21 Best Metronome Reviews 2020 – Best Mechanical & Digital Metronome

Best Metronome, Best Instrument Tuner, Best Mechanical Metronome & Best Digital Metronome

Best Metronome, Best Instrument Tuner, Best Mechanical Metronome & Best Digital Metronome

Metronomes are excellent tools that help musicians and players of all type of instruments to control and improve their musical performance in relation to time. A musician or instrumentalist playing or practicing without a metronome could find it difficult to determine if he or she is playing in the right direction.

When tempos transcend into elastic form, your playing process could become more of guesswork in trying to figure out accelerandos and ritards, unless your playing pattern and style are properly configured to yield evenly.

What are the Best Metronomes to Buy?

2) WITTNER 813M Metronome 

  • Reputable Brand
  • System Maelzel
  • Made In Germany 

1) BOSS DB-90 Metronome

  • High Quality
  • 50 Memories
  • Human Voice Count
  • Note Mixer
  • MIDI Inputs

3) Korg TM50PW Metronome

  • Affordable
  • Popular Choice
  • 16 Rhythm Variations
  • Clear Visual
  • Wide Detection Range

Metronome & Control

The device or tool that help you to gain control over your musical style and rhythm is a metronome. A metronome is a unique tool that produces metrical and audible beats every single minute in order to assist a musician to keep and maintain proper time. Metronome is a solid tool for developing and sharpening one’s individual sense musical instinct.

If you are a professional, a beginner, or a performer, you will come to discover that a top-quality metronome helps to resolve lagging or poor timing problems that may be plaguing your music. A good metronome will help you to overcome stilted and rushed performance while giving you the ability to hone your timing and develop your rhythm in a precise faction. It will also enable you to appreciate the fact that each musical note occurs at a particular and precise moment in reference to its underlying pulse.

The Ideal metronome

It doesn’t matter whether you are investing in a mechanical or electronic metronome, it’s just a matter of choice, and at the end; both give out almost similar results. However, the best metronome should be sound enough to assist you during your practice class and should also help you to improve your skills by keeping you right on point with the appropriate tempo.

21 Best Metronome Reviews, Mechanical & Digital Metronomes

Now, that’s your ideal metronome, and with this in mind, we are bringing you the best 21 metronomes in the market.

1) BOSS DB-90 Metronome

The Boss DB-90 is regarded as the best and most advanced digital metronome eve to grace the market. The Boss DB-90 is extremely suitable for drums, bass guitars, keys, vocals and whatever instrument you bought it for, this is a metronome will surely improve your speed and skill.

Boasting four distinctive click kinds, comprising a human voice count, the Boss DB-90 is suitable for helping you to stay on track with your downbeat. It gives you the ability to practice to a real beat. At 1.25 pounds in weight, this metronome is among the most compact units in the market.

The device is more than capable of hooking you up with drum machine rhythms that are based on a PCM sample. It has its own Note Mixer feature that enables you to program personalized beats by yourself.

Other great components of this wonderful metronome are the available inputs that enable you to connect your guitar, bass, mic, including drum triggers. Drummers will love the onboard rhythm coach even as the controls are easy and have a low learning curve. You can also connect a controller keyboard and enjoy the best of MIDI inputs without waking up the neighbours.

2) WITTNER 813M Metronome System Maelzel with Bell

You can call this ‘Wittner reloaded’ with mat silk metronome system maelzel design. Here is a new model from the popular brand Wittner that comes with a bell, compared to similar Wittner’smodels on this list which do not have a bell. There are a lot of things why this model from Wittner has the taste a wide range of recommendation.

First, the Wittner 813M has a track record of keeping excellent time, something that is very necessary for any music player making use of metronome. Secondly, the volume of this model is very high, compared to the previous model like the Wittner 845111KA. Do if you are interested in a loud and wide tempo range metronome, the Wittner 813M should do the trick.

Overall, the design that defines the Wittner 813 is one of simplicity, with the great look, even as the physical swing of the pendulum offers good help when practicing. The sound that comes from this metronome is very pleasing to the player. You just might really need to use to use the bell, given the fact that it has everything you need to keep time.

To make it even better, you can decide to have the bell click at every 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 6th click. And with a clear visual reference for the beat, you can be sure to lock on anytime.

3) Korg TM50PW Instrument Tuner and Metronome, White

The Korg TM50PW is a perfect combination of a tuner and metronome with affordable price. It is a great instrument tuner and metronome with excellent functionality, which includes a needle-style LCD for greater tuning accuracy and amazing response. It has a wide tempo range of 30 to 252 BPM, and a wide detection range from C1 to C8.

The Korg TM50PW enables beginners’ musicians to practice using a broad range of musical styles from the included 16 rhythm variations. If you are looking for a device which will allow you to use the tuner and metronome together at the same time, the Korg TM50PW is a great choice.

The model also features two awesome level-backlight that let you have a clear visual of what is on the screen. This latest design also enables the TM50PW to render sound back function which generates the reference tone closest to the input sound, which enable you to improve your accurate pitch.

You have two colors to chose from—black or fresh pearl white—with a longer battery life and folding stand.

4) WITNNER 803M Metronome without Bell Walnut

Here is another excellent design from Witnner, and this time around, the company is coming from Germany with an even better and reliable design compared to the Witnner 834. This new model features a unique wooden casing design that gives it the feel and quality of a premium metronome.

Just like its sister version, the Witnner 803M Metronome doesn’t have a bell, so this isn’t going to be the metronome that will disturb the entire neighbourhood. Appealing? Yes, it is! The Walnut color of the casing makes it something worth looking at twice, not forgetting the overall matte finish that clearly defines the beauty of this wonderful piece.

Regarding performance, nothing less is expected from the Witnner 803M, considering the solid German craftsmanship involved in the design. The traditional windup power supply with excellent visual pendulum blends perfectly with a reliable audible sound that ticks with amazing, rich resonance.

The great thing about this metronome is that you can adjust it beat pattern from 40 to 280 beats per minute of play. Moreover, it is far better than the cheap electronic ones in the market, even though it isn’t the greatest in its class.

5) Korg TMR50BK TMR-50 Tuner Metronome recorder-Black

Here is a metronome device that combines 3-in-1 functionality to make the act of playing simultaneously or independently an easy task. This model is unique in that it enables you to record and playback your performance to determine if you are making progress. You can do the recording and playback using the internal mic and speaker.

Another viable feature that makes the Korg TMR50BK a king in its own class is the Loop Play Functionality. Loop play allows you to playback or repeats a desired segment or region of a particular recorded track. That is not all; you can also record up to 100 tracks of about 20 minutes each using the high-quality linear PCM record/playback functionality.

Furthermore, you can produce a reference tone using the Sound Out function. The reference tone can be created in a three-octave range directly from the built-in speaker. The TM series from Korg is perfect and popular among players who seek to perfect their playing style and advance their career. Don’t forget you can transfer your recorded tracks to and fro the TMR50BK through the USB port connectivity.

6) Matrix MR600 Deluxe Metronome

Measuring 5.6 ounces, the Matrix MR600 is another portable and pocket-sized music tuner you can carry about to any practice class or show to aid your instrumental playing. Designed with a dimension of 8 x 5.5 x 1.4 inches, the Matrix MR600 offers compact feel and convenience.

The Matrix MR600 features a pendulum style LED display that offers clear and precise visuals for beat selections and tuning. It has a chromatic output which contributes to your speed in learning musical beat and styles of play. The adjustable downbeat works side by side with the awesome volume control that can be set to any time signature. The device is remarkable for its immense help in allowing music players to have the perfect timing they have always longed for.

Made of plastic, the Matrix MR600 isn’t the strongest or most durable metronome on the market. So care has to be taken not to drop it carelessly because the plastic dial will likely be the place of impact when dropped, and this is a very fragile spot.

However, the Matrix MR600 is a much better quality compared to some models in its category. The adjustable volume control, easy change of tempo and other settings, including the loudspeaker make it a top-notch choice metronome to have this year.

7) WITNNER 834 Metronome Taktell Piccolo Ruby

Not all metronome manufacturers are popular, but some who don’t enjoy the privilege of being famous has good quality metronomes products that will give the much-established brands a run for their money. Witnner is one of such brand. Weighing just 7 ounces, the Witnner 834 Metronome Taktell Ruby is one of the most lightweight and portable metronome you can play anytime.

The Witnner isn’t just compact but also performs excellently. It is something you can easily pack around but when it comes to playability, the Witnner 834 key placed on the front of the metronome works flawlessly.

The Ruby color design adds more shine to the overall functionality of the instrument. It doesn’t have a bell, but there is no doubting the quality of this metronome, especially when you consider it was made in Germany—a home of solid and high-quality products.

Witnner 834 5.9 x 2.76 x 1.97 inches in dimensions further lend credence to its compact size. It comes housed in a plastic case that will surely last for many years. And the fact that it has an alternate beat as an analogue device, makes it even more reliable in playing whichever bpm you chose.

8) Cherub Metronome WSM-330 (Black)

The Cherub is one of the greatest metronomes around. May it have something to do with the cherubim in the skies… Well, a metronome that boasts a wide temp range of 40 to 208 beat per minute isn’t something you can just undermine. The Cherub Metronome WSM is truly a remarkable design with the top-quality metal mechanism.

At a weight size of 1.1 pounds, the Cherub Metronome WSM-330 showcases its portability and user-friendly design that makes it one of the most reliable help tools for musicians to learn faster and up their game. This piece is very loud, but once you have started playing and you are hearing every beat of what you playing, you wouldn’t mind the loudness.

The Cherub Metronome WSM-330 features a traditional demonstration of powerful beat using woodblock chip sound. The unique design also includes a bell with 5 off/on position. With tempo tolerance of 1%, the Cherub WSM-330 is the metronome you can set to have no downbeat bell but just a click-click sound all the way.

No batteries are needed for this model to work.

9) WITTNER 865061 Metronome

WITTNER 865061 Metronome

Wittner brings to the fold a classical and elegant style metronome design that that comes with the highest quality of hardwoods that defines this wood case model. This model features the popular Witnner’s wind-up mechanism that produces the visual pendulum signal alongside a ticking sound that is very audible at the end of each stroke.

Made in South Korea, the Wittner 865061 Metronome features a super tempo range that includes 40-208 beat per minute. Every beat you play has a click sound and light that indicates you have selected the current beat. The standard pitch for this model is A440 reference.

At 2.88 ounces, the Wittner 865061 is a compact metronome that will fit the size of your pocket. The construction is sturdy and the device dial is easy to use. It has a jack out port for an earphone, and the sound is clear and just perfect for those who don’t want something too loud.

Some persons might find the face numerals a bit too small, but the metronome does what it is supposed to do.

10) Korg KDM-2 True Tone Advanced Digital Metronome

Korg returns with this excellent and dynamic metronome—a unit that features a reference tuning pitch ranging C4-B4. It also features superb range from 410 to 408 Hz. The Korg KDM is a digital resonating electric metronome which renders more powerful and clearer sound. This model also features the famous Korg cylindrical speaker that has the ability to enhance clear hearing and excellent resonance.

Another important aspect of the KDM-2 is the great volume output it offers from its internal speakers. You can also count on the KDM-2 for time-keeping, and it features a blinking top panel that tells what time you are now. The design is perfect for musicians who don’t want to practice with earphones on their ears.

Despite one of the loudest metronome in the musical tools market, it still carries a headphone jackpot that measures 3.5mm unto which you can attach earphones when you need it. It comes with a volume adjustment located on the side of the unit which can help you tune down the large sound of the unit. A memory function that is unique in recalling settings is among the amazing features included in this unit. The tempo dial gives access to 20-252 beats per minute, and with an expansive LCD display screen, you can be sure to get all the information you need.

11) Boss DB-30C Dr. Beat Metronome


Here is the Boss in town—a haven of beat and rhythmic patterns in various styles and quality. Weighing 1.1 pounds, the Boss DB-30C Dr. Beat Metronome is highly portable and convenient to use. It has a sleek and appealing design that makes fun to use. For musicians or aspiring musicians looking to take their career to another level, the DB-30C offers a handful of unique features that defies its compact size.

The Boss DB-30C is not just a timekeeper, but a reliable and wonderful rhythm creator. With t, you can get up to 17-time signature beat on every measure. The Boss metronome has the capacity to create different types and styles of rhythmic patterns, as well as the time comfortable to practice along with the lay-down patterns.

Apart from the remarkable pattern creation ability, the Boss DB-30C Dr. Metronome has the ability to get you out of a complicated timekeeping pattern. With it, you can have better timing plus it is simple to use, the beginner player can use it at first sight without need any help.

The device is especially helpful for people who are learning the piano. You can easily adjust the volume and its time signature and beat settings are extremely user-friendly.

12) YAMAHA Metronome Black MP-90BK

Everyone, including the kids, knows Yamaha is a reliable manufacturer when it comes to the manufacturing of musical instruments of all types. The Yamaha Black MP-90BK Metronome is just another of the company’s resilience in ensuring that music lovers enjoy the best value for their money.

The Yamaha MP-90BK weighs 14.2 ounces, which relatively light compared to others in its category. At 4.4 x 8 x 3.5 inches in size, the MP-90BK is an ideal choice for people who want something a little more pronounced. To say the least, the MP-90BK Black Metronome is just the right design you might expect from a great brand like Yamaha. The fact that it even comes with a stopper which helps in securing it in place when moving, shows the real quality behind it.

Regarding sound, if you are a lover of loud sound, you will certainly find this metronome useful and competitive. The Yamaha Metronome Black MP-90BK comes with a bell that effectively marks off measure boundaries in specific time, and which you can turn off if you want.

The body construction is plastic but the quality is durable. If ever you feel the device is too loud, you can place it at some distance away from people to minimize sound, or simply use with a headphone.

13) KLIQ MetroPitch Metronome Tuner for All Instruments

KLIQ is yet another 3-in-1 metronome device that combines a metronome, a tuner, and tone generator to become a reliable pocket-sized design. The metronome features a carrying pouch which enables the user to easily carry the device to any practical class or show.

The tuner function is one of excellence. It is highly accurate and can cover a range of A0 to C8. It also includes different types of tuning mode, pitch calibration and transposition settings. No matter which instrument you find yourself playing, KLIQ MetroPitch is sure going to help you in attaining the proper tune and tone.

The KLIQ Metronome features a wide range of beats—30 to 250—per minutes, which includes tap tempo and some other unique beats and different patterns. KLIQ is handy in improving timing in rich and wonderful musical styles. The design is one of the simplest to use. Just dial in your preferred tempo easily and quickly and you are good to go.

Another good thing about this metronome is that you can select your pitch in a swift moment by using the tone generator. 3 years warranty protection against defects or faults, makes the KLIQ MetroPitch metronome one of the best in the market.

14) Korg MA1BL Visual Beat Counting Metronome, Blue

Here is another top metronome from a reliable company—Korg. The Korg MA1BL Visual Counting Metronome is one of the best digital metronome in the market. It has a superb inventive beat counting display that renders a vivid number of remaining beats, current beats, and the total number of beats available.

The Korg MA1BL has a wide tempo range which measures from 30 to 252 BPM. It offers the ability to set the tempo range in three awesome ways including a Tap Tempo button. The device features 8 patterns and 9 beats which enable you to enjoy a diversity of rhythmic styles and patterns, as well as the full octave of C4 to B4 of reference tuning pitches.

Korg MA1BL also comes with memory backup support that helps in saving your settings so you don’t get to do it over again. It can turn itself off automatically, help in preserving the life of your battery. Lastly, the MA1BL has a headphone jack with adjustable volume, plus a fold out leg to ease your viewing point.

15) Scalze Mechanical Metronome for Musical Instrument

For those who want a metronome that doesn’t require the use of batteries, the Scalze Mechanical metronome is one choice to consider. Scalze uses a winding mechanism to generate power which produces loud, regular, and metrical beats, as well as the optional beat bell. You can select beat ranging from 0, 2, 3, 4, and 6.

For a metronome to be deemed reliable, it has to be extremely user-friendly, and the Scalze didn’t disappoint in that regard. You can easily get the best you want by simply selecting the tempo and beat you desired, after that, set the pendulum in motion. You can adjust the speed by moving the weight up and down the pendulum’s rod. The level of tempo selection available to you ranges from 40 to 208 BPM.

Regarding construction, the Scalze Mechanical is a classic metronome with a traditional pyramid style that includes a bell in the black durable plastic casing that has a transparent protective cover. The sound offered by this metronome is loud and clear. In comparison with some other models, the Scalze is beautiful and in many ways better than some digital versions when used on keyboards and guitars.

16) WITTNER 845111KA Faux Mahogany

Wittner is known for its superior wooden case metronome designs which appear durable and cool looking. The metronome is perfect for beginners especially those that have been taking classes in piano. The Wittner 8445111KA has a significant visual display that supplements the amazing sound that proceeds from its time-keeping functions.

The Wittner 845111KA has a mahogany grain color, which stands out from the crowd. As usual, this model doesn’t have a bell, but with that touch of German quality, you can expect the Wittner 845111KA Metronome to perform excellently. The sound is rich and warm.

Regarding performance, the metronome from Wittner maintains perfect timekeeping and the plastic design is sturdy, just the right size and fit for the piano. The Wittner 845111KA is an old-fashioned metronome that features a clockwork mechanism which requires winding. The design is suitable for students and it has sufficient tempo range.

17) Mugig Metronome Digital Tuner Tone generator

If you are looking for a great tool for music students, you have found it! The 3-in-1 functionality makes this device extremely popular among musical students. The Mugig metronome functions as a tuner, metronome, and tone generator—a superb three in one combo pack into this portable unit that weighs just 70g.

A powerful and big LCD display allows you to have clear visuals on various tuning and beat selection on a 38% greater view display. LCD design ensures that you can even use it to tune when you are in a dark or poorly lit environment. Shade protection is included for your eyes safety

The Mugig also allows you to tune guitar or bass tune flat up to 4 semi-tones. It comes with an inbuilt 3.5mm audio port which comes handy when you’re listening to your sounds. Also included are 8 quality rhythms that are designed to help you in furthering the course of your career to another level.

Overall, the Mugig is an excellent choice when it comes to selecting a multifunctional metronome device. With over 30 to 250 beats per minute, you have a lot to gain from this amazing metronome.

18) Peterson 403858 BBS-1 Body Beat Wireless Synch Pulsating Metronome

The Peterson 403858 BodyBeat Metronome is an outstanding metronome that has the potential to compete with the best brands in the market. It has a vibrating click that creates a new pattern of feeling the beat. It also enables instrumentalists like the drummer to focus more on sound production using his ears.

The Peterson 403858 comes with tactile, audio and visual delivery modes. This allows you to rehearse or perform audibly with it. The model includes wireless synchronization that allows you to synchronize unlimited numbers of performance. It comes with a vibrator whose intensity is user selectable.

Weighing just 1 pounds, the Peterson 403858 is one of the most and portable metronome in its class. With it, you can store up to 99 presets using the BPM tempo range of 10 to 280, which has tap tempo features. Although the vibrator is excellent, it does take a lot of battery life, which is not ideal for long-term practices.

One great feature of this model is that you can load MIDI tempo maps and play conveniently a superb technological innovation. The lithium-ion battery is USB rechargeable, which is good for use with power bank devices when on the go.

19) Ammoon Mini Mechanical Metronome Universal for Piano Guitar Ukulele

The Ammoon Mini Mechanical Metronome is the type that boasts of a rich design while being good in features. For instance, the Ammoon measure 11cm in height, which is good for people with average or short hands. The design is portable—a pocket size that should be easy for any player who loves this instrument to play.

Furthermore, the Ammoon Mini Mechanical Metronome features a long-lasting high elastic nylon movement, which is remarkable in helping to avoid the various shortcomings of metronomes regarding inaccuracy when dropped. The nylon features also help in ensuring a better stable and working condition.

Regarding sound, the Ammoon Mini Mechanical Metronome renders a soft and friendly sound. The sound doesn’t ring like a bell, which is good for playing certain notes and keys. A swinging pendulum and wind up mechanism forms part of a high-quality plastic case that houses the metronome.

If you are the type looking to train and upgrade your music speed concept, the Ammoon Mini Mechanical Metronome is your friend. You can improve on your rhythm and style.

20) Mechanical Metronome / Vintage Antique Style Beat keeper

For those music players looking for a quick and reliable way to improve play and style, this mechanical metronome has all it takes to achieve that. This mechanical metronome is remarkable for able to help players maintain a precise rhythm while peering through a musical sheet. These help you to achieve a proper pace and consistency in music styles.

The mechanical metronome offers great support for singers and instruments of all types such as pianos, violins, guitars, keyboards, bass, drums and a host of others you can think of. The unit helps music players to develop the beat, maintain tempo and range as well.

The remarkable aspect of this metronome is that it can last up to 18 minutes under a single windup while producing amazing bell rings and audible clicks for focusing and playing. The vintage style design provides unbeatable range since it requires no batteries or electronics. It also offers a range of 40 to 208 BPM, together with the ability to select your beats from 0-6. Also included is a training book that further makes the entire exercise hitch-free while practicing.

21) Neewer Square Windup Mechanical Metronome

The Neweer Square Windup Metronome is an excellent and effective practical tool for every class of music player. Neweer Square Windup is a mechanical metronome that requires no batteries to operate. It has the potentials to help improve your sense of beat and tempo while mastering unbeatable rhythmic skills. The Neweer has a clear, loud sound that comes handy in practicing the piano, violin, guitar, bass and drums or such other musical instruments.

If you are looking for accurate timing, the Neweer Square Windup Mechanical metronome has got you covered. The unit is designed to help you play at a proper pace while proving you with a rich sense of rhythm. It also enables players to develop precision and finger agility, as well as showing a visual sense of timing right from the pendulum.

The Neweer Square Windup metronome is easy to use and the user can simply move the weight up and down the pendulum’s rod in order to adjust the speed. Windup and elect your desired tempo and beat of choice. You can choose from 40 to 208 beat per minute under the tempo range. The beat selection ranges from 0, 2, 3, 4, and 6 respectively.

Choosing the Best Metronome & Best Instrument Tuner

Metronomes are the best tools for any musician to practice in the right direction and to improve his/her overall playing career. There are so many other brands of the metronome in the market, and the list above shouldn’t be taken as a definite list. Our review is aimed at helping you to purchase a reliable and dedicated training tool that will, in turn, enable you to develop and take your game to the next level within a short time.

2) WITTNER 813M Metronome 

  • Reputable Brand
  • System Maelzel
  • Made In Germany 

1) BOSS DB-90 Metronome

  • High Quality
  • 50 Memories
  • Human Voice Count
  • Note Mixer
  • MIDI Inputs

3) Korg TM50PW Metronome

  • Affordable
  • Popular Choice
  • 16 Rhythm Variations
  • Clear Visual
  • Wide Detection Range

Although there are hundreds of different metronomes claiming their place in the large instrument market, the metronomes listed here consist of the best out of the best that you can ever get out there. Brands like Korg, Wittner, and Boss, are some of the big names in the world when it comes down to selecting the best metronomes, and they are listed here as well. Therefore, if you chose to invest in any of the aforementioned devices, you would be doing business with trusted and reliable companies who are sure going to give you value for your money.

Depending on what you are looking for, there is always a metronome out there waiting to become the loyal servant, timekeeper and motivator you have been looking for–that tool that will give you a reason to play, practice and play repeatedly.