Digital Piano Accessories: 17 Best Cool Parts and Accessories for Digital Piano

Best Cool and Essential Digital Piano Accessories & Digital Piano Parts

Best Cool and Essential Digital Piano Accessories & Digital Piano Parts

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The digital piano was developed from the concept of the traditional piano. It performs similar functions like a piano but uses electrical power which enhances some of its features. Digital pianos come in different designs, and you can make a decision based on particular features you need to achieve your goals as a pianist.

Digital pianos are suitable for musicians who need to compose songs or for public performances before an audience. They are also a favorite choice for learners because digital pianos have more innovative features which you will find helpful as you progress in your musical career.

Digital pianos are commonly designed to be portable; they also feature a number of accessories that can help you have a better experience with the musical instrument. Your choice of digital piano accessories, however, will depend on the goals you plan to achieve as a pianist.

Digital piano accessories have been developed based on innovative designs that help you perform better or learn how to play the digital piano the right way. Also, these accessories have become very important to all musicians regardless of their skill level. For example, there are so many digital piano accessories that are compulsory for even the advanced professional pianists who have many years of experience.

The digital piano accessories help to reduce the strain of playing the musical instrument, which can also help you improve speed, techniques, and practice for longer hours. These accessories are also very helpful to younger students who wish to start learning how to play the digital piano at an early age.

For example, a young child who is interested in the musical instrument may have to wait until their older to start playing digital pianos because their arms cannot reach the keyboard. Thankfully, there are smart stools that can be adjusted and raised to make it possible for everyone regardless of height, to play the digital piano.

While the digital piano accessories have fairly simple designs, some people may need assistance to set them up for proper use. These products always come with a manufacturer’s manual which has the standard instructions you can follow to set them up and also for maintenance purposes.

The following are essential digital piano accessories you will need at the beginning of your experience as a pianist.

17 Best Cool and Essential Digital Piano Accessories

1) Bench and stool

Considering the standard height of pianos, it is more comfortable to sit while playing your favorite tunes. This is why you need a bench or a stool to play the digital piano. There are different types of benches that can serve this purpose; however, your choice may be made based on features such as comfort and its adjustable capacities to meet your needs.

Benches and stools for digital pianos offer the most benefits when you have learned the proper sitting position for playing the piano. While sitting on a bench or stool, you will be elevated at the right height to reach out and tap the keyboard on the piano.

The adjustable features of benches and stools for digital pianos also make it possible for young children to play the musical instrument. The height of these stools can be raised to enable the young ones to reach the keyboard easily. Benches can also last longer when properly maintained.

2) Digital piano stand

The stands for digital pianos provide sturdy support which holds the musical instrument firm and at the right height for you to play your best tunes. The stands for digital pianos can also be adjusted to meet your needs. Many versions of these stands are foldable, so they can be used for outdoor gigs or indoors when you need to practice or play your digital piano for fun.

The stands for digital pianos are easy to use, after setting them up at the required height, you can secure the position with a clutch on the stand, in some cases screws. Now you can place your digital piano on the stand and set up the cable kit to connect to a source of power. Stands for digital pianos can also be fixed in studios or rooms where you practice often.

3) Headphones for digital pianos

The headphones are essential accessories for digital pianos; they are used when you need to have a private practice session without making too much noise. The headphones are connected to the digital piano. Through the speakers, only you can hear the notes and keys you are playing on the keyboard.

Headphones are also helpful when your version of the digital piano does not have inbuilt speakers. Instead you are expected to connect external speakers. This is the case with smaller lightweight digital pianos. The headphones cover your entire ears, cutting out the sounds from the public. You can also use the headphones to avoid distraction while playing your digital piano.

Your choice of headphones will depend on features such as the quality of bass you need, volume, and the noise isolation capabilities of the product. Headphones are also great for playing digital pianos by ear.

To use the headphones, simply plug the cord into the sound output plug on your digital piano. When this is done, the sounds are redirected from the loud external speakers to your headphones so only you can hear the keys.

4) Foot pedal

The foot pedals are located at the bottom of your digital piano, close to your feet. They are special accessories you can use to change the notes while you play songs on the digital piano. The foot pedals are easy to use when you are seated properly in front of the digital piano.

This is how it works; you use your feet to press the foot pedals down. This action sends signals to your digital piano which changes the sounds of your piano keys. With some practice, you can add unique sounds to improve your piano sessions.

Foot pedals are also used to combine notes when necessary; you will also find them helpful when you need to create a resonating effect or crescendo with the chords at any part of your music.

5) Dust cover

Dust covers keep your digital pianos protected from dirt and other elements that can ruin its features. The dust covers are used when you practice in studios with a stationary digital piano. After practice or composing songs, you should place the dust cover over the digital piano during breaks. Dust covers are also designed for portable use.

In this case, you simply place the cover over your piano when outdoors to prevent dust from settling on the keyboard. The sensitive parts of your digital piano make it important to protect it from dust and dirt. The electronic panels can become compromised because of dust.

Dust covers can also protect your digital piano from the intensity from sunlight. Also, your piano will be safe from scratches when you need to move it from one place to another.

6) Case and gig bag

The case and gig bags designed for the digital pianos are helpful when you need to carry your musical instrument from one location to another. Considering the number of accessories you need to use at all times, it is more convenient to use a case and gig bag when you have to be at various locations.

These cases for digital pianos are structured to accommodate your piano and other useful accessories which will be safely secured until you need to use them again. Case and gig bags also come in different sizes; you will probably need to state the model of your digital piano before purchasing one that fits perfectly.

Case and gig bags also help you organize your schedule when you need to perform many gigs in one day. With these carriers, you can quickly move from one location to another without losing any of your essential accessories.

7) Clip on light

The clip on light for digital pianos are portable lamps that can be attached to the music board. They are lightweight and powered by batteries.

Clip on lights provide adequate illumination when you need to play your digital pianos with a full view of the keyboard or sheet music. They have long lasting batteries that can keep your clip on light functioning perfectly for hundreds of hours.

While in use, you can view particular passages of sheet music or the keyboard more vividly by adjusting the neck of your clip on light. These accessories are easy to use, simply clip the lamp with the clamp attached and adjust the neck to the direction you need.

You can also use clip on lights when you notice the reflective glare from the surface of your display screen is disruptive. The illumination from the clip on light attached to the music rest reduces this reflection so you can read music easily while playing your digital piano.

8) Music rest

The music rest is attached to your stand; it holds your sheet music while you play the digital piano. The music rest provides convenience because it is easy to read the music without straining your neck. Music rests come in different forms.

They feature clips which can be used to hold your music in place if you are playing in a windy environment. Music rests are also portable; they can easily fit into your gig bags. If you plan to compose music often, these accessories will also help to place the sheets at proximity, so you can easily reach to create your music.

9) Memory cards for digital pianos

One of the useful features of a digital piano is the provision for memory cards to be used on the device. With these accessories, you can record and securely store your music. The use of memory cards makes it easy for you to carry your recordings to auditions or present them at radio stations where they can be played on air.

Music teachers also use memory cards to store and transfer recordings to their online learning platforms. From this platform, the teacher shares the recordings to students who can download the files.

Memory cards have different storage capacities. You can find memory cards with large volume for storage to hold all your recordings. After storing your music from the digital piano, you can modify, and organize your files on a computer before a public presentation.

Memory cards are reliable, to a large extent; this means you should not have any worries about losing your recordings after storage. However, the memory cards should be kept safely in your gig bags to prevent damage.

10) Flash memory expansion module

A flash memory expansion module is an accessory for the digital piano which is used to store waveforms. The waveforms stored in this accessory are created from the digital sounds produced when you play the keyboard.

The flash memory expansion module comes in different storage capacities. You can find some versions which have the capacity to store waveforms as much as 2GB or more depending on your music. The samples of digital audio can be obtained from memory cards. This means you can store your digital samples after practice at a public music school and generate the waveforms when you use your private digital piano.

To maximize the use of this accessory, you need to have knowledge of how to manage digital sounds with the piano.

11) Wireless adapter

A wireless LAN adapter is used to access networks with your digital piano. It is a smaller sized accessory, which looks like a memory stick. The wireless LAN adapter, when connected, automatically searches for networks and configures your digital piano to connect to a compatible network.

By connecting your digital piano to a network on your computer, you can remotely manage settings and sound files produced. For example, you can connect your laptops and iPads to your digital piano using a wireless LAN adapter.

With such a connection, it is easy to incorporate the use of music software on your digital piano. You can find software for composing songs and interpreting music notations to improve your skills with the digital piano.

Using a wireless LAN adapter is also convenient; you do not have to create another table for your laptop nearby. You can use smart tablets to compose and manage music.

12) Display screen protector

These accessories are used to protect your display screen to make them last longer. The display screen protectors are thin yet tough surfaces that have anti-scratch properties. In addition to their protective features, you can also use these protectors to reduce the reflection from your display screens.

The display screen protectors are easy to use, they are made from microfibre surfaces, so when you place the protector on your digital piano screen, it sticks easily without the need for adhesives.

Display screen protectors are recommended to protect your digital piano screens to make them last longer. To buy a suitable product, you need to know the size of your display screen, which is usually measured in inches. You can also use display screen protectors to reduce blue light from your screen, to ensure this feature is obtainable, read the product description to know if the display screen protector has a blue light filter.

13) Power supply adapter

The power supply adapters are used to connect your digital piano to a power source. They feature a power cord and the plugs which can be fixed or detachable. Depending on your power source, you can buy a suitable power supply adapter with an accurate rating.

The power supply adapters are portable, so you can easily fit them into your gig bag.

14) Cable kit for digital pianos

The standard cable kit for digital pianos includes all the essential cables you will need to use for the operation of your digital piano. This kit includes all the connection cables for your amps, metronome, speakers, and other sound gadgets.

The cable kit is essential because you can conveniently have access to all the connection cables you need from one kit. It is also quite portable and can fit into your gig bag. Some cable kits come with spare connection wires; this means you can have a more fulfilling experience without any downtimes if one of your cables fails to work.

To purchase a cable kit for your digital piano, it is essential that you know the different cables needed for full functionality at all times. With this information, you can check the labels on the kit to ensure the connection cables are in the kit before purchase. Cable kits also feature universal cables for external speakers, so you can connect your digital pianos easily when you need to perform publicly.

15) Metronome

The metronome is used to monitor and track your beats while playing the digital piano. Metronomes are helpful when you need to compose songs or practice with already existing tracks. Metronomes can be manual or automatic, with the later versions; you will need to calibrate the notes before using the device.

With the use of metronomes, you can improve your techniques with the digital piano. For example, if you are at a stage where you are perfecting the skill of playing songs by ear, using the metronome will help you keep track of the notes and play them accordingly. Metronomes are also used to monitor rhythm, this way; you can ensure your notes are at the right pace with the original song you are playing.

16) Amps

The amp is an electronic device that helps to improve the sounds produced from your digital piano. The amp comes with connecting cables which are attached to the piano. They convert the digital sample sounds according to the setting you have created for the device.

The amp has different ratings; you can choose from the range according to the type of sounds you want. For songs that require high bass, amps can be used to increase the bass volume to improve the final production particularly.

It would be best if you also chose the amps that can serve the speakers you wish to use during your performance with the digital piano. There are amps for these musical instruments that can serve as many as four external speakers without any problems.

To ensure you have an accessory that can meet all your needs, you should consider buying a full range amplifier for your digital piano. These full range models can be used to deliver sound output at different frequencies and for all types of songs.

17) Cleaning tool kit

The best way to ensure that your digital piano lasts for many years is by using a standard cleaning tool kit. Dust and dirt can get into many parts of the digital piano. If this happens, its functionalities can be compromised. To prevent damage to your digital tool kit, you should become familiar with the usage of the different items in the cleaning tool kit.

In this kit, you will find items and products such as a cleaning cloth- which is specially designed to keep the surface of your digital piano free from dust or dirt, cleaning polish, and brushes. All parts of your piano should be cleaned, including the cables. This way, you can reduce the chances of dust getting into your case or gig bags.

Before using the cleaning tool kit, please read the usage instructions for the different items in the kit. This is essential because moisture should not get into certain parts of your digital piano. You can keep it safe by following the manufacturer’s instructions.

Choosing the Best Digital Piano Parts

Before going online to buy accessories for your digital piano, it is important that you read everything about your musical instrument. There are many types of accessories out there, and you need to get what is best for your brand. For example, if you need to buy extra cables or power supply plugs, you can make the best decision when you know the power rating of your digital piano.

Most accessories for digital pianos are versatile in their functionalities; however, you may get more value when you choose accessories which the manufacturers have labeled as fit for all models. Also, consider the measurements of your digital piano. If you need to buy a stand, it has to be adjustable to support the length and weight of your digital piano.

Overall, you can make better choices regarding accessories when you have more knowledge of your digital piano.