14 Best Yamaha Digital Piano Reviews 2022 – Best Yamaha Keyboard

Best Yamaha Digital Piano & Best Yamaha Keyboard

Best Yamaha Digital Piano & Best Yamaha Keyboard

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The Yamaha brand is a popular name in the musical instrument world. The brand is famous for producing top-class digital pianos with realistic key action, together with a great acoustic piano sound, and a handful of excellent digital features.

But with hundreds of great instruments in the market, choosing the best digital piano can sometimes be difficult. So, we have picked the best Yamaha digital pianos and keyboards to guide you in making the right selection.

What are the Best Yamaha Digital Pianos/Keyboard to Buy?

2) Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano

  • Highly Rated
  • Top Quality 
  • 76-Key
  • Great for All
  • Popular Choice

1) Yamaha Arius YDP-181 Traditional Console Style Digital Piano

  • Best Seller
  • Yamaha Arius Series
  • 88-Key
  • Traditional Console Style

3) Yamaha DGX-660 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano Premium

  • Pure CF Sound Engine
  • Great Value
  • 88-Key
  • Smooth Operation

Why choose Yamaha digital pianos?

There are a plethora of reasons why lots of music enthusiasts and music instructors are buying and recommending digital pianos bearing the Yamaha badge. From being affordable to realistic performance, here are the major reasons why you should invest in a Yamaha digital piano.

Quality of construction

Unlike some companies who delight in manufacturing defective and poorly fitted digital pianos, Yamaha takes pride in building instruments that will last for many years to come. From our reviews, we discover that most of the digital piano models put forward by Yamaha appear more solid in quality, handling and sound projection, than some other brand models that sound like toys.

Yamaha’s digital pianos portray excellent craftsmanship and durability in design.

Quality of realistic performance

Key action and sound quality are the major features that determine the quality and overall performance of any digital piano. Against this backdrop, we focused our reviews on these areas and we discover that most of the digital pianos that dominate the Yamaha piano catalogue comprise of the most realistic sound and excellent key functionality that rules the digital piano market.

Inclusion of extra features

Another reason why Yamaha digital pianos are highly recommended is because they come with a host of bonus features. The ability of a professional or intermediate player to plug in external devices, play discreetly with included headphones or consult a play-manual or instruction CD that sometimes comes with some models, make Yamaha digital pianos very appealing.

14 Best Yamaha Digital Piano Reviews - Best Yamaha Keyboard

1) Yamaha Arius YDP-181 Traditional Console Style Digital Piano with Bench, Rosewood

All eyes on the Yamaha YDP-181 digital piano for the fact the YDP series have been the longest and most selling models among Yamaha’s innumerable catalogue of digital pianos. The Arius 181 features excellent weighted 88 keys with the Yamaha’s trademark Graded Hammer effects that elevate the playing to look similar to that of an acoustic piano.

Another thing included in this wonderful design that mimics the tone of a great acoustic piano is the 18 polyphony notes that are designed to produce those eloquent sounds professionals have always longed for. Going by this feature, we can say this is an excellent digital piano for advanced pianist.

Furthermore, the Arius YDP-181 comes with three damper pedals that have half-damper effects for enhancing control. In addition, 3 levels of touch sensitivity—low, medium and hard—are available for various playing styles and techniques. Preset songs are included for you to learn more songs and the recording function allows you to record and keep track of your performance to determine if you are making progress.

2) Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano

Here is one of Yamaha’s sleek and powerful keyboard—the YPG-235. This keyboard features 76 keys and other superb features that make it suitable for musicians or instructors of all ages and playing levels.

The model comprises of the popular Yamaha Graded soft touch key style that dominates most of Yamaha pianos. The YPG-235 weighs just 18 pounds, making it a very lightweight and portable piano replacement that will suit all your musical needs.

For beginner pianists looking for something portable and one that allows expressive performance, the YPG-235 comes to the fore. It comprises of 160 preset styles, with as much as 500 voices and 30 preset songs to play with. You want to keep track of your playing or practice and see how well you are doing? The built-in recording function allows you to record your performance and consult it for future references.

This model also features the Yamaha Education Suite—a set of advanced learning tools that teach you how to play and improve faster than you can imagine. A USB port allows you to connect and play sounds or songs from external devices like the laptop. Notwithstanding, you will have to buy an adapter and AA battery separately.

3) Yamaha DGX-660 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano Premium with Matching Stand

The Yamaha DGX-660 is a professional digital piano—a full 88 keyboard with GHS weighted action. Regarded as one of the best Yamaha concert piano, the GDX-660 features a new piano Room that allows the player to choose from different forms of piano and acoustic settings for the player to create his or her personal piano environment.

The DGX-660 features the famous Yamaha Pure CF Engine, together with high-class sampling technology that brings out the expertise in all categories of pianists. Weighted GHS keyboard action allows the player to have a heavier touch in the lower end and a lighter touch in the higher end. This feature is similar to what is attainable in the hammer that lies in acoustic pianos.

Furthermore, the Score Display enables you to see and play along with your favourite songs by putting the music notation of the MIDI songs on the screen. The built-in recorder can record six tracks on the go, which allows you to keep track of your performance and play back your songs to determine where you are falling short.

4) Yamaha P Series P35B 88-Key Digital Piano Black

Yamaha digital pianos that run on the P series have been among the greatest and most popular set of digital pianos in the market. The P35 is a full, 88-Key piano boasting a portable frame and graded hammer standard (GHS) keyboard that renders a feel similar to the one officered by an acoustic piano.

Most models (including this one) on the P series features Advanced Wave Memory sampling technology, a unique design that retrieves acoustic sound and technically creates a deep, gorgeous sound via a couple of waveforms processed by the use of microphones.

It also features 10 fun and creative voice demos that allow you to fine-tune your style. 2harpsichords, 2 grand pianos and a vibraphone are also included, alongside 10 super preset songs.The design is highly sturdy, and the four levels four-touch sensitivity offers improve realistic response.

Furthermore, the unit also features headphone output, duo mode similar functions for enhanced expression and practicability during play.

5) Yamaha P255 88-Key Professional Weighted Action Digital Piano with Sustain Pedal, Black

Just like other models in the P-series, the P255 features an elegant design that makes it to stand out from the crowd. In a way, this model appears in sharp contrast to the P45, but look similar in design to the P115. It comes with a full keyboard—88 weighted GHS keys—with Pure CF sound engine capability, making it a better choice for intermediate and professional players.

One thing we like with the design is that it doesn’t give much attention to numerous buttons and switches but just kept it cool, very simple and classy. The keyboard boasts an impressive number of polyphony notes, ranging 256 in numbers. That alone gives it a fuller sound, compare to some other models in the same P-series. The P-255 voice package is another thing worth mentioning. It comes with 24 options, ad against the 14 packed by the P-115.

Lastly, it is noteworthy that the P-255 also features the Yamaha’s Sample memory Key that allows the instrument to mimic the unique sound that of a grand piano, especially when lifting your fingers off the keys. The built-in 2 speakers enable you to access and appreciate the wonderful attribute of these excellent features.

6) Yamaha YDP163R Rosewood 88 Weighted Keys Digital Piano

The Yamaha YDP163R is the professional digital piano designed to exceed your expectations, especially if you are a beginner. The model is very light and compact, something that a beginner will love and cherish. It also appears that the sample is superior to most of its compatriots in the same price range—even outside the Yamaha brand.

The Pre CF Sampling combines effectively with the Graded Hammer Standard action for the weighted key design to produce excellent resonance while recreating the depth and rich tone of an acoustic piano. You can configure the instrument with remarkable ease and navigate effortlessly using the digital piano controller on the optional iOS app. The iOS app allows you access features and settings on the piano with breathtaking speed and eases instead of using the panel of your instrument.

The YDP163R is designed to grow with the player as he progresses. Thus, the 2 track song recorder enables you to record, replay and monitor your progress. With 50 classic piano songs at your service, together with another 50 great songs in the music book that accompanies this model, the sky would surely be the limit of your success in practicing on this wonderful model.

7) Yamaha DGX230 76-Key Digital Piano Pack with Stand, Power Supply and Headphone

Here is one of the most affordable top-quality digital pianos from Yamaha. For its quality, the DGX230 is reasonably priced. For the student and advanced player who need more keys for a considerable price, the DGX230 offers the best option, and it’s not surprising that it has won lots of teacher’s recommendation over the years.

First, the piano is a 76 key design, and the keys are weighted and look more like piano keys with Graded Soft Touch (GST) action. The keys have different levels of resistance, a feature that makes it easy for a developing pianist to move over to an acoustic or digital piano. The DGX230 features a special fingering theme tagged “Full Keyboard Mode,” which allows you to handle and play the keyboard like a piano.

Furthermore, a CD ROM is included in the package from which you can learn how to play better, using the Yamaha Education Suite. A built-in track recorder allows you to record multiple tracks up to six on the go. The DGX230 also comes with 30 songs from which you can learn and develop your playing style. Another 70 is included on the CD ROM. USB connectivity allows you to connect external music devices like Laptop, MP3 and more to the keyboard and spice up your style and play taste from external songs and sounds.

8) Yamaha YPG-535 88-Key Portable Grand Piano with Stand and Power Adapter

All Yamaha digital pianos are great in their own respect, and the YPG-535 isn’t an exception either. The model comes boasting amazing features excellently crafted in a portable digital piano. Apart from being readily affordable, this model comes with a nice looking backlit screen that gives a vivid graphic, which is especially suitable for the beginner who needs every bit of courage to play one.

Boasting a whopping 361 XGLite voices plus 127-panel accessible voices, this model features the ability to make the endless amount of rich and unique sound. Every bit of the DGX230 is top-class and is strictly for the professional use of the top-class player.

The Yamaha DGX230 also has a Graded Soft Touch technology—where you can touch the keys lightly for low sounds and hit them hard for loud sound. Performance Assistant Technology and USB connectivity are great features that give you excellent whistles and bells while allowing you to customize your style and technique of play.

The popular Yamaha Education Suite is also at your fingertips on this model, further allowing your to learn and customize the voice and sound that you hear.

9) Yamaha P45 88-Weighted Key Digital Piano

The Yamaha P45 is another grandmaster of the Yamaha P-series. Parading the popular Graded Hammer Action functionality keyboard known as the company’s selling flagship, the P45 is out to meet the competition head-on. The model comes with a highly realistic key action that renders the precise amount of responsiveness for every single one of the 88 keys.

Not to be left undone, the P45 also features the popular Advanced Wave Memory technology—a design that has been a major part of the Yamaha digital piano craftsmanship. The AWM Stereo sampling is very helpful in accurately recording and recreating the very best of Yamaha’s greatest acoustic grand piano, even down to the final details.

The P45 isn’t much of heavy keyboard, regarding portability. Weighing below 70 pounds, one can say this is a decent weight for such a full, innovative piano with excellent features. Dual mode functionality means you can play two different styles at the same time. It also features four types of built-in reverbs and four levels of response touch, making a great piece for the beginner and professional in playing a variety of skills and thrills. A keyboard stand and bench are included in this model, meaning you are set to play from the moment you receive it.

10) Yamaha P115 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano with Sustain Pedal, Black

Here is another great and powerful digital piano from Yamaha popular P series—the P115. Like most of Yamaha digital pianos, the P115 offers excellent Graded Hammer Standard keyboard that possesses realistic responsiveness similar to that of an acoustic piano.

It carries the company’s most powerful sound engine—the famous Pure CF Sound Engine, which is responsible for accurate samples and recreation of notes for rich and expressive acoustic piano sound.

Although this model appears slightly more expensive compared to other models in the P-series like the P-45, one can forget about the cost taking into consideration the P115 improved sound engine, coupled with the fact that it is equipped with better digital features. Features such as pianist style mode give you every single chord you play a complete piano performance.

Lastly, the P-115 feature a controller app compatible with iOS devices which gives you a rich, graphic user interface that further provides quick and easy configuration and navigation. A sustain pedal for convenient play is included in this model. The Pianist Style mode allows you to sound as if you and someone else is playing, when it is just you.

11) Yamaha P-71 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano with Sustain Pedal

The P-71 is designed to be the best digital piano for practical lessons, rehearsing and creating. The model is a full-sized piano keyboard with reliable weighted keys supported by rich Yamaha piano voices to give the user the most realistic feel and sound you can get while providing the perfect match for your home decor.

One thing that makes the P71 unique is the simple button control configuration. You can change the settings on the P71 simply by using one button. There is a button marked “Grand Piano/Function button, and once you hold down this button and press some selected keys, you will be able to change the voice, configure the metronome, change demo sources, and more.

The P71 also feature another notable design from Yamaha—the Advanced Wave Memory sampling technology, a solid digital design that allows you to record and store the unique sound of an acoustic piano.

Using the AVM Stereo Sampling also goes a long way in creating a richer, deeper and more expansive sound by using sets of waveforms processed with two different microphones. You can use the AWM to play one sample depending on each key at different volume levels and timbre.

12) Yamaha PSRE253 61-Key Portable Keyboard

For those who are out looking for a digital piano they can use for practice, the PSRE253 is an excellent choice that’s what the consideration. The model features 61-full size keys which are great for learning improving on keyboard technique.

The PSRE253 features a unique duo mode design that allows you to split the keyboard into two different playing halves. Each of the two halves has their independent ‘middle C’ that you can use for practicing with a music instructor or with a partner.

There is a provision for an AUX input which allows you to connect and make use of any external music device that has a headphone like an MP3, a laptop, or mixer. You can even connect another keyboard to this model, play and listen to the wonderful sound trough the built-in speakers that project excellent sounds.

Overall, this is a good digital piano with the portable grand button that helps in resetting the original grand piano voice. You also have 32 polyphony notes to play with and the fact that the unit operates on batteries or with a power adaptor, means you have good options regarding when and where to play.

13) Yamaha PSRE353 61-Key Portable Keyboard

If touch sensitivity on keys is anything to go by, the PSRE353 Portable Keyboard is a force to reckon with among digital pianos. The keys on this model feature perfect touch sensitivity, meaning they are highly responsive and intuitive to touch. The quick responsiveness of the keys makes the task easier for the beginner to undertake practical lessons and improve his or her playing career.

The key design allows you play slightly for a softer sound and when you hit hard on the keys, you get a louder and more imposing sound. There is one unique feature offers by the PSRE353, and it’s called “melody suppressor.” This is responsible for isolating the melody of audio songs from other devices that are connected to the intuitive AUX line input jack. The suppressor further tones down on the volume, allowing you to play the lead or sing along conveniently.

Of course, with the AUX line input jack, you can connect external music sources such as MP3, computer, or mixer using headphone and play it through the internal speakers. But the best of it all is the inclusion of the Yamaha Education Suite which allows the pianist tp practice using the preset songs. Connect and make use of MIDI files and play your style at your pace.

14) Yamaha NP32 76-Key Lightweight Portable Keyboard

Using Graded Soft Technology (GST) is what really set this model apart from a host of others in the Yamaha digital piano catalogue. The Yamaha NP32 GST keyboard renders a decent and gentle weighting performance, while retaining the soft and lovely touch of a digital keyboard.

The NP32 allows you to recreate the excellent instrument stereo sound using the included Advanced Wave Memory Stereo Sampling. This model also comes with the popular Yamaha controller app that is compatible with iOS devices. The app enables you to include intuitive and sleek user interface which enhances quick navigation and easy configuration

Just like with most of the Yamaha models on this list, the NP32 also made provision for a USB port which allows you to connect external devices and play more sounds and songs that suits your needs. There is another great feature—the USB to Host port—the feature that let you connect and interact with the different musical creation and educational apps right on your mobile device or computer.

Once upgraded, you can get additional polyphony note up to 64 in numbers, extended battery life and a song recorder.

Looking for Pedal?

Yamaha LP7A 3-Pedal Unit for DGX 660 White

We know that the among all Yamaha Digital Pianos, the DGX660 is the winner when it comes down to versatility. For instance, the score and lyrical display feature on the DGX660 are second to none. It allows you to play while simply following notation for a MIDI file. Don’t also forget that with the DGX660, you reserve the privilege of downloading MIDI files from Yamaha’s MusicSoft, which you can use on your keyboard. But all of these great features and versatility will amount to nothing without the Yamaha LP7A Pedal.

A pedal is an excellent feature that lets you to accomplish your playing purpose comfortably. Including the LP7A pedal will effectively stabilise the DGX660 88 key piano, making it more sturdy and prevent it from wobbling. The LP7A pedal comes with simple instruction on how to set it up. You can set this pedal up within 15 minutes and get ready to handle your digital piano like an acoustic one.

The LP7A pedal system features an elegant design—white—which makes the DGX660 more visual. It also enhances the capabilities of the unit and makes you to play better in the right position. Installing this pedal will give you two more, making all three pedals to work great. They are solid and playable without any form of difficulty or distracting clicking sounds. The LP7A pedals are damper soft and allows for more expressive play. They are normally attached to the DGX640, but you have to get them for your DGX660 for all-round stability and playing comfort.

Choosing the Best Yamaha Digital Piano

The acoustics made by the piano, the well-crafted control panel, and the stand is beyond perfection. Yes, we are talking about the digital piano and how it's aced by the Yamaha ever since they started manufacturing them.

A digital piano comes with the electronic keyboard feature aimed at replacing the traditional and old acoustic pianos. The irony lies in digital pianos as they use the acoustic pianos' recorded samples or the emulation to amplify the sounds. Topping that, weighted keys are added, which fills up the nostalgia of acoustic pianos.

Many people opt for digital pianos because they are much more portable and easy on the pocket. In addition, there is a nary need for tuning the organs and added parts. However, if you want to accentuate the music, an amplifier can be added to create louder sounds. Even if you're going to ace the Hammond organs or harpsichord, digital pianos can help ace that as well. So, if you want to know your way around digital pianos, this article covers each aspect with precision!

2) Yamaha YPG-235 76-Key Portable Grand Piano

  • Highly Rated
  • Top Quality 
  • 76-Key
  • Great for All
  • Popular Choice

1) Yamaha Arius YDP-181 Traditional Console Style Digital Piano

  • Best Seller
  • Yamaha Arius Series
  • 88-Key
  • Traditional Console Style

3) Yamaha DGX-660 88-Key Weighted Action Digital Piano Premium

  • Pure CF Sound Engine
  • Great Value
  • 88-Key
  • Smooth Operation

Interesting Facts About Yamaha Digital Piano

If you are interested in digital pianos, this section has all the essential facts and interesting aspects whipped up for you. Have a look!

  • One piano is the integration of 7500 different parts to ensure soothing and smooth sounds is produced without compromising on the quality
  • Unlike digital pianos, traditional pianos need to be tuned at least four times before one uses it, as the temperature can affect the tuning
  • The digital pianos produce sound through the hammer hitting of the strings
  • A piano needs 230 strings to make sounds
  • In 1772, the oldest piano was launched by Americus Backers
  • The word piano is originated from the word, pianoforte, which means quiet. In other words, pianos are manufactured to make a calm sound
  • Pianos have the diversity to create high and low tones with utter ease
  • Some people call piano keys, ivories even if they are produced from plastic
  • If you want to pursue music studying, it is a must that you know how to play piano
  • There is a Crystal Piano, which is known as the most expensive piano and was introduced in Beijing 2008 Olympic Games

What To Consider When Buying A Digital Piano

A digital piano might look like a simple keyboard, but a lot of thought goes into buying the right one. If you are opting for the digital piano, let us help you choose the one with optimal and significant features. Have a look and keep in mind these points!

  • Convenience – Let's be real about it that the majority of the piano players opt for digital pianos because they are easy to carry out, given the lightweight and compactness. The digital pianos are designed to take less space which makes them easy to store, so choose the one with these features
  • Cost – If a digital piano is too costly, you need to look for the right one because they are meant to be inexpensive. Moreover, the maintenance costs need to be nary with digital pianos
  • Volume – The sound and volume intensity can be easily controlled with digital pianos. To accentuate the sound, drums, woodwinds, percussion, and brass
  • Recording – If you want to keep track of your sounds, make sure your digital piano allows the recording as most of them have the in-built capability. This feature comes handy when you are playing your songs!
  • Dimensions – While buying the piano, make sure the keyboard height is appropriate or comes with the adjustable stands or pedals
  • Skill Set – If you are a beginner, it is optimal to go for a basic digital piano, and with the improvement in skill set, you can go for the advanced models
  • Touch Response & Action – If you want to feel it like the acoustic piano, go for the weighted actions leading to graded hammer actions. On the other hand, opt for the digital piano that comes with a slider or a knob for quality volume control
  • Sound Quality – If you are a singer and working on a song, opt for the digital piano that has high storage because it helps in producing high-resolution sound. Also, keep in mind the notes decay and sustainability
  • Polyphony – Make sure that you chose digital piano has at least 32-note polyphony and a maximum of 64-notes
  • Sounds & Tones – Never go overboard with this because it can become a huge distraction. Opt for the basic sounds and tones as they enhance the fun factor!
  • Speakers & Amplification – If you are just buying one out of the hobby, o for in-built speakers and amplification, but if you really want to learn and make it big, opt for the one who can help connect additional speakers and amplifications. Also, make sure it has a USB port and a headphone jack

Yamaha Digital Piano – The Brand History

This company has named to be the most significant piano manufacturing company out there, which started its operations in 1887. With the dawn of 1887, Yamaha started reed organ and piano manufacturing. Still, back then, the company was known as Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd. However, if we look at the brand's logo, there are three tuning forks, which depicts that they still own their musical instrument manufacturing side.

Fast forward to 1954, the company made its Yamaha Music School, which is a cranked-up notch because no other musical instrument manufacturing company has done that. With time, the company also started manufacturing drums, brass, violas, guitars, woodwinds, vibraphones, and celli.


To say the truth, there is no best Yamaha digital piano—all the models we have reviewed so far are great in one way and the other. Now that you have read our review and have seen some of the reasons why digital pianos from Yamaha are highly regarded, it’s up to you to sort out the model that fits your needs.

But know this first that if you are just starting out, your needs will definitely be different compare to that of a professional who has been on the playing field for a long. For instance, you plan on recording; you are going to need a keyboard that will be completely different from someone who aims to play classical styles.

But don’t you worry, Yamaha has everything—a digital piano for a particular style and genre. Whichever you end up choosing, just know it’s going to be a wonderful investment for you.