16 Best Digital Piano for Advanced Pianist Reviews 2022 – Best Professional Digital Piano

Best Digital Piano for Advanced Pianist & Best Professional Digital Piano

Best Digital Piano for Advanced Pianist & Best Professional Digital Piano

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In our beginners digital piano reviews article, we talk about how the soul feeds on music, and in the case of the professional player; the story is the same. Digital pianos are modern innovations, not at all different from acoustic pianos. The modern day digital piano is just an upgrade of the acoustic piano (or should we say it was derived from the acoustic piano?)

Why should I buy a digital piano?

Digital pianos are designed to emulate the natural feel and sound of acoustic pianos—a phenomenon we have come to love for many centuries. However, the reasons why so many people are now buying digital pianos lies in what makes up the instrument at the end of the day.

Modern digital pianos now carry lots of excellent features like LED display, FX, metronomes, and other sounds/voices. With modern digital pianos, you can adjust volume settings easily, play different styles and sound simultaneously on your piano without missing anything.

You can even connect the piano to an external device such as a laptop, recorder, smartphone, and tablet. Another great thing with pianos is their compatibility with amplifiers and microphone connections. All of these provide more customized and comfortable playing experience, compared to an acoustic piano.

Moreover, you might even be getting something that’s more compact and convenient for you to use, depending on how much you are willing to invest.

What are the Best Professional Digital Piano/Digital Piano for Advanced Pianist?

2) Yamaha Arius YDP-181  Digital Piano

  • Reputable Brand
  • Best Seller
  • Yamaha Arius Series
  • 88-Key
  • Traditional Console Style

1) Casio PX860  Privia Digital Home Piano

  • Home Piano
  • Top Quality
  • Famous Choice
  • 88-Key
  • Great Value
  • Multi Dimensional Morphing Air

3) Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano

  • Affordable
  • Pure CF Technology
  • Lighter Action
  • 88-Key
  • "You Are The Artist" Series

All that is digital isn’t all that is quality

The fact that digital pianos are digital devices doesn’t mean they are best in quality and sound. Buying the right digital piano is very challenging at times, especially for the beginner player. Even a professional player like you will find it hard to choose the right one if thousands of brands and models in the marketplace are blinding your eyes.

To ensure you are not distracted too much, try having an idea or a name in mind so that when you step into the music store near you, you would be sure of what you are looking for. If you were buying from a local shop near you, it would be better for you to bring your headphone along so you could test the piano yourself. Don’t use studio headphones found in the store as they may not be compatible with your sound system and headphone use.

16 Best Professional Digital Piano Reviews and the Best Digital Piano for Advanced Pianist

1) Casio PX860 Privia Digital Home Piano Brown with Power Supply

One great common feature associated with professional series pianos are the number of keys they feature—88-keys. The Casio PX860 Bk didn’t disappoint in this regard. It is a full piano package whose keyboard action is defined by Tri-sensors scale hammered technology for the keyboard ii action alignment.

Three levels of touch response are some of the features that make this model from Casio a considerable competitor to the Yamaha models. You can select from three sensitivity levels namely: off; Key Off Simulator: Yes. The action from the Tri-sensor is scaled of blend with the resistance and weight spread across the piano’s range itself. The keys are made off ivory and simulated ebony design, which renders outstanding feel for the professional player.

Casio allows you to capture and memorized your performance with breathtaking speed and accuracy through the 3 sensors. The Casio PX860 offers 256 polyphony notes and another 18 tones from which you can select to formulate your ideal sound and style of play. Lastly, ten high-quality audio recordings of the very best of philharmonic are included just for your professional taste.

2) Yamaha Arius YDP-181 Traditional Console Style Digital Piano with Bench

Here is a digital keyboard from one of the world most famous manufacturers—Yamaha! Although acoustic pianos are still rated the best, digital pianos have been closing the gap for the past few years. The Yamaha Arius 181 represents one of the best sounds and spring keys you can get on a keyboard. The YDP 181 has all the necessary features that make an electronic piano while also incorporating the sound taste of an acoustic instrument.

This model is designed in a way that it grows with the musician as he or she progresses. The Arius features a solid keyboard with graded hammer key action and synthetic ivory key tops. This allows the piano to have excellent sound reminiscence.

Pure and top-notch CF sound engine provides unique sound quality. The professional player can get to enjoy the very best of this 88-key piano keyboard. The player also will experience a heavier touch in the low end and a lighter touch in the high end.

Super new headphone with stereophonic Optimizer is another remarkable aspect of this keyboard. USB cable connection port included by Yamaha make the YDP 181 compatible with external devices like iOS.

3) Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano

The Yamaha DGX650B is similar in features and quality to most of Yamaha’s professional digital pianos. Everything from Pure CF technology to AUX line input, external device connectivity and more. However, what makes this model stand out from its sister versions lies in the sound quality.

The DGX-650 is the model that represents Yamaha’s new ensemble piano style innovation design, including in both keyboard and sound quality. At the low end of this piano, the professional player can obtain a weighted action/heavier touch and feel, while in the high end, the player will achieve a lighter action.

These are similar to hammers inside an acoustic piano. The piano is the right choice for the professional player but is even more perfect for an intermediate who is looking forward to raising his/her play.

On the sound, the DGX650B has super clarity, particularly at the lower range of the keys. It may not be perfect like a grand piano, but the sound quality is worth the buy.

4) Yamaha Arius YDP162B Traditional Console Digital Piano

Coming from Yahama’s famous CFIIIS concert, grand series is the Yamaha Arius YDP162B—a piano designed to beat the competition. This is one of the tallest models in the Arius series from Yamaha. The height of the piano gives it a commanding look. The piano comes with a synthetic ivory key top that offers a stable surface for the white keys themselves, making it easy for the professional player to grip.

Measuring 33 inches in height, this model is ideal for the theatre. It comes with the acoustic optimizer, a high-quality feature that has always been associated with most of Yamaha’s top-notch pianos. The optimizer physically helps in adjusting the acoustic flow, which effectively takes charge of resonance level and enhances the overall sound output.

The model features the favorite Yamaha’s Pure CF sound engine which provides a rich and melodious sound. This is no doubt, one of the most excellent concert pianos from Yamaha. It features an inbuilt double track recorder which allows you to record your performance and play it back, later on, to determine how much you have advanced in playing.

5) Kawai MP11 Professional Stage Piano

Kawai returns with yet another super quality professional digital piano with similar Grand Feel (GF) wooden key action. This Kawai MP11 features excellent qualities that are needed for a stage piano to perform. For instance, the model features improved sample memory compared to all previous Kawai’s professional series digital pianos.

This latest model comes with a new processor that renders the most sought-after resonance, reverbs, and sound effects that are only heard in a stage piano. The Kawai MP11 onboard sounds are perfectly arranged into 3 distinct sections: Piano, E.Piano, and Sub. The player can make use of each sound section, including the reverb controls, volume fader, and effects. 

Also, the model, comes with four different voice categories, which you can quickly verify using their respective tonal variations. The piano feels like you are playing a grand acoustic piano, and the action is merely excellent.

6) Yamaha YDP143B Arius Series Console Digital Piano

Here is another excellent model coming from the Arius digital series which has become the most popular Yamaha piano series ever to hit the market. For those piano enthusiasts that love the Pure CF Sound Engine, this model has it, and professional players can look forward to enjoying the very best of accurate sound reproduction.

The YDP143B features a GHS weighted action that is more pronounced and heftier in the low keys segment of the piano, whereas simpler in the high key section. The model is in this regard similar to an acoustic piano, and it has a large internal memory size ranging 900 kb.

The built-in song memory contains 50 classic piano songs which the player can select to play and match his or her style. And it gets even better with the Controller App for iOS users that adds taste and functionality to the overall use.

7) Yamaha Arius YDPS52 Traditional Console Style Digital Piano Black

All Yamaha professional series pianos seem to pack similar functions, style, and appearance. One outstanding thing though with the Yamaha Arius YDPS52 is the inclusion of reverb. The reverb in this model helps the piano in reproducing the unique ambience of a wide range of excellent performance and functionality.

This model features the ability of the user to capture his work and rate his performance using the built-in recording function. The player can also record up to 2 different tracks and play them back simultaneously. A lot of songs are pre-loaded in this model. A book known as “50 Great” accompanies this model, and it can help players to learn how best to play iconic songs.

Lastly, you can connect this device to anything such an as a recorder, laptop, card reader or iOS devices using the USB port output that comes with the piano. This will give you a lot of creativity and education, as w/ell as the unhindered flow of entertainment.

8) Yamaha P255 88-Key Professional Weighted Action Digital Piano with Sustain Pedal

As the name implies, this professional piano with professional features only for professional use. This particular model features excellent pre-installed piano voices and tones that reproduce the unique sensation and joy of playing a concert grand piano. It comes with 256 polyphony notes—an ideal piano musicians and enthusiasts can choose to build their tone and style.

The Yamaha P255 features a new modern design that will stand out from the crowd anywhere and for any situation. It can be used for harsh practice lessons or live performance. The plan is portable, and the built-in speakers work like wonders. You may not even need to incorporate an external device, as this model has been made to be played anywhere and for what purpose.

It also features the iOS compatible App for those who are looking for a way to quickly and quickly customized their piano sound and play style. The app also allows players to adjust preferred settings by using the onscreen touch functionality.

9) Kawai ES100 88-Key Digital Piano with Speakers

Everything for which Kawai is famous is incorporated into this model. It is a new model that weighs 33 pounds, making it one of the most compact and portable piano in the market. The ES100 is ideal for the traveling professional, as its compact size means it won’t be a burden to be carried about.

Kawai, however, did not sacrifice quality for portability. This model therefore also carries some of Kawai’s technological innovations such as an Advanced Hammer Action IV-F which make the piano feel and touch similar to an acoustic one. The speakers give an excellent projection, making the sound and tones appear more abundant in quality.

Kawai’s super Imaging technology also delivers excellent sound that beat most other models in its category. The ES100 feature a realistic action, with 192 polyphone tones. The piano can be split using the dual and spit modes to play with a partner or merely play two different styles and sound at the same time. A few accessories allow you to polish your chops and keep your piano in excellent condition.

10) Kawai CE220 Digital Piano

The CE220 from Kawai is a full 88-key piano designed primarily to meet the taste and skill level of the professional player. The design comes with lots of super key-works and breathtaking features that have been found on most award-winning models. For instance, this piano comes with superb wooden key action, something that has been inspired so many people to buy this piano.

Another great feature of this beautiful piano is the addition of the famous Kawai’s Progressive Harmonic Imaging sound, a technology that brings out the very best of sampling from an 88-key keyboard. That sound that emanates from it is a clear and realistic piano sound.

A USB port offers external device connectivity through which you can record songs, practice session from a connected device and more. You can then play your song later on or store away for future references.

Overall, the CE220 is one of Kawai’s most famous professional digital piano ever. Dual mode feature allows you to play two different sound at the same time while split mode gives you and a friend or music instructor the ability to play together at the same.

11) Casio Privia PX-160 Digital Piano

The Casio Privia PX-160 is just a continuation of the Privia series of professional digital pianos. The model is similar to other Casio’s models of the same series, but with little differences. For instance, Casio includes a User Manual DVD for the professional to study and follow for easy setup and play of the instrument. A bench, a polishing cloth, a Hal Leonard instruction handbook, are some other accessories that come with this model.

As it has been said, the PX-160 is an upgrade version of the PX-150—Casio’s highest selling piano model. The speaker systems this time around are well designed, with excellent style to complement its top look. Additionally, electric piano tones and string ensemble are included for the professional player’s comfort of play and tone selection.

This 88-key piano from Casio also incorporates the famous Casio’s Tri-sensor technology, with Scaled Hammer Action 11 keyboard. The package also includes an excellent pedal system and furniture style-stand that make it easy to setup and play the piano.

12) Kawai KDP90 Digital Piano

What set this product from a host of other professional pianos in the market is the unbeatable Harmonic Imaging Sound Technology it incorporates in the design. That’s the primary feature that elevates the quality of the 88-key piano sampling using AHAIV-F graded hammer action.

The KDP90 has a gorgeous design that stands out from the crowd. It goes beyond just being a digital piano. It is an investment that pays right back on the money spent. It is an ideal piece of furniture that will blend well with any home decor. The overall body construction is more aesthetically pleasing. The sound that emanates from this model is more powerful compared to some others.

The KDP90 feature a realistic action, with pedals that work flawlessly. Even the bench isn’t out of place as it appears pleasant to touch. The soundboard speaker system is the best of quality. The piano can be split using the 4-hand mode design feature that ensures it can be played as two separate 44 note pianos.

13) Korg SV-1BK 73-Key Stage Vintage Piano Black

The Korg SV-1BK is a black digital piano designed for the professional player level. This model is black and is a simple 73-Key piano with one of Korg’s best-graded hammer action. The model is similar to its sister version—the SV188BK—featruing similar 36 piano songs that are highly coveted and in demand in the musical world.

The sound buttons of this model are highly intuitive, and it gives the player easy access to each of the pre-loaded sounds that accompany the keyboard. Charming look and feel are one of the key selling points of the Korg SV-1BK. Another thing that makes it even popular is the sound that emanates from it. The piano sound like a grand acoustic piano with endless melody and unique qualities.

3 band equalizer allows you to set the best of sound while the more physical keyboard design provides the perfect feel for people with eye problems. You can simply feel your way around the music. Overall, this is one of the best professional digital pianos in the market.

14) Yamaha Arius YDP-V240 Traditional Console Digital Piano with Bench

One thing that immediately stands out on this model from Yamaha is the stereo sampling! The model features an AVM dynamic stereo sampling with incredible 64 note polyphony notes for the professional player to choose from. The touch and feel of the keys are just perfect. Even if you shut your eyes and still feel the touch on the keys, you will find it difficult to tell the difference between the sound.

The model also features the famous Pure CF sound engine which is the best sampling technology in the musical market till date. It produces incredible dynamics and excellent expressiveness. The keyboard with its grade hammer standard 88-keys offers superb feel and playability, whether you are practising or performing seriously.

The three pedals design provides realistic performance because of their dampened and nuanced nature. The popular Yamaha Optimizer that features in all Yamaha’s high-quality products is also included in this model. The new headphones—stereophonic optimizer—renders spacious and surround sound quality like never before.

15) Korg SV188BK -88-Key Digital Piano with Vintage Sounds Black

A full digital piano package from Korg isn’t a rare thing, especially when it comes down to a professional class level of players. The Korg SV188BK is one of those keyboards that has won lots of recommendations from music tutors to friends and foes alike, due to its unique construction.

The SV188BK model comes in black color design. The model boasts two outstanding piano sound—one being Japanese and the other being European. The piano is an 88-keyboard from Korg and is rated as of the company’s best and most beautiful keyboard due to its graded hammer action design.

The SV188BK features 36 of some of the most sought-after keyboard sounds in the world. Styling and performance are inspired by the retro design which provides an outstanding appearance. The design consists of switches and single function knobs all of which helps in making the operation simple.

A lot of sleek and intuitive inputs and output jacks make this professional digital piano a remarkable one.

16) Korg SP280BK 88-Key Digital Piano with Speakers

Are you looking for the professional piano that will give you the feeling that you are playing a grand acoustic piano? Look no further! Korg SP280BK is your Go-To piano for such task. The sound and playing feel that proceed forth from this beautiful piano make it look like you are playing one of the highest acoustic pianos in the world.

The model from Korg comes with 30 luxurious and high-quality sounds you can play and practice with. The sounds include clavs, organs, pianos, grand piano, harpsichord, strings, and many more. Damper pedal plus optional pedal unit (PU-2) enhances the playing experience by providing complete and soft sostenuto pedals for your comfort.

At the back of the piano is Line IN and Line OUT jacks that you can connect any device or audio player to play through the speakers that come with the SP289BK. You have three sound/volume effect management tuning by which you can adjust the tone brightness or use reverb to simulate s concert hall natural ambience, while chorus adds more space to the tone or sound.

Choosing the Best Digital Piano for Advanced Pianist

Pianos, whether digital or classical, are considered the most beautiful as well as the most popular instrument by many people. It is an elegant instrument and it requires patience and elegance to learn. Because of this elegance, pianos have found their way into today’s music to provide a slightly classical touch to people’s music.

The piano is fairly easy to learn, however it is one of the most difficult instruments to master. If you are a more advanced player of the piano, you have also had to practice for quite some time to earn your skill.

2) Yamaha Arius YDP-181  Digital Piano

  • Reputable Brand
  • Best Seller
  • Yamaha Arius Series
  • 88-Key
  • Traditional Console Style

1) Casio PX860  Privia Digital Home Piano

  • Home Piano
  • Top Quality
  • Famous Choice
  • 88-Key
  • Great Value
  • Multi Dimensional Morphing Air

3) Yamaha DGX650B Digital Piano

  • Affordable
  • Pure CF Technology
  • Lighter Action
  • 88-Key
  • "You Are The Artist" Series

What To Consider When Buying A Digital Piano For Advanced Pianist

When you reach a level higher than you previously were, you will seek new and harder challenges to test your limits. If this is the case with you and if you want to buy a new piano, you will obviously have to buy a more improved and advanced model compared to your previous one if you want a more challenging experience. Given below are a few things that you should search for when buying your new digital piano however you will have to be prepared to spend some money.

  • Get a more advanced digital piano. If your older model wasn’t already the most advanced one, this time get yourself an even more advanced digital piano. One with features that weren’t present in your previous digital piano. Many newer models have amazing features that can be very useful for improving as well as challenging yourself and you should utilize them.
  • A digital piano with less input delay/latency is vital. Almost no keyboard or other digital piano can replicate the input of an analog piano. Some digital pianos however are a bit similar and produce the sound almost instantly to provide you with a more traditional feel, however, they aren’t cheap. Although input delay doesn’t make your song sound any different as the keys you press will be played in that exact same order with the same amount of time you take to press them, a digital piano with less input delay will prepare you for playing analog pianos when needed as well.
  • Get a digital piano with a better polyphony ability. If you don’t already know, the ability of a piano to harmonize the sound of two different keys playing at the same time is called polyphony. This opens the possibility for you to play many, many more notes and produce great combinations. It also comes in handy when playing songs as a lot of them require different notes to be played at the same time.

Popular Digital Piano For Advanced Pianist Brands

As mentioned above, it has been made clear why the piano is such a popular instrument. Because of its popularity, however, many instrument brands have not only started making digital pianos, but many of them started because of pianos. Because of the many, many options, you have before you as an advanced player of the instrument, choosing the right brand at this stage can be tricky, which is why some of the best brands have been listed below to help you make a choice.


A name you will see on every list when it comes to pianos is Yamaha, and you can’t say that they don’t deserve it. Yamaha has done an amazing job for themselves over the last few decades especially. They make all types of instruments but recently they have taken a more digital approach to them and it suits them. Yamaha makes pianos of all types for players of all types, especially more advanced ones. Their digital pianos come with some of the best sound quality and features that are certainly worth your money, making them a great choice.

  • KORG

Known for making pianos, both digital and analog, to shine on the stages, Korg is a great choice for every piano expert. If you are a more advanced player, Korg’s pianos may be the best choice for you as they are used by some of the professionals themselves too. Korg has always been known to make some great digital instruments over the years and their pianos are definitely no exception.


Alesis is one of the more recent musical instrument brands, founded back in 1984, however they are already one of the best when it comes to digital pianos. Since the start, Alesis has been dealing with great digital instruments and they offer great designs and features that any advanced player will like. Alesis has also been one of the more consistent brands, releasing great models every year or so.

Helpful Tips For Every Advanced Pianists

Even though you may be much better at playing now than you were when you started, you will always have room to learn, even if you are the best, which is we have given some tips below that you will find helpful at any point in your playing adventure.

  • Always keep challenging yourself. No matter how good you may think you are, as mentioned above, there is always room for more, which is why you should never stop challenging yourself. A very fun way to challenge yourself is to listen to some songs and try turning them into piano tunes your own way. This helps you find new music and get even better at playing.
  • No matter what reason you’re playing for, never forget to enjoy yourself. Even if it is at a serious concert for your band or something else that is similar, you should never forget to enjoy yourself as it is the most important thing to do when playing an instrument.
  • Record yourself and listen to how you play. Although this tip is more useful for beginners as they can also find mistakes and clear them, it is helpful even for advanced players. Even if you don’t make many mistakes, it is always refreshing to hear yourself play and listen for yourself, how much better you have gotten since the start.