4 Best Alesis Digital Piano Reviews 2022 (Best Alesis Keyboards)

Best Alesis Digital Piano & Best Alesis Keyboards

Best Alesis Digital Piano & Best Alesis Keyboards

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The good thing about digital pianos is the versatility they offer for all categories of people of all ages and for different purposes as well. The simplicity of digital pianos makes it possible for anyone—no matter the playing level, age or sex, of those who plays them.

They can be used for personal or professional reasons, and have gone a long way to change the musical landscape in providing different but unique styles in the way hobbyists and musicians/students practice and play music.

However, buying a digital piano is always one challenging task that cannot be overemphasized. It can be very exhausting and sometimes frustrating when it comes to selecting the right digital piano for you. That is why this article was created to help you identify and select the right choice of Alesis' digital pianos.

Here are the things to look for when buying your digital pianos.

What kind do I need?

Digital pianos are available in different kinds which include digital keyboard pianos, digital piano consoles, upright digital pianos, stage pianos, synthesizers, and a MIDI controller keyboard.

Digital keyboard pianos are the most pervasive and general kind of piano. They are usually portable, mobile, and come with a large or limited range of rhythms and tones. Upright digital pianos share similar functionality but are usually upright in construction—having a cabinet or some sort of support mechanism.

Stage pianos are strictly for the stage as they incorporate live performance technology. Digital piano console is like upright pianos, but sometimes with features that closely mirror a real acoustic piano.

While MIDI controllers and synthesizers both incorporate a wide range of sound aimed at music production, the latter usually do not have speakers and rely only on other devices using MIDI.

Key features

While some digital pianos come in 61 keys formation, others are available in 45 keys, 75 keys and 88 keys as well. A 45 key piano will be more perfect for kids while 61, 75 and 88 keys can be used by all classes of players—from beginners to professionals, depending on your convenient. Nevertheless, the keys of the piano should be very responsive and have great tone output.


Critically examine the piano if it has reliable tone and voice selections, microphone and MIDI/UDB play support, split play mechanism, record and playback functionality, and more. The functions will enable you to catch up quickly and develop your skills across different rhythms and style of play.

4 Best Alesis Digital Piano Reviews and the Best Alesis Keyboards

1) Alesis Recital 88-Key Beginner Digital Piano

Alesis is one of the top forces to reckon with when it comes to digital pianos in the market. This version of their piano is a fully semi-weighted 88-key piano designed to suit the playing needs of the beginner pianist.

5 quality voices namely; electric piano, acoustic piano, synth, bass and organ, are some of the notable features that set this version from a host of the competition. Alesis also includes intuitive educational modes that enables you to learn quickly how best to play your keys and develop your playing skills in a relatively short time.

The key touches are adjustable, and you can tune them in a way that appeals best to you. The sound that the piano produces fills a room without distortions, thanks to the 20W built-in speaker.

While this piano doesn’t come with a pedal, it has a sustain-pedal input for external connectivity.

Another good addition is the ability to practice in private. A nice quality stereo headphone output allows you to connect your headphone for discreet playing session. A power adapte and RCA stereo output also enables to connect your instrument to a mixer, a recorder, amplifier or such other sound instrument.

Alesis also includes its Skooves Piano Lesson features in this version, which allows upcoming pianist to develop their playing skills in a three months playing lesson.

From every indication, nothing is amidst with the Alesis recital Digital Beginners Piano.

2) Alesis Portable 61 Key Melody Piano/Keyboard

Alesis has been a name to reckon with in the musical instrument market. When it comes to digital pianos, this is one brand that has been doing a remarkable job. The Alesis 61 keyboard is a perfect choice for the beginner player. It is the type of keyboard that you buy for your kids to practice on while at home or in a musical lesson group.

Take for instance the headphone port that allows your kids to connect and play discreetly without disturbing the peace of the house or surroundings. There are 200 built-in sounds your kids can play and practice with. You can also create your own songs using the 128 built-in accompaniments rhythms.

Assembling this piano is like a breeze. Once setup is complete, you can easily break down the included songs into three different modes of play. The ‘One-key’ mode allows you to learn the various rhythms, of the songs and digital piano sounds. The ‘Follow mode’ allows you to get the notes, and finally, the ‘Ensemble mode’ allows you to get the entire song together.

The Melody 61 also features battery support play. The company pre-empted the fact that you might want to take the piano to anywhere, and so, you will need to play even where there is no connectivity to the main power grid. That is what the battery inclusion is meant to achieve. Your kids also have the opportunity to record their performance using the record and playback functionality, which also record your voice when you plug in your microphone.

There is no doubting the fact that this is a portable, USB and AUX enabled beginner’s digital piano.

3) Alesis Harmony Ultra Portable 61 Keyboard

The Harmony is a top quality, starter keyboard that packs a lot in power, responsiveness, and flexibility. The keyboard is a 61 key designed product that features a high velocity-sensitive keys platform. The fact that you can easily adjust the touch response of the keys makes this model a brilliant one from Alesis.

It comes with 100 built-in rhythm and 100 songs that you can play with one-touch song mode. It also has a playback and record function you can utilize to record your own beat. The split mode is perhaps the greatest feature of the Harmony.

You can play two different sounds at a time using the split mode and layer sound functionality. It also enables you to play along with a friend or your music teacher on the same keyboard and with different sounds.

With more than 32 different voices to choose from, the range at which you can split and layer your sounds is almost endless. The Harmony also comes with a built-in metronome that allows you to play in a timely fashion.

You can easily adjust the metronome. An included chord-dictionary helps you to learn more about reading music sheets, even as the crystal clear LCD screen enables you to see the notes you are playing.

This is one model that’s worth the money.

4) Alesis MIDI/USB VI49 Keyboard

At 38.2 x 18.2 x 7 inches in dimension, this is one of the best and most portable starter digital keyboards in the market. The Alesis VI49 only features 49 keys, which are semi-weighted. The keys are not that bad when it comes to touch-feel responsiveness.

However, they could have been much better if there was the ability to adjust the touch response like the Alesis did with the Harmony 61 model. Nonetheless, it does what it is supposed to do—and that is providing a decent sound for a nice practice lesson.

There are 36 buttons that you can assign for a variety task as well as 12 assignable knobs. These two capabilities further enhance the credibility and quality of the keyboard. In addition, there are 16 velocity-sensitive triggered pads that provide illuminated RGB feedback. All of these provide the perfect interface for your music software if you’re using one.

The VI49 also comes with a reliable LED screen with illuminated knobs and buttons, providing you a clear and precise information feedback regarding what you are playing.

A USB port allows you to connect and play MIDI files on external sources like on your computer, Smartphone or MP3 players and more. The ability to connect your headphone and play quietly without disturbing the peace of others also makes this a perfect model for the beginner player.

A cleaning cloth, an interactive Live piano learning software plus 1-year warranty makes the Alesis VI49 a good choice to consider when shopping for the best beginner digital piano.

Choosing the Best Alesis Digital Pianos

When it comes to digital pianos, there are few places where you can actually buy a top-notch brand. The only way you can get the best digital piano is either to buy online or from a physical store.

While it is very good to play and feel the sound of a digital piano before buying it, it is not always that possible.

The problem with brick & mortar stores when buying your piano is that you will not be exposed to more information regarding the functions and quality of the piano you’re playing, even when you tried them out. The reason for this, unlike shopping online, is that there are no immediate reviews and assessment available from previous real-time buyers and users of the model you are now planning to buy.

So, even If you tested the piano and felt the sound is good enough, it still doesn’t give you vital details regarding other aspects of the piano/keyboard. The situation is even worse if you happen to be someone who is just starting out and cannot tell the difference between sounds. That is why it is highly recommended to buy from online stores like Amazon where you have access to a pool of reviews and critical assessment of the product.

These are the best ways you can buy the best Alesis digital piano for beginners.