30 Best Piano Bench Reviews 2022 (Best Keyboard Bench)

Best Piano Bench, Adjustable Piano Bench & Best Keyboard Bench

Best Piano Bench, Adjustable Piano Bench & Best Keyboard Bench

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It should be known that pianos are in various forms and can be utilized at private residences or for stage performances.

Some pianos can be regal looking and enormous whereas others are not expensive and are portable. More so, you could have benches that cater for the needs of the different piano players.

Typically you will find adjustable and foldable benches that enable you to play your keyboard or piano in your residence.

There are elegant piano benches that also come in variations such as:

  • Double seat for two players
  • Piano benches that have storage space
  • Adjustable height
  • Padded leather cushions
  • Heavy duty

The most widely used piano benches are:

  • Adjustable piano bench
  • Double piano bench
  • Bench with Storage

If you are just starting to learn how to play the piano, apart from learning the skill, it is equally important that you put considerable effort in getting a good bench that helps your posture and ergonomics.

If you are just starting to learn how to play the piano, apart from learning the skill, it is equally important that you put considerable effort in getting a good bench that helps your posture and ergonomics.

What are the Best Piano Benches to Buy?

2) Yamaha PKBB1 Adjustable X-Style Bench

  • Affordable
  • Popular Choice
  • Padded Seat
  • Steel Construction

1) Ebony Duet Size Genuine Leather Artiste Piano Bench

  • Comfortable
  • Genuine Leather
  • Strong Support
  • Storage Compartment

3) Premium Antique Black Piano Bench by Griffin

  • Well Built
  • Enhance Posture
  • Storage Compartment
  • Superior 

You normally have the choice of opting for a suitable color, fabric type, and padding. The popular colors in use are mahogany, black and walnut.

Also, you may pick from an assortment of cushions (of more than a few thicknesses) which can be made out of different fabrics, together with leather covers which add more comfort.

Most beginners prefer the use of X-styled benches. The benches are very popular with performing musicians who use them for performances on stages and in restaurants. They are usually lightweight, durable, with adjustable height for comfort.

However, some folks do not find the X-styled benches comfortable and are okay with four-legged piano benches. The four-legged piano benches are premium, so they are produced for heavy usage and more durability. These benches are made of wood and leather which makes them compliment the grandeur of grand pianos.

Buying a Piano Bench

When judging the quality of a piano bench, the main factors that you should have in mind are the seat and the overall build quality of the bench.

30 Best Piano Bench Reviews (Adjustable Piano Bench Included)

30 of the best piano and keyboard benches are reviewed here. The reviews include premium piano benches, leather X-styled benches, wooden benches, benches with storage spaces for musical equipment and elegant benches.

1) Ebony Duet Size Genuine Leather Artiste Piano Bench

This piano bench weighs about 32 pounds. It has a depth of 14” and length of 28”. It has a heavy duty mechanism made of solid hardwood. It possesses top quality materials.

Soft and thick 100% finest quality leather is used to cover the top of the cushion. This product is intended to give users’ first-class comfort at all time. Top quality materials are used for all parts of this bench.

It has storage space beneath the seat where other musical instruments can be kept. The leg provided will be attached to the wrench. It is quick to set up.

2) Yamaha PKBB1 Adjustable Padded Keyboard X-Style Bench

The Yamaha PKBB1 X-Style Flexible Keyboard Bench which is distributed by the Yamaha Corporation of America is a thick cushioned and comfortable stool. It is very stable and does not wobble under heavy weight. It also comes with height adjustable feature that allows you to adjust the height to a maximum of about 19.5 inches.

Buying this X-styled bench with its faux leather padded top with extra wide edges for more comfort will cut your back some slack.

The bench has the advantage over some benches with its easy to fold feature and the fact that the stool does not take much space. It also comes at a relatively affordable price that will give you a bargain.

3) Premium Antique Black Piano Bench by Griffin

This piano bench looks sharp and has a storage compartment that is well built. It has a classic black glossy finished leg and a solid wooden frame that brings about its beauty. The black wood piano bench has storage of about 29 inches long and can accommodate more than one person. It is well padded for relaxation.

The storage compartment can easily be accessed by opening the seat swing and you can easily keep or retrieve other instruments kept in the storage. The instrument is ideal both as a keyboard bench and a piano bench. Tufted, padded synthetic leather is used for maximum comfort.

4) Adjustable Artiste Piano Bench in Ebony

The Adjustable Artist Piano Bench in Ebony is 13 1/2″ deep and 22″ long. It has an adjustable height of 9” to 21 and a half” and weighs 25 pounds. The height can be adjusted by twisting the external knob. This instrument is a heavy duty mechanism piano made of hardwood. This piano possesses a space for storage beneath the seat so that other instruments would always be around you.

This high-quality instrument is available in black (ebony) color. Very easy to assemble by installing the legs and it comes with a warranty of one year against workmanship and material defects.

5) On Stage KT7800 + Padded Keyboard Bench

The keyboard would make an excellent piano seat. This is made of tubular metal. It is very good quality and heavy duty. The seat is paddy and covered with top-of-the-shelf faux leather. It is adjustable, unlike piano benches. It is good for travel or a less formal setting. It is all black and has grippers on each leg.

The bench adjusts to a higher level than a concert bench at full height, and it is suitable for children who are taking piano lessons.

6) SONGMICS Padded Wooden Piano Bench

The SONGMICS Padded Wooden Piano Bench Stool with Music Storage Black ULPB55H is a black frame compressed wood with a glossy, leather padded seat for lasting comfort and excellent stability. It can support weights up to 300 lbs.

It comes with an Easy-to-assemble Kit that takes less than 15 minutes to set up. The included hardware is all present and of good quality. The bolt assembly makes for even and sturdy legs that will prevent you from crashing to the floor.

The bench is fairly short in width will only seat one person, and you can keep your music materials and notes underneath in the storage compartment. If you want a sturdy and comfortable bench for playing at your keyboard, then you should check

7) Adjustable Duet Size Genuine Leather Artist Concert Piano Bench

The CPS Adjustable Duet Size Concert Piano bench looks very pleasant, even classic! The bench has a relaxed feel to it. It is a lot huge and steady for two humans. The bench is very sturdy, and the assembly is a snap since you only have to connect the legs with the wrench supplied in the package.

The weight of the bench is just a mere 49 pounds, and the price is quite inexpensive relative to what you get. This is a pleasant piano bench with original leather covering and a diamond tufted top encrusted with buttons. The storage compartment is not too bad as a considerable amount of musical sheets and notes can go in it.

8) SONGMICS Wooden Duet Piano Bench with Padded Cushion

The SONGMICS Wooden Duet Piano Bench with Storage Space. This piano bench is designed to seat two persons and equally ideal performances by professional musicians and for private use for tutoring or leisure playing on the piano.

The bench has a spacious storage compartment for musical notes and other accessories with an easy-to-open flip-top. The stool highly padded cushion gives you comfort when practising for extended periods, with leather covering that is easy to clean and will definitely match your home.

This stool is very easy to assemble with detailed instruction on how to set it up. It is made of solid wood and has rubber soles that protect your floors from unwanted scratches.

9) Casio ARBENCH X-Style Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench

Casio ARBENCH X-Style Flexible Keyboard Bench is lightweight and solid, looks sturdy, and it’s comfortable to use which is vital to a player who wants to practice for extended periods or sit on the bench for long period. It is adjustable and durable. It has space where other musical instruments can be kept.

The bench has a black finish with strong and balanced steel X-styled legs with cushioned seats and has 16-20 inches adjustable height. The bench also comes with rubber soles on the leg stand that prevents the legs from snagging fabrics or the carpet.

10) Reprize Accessories DKB-1 Adjustable Keyboard Bench

The Reprize Accessories DKB-1 Adjustable Keyboard Bench is a 24 x 12-inch rectangular keyboard bench with a padded seat for comfort with additional piping at the edge for protection against wear and tear. It also has a three position adjustment for height with all steel construction leg-stand for a sturdy feel.

The keyboard bench comes with a quick release double deadbolt locking mechanism that allows for the easy storage of the bench when not in use. The bench is made of the best quality materials that allow you to enjoy your keyboard playing experience yet comes at an affordable price.

11) SONGMICS Adjustable Padded Wooden Piano Bench

The SONGMICS Adjustable Padded Wooden Piano Bench Stool with Sheet Music Storage Compartment Black ULPB57H is an adjustable padded wooden piano bench with storage compartment is a great match to your piano keyboard and, even your vanity table. With the blend of comfort and versatility, this piano stool brings will bring relief for novice players and experts.

Designed with strong wood and soft padding, it will keep you comfortable when sitting. This stool has two adjustable side handles that let you determine the best height that will soothe your position to play on your piano. Built-In storage space is designed for storing musical notes and other music accessories. The faux leather covering the cushion is easy to clean and will likely blend into your home décor.

12) Ohuhu X-style Adjustable Padded Keyboard Bench

The Ohuhu X-style Flexible Keyboard Bench has a cushioned seat with height adjustable features that allow you the utmost comfort. The piano stool comes in black with steel construction that assures you of the versatility and sturdiness of the bench.

It also comes with rubber caps at the ends of the stool to prevent accidents such as slipping and scratches on floors. The bench has been designed in such a way that allows for easy setup and folding for mobility. The bench in all its simplicity supports weight up to 370 pounds.

13) Giantex Black Ebony Wood Leather Double Duet Piano Bench

It does not matter if you are a student or a teacher, a musician, or a casual player, the Giantex piano bench could be an excellent stool that supports you in enjoying playing the piano to perfection! Built of long-lasting solid timber, this piano bench is constructed with the hope that the bench serves you for a long time even with heavy use.

The leather covering atop the cushion offers extra comfort to the sitting experience with the advantage of easy cleaning and the fact that the leather color gives your home décor an elegant taste.

14) Greenpro Adjustable X Style Cushion Padded Piano Keyboard Bench

The Greenpro Keyboard Bench is an adjustable X-style bench made of heavy duty steel frames designed to withstand weight up to 370 pounds with long-term durability. The thick cushions are well padded to give you maximum comfort when playing and have a seat size of 12 x 16 inches.

This Greenpro bench comes with rubber end caps on the legs to prevent slipping and floor scratches. It is portable and folds easily for secure storage when not in use. You can also adjust the bench to 3 different height positions.

15) Walnut Wood Top Grand Piano Bench with Music Storage

Wood Top Grand Piano Bench with Music Storage weighs about 19 pounds. This instrument is 18.5″ high, 14″ deep, and 30″ long. This product features spacious storage where music book and other materials can be kept. This product is available only in black color. The high gloss finish makes this product look nice. It has a good look and appears to be sturdy.

Very easy to put together with screw and lock washer for each leg. The perfect alignment can be easily gotten be tightening the screw. It has a warranty of a year against workmanship and material defects.

16) Ebony Grand Piano Bench with Music Storage

This Piano Bench with Music Storage weighs 19 pounds. It has a height of 19”, depth of 14” and length of 30”. Well padded leather with wood trim used to cover the seat to give users profound comfort. Solid hardwood is used for this product, which brings about its durability. It also has a storage space compartment.

This product can be easily put together by attaching the legs to the provided wrench. The gloss finish makes it look to be exquisite. It is obtainable in ebony colour and has a one-year warranty against craft and materials defect.

17) Palatino BP-120-BK Deluxe Padded Bench, Black

This item has a dimension of 22 x 13.4 x 22 inches and weighs 25.1 pounds. This bench has an adjustable height. It has a high-quality wooden frame and a leather seat that will ensure not only durability but also comfort.

It has a music compartment and other nice features. This piano possesses a space for storage beneath the seat so that other instruments would always be around you.

This high-quality instrument is available in black (ebony) color. Very easy to put together with screw and lock washer for each leg. The perfect alignment can be easily gotten be tightening the screw.

18) ZENY Black Faux Leather Height Adjustable Padded Piano Bench

The ZENY Black Faux Leather Height Adjustable Padded Piano Bench Stool is particularly easy to assemble, sturdy and appears satisfactory!

Very comfortable for long periods of seating, and the legs can bear much weight, so you don’t have to worry yourself about the legs. The leather-based cushion makes it seem like an expensive high-end bench! It is sure that you will no longer get numb legs or get hurt again.

The shipment is very quick; you will receive your bench earlier than anticipated. It’s an excellent tool! It is worth buying for a first-rate experience.

19) CPS Leather Concert Grand Duet Piano Bench

This live performance piano bench is manufactured from solid timber. One hundred percent top rate precise leather is used for the seat. The leather covering used on top of the bench is the top leather-based you can see. It’s thick and gentle.

It owns a storage compartment. A fast and effortless arrangement by simply attaching the legs to the wrench supplied. The bench has a high gloss finish available in walnut (brown) colour. The bench is sturdy enough for two. The original leather is worth the extra cost, so go forward and splurge a little bit.

20) Adjustable Piano Stool Bench

CPS Adjustable Piano Stool Bench has a 14 inches seat diameter with an adjustable height of 16 inches to about 23 inches. The piano stool is made of the best-polished hardwood with a padded cushion and good quality leather covering for the seat.

The piano stool is finished with a black exterior shiny gloss on the frame and wooden legs. The encouraging feature of this piano stool is it requires no assembly. However, the bench is not too high, but it is suitable for kids learning the piano or instructors who would be comfortable with the height. The stool weighs just 15 pounds only. Talk about lightweight!

21) CPS Adjustable Genuine Leather Artist Concert Piano Bench in White

This piano bench is as precise as represented, very well made, and will certainly meet your needs for a long time. The bench usually comes in a well-packaged box that prevents the parts from getting destroyed or chipped in transit. The bench parts are easy to connect with the accompanying steel wrench and match seamlessly. The finish is an ideal shiny gloss, extraordinary white.

The leather used atop the bench is of the highest quality with a finish that qualifies the bench as a family heirloom. It is also very tall and makes for comfortable seating with no back pains.

22) Tenive Dual Padded Wooden Artist Piano Music Keyboard Bench

The Tenive Dual Padded Wooden Artist Piano Bench including a book storage compartment is an ideal piano stool that seats two persons comfortably. It has a really soft padding that makes sitting for long hours pretty comfortable

The bench comes with sturdy legs, and wooden frame crafted from quality wood and padded faux leather adds to its allure. A rubber footing beneath the legs protects carpets and polished hardwood floors from scratches.

This piano bench also comes with a storage compartment beneath the seat to hold musical accessories and notes for safekeeping. The assembling is quite easy, and a wrench accompanies the passage.

23) Cortesi Home Mozart Bench Ottoman

You should try to check the Cortesi Home Mozart Bench to get a feel of the red leather Ottoman top with a tufted button top and very sturdy with the frames and legs made of solid hardwood.

The bench looks better in actuality than shown online. The price of the bench is really low compared to the quality of the bench. Do you know the bench can be used as an ottoman which is a great addition to your home furniture? It is can also seat an additional person, and it is well padded for a long comfortable experience.

24) Adjustable Genuine Leather Artist Piano Bench in Mahogany

The CPS adjustable genuine leather artist piano mahogany bench is of high quality. It can be used for hours on end each day, and it will still serve you well without defects. The bench is highly recommended if you want a comfortable bench that will also add value to your home with its rich mahogany wood and beautiful gloss finish.

The leather cover looks great, and the bench height can be easily adjusted even with the added storage compartment. It’s not very wide as it is a bench for one person, but it is that looks sturdy and great.

25) Stagg PBH 780 BKP VBK Hydraulic Piano Bench

The Stagg Hydraulic Piano Bench is an amazing piano stool often used in international piano concerts. When it is delivered, the piano will come with a Steinway bench, but the Stagg bench is amazing.

The lift works very fine, and the bench is extremely stable and comfortable. The bench is of very high-quality design and craft. The price is affordable and practising or playing on a bench like this is as comfortable as you would wish.

The legs are made from quality hardwood and coated with white lacquer.

26) Adjustable Genuine Leather Artist Concert Piano Bench in Ebony

The CPS adjustable piano bench is a genuine leather padded ebony beauty that will compliment your grand piano and your home décor. It has got the perfect height with an adjustable knob that works silently and gives you a comfortable feel. The stool weighs a mere 35 pounds considering its heavy duty specification.

Though the storage compartment space is not very large, it will suffice for some notes and musical accessories. Like many other adjustable stools, this bench is very easy to assemble, and it comes with a wrench.

27) Hidrau 43 Inch Duet Hydraulic Grand Piano Bench

The Hidrau 43 Inch Hydraulic Grand Piano Bench is a very long bench that can seat up to three persons. Excellent for teachers or duet players. The bench comes with a modern design with a strong metal structure that ensures no wobble. Its vinyl fish also make the bench look very modern.

The hydraulic mechanism works silently and easily when adjusting the piano bench. Its extra ergonomic seat makes the bench highly comfortable. The bench also has high-density pads around the edges that give you a comfortable experience. The bench is a good bargain for its price.

28) Korg PC500 Satin Piano Bench

If you are looking for a lightweight bench with minimal costs, then you should try the Korg PC500 satin piano bench with a storage compartment. The bench comes in a black finish with extra padding for comfort. The bench is easy to assemble, and all the parts are packed closely together to reduce the incidence of missing parts.

The bench is small if you are considering duets, and then the Korg stool does not meet your needs. It can seat only one person though it supports weights in the range of 300 pounds. The stool is not high-end, but it will get the job done.

29) HM Hydraulic Piano Bench

Do you want to use a high-quality piano bench also used in conservatories all over the world? Then look no further than the Hidrau Model Hydraulic Piano Bench – 30″ Premium leather seat cover.

The HM brand bench is made by the best designers in the whole of Spain. The sturdy steel construction of the bench makes it suitable for heavy-duty use, especially in institutions. The piano bench comes with premium leather upholstery that offers the best feel and comfort.

The bench is wide enough to sit two as it is 30 inches wide. HM hydraulic benches have graced some of the finest and most sought-after conservatories in the world, and it is a top choice for performing artist for stage performances.

30) Roland PB-500 Duet Piano Bench

The Roland PB-500 Duet bench comes in ebony and polished white finish and storage capacity. This bench is very sturdy and can be used for a large period. You should buy this bench if you are going to be sitting at your keyboard for long hours for a comfortable experience.

This bench has a fixed height with high-density foam that is designed to give you comfort for long periods. This product has a storage capacity, though it is not very spacious to accommodate a lot of musical books. You can use this stool for practising on your piano and can also serve you in other ways in your home.

Choosing the Best Piano Bench or the Best Keyboard Bench

You understand the significance of getting an excellent posture while using your instrument. The right piano bench will naturally support on this topic. You’ll find these stools for as little as 100 bucks (one of the vital keyboard benches can also be even lesser) and some can go up to a couple of hundred bucks. On the subject of high finish piano benches, the main point is not only on dimension but also on the fabric that is used and a few more reasons.

2) Yamaha PKBB1 Adjustable X-Style Bench

  • Affordable
  • Popular Choice
  • Padded Seat
  • Steel Construction

1) Ebony Duet Size Genuine Leather Artiste Piano Bench

  • Comfortable
  • Genuine Leather
  • Strong Support
  • Storage Compartment

3) Premium Antique Black Piano Bench by Griffin

  • Well Built
  • Enhance Posture
  • Storage Compartment
  • Superior 

With top class quality timber and leather utilized in making these, the cost is more than the keyboard benches available for the portable pianos. A Piano bench or stool can go for around $200 or much more.

The first-rate of the wood and richly upholstered matching seats can push the price up tremendously. However, that’s what you pay for a top class great piano bench. In case you are a beginner piano player or an experienced pianist, you can find plenty of piano benches for sale so decide on one which gives you the best quality for the cost.