4 Best THE ONE Digital Piano Reviews 2022 (Best THE ONE Keyboards)

Best THE ONE Digital Piano & Best THE ONE Keyboard

Best THE ONE Digital Piano & Best THE ONE Keyboard

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If you are in the market in search of the best digital Piano, know today that there is one brand that stands out in the beginner’s category. Do you want to know? It’s none else but THE ONE.

Buying digital pianos is one of the most difficult challenges you will come across in the musical instrument world. The rapid growth of modern technology has led to a plethora of digital pianos in the market, as such that with so many brands; it’s extremely difficult to select the right one. But that is exactly what we want to resolve with this review and buying guide.

What You Must Know

The first rule you must know and keep up your sleeve is that all digital pianos are not the same. You heard that right!

We have digital pianos meant for stage performance, which are known as stage pianos. Such are usually portable and perfect for a moving live band. There is the digital console piano, which sits like King Solomon in your house.

Such is very gigantic and may even be made to mimic a heavy piece of furniture. Console pianos give you everything you need while their weighted keys action and realistic sound are designed to mimic that of an acoustic piano.

On the other hand, we have what is called the Electronic Keyboard. These ladies are loaded with more options compared to the typical digital pianos that you know. They are capable of producing a wide range of electronic sound of great quality. If you want to be going to the studio, this is the type of digital piano you should consider.

So when shopping for a THE ONE digital piano, always have these differences at the back of your mind so you don’t end up buying the wrong one.

There is a piano for every level

Now, this is a no-brainer. If you are looking to buy your digital piano, you have to know your level of play. Are you a professional in the game? Then get the piano that is designed strictly for professional players. Such digital pianos are usually extremely high on cost, but they have everything excellently made out for pros. Their sound is always the best and the features are unbeatable by any other level of play.

While intermediate players have a digital piano designed for them with good features, they are not a match for the professional pianos. However, intermediate pianos are better than the ones designed for beginners. Although most beginner pianos like the ones reviewed here are becoming more sophisticated each day, they still lack some features that make the intermediate and professional pianos the best of all.

By reading reviews like this, you will be able to differentiate between a beginner, intermediate and professional digital pianos. This way, you will be able to choose wisely according to your skill.

4 Best The ONE Digital Piano Reviews and the Best The ONE Keyboards

1) The ONE 88-Key Weighted Digital Hammer Piano

Is this the “one” that is to come or should we look for another? Nay, with over 400 sheet music and 100 plus videos, this must be the beginners’ “piano messiah!”

The ONE graded hammer action piano is just more than a beginner level piano. Even the best of intermediate and professional pianists would find this amazing in all aspects.

As soon as you sit down to play, the LED light guides you on like a constellation of Angels to play within minutes. No hassles no struggles. The keyboard features fully weighted 88-key construction that responds well to touch.

The ONE also includes USB output on this model that enables you to play MIDI files and enjoy the best of your favorite music and music software. Get the record feature to record your performance and play it back with pride to your friends and loved ones.

A piano sound is always an important aspect, and this one didn’t disappoint at all. The sound therefrom is rich and powerful in stereo output. 3 good piano pedals are included in the package. Considering the wooden frame design of this hammer action digital piano, there is no reason why the beginner player shouldn’t love it.

2) The ONE 61 Key Portable Digital Piano Keyboard

If there are any other brands that can give Yamaha a run for its money, The ONE would surely be among them. Thanks to this model, the ONE has demonstrated that being quite affordable and portable isn’t a departure from quality design. The keyboard features 61 keys, just as the name implies. For the beginner, this is a wonderful model due to its simplicity of play and functionality.

There are over 100 videos and games associated with the free app, even as the connection for external files also supports both Android and iOS devices, including tablets and phones. Also, there are more than 128 instrument sounds that provide you with a wide range of practical options. These sounds can be gotten from the app setting.

Solid speakers render top quality sound for your liking while the built-in music stand gives you a better way of securing your sheet in place as you play. MIDI file output gives you an extended way to enjoy more music from your favorite collection in your external sources. A record function is also included in this beginners ‘piano. Use it to record your music and see how you are faring.

With that simple user manual, you should have a nice playing experience.

3) The ONE Smart Keyboard Pro

When we talk about digital pianos with fully weighted-keys, we’re simply referring to the likes of the ONE Smart 88-Keyboard Pro digital piano. What else should one look for in a piano that gives you the ability to adjust the way the keys respond? Do you even know that the keys on this model tell you exactly what to play? Call the ONE the pianist teacher and you wouldn’t be wrong.

Alright, so what else lies in wait for you? Let’s see.

There are two built-in speakers on either top side of the piano, and brother, these babies are powerful. The loudness and crisp rendition of the speakers can even cause the deaf to hear (please, pardon my pun).

The light-up keys make this model particularly good for a beginner pianist. It makes it easy to see the keys and play the right note, even in the midst of a poorly lighted area. Even the sheet music also light-up for your convenience.

Boasting as much as 128 polyphony notes, there is a lot for you to practice with. Add that to the integrated video lessons, Crash course, and the amazing piano games, what you’ll have is a string of endless practical entertainment while increasing your piano proficiency.

The USB port allows you to connect and play external devices, including the educational software. Use the record function to record your performance and play it back on a later time for self-appraiser.

The ONE Smart is truly a nice keyboard that more than meets the needs of the beginner and intermediate player.

4) Smart 61 key Portable Keyboard Piano

This is just like the previous model from The ONE. It has the same portable design, measuring 36.2 x 13 x 3.9 inches in dimensions. The body features a black color design, except for the key areas which come with a mixture of white. The keyboard also allows you to use The ONE Smart Piano App where you can learn a lot more about playing styles and sounds.

If you want something that will get your young ones to keep coming back for more, then the game feature on this model will help you a lot. It’s even remarkable that as cheap as this model, it comes with light-up keys which are just perfect for any beginner to learn quickly.

There is a microphone interface where you can connect your mic, sing and play at the same time. Of course, since we talked about a piano app, you should know by now this piano comes with a MIDI file support. You can easily connect your iPad or Phones and enjoy whatever you want to play or listen to.

Headphones can be connected to the headphone jack if you want your kids to play without disturbing the peace of the house. Hardly is there a better beginner instrument out there in the market. At this point, the likes of Yamaha must be looking over their competitive shoulders.

Choosing the Best THE ONE Digital Pianos

When searching for the best digital piano, there are many things to consider. For example, you still have to consider the number of keys you think will be appropriate for you. While some pianist favors the fully weighted 88 key pianos, others just love to have variations like 61-keys, 75 keys, and even 45 keys, which are more portable and compact in design.

The sound quality is another thing to look out for when in search of the best digital piano. Some brands have better sampling technology than other brands. But what about the number of polyphony, which defines the number of notes your digital piano is capable of producing at the same time? Again, does the piano have a record function? Does it support MIDI file connections?

The fact remains that selecting the best digital piano is largely dependent on your needs. Now that you know better, you can take that bold step to choose one of the best digital pianos today.