30 Best Keyboard for Kids Reviews 2022 (Best Child Piano Keyboard Brands)

Best Keyboard for Kids, Best Digital Piano for Kids & Best Piano Keyboard Brands

Best Keyboard for Kids, Best Digital Piano for Kids & Best Piano Keyboard Brands

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If you would like to put your kids on the path of making music, or maybe your kid has shown great potential to love music, getting him/her a digital piano can be the start of a great journey.

Digital pianos are not as expensive as normal pianos, and the good thing about them is how they can be in your house without you noticing because they do not take a lot of space in your house.

There are some factors that you have to put into consideration when buying a digital piano for your kid. The basic thing to know is that the features of the piano have to be designed for children. You do not have to bother yourself about looking for advanced features because all that is important at this stage is making sure your child learns how to play the piano.

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What are the Best Piano Keyboard for Kids to Buy?

The first thing you need to do is in-depth research on which digital pianos are the best for kids. Music is a passion that must be nurtured and developed, so for your child to develop into a star, shopping for a quality digital piano is inevitable.

Music enhanced through the use of instruments and one of the most important musical instrument in the modern day, and contemporary music is the keyboard/piano. Digital pianos have dominated the market as they have become the most preferred option for everybody who plays the piano.

Every professional musician, piano enthusiast or music instructor started their career from the beginner’s level. Your child should not be an exception if you are serious about helping him or her become an expert player of the piano.

If you, however, do not know where to begin your search for a digital piano, this article will point you in the right direction; and if your child has an instructor, getting recommendations from them would be a great idea. But overall, any of the pianos we will be discussing will make a good option for your kid.

You must first note, however, that there are a lot of brands on the market that you can buy with competitive features at competitive prices. You will be confused at some point which is normal, and that is why we have narrowed down the options available to these digital pianos for kids.

We have critically reviewed these pianos, and we have tried to provide as much information as possible that will guide you in your purchase.

30 Best Piano Keyboard for Kid Reviews and the Best Kids Piano Brands

1) Casio 44 Key Mini Personal Keyboard (SA-77)

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This Casio mini keyboard for kids has a small design making it very ergonomic for children who still have small hands and grip, making it easy for them to reach all 44 different keys. This model by Casio offers a wide variety of different sounds, making it ideal for experimentation. It was a hundred unique tones, as well as fifty individual rhythms and up to ten songs that integrated into the database.

Featuring a rectangular LCD electronic screen which a user-friendly interface, where you can choose from all the many options just with one touch. The LSI system makes sure the 8-note polyphony has the best quality in sound available.

Another exciting feature is the addition of five drum pads to create your own rhythms and a rehearsal system. Depending on your preference, you can use its sound switch to change between piano, reed organ, or basic organ sound mode. This model is available in three different color accents, black and grey, black and orange, black and pink. with an output power of 0.8 watts and measuring 23.8 inches long, 8.3 inches wide, and 2.24 inches in height. It requires 6 AA batteries to function.

2) Yamaha 61-Key Portable Keyboard (PSR-E263)

Yamaha is known for being one of the top leader musical instrument companies by making high-quality instruments. This 61 keys model is perfect as a keyboard for beginners who are just getting started thanks to its portability. You can acquire it by itself if you already have a power supply cable, or with one included.

The keys are full size, making it as similar as possible as a piano in case the aspiring musicians want to try it in the future once they are more experienced. It's very tech-savvy offering the option of connecting its auxiliary input with different electronic devices such as a PC or laptop, MP3 player, other instruments, speakers, or mixers. It comes with a new technology called Tone Generating, which helps with creating your own stereo sound samples.

Featuring up to 400 different instrument sounds that will allow you to play around depending on the style of music you want to play, as well as 130 background bass styles to support your creations, based on the chords and notes you play.

Another fantastic option the PSR-E263 has is the option to play together with a partner, once you select this option, the piano key sounds change, dividing it into 2 different pianos within the same instrument.

3) Casio Black & Green Sa-46 Mini Keyboard 32

This product is designed for little fingers which makes it ideal for your child who has developed an interest in music. With 32 mini keys, it comes with 50 drum rhythms and 100 inbuilt sounds that your kid can play along to.

There is also a free package of online lessons that contain tutorials of how to play the piano perfectly. Although not included, it is powered by six AA batteries, and it produces sound through the two in-built speakers attached to it.

The Casio Sa-46 Mini Keyboard has lots of the features that can be found in a grand piano. It also has an LCD feature on which you can see everything you are doing on the piano. It is important that your child has something to learn with, it is also important that he or she can learn at his or her own pace.

The Casio Sa-46 mini is a great piano that allows step by step learning. Children can also practice at any time of the day without disturbing other people. Once he or she connects the speaker – headphone jack, he or she can plunge into another world of musical creativity.

4) Melissa & Doug 25 Keys Learn-To-Play Piano

The Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play piano is a colorful piano that will attract your kids at first glance. It comes with 25 keys, and with two complete Octaves, kids can have a go at practicing the soft and loud sounds.

It comes with a color-coded songbook on how to play nine child-friendly songs, and this can be taught by a piano instructor. With this songbook, your child will be able to easily identify the right keys for the right notes.

This child piano is produced with the best materials available to make sure it is safe to be used by your child and durable too. It is made from pure wood and can withstand long hours of playing.

Children love colorful things no doubt and this piano will make your child’s playroom a more attractive place to be because of the use of different colors in the design. This piano is simple in style and in the features it offers.

Don’t expect too much from it as it is only a mini version of what a grand piano looks like. For a more advanced piano experience, you may need to go for a more advanced keyboard, but to introduce your child to music and piano playing on a basic level, this one should do just fine.

5) Click N’ Play Gigantic Keyboard 24 Keys Play Mat

Developing your child’s cognitive abilities is best done by exposing them to music from a very young age. Children that are exposed to music from a young age tend to do well in math and science. This gigantic keyboard play mat is much different from the other pianos we have been reviewing thus far.

All your child needs to do is stomp on the mat and play with different sounds. With a size of about 6 feet, this keyboard mat does not only produce piano sounds; it offers eight different instrument sounds ranging from saxophone, guitar, violin to a host of other instruments.

Kids can either create a new song or just have fun with making different sounds with the mat. It has an adjustable volume, and it can power off automatically to save its battery. The good thing is that this keyboard is not exclusive to kids only. Even adults can join in the fun, and it can take on quite some people at a time.

This mat is recommended for kids older than three years old, and it could even serve a great gift for them. It is powered by 4 AA batteries and it has four different modes which include Record, Play, Playback and Demo.

6) Casio 32 Mini Keys Portable Keyboard (SA-46)

Another amazing model by the already established Japanese brand Casio, which is known for its high-quality electronic instrument, especially its keyboards. The SA-46 is one of the top keyboards for kids thanks to the small size of its keys.

Featuring 100 sound effects, 50 rhythm effects and 5 percussion background sounds. Included you'll find an option to switch between piano or organ intonation and an LCD screen that is easy to read on all levels. It is available in different options depending on your musical and skill needs.

You can get the keyboard by itself or with the power supply, and you can choose between a beginner bundle which includes a comprehensive class that will guide you step by step. This one is highly recommended for children or adults. If it's their first instrument ever, or the other option is an intermediate bundle which includes a guided course as well but slightly more advanced, in case you're familiar with keyboards.

It's is very easy to move around, ergonomic and lightweight, weighing only 2.9 pounds and measuring 18.5 inches long, 9 inches wide, and 2.7 inches in height.

7) Tencoz 61 Key Portable Piano Keyboard for Kids

If you are looking for a keyboard that resembles a real piano but is still suitable for a young audience and beginner/intermediate players, this model by Tencoz is the right choice for you. Built with carefully selected materials that are completely safe for you and your family, as well as strong and resistant for long music sessions and wear.

Measuring 29.9 inches long, 7.9 inches wide, and 2.3 inches in height, it is a full-size keyboard that will boost the potential of every person who plays it, taking it to a whole different level.

Featuring 61 high-quality standard keys for a full musical experience, and a charger option of either USB or classic power charger depending on what is more convenient for you. Included as well, a useful music sheet stand that can be removed whenever and a microphone which comes in very handy for its recording and playback option.

The vocals and recording can be changed regarding its sound, volume, tempo, etc. Comes with 6 different demo songs, 16 unique sounds, and 10 different rhythms for use in your musical creations. It's easy to lift thanks to its lightweight construction, making it only 3 pounds heavy.

8) aPerfectLife 32 Keys Keyboard for Kids (White)

If value and quality are what you are looking for, this keyboard for kids is a great option. It offered in white color with a glossy finish and colorful buttons. These 32 key model measures 15.7 inches long, 6.1 inches wide, 1.2 inches in height. Built with non-toxic and safe, strong plastic materials that are lightweight, only 1.15 pounds, making it easier to carry around for kids.

A fantastic feature of this keyboard is its microphone integration, which is a great addition for future musicians, helping them in their vocal skills. This external microphone can be adjusted to modify vibration, tempo, gain, and offers a recording option and playback option.

Included in this instrument, you'll find 22 different demo songs so kids can replicate and practice, 8 unique tones, 4 samba sounds for background support, and 8 helpful rhythms.

Perfect to develop kid's motor and musical skills in a fun and easy way that will help them grow in many ways and possibly mark the beginning of a musical hobby that will progress over the years. It is recommended for 3 months old and up and it’s powered by AA batteries instead of a power battery.

9) VTech Record & Learn KidiStudio 

This is one piano for kids that looks every bit like a toy, so your child might be learning and not be aware. If your child has tried to perform like a musician before, you can get him or her this piano, so he/she can do just that.

It comes with over 40 songs and sound effects and also has prerecorded musical instruments on it. You can sing along while playing the piano, as well as sing along to the music. It comes with a light-up keyboard which teaches how to play different melodies on the piano.

You also can choose an instrument that you would like to play on the keyboard, so your child will be exposed to the use of various instruments and how to blend them to make music at a very young age.

You can as well play along with any music being played on the piano or even add disc scratch effect like a DJ. You can even increase or slow down the tempo of the music, and with the microphone, it does not matter how good your voice is, you will perform just well. There are tons of functionalities in this piano, and kids can be any type of star he/she wants to be, be it hip hop, Techno, Rock or Jazz.

10) Melissa & Doug 30 Key Grand Piano

This is a piano that is designed solely for your children. From its size and height, it is something that your child will find convenient and easy to use. It features 30 keys that are tuned by hand, comes with a key chart with colored keys for easy learning and a songbook.

This is a great piano keyboard to get your child introduced to creating music. The design of this keyboard was done with great attention such as the non-tipping bench, a safety hinge, a music stand and sturdy wooden design that guarantees strength and durability.

The highest safety standards were complied with when making this piano, so parents have nothing to fear regarding their child’s safety. Getting your child accustomed to making music cannot be done in any better way; it’s either with this piano or any of the many others that offer the same functionalities.

The piano comes with small parts, so adult supervision is required during set-up but then setting it up is easy. Getting an instructor for your child is also advised so that kids can be well-guided on the best practices and to make for an easy transition to larger pianos. The piano does not offer much so do not expect a lot. Its offerings are for kids, and that’s what it is.

11) B. toys Meowsic Toy Piano

Just as the name implies, shaped to look like the head of a cat, your child will fall in love with it at first glance. It is a highly interactive piano keyboard that comes with five instrument sounds, a playlist that contains 20 songs, seven songs with cat themes, a built-in recorder and a microphone that can be retracted into the body of the keyboard after use.

Every note when struck sounds like “meow.” This piano offers a lot of ways to have fun and has functions that make it look like a pet cat. With a single switch, the piano can be turned on or off, and if, after a few moments of inactivity, it shuts down by itself by making a soft “purr” sound to save its battery. There is a tempo button with which you can control the pace of the music and the volume control buttons are located right next to the tempo button.

With the record button, your kid can record their voice alongside whatever tone he/she is playing. This piano helps your child get started and creates an avenue of fun in the house during off-school hours. Your child must be above three years old to be safe.

12) PicassoTiles 49-Key Roll-Up Piano Keyboard for Kids (PT49)

If originality is what you are looking for the PT49 by PicassoTiles is your best choice. It's a fully foldable keyboard with 49 long and colorful keys that feature a recording option to save all the original creations by your children. It has 6 beautiful educational demo songs included and 8 different tones for the keys as well as a built-in speaker that will attract the smallest children playing it.

It's highly recommended thanks to how easy it is to store it in a box or under the bed and also when in use, move it around to different areas of the house or playground, you simply need a flat surface to place the keyboard on and you are ready to go.

This educational keyboard promotes creativity and motor skills in their arms and hands, helping little kids experiment with touch. PicassoTiles uses only non-toxic materials to keep your loved ones safe, making sure its products comply with all regulatory requirements and standards. It's available in a rainbow keys version or a classic black and white version. Measuring 72 cm long, 12.50 cm wide, and 0.9 cm thick.

13) Korg KRTINYRD Tiny Piano

This is the piano for kids that we will be doing a review of. It features 25 mini keys, and it comes with 25 sounds that you can learn how to play with. Kids generally love good looking things, and the piano is built to look attractive.

This makes it a suitable gift item for your kid. It is small, portable and can be easily carried to anywhere due to its lightweight of 13.45 pounds. It comes with in-built speakers that produce a rich tone just like any other standard piano.

With fifty demo songs, your child has a variety of sounds to practice with. The stability of the sound and pitch of this piano is unexpected from a mini piano like this, but the piano delivers quite well just like a standard piano which is impressive.

This piano is powered by AA batteries, and you do not stand any risk of having your child deal with electricity and sockets. This is a great digital piano with which you can prepare and train your child for his or her musical journey to greatness. The tiny Piano Digital Toy Piano is simply great, perfect and suitable for kids.

14) aPerfectLife 32 Keys Keyboard for Kids (Black)

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Crafted for kids who are just getting started in their musical journey, helping them to learn and play at the same time while exploring the beauty of music. Classified as a multifunctional keyboard thanks to its versatility and different options such as 22 fun demo songs like "Joy to the world", "Song of Joy", "Happy Birthday" etc, 8 types total of percussion and samba sounds, 8 tones, and 8 rhythms.

Don't let its small size trick you! A great feature is its integrated microphone which has a recoding and a playback option, the sound, and recordings of the microphone can be modified, like the sustain, volume, vibrato, chord control, and sleep function.

Measuring 40 cm long, 15.5 cm wide, and 3.1 cm in height, built with great quality plastic materials making it safe for your children. It's only powered by AA batteries so it's fully portable, meaning you don't need power at all, so your children can take it with you anywhere, making it a great toy that will help your kids focus and work on their motor abilities. It's really lightweight, weighing only 1.23 pounds and it's available in black and blue color.

15) RenFox 49 Key Piano Keyboard for Kids (TY0068_01)

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Value, variety, and quality are 2 characteristics RenFox offers its customers with their keyboard designed for kids. It is available in 3 different options, 49 keys for beginners and 61 keys for a complete experience that will resemble more to a full-size piano. Both of these models have a total of 5 different instrument sounds, 8 rhythms, 16 unique sounds, and 6 demo songs.

Featuring a dual speaker that will play each note in rich and vibrating sound, as well as a detachable microphone that can be used for recording and playing the media afterward, and an audio cable with jack/USB input to connect it to any other components like extra speakers.

Perfect to help children in their abilities, learning while having fun at the same time. Measuring 29.9 inches long, 7.9 inches wide, and 2.3 inches in height. Crafted with high-quality non-toxic plastic materials that are strong and will last regardless of how much use it has, which is ideal to serve as a companion for a young child as they grow and expand their musical knowledge and skills over the years, creating a bond with it.

16) AIMEDYOU 32 Keys Piano Keyboard for Kids

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Crafted with high-quality ABS plastic materials that comply with all the safety regulations in the market, this keyboard comes in a bright and attractive yellow color with a glossy finish that feels smooth on touch.

Built with 2 different speakers for a full and more realistic experience when it's being played, offering a clear and crisp sound that will make your children never want to stop playing it. Also, it is convenient to play indoors or outdoors since it only needs 4 AA batteries to work.

Suitable for children ages 3 and up, so it's an ideal first instrument so they explore the potential in music and develop new learning abilities. Included you'll find a useful microphone that will make the perfect addition to these 32 key piano keyboards that can also be controlled to change its sound settings.

Further, its size is small it has many sound options, like 22 amazing demo songs, 8 unique tones, 4 percussions, and 4 samba sound, and 8 rhythms. It measures 43 cm long, 16.6 cm wide and 5.5 cm in height, and weighs only 1.2 pounds.

17) Best Choice Products 30 Key Kids Grand Piano

This piano made of glossy, hardwood looks every bit like a grand piano; even has a music holder. It has 30 keys which are enough for your child to learn with at this stage. It also has a matching stool on which kids can sit while he or she plays the piano. To get your child interested in learning music from an early age, this piano is recommended.

The recommended age to use this piano is between ages of 1 and 5, and with a good instructor, they should be able to get the hang of it in no time. It is also moderately sized that it can fit into your child’s playroom without taking up too much space.

The elegant design of this children grand piano makes it something that can be kept for as long as possible and even passed down to your future kids.

18) EXCOUP Baby Drums Piano for Toddlers

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This is another impressive musical toy for children, but it is not a piano. It is more of a mini Xylophone which is used to produce different musical sounds such as the trumpet, guitar, hand drums, and saxophone.

It also produces melodious animal sounds and other interesting sounds when the xylophone is knocked. It is designed with bright colors which are enough to attract the interest of your child to start with. Overtime, playing with this toy constantly will enhance your child’s understanding of colors, sounds, and patterns.

This toy packs two different musical instruments in one. It could serve as a drum and as a piano; it has six piano keys and three hand drums. There are other musical instruments buttons which kids can use to train for finger flexibility and cognitive coordination.

The sound production is quite clear and can be adjusted to the desired volume. It is a great gift idea for your child aged less than a year. Even if your child doesn’t speak yet, this is a good way to keep him or her engaged therefore developing a close parent-child relationship.

It is powered by three AA batteries which are not included in the package. The makers of this product also made sure the light from the drums is soft and will not cause any harm to the child’s eyes.

19) Schoenhut 30-Key Fancy Baby Grand

This piano would inarguably make a great gift for your little child. It is easy to set up, and it is designed with the highest level of safety in mind. A bench comes with the package so kids can sit at the pianos for hours and have fun. A music rack is also included so kids can play any song from reading it.

The 30 keys are quite suitable for a little child to use and you need to know that this piano is solely for kids who are just learning how to play. It does not have the same functionalities that other standard full-sized pianos have, but of course, this should not be a problem since you just want your kid to get the hang of playing the piano.

The color-coded chart and the in-built Schoenhut Tri-Play learning system makes the learning process even easier. This piano has four sturdy legs; so if you are worried that your child might fall off, the piano cannot fall or get dislodged from its stand.

At least you can be sure that Schoenhut does not produce substandard products and it is made in the United States. The piano is made for children of ages 4 to 6 years old.

20) Casio SA-76 Mini Keyboard

The Casio SA-76 Mini Keyboard is an ideal keyboard to nurture the musical gifts of your child. It is a strong and durable keyboard that produces quality sound. Besides, it can be sued as kids and adults alike. It features an LCD which is easy to read and understand.

This keyboard is a good replacement for television and other things kids spend their time on. This keyboard is more preferred because anything bigger would be overwhelming and too large for your child, and this depends on the age of your child.

But, being a child, it is only sensible that he or she starts learning with something suitable for his or her age and size. Alternatively, Casio is a well-known product in the keyboard market, and the brand is quite reputable.

These mini keyboards also do not cost much so, in case your child later loses interest in music, you would feel justified that you tried to help nurture his or her talents.

But, on the flipside, with an experienced instructor, your kid will enjoy every bit of learning with this piano. The package comes with the needed materials to help you get started such as an instructional DVD and an instructional book.

21) Schoenhut 25 Key “My First Piano II”

This product by Schoenhut, designed to look like a grand piano serves an educational purpose as well as fun purpose. To create that sense of excitement in your kid, get him or her this piano.

Available in a variety of bright colors like red, pink and white, the product is a perfect fit for children. The 25 keys on the piano are well arranged just like in Schoenhut’s standard piano keyboards with enough space in between them to accommodate the little fingers of your child so that when they advance to a bigger piano, they simply continue like nothing changed.

This piano comes with Schoenhut’s Tri-Play Learning System which is a manual through which your kid could learn how to play. The Tri-Play Learning System has a play-by-color method of teaching which every child will find interesting and simple enough.

Schoenhut is a reputable brand that has been around for many years so normally, we do not expect any substandard product from them. The highest standard of safety is complied with in this product, so parents are rest assured that their child is working on the ideal piano keyboard there is.

22) Artesia Xkey 37 Air MIDI Mobile Keyboard

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This is another great piano for your child to learn how to play the piano. The Artesia 37 comes with 37 keys, features Bluetooth connectivity and USB controller. This piano is in no way different from the standard Artesia piano other than the fact that it comes with Bluetooth connectivity.

It is a completely wireless piano, and its battery can last for as long as 10 hours. This is a piano that puts you in complete control of all the things you can do with it. Even though you need to download the XKey app to access most of the functionalities, the keyboard remained reliable and packed with a lot of impressive features.

The keyboard looks quite attractive in its slim frame and also easy to transport – it can easily fit into a standard backpack. The 37 keys that come with the keyboard are arranged in an octave range just like the keys of a standard keyboard, and each key is separated with an aluminum grille.

The aluminum grille is useful so that the player can identify the keys in case the player is not looking at the piano. Also, for every press of the keys, the whole key is pressed down so that the player can have a unified sense of touch with the piano.

The Artesia XKey 37 is an advanced piano that you can get for your kid if you want him/her to have the full feel of a standard piano in a mini piano.

23) Icon iKeyboard 3 25-Key MIDI Controller

This is a 25-note keyboard that is designed to work with most of the widely used software such as Cubase Logic Pro, Nuendo, Ableton Live, Amplitude, etc. It also comes with full-sized keys and to make the mapping of MIDI easier; the iMAP software comes with it.

In the design of this piano, great attention was paid to detail in that the keys are full-sized and they are semi-weighted. This semi-weight property of the keys gives you the feel and action of a real piano when playing it.

Everything you need to control this piano is included in it; from touch strips used to modulate and bend pitch, touch fader with LED feedback used to control levels to other features such as record, track selection, solo, mute and bank selection.

To make playback easier, this piano features a full transport which also makes other functions such as looping, recording, and automation change modes possible. It also comes with a large rotary encoder that has a LED ring which is used to set send levels, control plugin parameters, and other functions.

It comes with three connections which are USB which doubles as the power connector, MIDI out and sustain and expression pedals. All these features are features obtainable in other standard pianos, and if you get them in this mini piano for kids, it’s not a bad idea.

24) Plixio 61-Key Digital Electric Piano Keyboard (10766396)

In order to facilitate playing, Plixio attached a removable musical sheet stand that is placed on top of the middle area so you never forget that note is next. This keyboard is designed both for beginner children and adults whether it's their first musical instrument or not.

Preferred by its users due to how light it is and easy to carry around, if you want to play it in your room, living room, or at your friend's house, the possibilities are endless, the only thing you need is a power outlet. Since Plixio has you covered by including the power adapter with the keyboard, you don't have to spend any extra money or if you want full portability, you'll need 6 AA batteries to be on-the-go and don't need power at all, for a day in the park perhaps.

If you prefer to practice in a quiet way, you can plug a headset to it, or if you prefer the opposite a speaker or even a microphone. Featuring 100 different rhythm sounds, 8 percussion effects, 40 tones, and 60 unique demo songs, you'll have unlimited fun making your own songs or recreating your favorite songs.

25) Liberty Electronic Organ Music Keyboard for Kids – 16″

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This piano keyboard looks every bit like a child’s toy – colorful and all of that. So, at first glance, your child will fall in love with the piano. It has 25 keys and is powered by 3 AA batteries which are not included in the package. There are 12 preset rhythms and instruments that come with the piano.

The rhythms include March, Slow Rock, New New, Blues, Swing, Waltz, Rumba, Samba, Tango, Rock, Cha-Cha, and Disco. The musical instrument sounds include trumpet, piano, oboe, harp, bell, organ, music box, mandolin, sax, guitar, bass, and violin).

It also comes with four animal sound effects (duck, dog, bird, and frog) and four percussion sounds (snare, closed, cymbal and base), including the eight pre-recorded songs. It is unexpected for a piano designed with some much details and decorations to have features such as these, but it does.

The idea is to make sure your child gets a complete experience of using a piano, have fun while at it and learn the basics in the process. This piano offers as much as it can for its size and of course, it is well suited for its purpose – that it is meant for your child to learn how to play.

26) Plixio 54 Key Keyboard Piano for Kids

With this keyboard, kids can go for music lessons outside your home and take the piano with it. It’s small in size and pretty much lightweight. With 54 keys, your child will have the opportunity to learn with something close to what a standard piano looks like.

The Plixio 54 Key Children’s Electric Music Keyboard Piano comes with enough demo songs, rhythms and tones to get your kid started on his or her piano lessons. The lesson mode that comes with this piano makes it even easier.

Features like playback, sustain, record, chord, vibrato all makes the music feel real and with a good piano instructor, your child will be exposed to the most important features of a piano in no time. Talk about having fun while learning, this is the piano for your child. The piano can be powered by the AC power adapter that comes with it or by AA batteries.

One other added advantage of this piano is that it is small, compact and lightweight. This product offers not so much so you should not expect a lot from it. Regarding delivery and being able to do just what a toy piano does, it is suitable.

27) Akai Professional MPK Mini 25-Key MIDI Keyboard Controller

The Akai Professional MPK is an impressive mini piano for your child. The array of buttons, pads, and knobs put you in control of your music production irrespective of where you are at any given time.

It comes with 25 velocity-sensitive keys and eight pads, as well as other physical features such as eight knobs which are used to control MIDI parameters in any music production software. This piano is one that makes music creation a breeze, and it works with virtually all music production software out there.

It comes with a USB connector that is simply plug-and-play for PC and Mac; it does not require installing any driver. The Akai Pro MPK Mini is one piano keyboard that offers portability combined with a high level of functionality.

With features like velocity-sensitive keys, eight back-lit keys out of 25, 8 Q-link knobs that gives you total control over the keyboard’s features, there is almost nothing better that you would buy for your kid.

You don’t have to worry about your kid being able to carry the piano. There are so many features that this piano comes with which makes it a recommended piano to teach your child the nitty-gritty of music creation.

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28) aPerfectLife 61 Key Piano for Children

Do you ever have a fear of leaving your child alone with his or her piano? Maybe you think the piano might get him/her injured or any other safety fears. Worry less because aPerfectLife Piano for kids is a well-designed piano made from the best and safe material with which your children are guaranteed to feel safe.

With this piano, your child will learn how to play the piano and at the same time be able to develop his/her singing skills. Important skills like knowing the right notes to hit and being able to stay on the key can be mastered with this piano.

It has a decent sound quality, and the keyboard can play a wide range of rhythms, tones, and melodies so versatility can be achieved with this piano even at the beginners’ stage that your child is.

aPerfect piano for kids comes with one microphone for singing and recording of voice, 1 DC adapter and one instruction manual written in the English language. The keyboard comes with 61 keys, eight percussion musical instruments, ten rhythms 16 timbres and six demo songs. It is a great keyboard to keep your child engaged musically and brought out the genius creative in him or her.

Currently Not Available

29) Fresh Household 37-Key Keyboard Piano

If you are thinking of a gift idea for your kid that your child will love, this is both an attractive gift and a functional one at that, if your kid is passionate about music. Featuring 37 keys, small and lightweight, compact dimension of 18.5 by 7.1 by 2.0 inches, this multifunctional piano gives everything needed for your child to become the next Bach or Mozart.

It allows you to record your songs and play them back at a later time, six demo songs that can be played along to, eight keyboard rhythms and sounds, 32 tempo control, and sixteen volume levels. The good thing about this keyboard piano is that a microphone is included so if your child wants to sing along, he/she can do so effortlessly.

This product is powered by four AA batteries which do not come with the package, so you will have to get them yourself. The piano can thus be operated without cord or wires, so it can be taken anywhere at any time.

Coupled with the fact that is has a lightweight, it is even more impressive. This product is a great product for your child’s development, and even though it may not offer as much as other standard learning pianos for kids, it is a good device to introduce your child to learning music.

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30) M SANMERSEN 37 Keys Kids Piano

This is another attractively designed piano for kids which you can use to teach your child how to play the piano. It has 16 rhythms which include guitars, grand pianos, violins, trumpet, saxophones, etc.

A songbook comes with this piano which makes learning how to play easier. There are four specially dedicated buttons which can produce animal and drum sounds as well as playing alongside the normal piano keys.

This piano also comes with five songs which you can play your tones alongside or just listen to them. The arrangement of each of the song is properly done to interest young players. There is the option to switch off the melody portion in a song and simply play alongside the other parts of the song.

This is a perfect piano for your child to learn and enjoy playing music. It is also made from a safe material that your child will be safe to play with. It is powered by a USB line which is included in the package or by four AA batteries which are not included.

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Choosing the Best Keyboard for Kids from the Best Kids Piano Keyboard Brands

Pianos are a great instrument for both adults and children. They sound beautiful and are not that difficult to learn under the right guidance. Instruments are a great way for parents to enhance their children’s thinking ability and the keyboard is one of the best instruments to start them off with. If you are looking for a guide to keyboards for your kid, then given below are a few things that you may find helpful.

What To Consider When Buying A Keyboard For Kids

If you haven’t already got them one, the first thing that your kid will obviously need is a keyboard to play. However, there are a few important things that you will need to look for in every keyboard you buy for them as these will make their experience even better. These are listed below.

  • The size of the keyboard is very important for kids. You obviously can’t buy your kid a keyboard that is much too large for them and expects them to be able to play it. There are keyboards that are fitted to adults and kids of all sizes. Meaning anyone no matter how short or tall has a keyboard out there that is meant for them. If your child is very young, 1-4, there are toy keyboards that can play pre-recorded songs and have many different sounds in them that they can play with ease, allowing them to start learning at a young age.
  • Do not get your child a keyboard that is built too much like a toy. Get them a small and simple keyboard that has a good range of different sounds and has keys that aren’t too big, or too small. The size of the keys is important as the best keyboards made for kids will have perfectly sized keys that will allow them to easily adapt to the keys of a normal-sized keyboard later.
  • Another reason why you should get the simplest of keyboards for your kids is that they can be overwhelmed by most new keyboards today. There are far too many features in modern keyboards that are too advanced for children to get at such a young age. The best and most comfortable option for your children is a completely simple keyboard with little to no digital features, giving them the feel of an easy to play classical piano.

Popular Keyboard For Kids Brands

The piano is one of the most famous instruments for both adults and kids. This is one of many reasons why many instrument manufacturing brands keep their main focus on making the best pianos. There are many brands to choose from when it comes to buying keyboards for your children. Some of the better ones out of them are listed below.


Roland is a brand famed for their manufacturing of great digital instruments, but they are especially popular for their keyboards and other types of digital pianos. They make keyboards that are easy to get around with and are easy to use as well, making them a perfect choice for your kid if you intend to send them on lessons every few days. They are a brand based in Japan that dates back to the 1960s and their main goal is to provide everyone with a modernized experience of music.


Definitely one of the best piano brands out there, Yamaha is an excellent choice for both adults and kids. They are popular not only for the great quality of their instruments but also because they make these instruments for everyone. Yamaha makes all types of different variations in an instrument so that everyone can play a version of that instrument, regardless of age or size. They are also one of the most experienced brands, dating all the way back to the 19th century.


Casio is a famous brand even outside of instruments. They make digital appliances of nearly all types and not so long ago, they shifted some of their attention towards digital instruments. As is with all of their products, Casio makes their keyboards so that they are easy to use. They have advanced features as well, but the simpler models of Casio can be used by both adults and children who want to have a go at learning to play the instrument.

Helpful Tips For Every Keyboard For Kids Players

No instrument is easy to learn, especially for children. If you intend to teach your kids an instrument they will need your full support. There are some ways that you can help them with their learning. Teach them the following things and they’ll find it much easier to play.

  • The first tip is for the parents. Never make your children start too early. If you start them off at the age of 2-5, before they are too young to understand most things, then they will struggle. Most children usually don’t handle failure well and will begin to ignore anything they aren’t that good at. If they constantly make mistakes while playing, most children won’t take it too well and think they aren’t good enough to play and will lose all interest in learning going forward, which is why you shouldn’t start them before they can handle it and always reward them after every session, no matter how they did.
  • Tell your kids to always enjoy playing. Teach them that music isn’t about playing well but about enjoying the tunes you play yourself. Tell them to relax and try again if they ever make mistakes and you should always let them know when you think they are doing well.
  • Slowly build up their pace. Start them off with just a few keys and slowly build that number up. After a while introducing them to some easy songs like Happy Birthday and once they get better at that, they will be able to play more and more difficult tunes as well with the passage of time, so one of the most important things is to be patient and to take it slow.