23 Best Cheap Digital Piano Reviews 2022 (Best Budget Digital Piano)

Best Cheap Digital Piano & Best Budget Digital Piano

Best Cheap Digital Piano & Best Budget Digital Piano

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The piano/keyboard is one of the most celebrated and played instruments in the world. It is famous considering that it contains and produce the sound and rhythm of other instruments. There is nothing comparable to the rich and unique sound of an acoustic, traditional piano. But thanks to the advance in modern technology, digital pianos are now able to emulate that sound with breathtaking ability.

If you’re considering playing the piano, there are comparable and competitive digital piano you can buy for cheap and practice comfortably. You really don’t have to spend a fortune on a piano if you want to practice.

What are the Best Cheap Digital Pianos to Buy?

2) Superkit 61-Key RockJam Electronic keyboard

  • Popular Choice
  • Sturdy Padded Stool
  • Learning Modes
  • Great Price Value

1) CTK2400 Casio Inc PPK 61 Key Portable Piano

  • High Quality
  • Reputable
  • Step-up Learning System
  • Intuitive Sampling Function

3) Alesis Recital Digital Piano/ Keyboard

  • 88-Key
  • Great Sound
  • Adjustable Touch Response
  • Battery Functionality
  • Comfortable Playing

There are certain things you should look out for when buying your practice digital piano. The fact that it is cheap doesn’t mean it should be lacking in performance and features. Some cheap digital piano consist of the followings.


Kids can be noisy, so if you are buying one for your child or grandchild, make sure it has a headphone or be prepared to buy a separate headphone in the event that the piano didn’t come with one (most models do come with a headphone). A cheap digital piano/ keyboard with a headphone will allow your little one to play in silence without disturbing the peace of the home or the neighbors around.

Dual Mode Support

Ensure that the piano you are buying supports dual-mode functionality. Dual mode means you can easily split the keyboard into two part and play along with a partner. This will enable your child or yourself to learn faster when playing along with a teacher or an instructor.

Music sheet and USB support

One of the things that make digital pianos great is their ability to synchronize well with other instrument or external devices. You will find most of the models in the market with USB support, but not all of them come with a music sheet stand. A music sheet stand will enable you or your child to play their favorite songs while reading practical lessons.

Brands to buy

Although there are many manufacturers of cheap digital pianos in the instrument market, only a few brands have made a name for themselves. Thanks to the quality and performance of the pianos put forward by these brands over time, you can have value for your money.

Casio is a famous brand with down to earth quality design that even professionals can find worthy to play. Yamaha is already a household name and one you should always have in mind when buying your cheap digital piano. There are other brands that are equally good and reliable as well.

That said, you shouldn’t bother much about size since most cheap pianos come bearing a compact design.

23 Best Cheap Digital Piano Reviews and the Best Budget Digital Pianos

1) CTK2400 Casio Inc PPK 61 Key Portable Piano

Casio comes calling with this cheap but super quality keyboard that comes with a Samson HP 30 Close cup headphone design. The stand on this one is X-shaped, and it is easy to set up quickly.

There is a built-in microphone on this model, which we find to be interesting due to its quality when connected. With over 400 keyboard voices, you have a lot to play with and enjoy your beat and playing style.

One unique thing we noticed with this piano is that it greatly improves sampling effects because voice percussion functionality is integrated into the rhythms sampling. The instrument measures 44 x 8 x 21 inches in dimensions, which is not bad for a beginner player.

The weight which is just below the 28-pound mark isn’t a bad thing for a product of this caliber. In fact, it is ideal for anyone who doesn’t want to move anything heavy. Don’t forget that you can actually use this to work with ac adapter. Just get your 6 AA batteries, and this baby will rock you lot of music and style as you play to the glory of the outdoors.

2) Superkit 61-Key RockJam Electronic keyboard

The RockJam digital keyboard may appear as a cheap model on the surface, but inside, it is something else. Designed to play 61 keys, this RockJam model is an all-in-one set. It comes with a stool, a stand, and headphones, plus power supply connectivity. The key size is standard, and the piano is perfect for players in every category. But if you think that is all, think again. There is more to come from this cheap but decent quality design.

The RockJam 561 comes with a super LCD screen that gives you info relating to what you are learning. The LCD screen also has learning modes, which essentially makes the keyboard even more useful for beginners. There are 100 keyboard sounds on this version, including 50 demo songs, and 100 rhymes that you can easily access and spice up your play and learning practice.

Adults and kids alike will find this keyboard worthwhile. The stool that comes with it is well padded as such that your backside can also enjoy the music as you harness your talent. The headphones allow you to play discreetly, even as the keyboard stand braces the weight of your keyboard all through the gyration.

3) Alesis Recital Digital Piano/Keyboard Full-Size 88-Key

How many cheap piano/ keyboards out there in the market, and in the cheap category for that matter, bears 88-full key size design? Only a few; that’s right.

This keyboard comes with blasting built-in speakers that resonate with clear and sharp twits. It also comes with battery functionality, which gives you an added power bonus plus the normal power socket connectivity. The keyboard features 5 built-in voices that are very realistic.

These voices include Acoustic piano, Synth, Electric piano, Organ, and Bass. The good thing about this feature is that you can, through the Layer Mode, customize the voices simply by combining any to of your choice to have a rich and unique tone.

With the Lesson Mode, you can divide the keyboard into two categories while maintaining similar pitch and voice. These enable the student and his or her teacher to work closely with each other and play together without having to switch sides. The USB MIDI design also allows you to connect to external sources and educational software.

4) Touch Sensitive Casio CTK-3500 61 Key Portable Keyboard

We all know Casio as one of the few brands that measure up in the instrument ladder of fame. Casio comes out with this excellent looking keyboard that features 61 keys, with a great degree of key response for such a cheap model. To us, that’s a remarkable feat. But the best is yet to come.

The CTK-3500 features what Casio called a “Dance Music Mode” that packs 50 built-in rhymes that allows you and others to dance to the tune of what you are playing. You can also integrate other sounds and beats from external sources using the chordate integration play app. Apart from that, you have amazing 48 note polyphony to experiment with.

It doesn’t matter wherever you may be, Casio brings you the best of music. With 400 high innovative and elegant tones, you can change the environment around you and blast your soul away in glorious music. The keys are full-size, and they are highly responsive to touch. Oh, you don’t have access to power grid around you? Don’t worry; the CTK-3500 has got you covered. Just a pair of batteries and you can start your practice lessons or making music with ease.

5) Portable Yamaha Keyboard PSRE263

At last, we have a model from one of the best brands in piano and keyboard in the world. Yamaha is a popular name, and this cheap model should come with lots of expectations. Well, it does.

The PSRE263 is a full-size 61 key piano/keyboard designed with excellent response to the touch feel. The keyboard contains well over 100 preset songs that any aspiring pianist can play and hone his or her skills, using the effective Yamaha Education Suite. There is aj aux line input connectivity, which enables the player to connect to any external music source using headphone and enjoy the best from your MP3 player, a mixer or computer. You can even connect and play another instrument as well.

You can listen to whatever you are playing using the built-in speakers. This model is also a compact design, something that Yamaha is known for when designing portable intermediate versions. This one weighs 15 pounds, which is just suitable for a beginner to carry about. It measures 46.5 x 19 x 7.2 inches in dimensions. With a large number of instrument voices numbering 400, including 130 auto accompaniments, you know you have a lot to fit any musical genre of your choice during play.

The PSRE263 also comes with a Duo Mode by which you and your teacher or friend can play together at the same time.

Of course, we expect nothing less from Yamaha, and this is just good quality.

6) Casio Touch Sensitive WK245-76-Key Piano

By now, we know how serious Casio can be when it comes to making competitive cheap piano models. This model comes with 76 keys that are highly sensitive to touch and responsiveness. The keyboard is great, especially if you are the type that uses USB cable most of the time. And together with the aid of adapters, you can easily connect this baby to your computer and enjoy the promise of a better playing experience.

There are 600 amazing tones on this keyboard. The tones are spread as such that they are so easy to use and manage in the course of play. Thanks to the simple and authentic user interface. You can easily edit and filter each tone to give you the desired effect. You can also get the best out of the band creativity in this model, using any of the 180 preset rhythms by just clicking a single button and getting to access POP, Rock, Jazz, Latin and more.

This keyboard also comes with sliders which enable the player to control and fine-tune the effects of each harmonic overtone–a feature that is good and will come handy when recording in a studio. Don’t forget that Casio also incorporated the workstation capability on this model. This means you can easily access the internet to learn more about your play

7) SA-77 Casio 44-Key Piano/Keyboard

This is one of the cheapest models on this review list. The Casio SA-77 is a 44-key piano designed to fit the needs of kids. The 44 mini keys provide high pitch sounds, which may never be a problem for a child, but for an adult player, you might find this annoying. But that is not all.

There is 8 Note polyphony included in this model. And when you add that to the 50 play-along rhythmic tracks, you will discover this is also capable of generating fun and enjoyment during play. But as stated earlier, this piano is strictly for kids.

But that said, the piano also has its own reliable function. The striking change-over switch allows you to easily and quickly switch between organ and piano modes Design with black color, the housing that accompanies the piano also mix with gray, which further fine-tune the color and appearance.

With the decent LCD display, you can call and view whatever options you like. It weighs 3.6 pounds, which is an ideal weight for kids.

8) Casio Portable Keyboard CTK-2550 61-Key Portable Piano

One way you can easily explore and enjoy your musical creativity is by using cheap piano models like this one from Casio. It doesn’t matter where you are or where you may be at any time, the Casio CTK-2550 is equal to the task.

This is a 61-key standard piano that comes with lots of features for a keyboard of this level. The CTK comes with 150 rhythms and 400 excellent sounding tones that provide you with a lot to enjoy while practicing.

Casio has always been good at incorporating a Life Lesson practice process in most of its collections, and this also includes that feature. With the lesson life system, the beginner player will get to enjoy the play even better.

The built-in speakers allow you to listen loudly or simply connect your headphones and let your soul feed on your own creativity. Connect to your iOS device and to the free Chordana play app and learn your best and most preferred songs with remarkable ease.

9) 61 Key Beginner Portable Keyboard from Alesis

Alesis returns with yet another light-weighted keyboard with excellent functionality that put a beginner on the path of excellence. This model comes with 200 built-in sounds that are just enough for you to toy with. There are also 128 accompaniments rhythms to help spice up your playing style and preference.

You have the ability to record your own beat or play using the record and play feature. Otherwise, you can simply learn up to 10 amazing featured songs using 3 instructional modes. If you want to practice privately so you don’t disturb the peace of your neighbor or family, just plug in the headphone and everything will go quietly.

You can decide to take your play to a greater height by attaching your USB drive with MP3 and play right along with your favorite tracks or beat. With the 128 built-in accompaniments, you can create your own original beats and also record your performance. Since you will want to take this along with you to the beach or wherever you want, Alesis added a battery support feature to make the piano usable anywhere.

10) 54-Key RockJam Portable Electronic Keyboard

This is a great cheap model from RockJam which create that traditional feel. It is highly compact and portable. It is the type of keyboard that you can easily take with you anywhere you go.

The most unique thing in this model is the interactive teaching mode. This feature provides both beginners and professional players a reason to continue playing and also to develop their playing skills. There are 8 demo songs in this keyboard, and musicians can easily program them and play along.

The LCD that comes with this design is also something to look at. It features a user-friendly surface which is good for people with eyesight challenges. In there, you can easily and conveniently see the keys and various chords you have selected to play. This ensures you are on the right and appropriate tempo.

The sound is what makes a piano great—whether cheap or advance model—and this one didn’t disappoint in that regard. There are 100 different rhythms and another 100 piano effect that you can select to play and create your own style. With other features like the Piano Maestro App, music sheet rest and stand, you have everything you need to enjoy your play.

11) Plixio Electronic Music 61-keyboard

Plixio offers a perfect choice for all beginners and intermediate players. You don’t have to spend a fortune to learn how to play the keyboard. This model will do just fine.

The Plixio is a 61 standard key piano design for people who are just starting out on the piano. Intermediate, that is people who have crossed from being beginners, can also play this keyboard without struggling at all.

It comes with 60 demo songs, 8 percussions and 40 tones that you can easily manipulate to your advantage and style of play. There is an included power adapter that allows you to optimize the performance of the music keyboard. The keyboard is also designed to use 6 AA batteries when playing outdoors.

Like most other keyboards on this list, this one also comes with record and playback functions. It also comes with a music note sheet, which means you can easily secure your music papers in place without worrying about them flying off or having to hold them manually.

Armed with one-year warranty, you are sure that this piano will last for a considerable time. The volume and tempo control are just what every beginner and an intermediate player needs to take control of his or her playing.

12) RJ76-SK Interactive Electronic Piano

It seems RockJam is edging ahead in the battle for supremacy among the best cheap digital piano in the instrument market. The RJ76-SK is a remarkable design that truly highlights the exceptional quality that defines the RockJam brand.

For instance, this model is just as top- notch as other RockJam models that delivers excellently on all fronts. It is a 61 key standard piano/keyboard that boasts of the best features in terms of touch and degree of responsiveness.

The RJ76-SK features 100 rhythms and 100 keyboard sounds—a whole lot that brings you greatness in the beat creation and manipulation of sound. It also has an additional 30 awesome demo songs to spice up the beat.

This model also comes with the RockJam unique record and playback function. With it, you can record your play and play it back later, giving you room for improvement and also the opportunity to showcase your talent to friends and family members.

You can practice discreetly using the headphone that comes with it. A microphone connection jack means you can sing while playing. This one also comes with a sustain pedal to grow your musical tone, even as you perform conveniently on the easy-to-carry about stool.

13) Portable Electronic Hamzer 61 Key Digital Keyboard

For those who are looking for an authentic and flawless range of sound, this piano from Hamzer can do you good. The piano comes with lots of features that are just perfect for a beginner player. There are 255 rhymes and another 255 timbres that come with this 61-keyboard design percussion piano.

The Hamzer is specifically designed with beginners and intermediate level players in mind. The 61 standard size keys provide adequate response and the integrated learning system allows the beginner to practice on a wide range of sound and playing functionality. The feel of the piano is great, looking just like a traditional organ. It also comes with an advanced sound system that makes you wonder if the manufacturer weren’t mistaken to have labeled this piece as a cheap model.

Controlling and setting your play and style is easy. Thanks to the LCD screen display, every key or chord you chose is well spelt out for you on the screen while you practice and play.

The keyboard also comes with a detachable stand that enables you to hold and secure your music sheet without having to do it manually. Input and output jacks allow you to connect your headphones and microphone for a more customizable experience. With a record and playback function, you know this is worth the consideration.

14) LAGRIMA Digital Electronic Piano–61 Key

The LAGRIMA is a standard choice 61-key piano that is designed to suit the comfort and playing skills of the beginner and intermediate pianists. The keys on this model are neatly arranged, soft and responsive to touch. The surface is smooth and the texture is reassuring. It is designed to give you one-of-a-type lifetime experience as a pianist.

The operation is one major aspect to consider in every piano. This one is very easy and intuitive to operate. The programming function is easy to access and understand. You can also use the Record and Playback design with ease. It will even enable you to learn in a better manner how to play the piano.

The keyboard comes with a stand that is designed to resemble an H-shape. Once set, you can start enjoying the 128 rhythms, 200 high-quality timbers, and 10 demonstration songs. The double keyboard functionality separates the keyboard into two areas, which means you and your teacher can play at the same time without switching turns.

15) Electronic Digital Keyboard–54-Piano Keys

This is a standard size piano keyboard with some good features as well. 5 percussions are included in this model, and it works well for kids who are just starting to play the piano. There are 100 tones, and 100 rhythms, which is a wide range of sound to play around with. All of these sounds combine effectively to make the practice more interesting and encouraging for the young pianist.

You can synchronize your play while using this keyboard. The sync program also works in tandem with the single chord fingers design. But what we love most about this design is that despite its apparent cheap quality, it features a record and playback feature, which is great for all beginners.

You can also make use of the jack port connection to plug in USB devices, edit your favorite music and play along with the beats you love with a passion. There is also two digital display which is just enough to give you good information. The tempo sections that come with it are 32 in numbers, and the volume control tunes up to 16 levels. You have a colorful and versatile performance from this small design.

16) Kid Music Electronic Keyboard TMS 54 Keys Piano

As the name implies, this piano is for kids, and nothing more. The build of the keyboard is elegant. The plastic used in making the board appear to be overly cheap. But who cares as long as the piano delivers what is expected of it.

Another reason why this model is great for kids only and not that suitable for adults is that the eyes are very small and seemed to have been designed solely with kids fingers in mind. People with larger hands will find this extremely difficult to play with.

This model comes with 10 kinds of rhythm, 10 different tones, 6 demo songs to spice up your beat even better, and 16 volume control settings. The 32 tempo Control plus 7 Sound Effect combines to provide you with amazing practice play experience. You can also record and playback your songs and beats at any time. This set comes with one adapter and one microphone. But it doesn’t come with a stand or Music sheet holder.

17) Black Portable 61-Key ELE-LIFE EL-57 Piano

Versatility is one thing you should always look for when choosing a piano—whether cheap or professional design. That is what this ELE-57 keyboard offers.

The keyboard comes with a host of multiple functionalities by which you can undertake different purposes on different occasion. It is a 61 standard key piano with excellent feel and response. There are 255 timbres and 255 rhythms on the piano, which you can fine-tune, retune and customize to suit your style and play.

The built-in speakers are the types that make you feel you are actually in a studio. The way they sound is just too awesome for such a cheap price instrument. There are 8 percussion and 14 demonstration songs –all of which combine to give you a cheerful and blissful playing experience.

The ELE-57 comes with a music stand, which allows you to play your favorite as well. The piano is portable, a feature that is very necessary for the overall success of the beginner. It supports one-finger, double finger control, including auto chord sounds and bass chords for all-around flexibility. The volume control and editing functions further add to these arsenals.

The piano has a record and playback function as well, which can be better when used along the microphone and headset. Adjust the piano bracket to suit your style and feel more comfortable during play.

18) Premium Great Lightahead Electronic Keyboard

This is another standard 61-key keyboard with excellent functions. The keys are just not responsive to touch, but also outstanding in feel and design look.

The crafting of the keyboard is a welcome elegance, with high-quality sound and layout design. You can connect a microphone to the piano and make use of it to get more meaning from the practice lessons.

there are 100rhyrhm, 10 demo songs and two effects (vibrato & sustain), plus 2 music functions and 3 kinds of drum sound. All of these combines to provide effective musical practice and play at any time. You only need to keep playing and recognize the best in the instrument rhythm and sound.

With the additional microphone, you can sing along and play along with your favorite beat and styles. If you are thinking of a gift to buy for your son or friend, this Lightahead keyboard will pass for a good option. It only needs 4 AA batteries to get started when playing outdoors or indoors.

This is the type of keyboard you will get for your child and he or she will forever be grateful to you.

19) Best Choice Electronic Keyboard

Truly best choice, this one comes with a standard 61 key settings. And 8 types of percussion keyboard songs that we find to be good at what it does. It also has 50 demo songs and three teaching modes, which are: Ensemble, Follows and One-key. A record and playback function allows the player to keep in touch with performance while using the recorded features as a means of showcasing our talent and progress to others.

There is a program button that enables you to easily program your playing style and come back to it always. The keyboard comes with a stand that has an H-shape design which can easily be adjusted. Thanks to its non-skid rubber feet. The seating stool is also adjustable, and you can rest comfortably without bordering to lower the piano stand to your own level.

At the back of the keyboard is a place where you can slot in your batteries, which is optional if you intend to use the piano outside of your home or far away from the main electricity grid. However, you will need to buy the batteries separately, as they do not come with this model.

You have headphones included by which you can play discreetly without disturbing the peace of your neighbor.

20) VGK61000 Vangoa 61-Keyboard with LCD Display

At 37.8 x 14.8 x 12.5 inches, Vangoa is a compact and unique keyboard designed for the benefit of the beginner and intermediate player. The piano comes with 10 popular world music tones you can play and add to your play. It also has 100 standard rhythms and 100 standard MiDi timbers that take your musical choice and exploitation to the highest level.

The LCD display gives you sound information, and the light can be dimmed or increased to suit the flashlight capability of your eyesight. You want to record and playback your music on a later date? The Vangoa has got you covered with the record and playback function. Excellent percussion music is also available for this design.

The piano also features dual-in built speakers that echoed and reecho with flawless sound. The output of the stereo can easily be used to hear and listen through headphones connectivity, as well as the audio output. The VGK6100 comes with stool that is perfectly designed to match any sitting position. It is adjustable, the adjustable high set is very tall with great height.

21) AW Digital 61 Electronic Keyboard EN71

The AW EN71 is a personal beginner teaching piano. It features 61 keys, like most of the other keyboards in its category. But a look at the dimensions–37-1 /2 x 14 x 5 inches–indicates that this is a highly compact size, which is just perfect for the comfort a beginner pianist. But looking t the plastic, you will know it’s a very cheap model, which is expected for a product of this price tag. But wait a minute: does it come with an amplifier? Oh yes it does.

The AW digital piano comes with Intelligent Teaching Function that enables your child to learn even faster and more accurately. From 8 demonstration songs, *Percussions, 20 Timbres, 20 Rhymes and 46 Level-Tempo Control you can easily create some wonderful notes and with the aid of the accompanying music sheet holder, you play your favorite song while practicing as a beginner or a hobbyist.

LED Display means you have access to viewing whatever chord or key you have selected, then programming it so you can flow with it. Record and playback your music using the record/Playback function. You also get to enjoy vibrato functions that further take your play to the next level. Built-in speakers allow you to play to the high and loud while headphones give you a discreet play.

Whatever purposes you will need this for; it’s certainly going to make a difference in the musical life of your child.

22) Jaymar Top Table Digital Piano

As the name implies, this is the type of keyboard that you place on top of a table and play to your satisfaction. This model didn’t come with a stand, and it’s the type that is best for small kids. It comes with a complete length, meaning it has the same framework as most other pianos in its category.

The keys are the types that respond with high velocity upon touch. Measuring 26 x 16 x 16.5 inches in dimensions, you know that this keyboard is strictly for children. But hey, who isn’t a child when it comes to learning the piano?

And it’s even surprising that this piano also features USB connectivity through which you can connect to hundreds of musical apps and software online and learn faster how to play the genre and keyboard you are learning. You make things even easier if you have Apple iPad and Android devices.

Other great features associated with this piano are the record and playback feature. This allows you to know exactly what you have been playing and where to improve on. It also affords you the chance to showcase your music to other people to see and critique it constructively.

23) Portable Boshen Electronic 61 Key Digital Piano

Every child needs a piano to play with and enjoy the feel of creating ones’ music, and that is what this toy piano/keyboard offers. The Boshen is strictly for children, and it comes with 61 standard keys. Most of these keys may sound funny, especially when pressing down double keys. However, it does what it is supposed to do, which is, enable your little one to practice and develop his/her skills.

There are 16 kinds of timbres on this model, which is not bad for such compact size instrument. Percussions, 6 demo songs and 10 kinds of rhythms sums up this wonderful beginner play learning keyboard/piano. It uses both power supply and battery when outdoor. The product comes with a mini microphone that enables your child to sing and play t the same time.

Talking about compact size, watch out for the dimension of this excellent piece. At 22.4 x 8.3 x 3.5 inches, with just 1.81 pounds, you know this is a highly portable and compact design that suits every kid player. The built-in speakers give a lot of joy for the young ones, but there is no headphone for this one, nor is there any music stand; just the basic stuff to keep things going.

Choosing the Best Cheap Digital Piano from the Best Budget Digital Piano Brands

Going for a beginner instrument requires some vigilance as well. The fact they are cheap doesn’t mean they have to be overly inferior. Although they have some cosmetic changes compare to their advanced siblings, some cheap digital pianos still rank high for accessibility and quality features. While most of today’s cheap digital pianos have some limitations, they also compose of some of the unique features that characterize most of the professional class models.

2) Superkit 61-Key RockJam Electronic keyboard

  • Popular Choice
  • Sturdy Padded Stool
  • Learning Modes
  • Great Price Value

1) CTK2400 Casio Inc PPK 61 Key Portable Piano

  • High Quality
  • Reputable
  • Step-up Learning System
  • Intuitive Sampling Function

3) Alesis Recital Digital Piano/ Keyboard

  • 88-Key
  • Great Sound
  • Adjustable Touch Response
  • Battery Functionality
  • Comfortable Playing

That said, playing a cheap digital piano/keyboard needs dedication and commitment. The best and most successful beginners are those that refuse to quit but rather chosen to be tenacious to the end. There many things to be said about beginners’ digital pianos, but one thing is certain; do not expect the very best from them. And at the same time, do not overly despise and write them off.

Cheap digital pianos have the potential to make you or your loved one a pro. Investing in one of the above-reviewed instrument won’t do you any harm. Rather, it would make things easier for your playing career and skill development, after which you can buy a better and much-advanced model.

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