28 Best Keyboard Stand Reviews 2022

Best Keyboard Stand & Best Keyboard Stand Brands

Best Keyboard Stand & Best Keyboard Stand Brands

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Looking for a new keyboard stand? Deciding which particular one to purchase can be quite a tricky task, but congratulations, you have come to the right place.

This is the right place because you will be informed of what you need to know about keyboard stands and how to ensure that you buy the right kind for your particular needs.

What are the Best Keyboard Stands to Buy?

2) Knox Gear Z Style Adjustable Piano Keyboard Stand

  • Heavy Duty
  • Anti Skid Pad
  • Great for Most Keyboards
  • Flexible Adjustments
  • Reinforced Design

1) On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro Folding Z Keyboard Stand

  • Strong Construction
  • Removable 2nd Tier
  • High Quality
  • Folds Flat
  • Flexible Adjustments

3) RockJam Xfinity Heavy-duty, Double-X Keyboard Stand

  • Affordable
  • Non-slip rubber
  • Popular Choice
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-Release Mechanism

Before going further, we need to first of all list out the most common types of stands based on construction style. These are:

X-Style Stands

This is probably the most popular, even if you have never owned a keyboard stand, you have definitely seen one of these. It is aptly named because of its obvious X shape.

The good thing about them is that they are usually very sturdy and fits just about any keyboard. There’s also a different X-style keyboard stand for your keyboard no matter the size and weight of it.

They are either single (single X) or double (double X) braced – meaning that the X is either made of two metal columns criss crossing or 4 (in the case of double braced) joined together in twos at the base and criss crossed at a mid section. Most of them are fashioned from steel and iron hollow columns or solid bars.

Mixer Style Stands

Usually, these are more on the expensive side than X-style stands, but their application is usually for heavier keyboards as well as usage with other members of the musical set up like a mixer and DJ turntable.

Another merit of the mixer style is that it gives more legroom beneath the keyboard setup than X-style stands offer. Players whose routine involves a lot of sitting down will find this a welcome addition advantage. Z-style and A-style stands fall into this category of keyboard stands.

Custom-Made Stands

Keyboard manufacturers often make a particular stand to fit a specific keyboard model of theirs. A visible example is the Yamaha L2C which is designed to fit the NP and PSRE series of keyboards. They are usually more expensive because of their custom nature, but then they are much safer than third-party stands since all the groves and wedges fit perfectly with the keyboard and the risk of falling off just doesn’t exist.

Before we head on to a list of some of the best keyboard stands we think you should choose from, here are some important tips.

  • If you are a professional, consider more than your keyboard. If it is the case that you play the keyboard professionally and that is the reason why you are getting a stand, then it is best if you consider all that you’ll need on the job. There are stands that support tiers where you can position your laptop, mixer or whatever you may need; go for such, rather than buying a different stand for each machine.
  • Be sure that you need what you’re buying. Many of the best stands cannot be used by kids, for example. Therefore buying such is both a waste of time and a disservice. Therefore, consider stands that are adjustable to the intended user’s size and playing preferences before buying.
  • Don’t forget weight considerations. A stand may be within your budget or look good enough to you, but might not be equipped to carry the weight of your keyboard or digital piano system.

28 Best Keyboard Stand and the Best Keyboard Stand Brands

Without further ado, here are some keyboards for you to select from. 

1) On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro Heavy-Duty Folding Z Keyboard Stand with 2nd Tier

When this particular stand folds completely, you’ll find it hard to agree that it is the same one that just stood tall at work. Its welded construction exudes that completely professional look that says this player means business.

It holds two keyboards or one keyboard and other musical equipment like a laptop or mixer.

The width adjustments range from 21″ to 37″ and the height is calibrated while being adjusted for ease.

The second tier can be removed to create space.

It folds completely flat when needed to despite standing tall always.

2) Knox Gear Z Style Adjustable Heavy Duty Piano Keyboard Stand

The reinforced design of this Z-style stand allows it to hold up weights up to 45 pounds, putting it within range of a wide variety of keyboards. Both its width and height can be adjusted with the width allowing infinite freedom of selection and the height having a whooping 14 different settings to select from.

Meaning players can sit or stand however they want while playing and still find the proper setting for themselves.

The arms are equipped with foam pads whose dual functions include holding the keyboard in place and preventing scratches to the frame of the equipment.

3) RockJam Xfinity Heavy-duty, Double-X Keyboard Stand

Coming pre-assembled out of the box makes this a hassle-free stand to break into. It is one of those straps-bearing pieces with special conjectures to prevent your keyboard from keeling over while in use.

Its unique adjustment mechanism lets you work with heights between 4-38 inches. For this reason, children and adults of varying heights can use this stand in different positions – be it standing or sitting (or lying).

The sturdy metal frame is constructed to be flexible enough for complete flattening for storage.

Its eight capacity cannot go beyond 45 pounds, therefore professionals may find it limiting.

4) Yamaha L3C Collapsible Bolt-On Keyboard Stand

If you observe that this stand design will fit best with Yamaha’s portable EZ and PSR keyboards bolted on, then you are on the right track. It is actually recommended for use with PSR293 keyboards and below, some DJX products, members of the EZ series and the PSRK1.

To give the amazing stability and sturdiness it possesses, it employs stand bolts in three different places, exuding that open legged desk feel about it.

It boasts dimensions of 24.5 x 13 x 20″ with a height of 27.75″. The design is collapsible for easy transportation, but it is best used with one particular keyboard due to the stress involved in bolting and unbolting keyboards from it bolt-on frame.

5) Yamaha PKBS1 Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Stand

This piece fits right at home with beginners and adventurous hobbyists alike. The adjustable nature makes it useful for more than one player and more than a few purposes and places.

It folds into a slim piece that is both portable and ergonomic to lug around and stow away.

The PKBS1 comes with a circular locking mechanism that cycles between six different playing heights so the player can pick that which suits their needs the most.

In terms of size, it ranges between 25.63″ and 38.75″ in height and between 31.5″ to 11.0″ in length. The stand is 13.75″ wide.

It stands very stable and is adept for standing all PSR, DJX and EZ type keyboard products.

6) OnStage KS7150 Table Top Keyboard Stand

Designed with very large keyboards, DJ equipment and those vintage electric pianos (which can be both heavy and voluptuous) in mind, the highly versatile and super strong KS7150 is another stand worth every cent.

Featuring a bolted and welded construction style as well as a shimmery black powder coat for strength and style, there can be very few stands to compete with this one.

Capable of carrying weights of up to 230 lb. and a height ranging from 26″ to 43″, this stand welcomes every shape and size of keyboards and other musical equipment too.

What’s more, there are even replacements on sale for its parts, so this stand isn’t dying anytime soon.

7) OnStage Single-X Keyboard Stand

There’s a certain simplistic beauty and functionality about this classic-styled single-X stand that one can’t just overlook.

For those who favour straight-forward, uncomplicated designs, this is the stand of choice. Its bolted construction allows for it to be folded and unhinged for very easy movement and storage.

Adjustment is also very easy with its disk-clutch system coupled with bullet-nose pull knob powering quick and simple 5-position height adjustment.

The arm sleeves can be repositioned to match any keyboard width, these sleeves are also removable.

Weighing in at 5.6 pounds, it is one of the lightest weight pieces you can find.

For simplicity, elegance and ergonomy, this stand is a shoo-in.

8) Casio ARDX Double X Keyboard Stand

Another one of the double-X style stands, the ARDX from Casio combines a sturdy frame with bolted components to give a stand that holds up to 150 pounds of keyboard weight comfortably.

For those who have Casio keyboards, this is maybe the perfect seat to play it from. Easily adjusted for different heights in custom positions, playing comfort has never been this prioritized.

Sized at 2×38.25×8 inches, it holds varying sized of keyboards well. Anyone can use it really, but it may not be the best choice for kids to play with because of its lack of harnesses.

9) ChromaCast CC-KSTAND Double Braced X-Style Pro Series Keyboard Stand

Constructed from 1″ square double-braced tubing which gives it extra strength, durability and sturdiness in usage, the CC-KStand from ChromaCast is another stand worth its pay. It supports weight up to 150 pounds well.

Adjustable playing height which ranges between 23.5″ and 38.5″ and width varying between 12″ and 33″ means that the player using this stand can find themselves a most comfortable configuration.

The arms on it are adjustable and it fits every keyboard on the market. It also possesses straps to hold supported keyboards snugly in place.

If the need arises to transport or stow it away, this stand folds flat to ease the process.

10) Gearlux Adjustable Single-Braced Keyboard Stand

Minimalist in design and build but far from minimal in performance, this single-braced stand carries more than it looks like it can.

Apart from its 150 pounds weight capacity, its adjustment range of 11″ (28″-39″) means it is not only useful with various keyboards but can be owned and used successfully by even more kinds of players.

Perhaps one of its most important selling points is the compact size it shrinks to when packed for easy movement and storage.

Combining these features, it means this stand is fit for churches, outdoor performances, schools and most places where a piano is required.

11) Ultimate Support JS-MPS1 JamStands Series Multi-purpose Keyboard/Mixer Stand

Sometimes players and DJs find that some of their equipment do not fit onto standard stands, this multipurpose stand covers that completely with its 10 x 17 x 31″ dimensions.

It can carry 88-note Keyboards safely, DJ equipment, mixers and much more as a result of it strong, sturdy steel design.

The telescoping legs are easy to adjust and lock in place for perfect height requirements. The same mechanism is employed in the width too to help reach the right size for whichever equipment it is needed for.

To further enhance its strength, it features trusses that you won’t find on many other stands.

12) Yamaha PKBX2 Double-Braced Adjustable X-Style Keyboard Stand

A very sturdy take on the tested and trusted double-X form factor, 6 heights to lock onto all packaged into 9.2 pounds in total gives you this Yamaha PKBX2.

Both seasoned professionals and amateur players will find a welcome partner in this stand for their keyboards. It folds slim so that travel and storage problems are a thing of the past.

Its adjustment mechanism consists of a quick change knob for alternating between the 6 positions and a circular locking mechanism to boot.

13) Yamaha L85 Keyboard Stand

Apart from being such a beautiful piece that it can pass comfortably for furniture, this range of keyboard stands is actually designed to match the look and feel of Yamaha’s P-35, P-45, P-71 P-85, P-95, P-105, and P-115 digital pianos.

It matches the sizes of the aforementioned keyboards and as such attaches securely to the instrument it is being used with.

When properly installed, it stands strong and withstands plenty but may not be very favourably packed and stowed away or transported like other foldable pieces. Its weight is also on the high side.

Style and looks are however two areas where it makes up completely for its short comings.

14) On-Stage KS7903 3-Tier A-Frame Keyboard Stand

For the multi-keyboard showman, this is a keyboard stand that can’t be ignored easily. Its 48″ A-styled frame sits up to three different keyboards at once with adjustments possible so that the player is completely in control of the positions and direction of their equipment.

The legs of this stand are hinged so they can be folded up and moved when necessary. An adjustable wrench is present to calibrate each tier of the stand. A double lock system supports the system and allows for added stability of the frame.

Non-slip rubber ends complete the setup so that friction won’t let your keyboard fall off.

15) World Tour Single X Keyboard Stand Deluxe Bench Package

This particular keyboard stand brings every feature that can be expected from a single X keyboard stand. Adjustable height and widths, with it being able to carry 49, 61, 76 and 88 key keyboards in different configurations to play in both standing and sitting positions.

Speaking of seating positions, the World Tour deluxe keyboard bench for use with this stand comes with a large-enough 12×17″ leather seat, padded up to 2.25″. It can hold up to 250 pounds of players’ weight without problems.

Back to the stand, its 1-inch square and round heavy duty steel frame allows it to hold equipment weights up to 130 pounds.

When not being used, it closes fully for easy storage and luggage.

16) K&M Stands 18810.015.55 Table-Style Keyboard Stand

One of the most premium keyboard stand offerings, it packs details that make it a very attractive package for professionals especially.

It packs large, round floor protectors which when combined with its compact steel tubing make it way more stable and sturdier than a lot of other stands on the market.

It weighs in at 21.8 pounds, dimensions of 37.8 x 3 x 24.8 inches and can carry other equipment too to complete the musical show.

It boasts a spring-loaded clamping knob that adjusts the height between 23.622 and 40.157 inches. For ease of adjustment, there is an engraved scale and S Velcro tapes guiding the cable.

17) Roland KS-18Z Keyboard Stand

It would seem that the standard skillets for a capable keyboard stand would be the adjustable frame made of strong-enough materials, ability to hold multiple types of keyboards and other musical equipment of considerable weight comfortably and compact fold for portability and storage. Roland KS-187 checks all of these boxes.

It holds up to 198 pounds of load and its height and width can be adjusted independently. It folds very well too to just a fraction of the size so that it can be stored away without taking up much space

Its width adjustment can carry anything from 49-note keyboards to its 88-note siblings.

18) PartySaving Pro Series Portable 2 Tier Double X Keyboard Stand with Locking Straps APL 1158

The double X frame is a tried and tested style for many keyboard stand makers, PartySaving employs it in the manufacture of its Pro Series 2X.

Made out of iron for strength and durability, it carries a maximum weight of 135 pounds. It is also capable of carrying two keyboards at once on its second tier.

One of the innovative features it comes with is a rubber locking mechanism that holds the keyboard, or other equipment in place to prevent falls and slips.

To cap it all off, it folds flat so it can be transported or moved aside when not in use.

19) Kuyal Heavy Duty Keyboard Stand

Many keyboardists who possess large size devices will observe that fitting their piece on stands can be quite the ask, but this heavy-duty keyboard stand from Kuyal does that job very well. An X-type, Single-tube stand which is made out of high-quality materials for great performance and longevity of usage.

The foldability impressively makes it so compact that it can be easily stowed or move around, therefore it can be used successfully, basically anywhere.

In terms of height, this stand can be adjusted to stand at between 17″ and 37″. In fact, there are 7 possible adjustments to choose from in holding your keyboard so you can play while standing, sitting, squatting (we don’t know why you would want to do that).

As per weight considerations, it can hold up to 100 pounds or 88 keys maximum.

20) Talent KS-1 Double X-Brace Performance Keyboard Stand

One of the most beautiful selling points of X-style Keyboard Stands is the compactness and lightweight when folded, this particular stand wins on both counts.

Made of four steel columns of size 1″ x 1″; its durability is completely assured and at the same time, the weight is kept at a relatively low level.

By design, it can handle the requirements of advanced virtuoso players as well as those of freshmen on the scene.

Whatever your playing level, its adjustable rubber footing helps with levelling while it is equipped to present four different height and width configurations.

21) Gator Frameworks GFW-Key-5100XRed Deluxe Two Tier X Style Keyboard Stand

Can you fall in love with a keyboard stand? Checkout this two-tier, X-style type stand before answering. Apart from its flamboyant bright red pigment (in line with Nord’s brand of keyboards), two-tier stands generally exude this regal ambience about them, and this doesn’t disappoint.

With a minimum height of 22″ and a maximum of 38″, it stands tall and sits low when needed. Constructed from heavy-duty steel to ensure durability and strength.

Several levels of adjustment for ease of use and an impressive compact fold that makes it quite easily moved around an stored in small spaces.

22) Gearlux Adjustable Z-Style Keyboard Stand

The keyboardist who plays with a great deal of energy, need a stand that can withstand the vibrations generated by their high powered playing style. Gearlus’s Z-style stand fits that bill perfectly.

It features padded arms to absorb vibrations emanating from playing and to give no-slip support to whatever device is sitting on it.

For versatility, it is fitted with adjustable center beams that fit different sizes of keyboards comfortably. Its width can be varied from 22″ to 34″.

One of the standout features is that it can be used to play from either side due to the style of its design.

Its 35 x 5 x 6″ frame collapses easily to give ease of storage and carriage too.

23) OnStage KS8291XX Pro Double X Keyboard Stand

This particular keyboard stand is as premium as they come. Built by On-Stage for pro-level players and performers; it packs features like an internal rod reinforcing the mechanism, an ergonomic trigger, a spring-loaded deadbolt fashioned from solid-steel.

Its specs sheet looks like this: custom ERGO-LOK system that packs the trigger, deadbolt and internal rod earlier mentioned; adjustable rubber arm sleeves that can hold any keyboard size; rubber end caps on the arms to prevent any slipping and a weight capacity of 330 pounds.

Lugging it around may not be so easy though, but it is always worth the hassle when taken to the show.

24) K&M Table Style Keyboard Stand

If you want to know what a versatile, all-purpose keyboard stand looks like, you should take a look at this table style contender.

It looks like a table (of course) and can be adjusted with the utmost freedom. Each leg has its own individual height adjustment for example.

With dimensions of 26 × 18.5 × 5.1″, and weighing in at 23.4 pounds, it features completely foldable feet so that it can be packed up and lugged around in a lightweight package.

Using it with additional enhancements like a slacker allows for use with other equipment like a laptop so you can be the life of the party.

25) On-Stage Heavy-Duty Mixer or Keyboard Stand

Give it to On-Stage to present a stand as rugged, yet simplistic as this for use with keyboards, mixers and any other equipment that fits.

The large format Heavy-Duty T-Stand can have its height, depth and width adjusted to fit the requirements of the user.

Its construction is of welded and bolted steel for ultimate stability while its 30mm tubing is large enough to prevent caving.

It easily folds to a T for storage and movement, every DJ or instrumentalist will find this useful in many situations.

26) Quik Lok QL742 Keyboard Stand

Two tiers and two bases, this adjustable keyboard stand lets players use two machines at once with different settings comfortably. Adjustable height and width to add to the allure.

The dimensions come in at 24.8 × 7.1 × 40.5 and it weighs 18.74 pounds.

The top tier can be used to hold a laptop if the need arises and can be easily detached if they aren’t needed too. They can actually be adjusted for angle, height, width, front/back position, etc.

27) Neewer Black Folding Solid Iron Single-Braced X-Style Keyboard Stand

Equipped with a 7-position disk clutch to adjust the dimensions to use and locking straps to keep keyboards on their seat, this keyboard stand is the ultimate in versatility.

The sheer number of positions means it can sit very low and very tall as the player might require.

Another standout feature for you to observe is its solid iron construction which is sturdier than many others. Paired with the non-slip rubber end caps, it gives a stand comfortable to use in every situation.

Its height adjusts between 23″ and 38″ and it folds completely flat when the time comes to up and move.

28) K & M Spider Keyboard Stand

This state of the art, ultra modern keyboard stand ticks so many boxes. Collapsible design for easy portability, check! Sturdy aluminium frame for utmost stability and longevity, check! Lightweight construction, check! And there’s even more.

The Spider sports 2 pairs of extendible support arms for holding two keyboards simultaneously. The top set has a 15-degree tilt that makes playing both keyboards easy. Dimensions are 48 × 9.8 × 7.1 and weigh 17.64 pounds, the pro version can accommodate a microphone with a few enhancements thrown in.

Choosing the Best Keyboard Stand from the Best Keyboard Stand Brands

Having run through this comprehensive list of 28 keyboard stands, the ultimate decision rests with you. At the end of the day, selecting a keyboard is a function of several factors which we have discussed earlier, but before you make that final decision, or while you’re still debating in your mind if you even need one, you need to have a few points in mind.

2) Knox Gear Z Style Adjustable Piano Keyboard Stand

  • Heavy Duty
  • Anti Skid Pad
  • Great for Most Keyboards
  • Flexible Adjustments
  • Reinforced Design

1) On-Stage KS7365EJ Pro Folding Z Keyboard Stand

  • Strong Construction
  • Removable 2nd Tier
  • High Quality
  • Folds Flat
  • Flexible Adjustments

3) RockJam Xfinity Heavy-duty, Double-X Keyboard Stand

  • Affordable
  • Non-slip rubber
  • Popular Choice
  • Lightweight
  • Quick-Release Mechanism

Ask as many questions as necessary. You’re about to spend money, therefore it is always good to have necessary information about what you are spending on. You don’t want to end up buying a stand that feels awkward with the keyboard system you need it for.

Think of the future. Because many keyboard stands have weight limitations, it might become useless once you decide to upgrade to a newer keyboard, you should, therefore, have it in mind that such a day might come and use that information in making your decision.

Goodluck and make some great music.

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