential sounds.

Regarding control mechanism, the Roland VR-09 V-Combo Organ features 7 simultaneous effects that include reliable real-time-controls. The piano comes with VR-09 Editor, a free app available for iPad users. The piano is a solid workhorse that comes with all the essential features a gigging player needs, right on top and close at hand.

By virtue of the reliable organ, piano and synth sections, it is very easy in locating the right sound just at the right time, without having to dig through menus. For those play primary piano or organ, especially rocks, funk and blues, the Roland VR-09 V-Combo Organ is the ideal keyboard to get. The section of the organ is to quality, especially with the drawbars which make it easy to dial the right sound. What about the rotary simulation? Excellent!

36) Costzon 61 Key Electronic Piano Keyboard Musical Digital Piano

This one is also reliable entry-level and intermediate piano keyboard parading some unique features as well. The Costzon is designed as a standard 61 keyboard piano key featuring high response touch. The package of this instrument comes in perfect condition (no part was damaged or was there any manufacturer defect) as we closely inspect and noted. The setup of this piano keyboard was like a breeze, and when you talk about sturdiness, talks about the Costzon.

If you aren’t out for awesome and extreme rhythms, then the Costzon is your sure option. The piano sound so great and reliable, and with it, you can play lots notes at a time. Of course, you will have to down-press the keys like a piano and to achieve some little expression, you can hit it louder and clear. No joking! However, the feel is not as weighted as a great piano would, but they do have exceptional striking range, which is something you can do, and not just gliding to it.

Be that as it may, this Costzon piano keyboard didn’t come with its own sustain pedal, meaning you will have to get something like an M-Audio SP-2 from Amazon or the likes, which is sure to stay in place, forming a really great and powerful addition.

37) FLYCHORD Digital Piano DP420K Featured with Three Triple Sensor Hammer Action

FLYCHORD Digital Piano DP420K Featured with Three Triple Sensor Hammer Action

All eyes on FLYCHORD as this famous and highly revere brand once again roll out another solid design with master class features of its own making.This is a super digital piano with exceptional 88 graded solid hammer weighted action keys which superbly reproduces the unique touch and feel of an acoustic piano—right from the lower end to the upper touch of the octaves. The FLYCHORD’s powerful lower and upper movement of the octaves replicates the best and exciting feel of the hammers embedded inside an acoustic piano.

The FLYCHORD also features a k8 key -synthetic ivory top, providing a tactile and balance surface to the white keys, effectively preventing slipping. We discovered that the FLYCHORD DP420K is able to provide a grand real acoustic piano style and accurate feel, using the 3 Triple Sensor Configurations for the perfect interpretation of the keyboard’s ultimate behavior and reliability.

Overall, the FLYCHORD DP420K can be described as an Advanced Entry level/Intermediate Digital Piano. For such ridiculously cheap price, you just can’t beat the features it carries. This piano incorporates features that are found only in high valued models. Just try out the sound from the accompanying speakers which can fill any room.

38) Nord Piano 3 88-Key Stage Piano with 1GB of Sample Memory

The Nord Piano 3 is an 88-key piano which features one gigabyte of sample memory. The piano features a keyboard construction that has high technological properties, with an improved grand weighted action. The Nord Piano 3 is a stage piano with samples pre-installed and is easy to customize and use.

The Nord Piano 3 can be used at home for practice and pleasure. It features intuitive controls, which happens to be quick as well. At the synth section, the Nord Piano 3 has 256 MB worth of memory primarily dedicated to the Nord Sample Library 2.0. At the effect section, the Nord Piano 3 features tweakable, reliable effects for an instantaneous addition of glimmer, dirt or atmosphere to the sound generated.

Overall, this keyboard is extremely fantastic. The keyboard has a nice virtual hammer action which enables the player to play more efficiently while gliding through the keys with ease. The player reserves the right to add or delete any sound of choice, as well as the ability to customize the keyboard to generate any desired sound. And to crown it up, the Nord Piano 3 has excellent resonance and tone to reckon with.

39) Roland RD800 Digital Piano

The Roland RD800 Digital Piano is a professional piano that showcases the famous tag of bearing the Super Natural piano engine together with other highly rated sound and features Roland’s brand is known for. When using this piano, the player has the ability to choose from the wide range of acoustic piano voices suitable for live playing, as well as concert grand tone which is gotten from the V-piano grand, upright tone, and lots of others.

In terms of sound and feel, the Roland RD800 features lots of unique improvements that set it apart from a host of others in its category. For instance, the keyboard features an Escapement and ivory feel, bearing the latest and most advanced touch-detection technology. The engine of the Roland RD800 delivers an excellent realistic sound while allowing the performer to customize the sound to his or her taste using the piano designer functions.

Furthermore, the Roland RD800 provides users with incomprehensible rich and colorful sounds arising from orchestra instruments to classic vintage EPs, including modern EDM synths and more. The built-in studio quality design will further develop the player’s sound sculpting capabilities through rich reverbs, modulation FX, delays, including amp simulations and tremolos.

40) Korg SP170s Black Digital Piano Value Bundle

The Korg SP170s Black digital Piano is a simple, 88 key piano which features portable and stylish design. This model emphasizes the most important elements that make up piano, boasting a satisfying sound and a comfortable keyboard. The play buttons of this piano are so convenient as such that it creates the ability to instantly recall the main piano sound.

The Korgi SP170s features intuitive sound buttons that allow the player to have unlimited access to every one of the 10 built-in-sounds that come with the keyboard. Additionally, 2 main skilfully sampled and extremely rich concert grand sounds efficiently capture every bit of genius touch from the player. This piano is suitable for the stage and it features a classic X-keyboard stand that has perfect balance.

Overall, the Korgi SP170s 88-Key Digital Piano is a top class instrument design for the use and comfort of both beginners and professionals. The SP-2 sustain pedal, including style action for keyboard, adds more tone and action for the player to enjoy. The piano is heavy and is not something that can be moved around much. The sleek look and design further compliment the fact that this piano keys can be played soft or loud.

Choosing the Best Digital Piano or Electronic Keyboard from the Best Digital Piano Brands

A digital piano is an alternative to the traditional upright piano. Many people purchase digital pianos because they are less cumbersome than a standard piano and because they are often more cost-efficient as well. This makes them a good option for people in small spaces, like apartments or dorm rooms.

As stated earlier on our introduction page, there are certain things to consider when shopping for the best keyboard piano, and the time is now for you to start thinking what exactly are you going to be using the piano for.

As we have seen, there are digital pianos designed to specifically mimic the look, feel and sound of an acoustic piano without parading too many additional features. While some digital pianos offer quality sound and feel, some incorporate extra sound and meticulous options, including portability in some cases.

Best Electronic Keyboard for Beginners

2) Alesis Recital 88 Key Beginner Digital Piano

  • Premium 5 Voices
  • 2 Built-In 20W Speakers
  • 88-Key
  • Compact & Lightweight

1) Casio CTK-2550 PPK 61-Key Premium Keyboard

  • Highly Rated
  • 400 Tones & 150 Rhythms
  • Free Chordana Play App
  • 61-Key 
  • Dance Music Mode

3) Yamaha P71 Weighted Action Digital Piano

  • Slim & Stylish Design
  • 10 Various Voices
  • Authentic Touch
  • Dual Mode
  • 88-Key

Best Professional Digital Pianos

2) Casio Privia PX-870 Black Digital Piano Bundle

  • Ebony Textures
  • 4 Speaker System
  • 18 Different Tones
  • Adjustable Touch Sensitivity
  • Ideal for Quiet Practice

1) Casio Privia PX-160
Black Digital Piano

  • Hammer Action
  • Duet Mode
  • Built-In Recorder
  • 88-Key 
  • Ideal for All Skill Levels Pianists

3) Yamaha YDP103 Arius Series Digital Piano

  • Matte Black Finish
  • Sound Like Acoustic Piano
  • Advanced Stereo Sampling
  • Dual Mode
  • Controller App for iOS Device

Facts About Digital Pianos

  • In order to recreate the sound of a traditional piano, digital pianos use either prerecorded sounds from an acoustic piano or a synthesized version of a piano sound. These sounds are played through a speaker inside the piano so that the user can control the volume.
  • Digital pianos use the same 88 key setup as a traditional piano. The keys on a digital piano are made to emulate an acoustic piano as closely as possible. This means that they have a similar weight to traditional piano keys and react similarly, depending on how hard they are pressed.
  • It is not necessary to tune a digital piano. It is possible, however, to electronically tune some digital pianos so that they sound like a different instrument. Popular options include the pipe organ or harpsichord.
  • Many digital pianos are designed to resemble a traditional piano as closely as possible. Some of them even incorporate pedals and hammers behind keys to resemble the look, feel, and sound of an upright or grand piano as closely as possible.
  • Digital pianos can be electronically linked to a speaker via a wired or Bluetooth connection, allowing users to play music for large events or even in headphones. This makes them a great option for people that need to keep noise low in their living space or alternatively, people who need a sound strong enough to fill a large venue.
  • Digital Pianos are often used to teach students of music on how to play the piano. Accordingly, many of them have learning features built-in, such as keys that light up to guide the player.
  • In addition to the benefits described above, some high-end digital pianos include extra special features such as a built-in sequencer, a transposition feature, and various other add-ons.

Popular Digital Piano Brands

As a newcomer trying to find your first digital piano, it may be difficult to pick which brand will be the best for you. Even experienced players sometimes get confused too by the multitude of brands that are competing in the industry, fuelled by friends, fans, and salesmen. When deciding on a brand to choose, there are several features that some have that others don’t. In the market, there are many piano brands but we have chosen 5 of the most popular and best brands to tell you today.


Yamaha is one of the most prominent digital piano makers in the industry today, Yamaha has been a long-time seller of digital pianos. They make pianos for all the different markets from beginners to their large pianos for large concert stages. Yamaha pianos are known for their good quality and reliability. They are strong, efficient and are highly recommended by most users. The company is also known for their innovation in developing new technologies.

They are typically very advanced and the first to bring new technologies to the market because they hire the best sound engineers, sometimes poaching the best workers from other digital piano makers. Yamaha has been credited with advancements in hammer action keys.

In addition to being advanced, Yamaha digital pianos are also quite affordable and cover a wide range of prices which makes them very accessible. They have excellent pre-owned prices as they retain their value long after purchase. Yamaha’s Arius range of digital pianos is a crowd favorite and a low-budget range that provides all the benefits of the best pianos in the market.

They are also versatile enough to find a place in any setting, either for domestic or professional use. The pianos in the range are enabled with a wide range of sound options and have a slim, compact form factor. They might look traditional but they have all the best features of both digital pianos and keyboards without losing anything.

Yamaha manufactured its first digital piano in the 1980s. The product was a hit, and soon Yamaha bought out its most significant competitor, Korg. Korg would eventually buy back shares to retain ownership of their company in 1993.


Korg is an international music instrument producer based out of Tokyo, Japan. Korg was founded in 1962 by business partners Tsutomu Kato and Tadashi Osanai. Korg quickly became known for its electronic musical instruments.

Korg is a premium brand of digital pianos and is known for manufacturing expensive stage pianos and professional pianos. Korg digital pianos are designed by musicians which makes their sound more unique from a musical standpoint, rather than a technical outlook. This makes Korg digital pianos the go-to option for most professional music artists and banks that do a lot of tours.

In 1967, co-founder Tsutomu Kato worked with engineer Fumio Mieda to create a prototype of the first programmable organ. They continued to innovate in the electronic instrument industry for years, and in the early ’80s, they created their first digital piano.

Korg continued to develop novel technologies to improve upon their digital piano design. As previously mentioned, the company was acquired by Yamaha in 1987, only to be bought back by Korg in 1993. The working relationship between the two companies was both productive and amicable, with each one pushing the other to innovate further in the field of electronic instruments.

Korg pianos are highly durable and resilient to most bumps and drops. It is also excellent as a traveling instrument. Korg digital pianos are efficient and can hold their own quality-wise with digital pianos from other brands like Yamaha and Casio.

Given the flexibility with price points, you can easily find something that fits your personal preferences. The typical Korg piano offers a pure and realistic sound that can be reproduced in many different formats from electric piano to organ and even strings.

The concert and stage digital pianos from Korg also allow for players to experiment with new sounds and musical pieces as a result of the piano’s versatility with it sound profiles. Whether for home use or performance.


Casio is a massive Japanese multinational company that is based in Tokyo, Japan. It was founded in 1946 by Tadao Kashio, Casio is known for their achievements in a variety of industries, but perhaps one of their greatest accomplishments is making electronic instruments accessible to everyday consumers.

Initially, Casio was associated with making sub-standard products and was better known for making electronics like calculators, wristwatches and even cameras. Casio’s budget-friendly electronic industry line gained significant popularity in the 1980s as consumer-friendly alternatives to the more expensive options designed specifically for musicians. They also gained a repute for digital piano manufacturing.

Casio digital pianos are both musically innovative, well-designed and classy enough to be widely accepted by most customers in the market. Over the years, Casio has perfected several lines of quality digital pianos such as the Celviano range.

Casio is now recognized for their innovative instruments that help players maximize their potential and experience levels. They also have features like graded hammer action technology that works with best-in-class wave generation and sound engineering. These features are not restricted to their higher-priced items but are available on all digital pianos on different price points from beginners to expert concert level pianos.

Casio pianos are affordable, durable and always a fantastic investment that stands the test of time and can also be resold without any significant loss in value. Casio has up to seven different digital piano models that have the weighted key technology and cost less than $1000.


Roland is another electronic musical instrument manufacturer famous for its digital piano lines. Roland was founded in 1972 by Ikutaro Kakehashi in Osaka, Japan. Further, Roland quickly developed a reputation for its impressive electronic instruments, especially its innovative compact designs.

Roland rolled out a line of digital pianos in the 1980s, which quickly achieved popularity. They also acquired another iconic digital piano brand called Rhodes, re-releasing their previously discontinued line of digital pianos to the public once more.

Roland digital pianos have a reputation for having warm, well-rounded tones because their sounds are modeled after the acoustic Steinway concert grand piano. The most recognizable digital pianos made by Roland are their stage pianos that are among the best in the market. Roland stage pianos are rated top in their category because they produce true-to-life sound representations. The keys are also highly responsive. Most expert-level pianists prefer Roland digital pianos because of their portability and can also be ideal for traveling.

Roland digital pianos are widely acclaimed also because they maintain high manufacturing standards and produce digital pianos that are productive and efficient. They also are well constructed and are long-lasting. Roland sound engineers focus on finding new ways to sample sound, improve piano connectivity and select more tones. Roland also produces digital pianos for every sector of the market regardless of skill level, making them widely used as recital pianos, training pianos and even as concert instruments.

No matter how selective or picky a player you are, Roland digital pianos always find a way to impress because of their authentic sound profile and feel. Roland pianos all have the SuperNatural piano sound engine which the brand uses to power its more expensive pianos. Their constructions are very efficient and they do not take up too much space, looking quite traditional and compact.

There are enough options on the product lines to take care of any type of player. On the environmental front, Roland pianos are also quite energy—efficient and a low energy footprint. They do not require a lot of power and automatically turn off when not in use for prolonged periods of time. The LCD screens on most of their pianos also make them ideal as recital pianos and for stage use.


Kawai Instruments Manufacturing Co. Ltd. Was founded in 1927. Originally an apprentice to the founder of Yamaha, Torakasu Yamaha, Kawai broke with the company shortly Yamaha’s death to develop his own product line.

With hard work, Kawai developed the company, and upon his death in 1955, his son, Shigeru Kawai, assumed leadership of Kawai Instruments. He expanded the product line of the company further, eventually introducing a successful line of digital pianos.

Kawai is popular for making digital pianos in many forms and colors. It is more of a low-end brand with cheaper pianos compared to the same models that are made by Yamaha for example. This by no means takes away from the excellent quality of the construction work that they do or their ability to bring out realistic sound production from their pianos that are highly acclaimed for their precision and dedication.

Kawai 's commitment is to mimicking real pianos as well as their top-notch sound quality. They create exceptionally beautiful pianos and have won a number of prestigious design awards for their products.

One signature feature that is the hallmark of most Kawai digital pianos is that the keys have a unique touch and weight that is distinctive to them. When you purchase a digital piano from, you’re expecting to get the same type of sound and expression that you would find on a regular piano.

One feature that Kawai focuses on is ensuring that the playing experience from using their pianos are as realistic and seamless as possible. Kawai pianos are versatile and can be used as part of classical sounds and the more modern sounds like Hip Hop, rock and roll.

Their digital pianos are also known for their wide range of color options for people to choose from, a departure from other brands that prefer a more serene monochromatic approach.

What to Consider When Buying a Digital Piano

There are other factors you can consider when buying a piano—the brand’s name. Oh yes! Although many brands in the musical instrument market claim to have the best, not all can boast of the exceptional qualities that define a good piano—solid sound, flawless design, key control and more.

Choosing a brand is important in buying a digital piano and we have covered most of the biggest brands in the market earlier. Another thing you should consider is the number of keys on the piano. Most digital pianos have 88 keys which are the standard number of keys on pianos. There simply is no point to buy anything that has more than that.

Digital pianos can have a lot of different tones and sound so be sure that it only has the best collection of samples that you can use. Even if the advertisement says the piano has 2000 sounds, you’re most likely going to use just about 20 of them. Be sure you can find the 20 you actually need. Another important feature to look out for when buying a digital piano is the touch response.

You should be able to feel something when you press the keys. There are three categories of digital piano touch; no touch response, touch-sensitive pianos that tout going louder when you press harder (avoid these if you can) and lastly fully-weighted pianos which are more recommended.

Furthermore, when deciding on a digital piano, the first thing that you should consider is your level of skill on the piano. If you are a beginner, it is a good idea to choose a piano with learning features, such as light-up keys and built-in sequencers. If skill level and teaching features are not a concern, it might be a good idea to think about more specialized features to find the right model for you.

Another important consideration is how your digital piano fits your needs and your living space. If you are in a situation in which you have limited space, it is critical to measure the area you have available and choose a digital piano with suitable dimensions. Additionally, if you need to travel with the piano, make sure that it is a reasonable wait for traveling.

Besides considering your available space, also look for your preferred time (look out for headphone jacks for silent playtime). If you need portable, quiet, and something that does not require tuning, you’re best choosing a digital piano over real pianos.

If you plan on using your piano at home only, be sure that the sound system in the piano is up to your standard of quality. Conversely, if you plan on using the digital piano in a commercial setting or large venues, be sure to check the specifications and confirm that it has the correct output options to do so.

Finally, it is important to consider what model of digital piano you are interested in purchasing. There are many varieties of digital pianos, including portable digital pianos, hybrid digital pianos, upright digital pianos, and traditional digital pianos, just to name a few.

All in all, digital pianos are a great option for people with a variety of different lifestyles. It is important that you do your research when it comes to brand, style, and features of your digital piano to ensure that you find the right product for you.

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