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Best Beginner Trumpet

Best Beginner Trumpet

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The trumpet is likely one of the most recognizable instruments that cross multiple genres, and can even be found in various types of formal services or ceremonies, such as weddings and funerals. Sound-wise, the trumpet is an attractive instrument to would-be brass players. If jazz or salsa are your specialties, the trumpet is famous for its warm sensuality.

On the other hand, if you prefer the idea of writing adventurous-sounding or dramatic orchestral scores, learning the trumpet will help you immensely. It’s difficult to imagine any such score without one of the most famous members of the brass family present.

Whatever reasons you, or a younger person you know, have for learning to play the trumpet, you still need to apply the same rules to buying a trumpet as you would with any other major purchase: read best trumpet reviews and shop around a bit. Researching big-ticket items like this will help you get the best beginner trumpet quality for your money.

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What are the Best Beginners Trumpets to Buy?

2) Jean Paul USA TR-330 Student Trumpet

  • Larger Bore Size
  • Robust
  • Popular
  • Kit Set

1) Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L Trumpet

  • Gold-lacquered
  • Highly Rated
  • Smooth Action Valves
  • 1st and 3rd Valve Slides

3) Merano GWD300SV-MT B Flat Trumpet

  • High Rating
  • Silver Color
  • Kit Set
  • Affordable
  • High Quality

To help you with your quest, we have prepared a best beginner trumpet review guide, which consists of twenty instruments and their attributes, from color to bore and bell size, and everything in between. Some instruments come as part of a kit, so we’ll include that aspect as well since sometimes purchasing a kit can be less of a strain on the wallet than purchasing everything you need separately. On the other hand, you might not need everything a kit offers, so a minimal purchase could be the better deal.

When doing your research, you also need to know that trumpets come in different sizes, therefore are tuned to different keys and therefore used in different ways. This said, the most common trumpet is tuned to the key of B-flat, and this will be the majority of trumpets you’ll be reading about.​

20 Best Beginner Trumpet & Best Trumpet Brands

1) Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L Trumpet, Gold

Among the brands that are good for beginning trumpet players, Cecilio is one of the better names, with their Mendini MTT-L model making high ratings amongst parents who don’t want to pay monthly rental fees but don’t want to pay a lot of money for an instrument their child might tire of quickly.

The MTT-L model’s basic specs are as follows:

  • 0.46” bore, with 5” bell
  • Gold-lacquered
  • 1st and 3rd valve slides
  • Smooth action valves with mother-of-pearl tops
  • 1-year warranty

This model comes as part of a kit, which includes:

  • Hard case
  • Gloves (this is somewhat unusual to see amongst student-level models)
  • Valve oil
  • Polishing cloth

You might see that there are many positive reviews about this trumpet. This is understandable, but keep in mind that it is far too easy for people to make a counterfeit instrument and pass it off as an authentic piece. In order to avoid problems, make sure you are purchasing from a licensed dealer. This way, you know you’re getting a quality product.

2) Jean Paul USA TR-330 Standard Student Trumpet

While this might be yet another unknown name for many, that doesn’t mean Jean Paul USA doesn’t make really great trumpets. Their TR-330 has been available on Amazon since 2014, and the lion’s share of the ratings are in the “5-star” category. Here’s why:

  • Ships with robust, elegant case for easy use and transportation.
  • The kit also includes valve oil, polishing cloth, gloves, and mouthpiece.
  • 1-year parts & labor warranty.
  • Larger bore size to help beginners hit notes accurately (bore size affects air flow)

There have been a few unfortunate reviews, chiefly related to valve issues, but the Jean Paul company representatives are second-to-none in assisting people who’ve purchased through Amazon. One JP representative mentioned that it is better to return a Jean Paul trumpet directly to the company, and not to Amazon, in order to have issues resolved to your satisfaction.

If you’re wondering if a more experienced player can use this trumpet, the short answer is “yes.” However, someone who is looking for a gigging instrument might want the TR-430, which is geared more towards the professional level.

3) Merano GWD300SV-MT B Flat Trumpet; Silver

So far, most of the listings have had specific, solid mechanical specs to back up the instrument’s ratings. This listing for a Merano GWD300SV-MT does not have such specifics, yet the overall rating is quite good. The specs that do appear are in the pictures, and they show:

  • A tuner
  • Trumpet stand
  • Case with shoulder strap
  • Valve oil & slide grease (you can’t roll over the picture to zoom, so the blue rectangular box in the center of the picture is a best guess)
  • Mouthpiece (Standard 7C size)

Most of the buyers have been either content or really happy with this trumpet. Band directors seem to like this instrument as well, so that’s a plus. The only obvious negatives have been sticky valves, but regular cleaning, applying valve oil and working the valves enough so that they move smoothly will all help.

If you choose a color other than silver, be aware that, depending on the chemical composition of a player’s sweat, the lacquer may start coming off. Some players have issues, some don’t.

4) Jean Paul USA TR-430 Intermediate Trumpet

You probably read about the Jean Paul USA TR-330 beginner’s trumpet up further in the review guide. This is the TR-430, a step up from the beginner instrument in quite a few ways:

  • Rose gold lead pipe
  • The adjustable 3rd trigger that allows for a natural hand position and proper play technique.
  • Excellent piston durability, extending the life of the trumpet and ensures maximum playability.

The rose brass lead pipe itself isn’t just lovely to look at, it creates warmer, richer tones that will please the ear of both the player and listener. And because the pistons are even more durable than that of the beginner instrument, the TR-430 is clearly made for hours and hours of practice and performance.

The carrying case itself is upgraded, which is a bonus for the student who has played for a number of years, and needs the extra space for carrying other accessories than just the valve oil. This instrument could also work for the adult who’s played before, but has taken a considerable break from playing, and doesn’t want to spend a lot of money.

5) Glory Brass Bb Trumpet with Pro Case + Care Kit

To be fair, this is not necessarily one of the best-known brands, but if you simply want a reasonably-priced instrument for the time being whilst you save up for a trumpet at a higher price point, then this setup will likely be worth your while.

The setup includes:

  • Lightweight carrying case
  • Valve oil
  • Polishing cloth
  • Gloves
  • Choice of instrument color (click on the thumbnail links to get to each color)

Now, you might be wondering why a starter setup includes gloves. They’re not necessarily there for use during marching band performances, though they might do in a pinch. The gloves are actually a supplement to the polishing cloth. While this may seem fussy, the longer you can keep body oils off the metal, the better.

One main caveat with this model, however, seems to be that the quality control from the factory concerning the valve placement is a bit less-than-ideal at times, so according to one reviewer, it can’t hurt to check valve placement against a “how-to” video on YouTube, if you don’t want the hassle of returning the trumpet.

6) Getzen 590S-S Trumpet – Standard, Chrome

The first thing we need to say about this particular brand is quality-wise, it is among the top names amongst the companies that make trumpets either for professionals or students.

If you’re planning on becoming a gigging musician with a trumpet, and want a quality instrument, the Getzen 590-S should be on your “short list.” Here’s why:

  • 0.460" bore size with a 4.75” bell
  • Water keys (aka “spit valves”) have more resilience due to fewer moving parts
  • Little to no air resistance, making the horn easier to play; high-quality slide action with slide saddle and adjustable third slide ring
  • Getzen Valve Lifetime Warranty
  • Custom etching option available
  • Made in the USA

Though the Amazon page does not show it, according to one reviewer, the 590-S ships with a case, which means you won’t have to make a separate purchase. 

7) YAMAHA YTR 2330 STtudent Bb Trumpet

When you think of student instruments that are high-quality, yet affordable, Yamaha is definitely towards the top of the list. This listing is for the YTR 2330 student B-flat trumpet. Here are the basic specs:

  • 0.459” bore.
  • Monel valves and pistons
  • Gold lacquer finish
  • Mouthpiece included

Reading the main page, you might be a bit confused as to where the trumpet is manufactured, as one reviewer has said that Japan will sometimes sell their items as “made in China.” This claim is indeed a bit vague and confusing because just about all their instruments are made right there in Japan. But one customer did post a picture of the “made in Japan” stamp on their instrument, so that might help resolve any quandaries you might have about choosing this instrument.

According to the Amazon page, this trumpet is sold by and ships from a company called World Order, Inc, but there are other individual sellers as well, so you’ll want to pay attention to those listings, as well as the varied Q&A’s about what comes with the YTR 2330 model.

8) Tromba Plastic Trumpet, Blue

To be fair, the Tromba brand is not that well-known, especially if you’re a musician who’s played enough instruments in school and you’re looking for a quality trumpet for your beginning brass player. You might even cringe at the word “plastic,” but surprisingly, this instrument, shipped and sold by Viz-Pro, has received some decent reviews.

The basic specs include:

  • Polished and machine honed yellow brass sleeves
  • Stainless steel pistons with ABS core
  • Damage-resistant, easy to clean surface
  • Color-customizable with interchangeable parts

That first spec is probably what will confuse you the most, as brass is most definitely not plastic, and in order for a trumpet to sound like a trumpet, the instrument has to be made of metal. Otherwise, it might as well be just a toy. And to confuse you further, one reviewer said that there was a somewhat “plastic” sound of the instrument, which, according to further product information, does have metal parts to it.

All this said, if you’re looking for a durable trumpet for a very young player, the blue Tromba might be a good starting point.

9) Windsor MI-1001 Student Bb Trumpet Outfit Including Case

Just because a beginner’s trumpet is at the usual “starter” price point, that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s not going to have a good sound. The Windsor MI-1001 model proves just that, with an affordable price point for most parents with kids just starting a band, and exploring their interests and options.

Also, parents who are musicians will want for their children a nice setup to go with the instrument itself, and this outfit listing offers just that: a lightweight, elegant case (possibly a good incentive for a child to learn personal responsibility), valve oil and polishing cloth. The instrument itself has not one, but two water valves, and a thumb hook on the first valve slide, and of course, a stunning gold lacquer finish.

Admittedly, there are not many reviews for this instrument, but so far, the MI-1001 seems to have garnered a decent overall 4-out-of-5-star rating. You’ll be pleased by the friendly price point, and the instrument is durable enough for the price to withstand the usual “scratches and dings” that come with belonging to a rambunctious, active upper elementary or junior high student.

10) Click n’ Play Metallic Silver Kids Trumpet Horn Wind Instrument with 4 Colored Keys

If you have a young music enthusiast in the house, or you simply want to introduce the skill—and joy–of playing an instrument to a child who’s younger than six years of age, the Click-n-Play trumpet with four keys is an ideal option. You might be a bit confused at the four-key setup since most actual trumpets have three valves, but there are some actual trumpets with four valves. They’re just a bit less common.

Because this is technically a toy and not an actual instrument, it’s made of a type of plastic that will stand up to the usual wear from a toddler’s usage, but as it’s made in two parts, there is a seam that will break if enough force is applied. This said, the toy comes from Italy, and the material that makes up the toy trumpet has been tested for lead and other harmful chemicals.

As opposed to similar instrument-shaped toys, the child has to actually blow into the mouthpiece and press down the keys, and the toy comes with songs, so it’s a great introduction to actually playing music.

11) Merano Bb Blue & Silver Trumpet Kit (Case, Mouthpiece, Gloves, Oil, Tuner)

Like quite a few other models in this review for beginner trumpets, this particular listing is for a different-colored instrument. This one happens to be a stunning shade of blue, with silver key valves, water valves, 3rd-valve slide ring, and mouthpiece. So if you prefer something a bit more unique, this trumpet is sure to catch your eye.

But the proof of the instrument is in the construction and the playing, and to be fair, the reviews on Amazon about this instrument are mixed. Some people have had luck with it, and some haven’t. More than one reviewer has said pieces come off and the valves don’t work right, and others say they haven’t had any trouble. It would seem, in which case, that perhaps the factory that produces the Merano trumpet needs to step up its quality control measures before sending out any more products.

This said, if you still want to purchase this instrument because of the color and fairly reasonable price point, you get a case, gloves, polishing cloth, valve oil, and tuner, so you don’t have to make any extra purchases.

12) Hallelu HTP-200 Bb Trumpet W/Pro Case

So far, we’ve seen quite a few trumpets whose names are not necessarily recognizable by most parents or music teachers, and this trumpet by Hallelu music joins these ranks. Again, just because a name is unknown, that doesn’t mean the product isn’t of good quality. Here are the specs for the HTP-200:

  • Silver-plated 7C mouthpiece
  • Stainless steel pistons
  • Finely engineered tuning slides with high tolerances
  • Gold lacquer finish

This particular trumpet has fared better in reviews than the Merano, with an average of a 4-out-of-5-star rating. Most Amazon customers have been pleased with this model, and since there is a 1-year warranty, you have a year’s worth of protection against defects. You might want to contact Hallelu Music if you have any specific questions about their warranties, return policies, etc.

If a more recognizable brand name is financially out of your reach, give the Hallelu HTP-200 a try. It does come with a case and other accessories, such as gloves, valve oil and adjustable carrying strap for the case, so having a bundle like this will be easy on your wallet.

13) Mendini MPT-N Nickel Plated Bb Pocket Trumpet

So far in this review, we’ve covered the standard-sized trumpet. But what if you don’t have space for a regular trumpet, or want to teach a younger student and want something that will fit their small hands? You can’t go wrong with a pocket trumpet. It’s a bit more challenging, breathing and hand position-wise, but as one veteran trumpet player says in the first customer review, that’s the nature of the pocket trumpet.

Here are the basic specs for the MPT-N model:

  • Nickel-plated (this might be problematic for people who are allergic to nickel, so keep this in mind when researching instruments)
  • Phosphorus copper lead pipe
  • Smooth-acting valves

Like the other listings, the pocket trumpet comes with a case and accessories, but the accessories are different. You’ll get a small stand specifically fitted for this size trumpet, a tuner, valve oil, pocketbook (w/fingering charts, music & daily drills), and of course, a polishing cloth and gloves.

The overall ratings for this instrument are good, and there is a 1-year manufacturer’s warranty, so you can order with a good deal of confidence.

14) Mendini MTT-30CN Nickel Plated Intermediate Double-Braced Bb Trumpet

Now we go back to the usual size trumpet, but like the pocket-size instrument, this piece is also nickel-plated, so that’s something to keep in mind. Otherwise, here are the main specs for the instrument:

  • Smooth, fast-action valves
  • Rose brass mouthpiece
  • 0.46” bore & 5” bell
  • 1st-valve thumb saddle & 3rd-valve slide ring. Unlike beginner instruments, the third-valve slide lock is adjustable.
  • Comes with a case and handy accessories: tuner, pocketbook with fingering charts, drills, etc; gloves & polishing cloth; valve oil; trumpet stand.

The overall Amazon customer reviews have been good, with two specific customers mentioning band directors who were particularly choosy about the instruments their students played and said directors were pleased with this model, as were a few musically-inclined parents. There is a 1-year warranty, so if there are any defects, you’re covered. So it’s clear that just because a student isn’t playing a Selmer, Conn or Holton, that doesn’t mean their instrument is automatically a bad choice.

This said, some professional musicians will be okay with this trumpet, and some will not. It all depends on preference.

15) Kaizer Student Trumpet Standard B Flat Bb; Purple

We’ve covered quite a few unfamiliar brands so far, and many of them have been quite good. But this is the first time we’ve talked about a purple trumpet. This student trumpet by Kaizer is definitely pleasing to look at, but how does it stack up against the other listings we have in this review guide?

  • Easy grip & maximum intonation control
  • Adjustable 3rd-slide valve
  • Medium-large bore and 5” bell
  • High-quality yellow brass (under the purple lacquer finish)

Other impressive benefits of this listing include:

  • 45-day free trial. This goes above and beyond Amazon’s 30-day policy, so this is definitely something to consider during your search.
  • Lifetime, no-hassle warranty. According to the Kaizer company, this truly is for life, providing you have proof of purchase. Another something to consider.
  • Other color options available if you don’t like the purple, or wild colors aren’t considered appropriate for your school’s band (director wants uniformity, etc)

Many Amazon reviews are positive, so this is definitely a trumpet to put on your short list for consideration.

16) Conductor Model 200 Bb Trumpet w/ Case

One of the most common caveats of purchasing an instrument at what is considered an affordable price point is “you get what you pay for.” The Conductor Model 200 is definitely in this price point range, but here are the basic specs so you can decide for yourself if this is something you want to purchase:

  • Medium bore & 5” bell
  • Hardened valves
  • Clear lacquer finish

To be fair, these are the main listed technical specs. There really isn’t any other specific information beyond this, other than it’s allegedly recommended by teachers and used by orchestras. The issue you might find with this claim lies in the customer reviews themselves, which are pretty mixed.

Just within the Q&A section alone were recommendations that this is clearly for beginners and that the trumpet wouldn’t necessarily cut it for the rigors of junior high or high school marching band. It might be okay for an elementary student, though, and the instrument does come with a case with a shoulder strap, valve oil, and gloves.

17) Merano B003S1BBFQ Blue Pocket Trumpet

If you like the size of the Merano nickel-plated pocket trumpet, but you don’t like the fact that the plating is nickel, try out the B003S1BBFQ model in blue.

“So just how small is the pocket trumpet?” you ask. It’s about half the size of a regular trumpet: about 8” long and smaller than a clarinet case. It’s good for smaller, younger learners, or simply someone who wants to try a bit of size variety in their trumpet collection, but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money right off the bat for something they might not end up liking.

That said, a pocket trumpet can serve its purpose for more experienced musicians on the go who want to keep up their chops but not want to tote around their regular instruments. On the other hand, for people with larger hands, the small size may prove problematic as far as natural hand position is concerned. Still, the decision may just come down to your needs concerning price and practicality.

It does come with a case, so you’ll be saving extra money in that arena.

18) Tromba Pro Professional Plastic Bb Flugelhorn, Golden

This is a particularly unique listing, as this is a flugelhorn, not an actual trumpet. This is something that quite a few customers did not necessarily understand when they gave their reviews. That said, it is understandable that you might cringe on seeing the word “plastic” in the description.

This plastic flugelhorn is anything but a toy, however. Here are some things to remember whilst doing your research:

  • Flugelhorns are still within the trumpet “family,” as they are tuned to the key of B-flat, and have the same fingerings as a trumpet.
  • “Flugels” as they’re affectionately called, also can use a trumpet mouthpiece, which is helpful, since this specific model does not ship with one.
  • A flugelhorn’s bore is conical, not cylindrical, and has a larger bell, which gives the instrument a warmer, richer sound, despite sharing a trumpet’s range. This said, a flugel’s top range is a bit sketchy, just because of the conical bore.

Because of these key differences, any negative reviews you see for this flugelhorn may not serve you very well, as far as your research is concerned.

19) TIC New York HTR200 Bb Trumpet

The TIC New York HTR200 would be a great choice for a beginner and a good “backup” instrument for an advanced student who wants to try their hand at getting paying gigs, but doesn’t want to ruin any nicer model they might have.

The specs on this instrument are as follows:

  • 2 water keys
  • Stainless steel valves
  • Adjustable 3rd-slide ring
  • Rose brass lead pipe
  • Wood carrying case w/7C mouthpiece

The HTR200 is slightly higher-priced than some of the other products in this guide, but that also might play a role in your decision, as many people believe that it’s better to pay more and get a quality instrument, than pay less and get a less-than-optimal instrument. This said, it’s a good choice for the more advanced player who can’t—or doesn’t want to—spend a lot of extra money on a trumpet that might get banged up here and there accidentally.

This is overall a solid model to purchase for the sake of durability and general affordability.

20) D’Luca 500L 500 Series Brass Standard Bb Trumpet with Professional Case, Cleaning Kit, Gold

Finally, we come to the last entry in our review guide: the D’Luca 500L in a brilliant gold color, with other color options available.

The first thing you’ll notice when visiting the main Amazon page for this instrument is that it includes quite the setup:

  • A professional case with backpack-like straps and plenty of storage.
  • 7C mouthpiece
  • Cleaning kit (comes in a plastic bag with oil, cleaning snake and brushes)
  • Gloves
  • Instructions for cleaning your trumpet

Add to this the more-than-reasonable price point and 1-year manufacturer warranty from D’Luca, and you’ll want to put this trumpet close to the top—if not very near the top—of your “must-consider” list.

To be fair, however, there are only five Amazon reviews for this trumpet, and the reviews are not all that thorough. So if you decide on this particular model, especially because of its relatively low price point, the risk is more or less 50/50: it could be really good, or you might get something defective. If the latter is the case, however, you’ll have the 1-year warranty protecting your purchase.

Choosing The Best Beginner Trumpets

If you have a flair for classical and jazz, you would know about the brass instrument, trumpet dated back in 1500 BC. In the early days, the trumpet was an active signaling device used during hunts and battles. The classical music such as orchestras are incomplete without the trumpets, and it's needless to say, the sounds are enough to caramelize your ears. Trumpet word belongs to the 14th century dating its origin as it was first used in English.

The legend of early jazz, Louis Armstrong, is considered the pioneer of trumpet playing when he replaced the cornet with a trumpet for his jazz performances. With this article, we are shedding light on each aspect of the trumpets and everything you need to know about it as a beginner. So, let's get to it!

2) Jean Paul USA TR-330 Student Trumpet

  • Larger Bore Size
  • Robust
  • Popular
  • Kit Set

1) Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L Trumpet

  • Gold-lacquered
  • Highly Rated
  • Smooth Action Valves
  • 1st and 3rd Valve Slides

3) Merano GWD300SV-MT B Flat Trumpet

  • High Rating
  • Silver Color
  • Kit Set
  • Affordable
  • High Quality

Facts About Beginner Trumpet

There was a time when trumpets were just another hollow piece of brass, but the legends of jazz, Miles Davis and Louis Armstrong brought it to the spotlight. A highly versatile musical instrument coining its name in rock, jazz, and classical has managed to keep some secrets to itself. However, we have dug in and found the following facts that anyone hardly knows about!

The dynamic yet practical musical instrument that fits into the hand perfectly is made of 6.5 feet tubing, which exceeds the height of a normal human being. Pretty interesting how such extensive tubing can fit right into the hands and create the melodies, right?

  • The trumpet makes a vibrant, deep, yet loud sound, which is the reason it has been used by the army as the signaling device in medieval times. Needless to say, there is much more to trumpet than jazz and classical!
  • According to the artwork evidence, trumpets do back in 300 BC whereas the facts date its origin in 1500 BC
  • The trumpet was called cornetto or natural trumpets in their early stages, but the difference lies in the absence of keys and valves in them
  • The essence of highly focused and vibrant sound lies in the trumpet's consistent diameter of the tubing
  • In the early times, trumpets were made from wood and conch shells, but today, brass has taken over
  • With three basic valves of the trumpet, players can make 45 different notes
  • The first person who came up with the idea of the trumpet is still unknown
  • Back in 2009, Benny J. Mamoto played the most gigantic trumpet of the history, measuring 104 feet and 11.84 inches in length

Things To Consider While Buying A Beginner Trumpet

The musician's worst nightmare is a faulty musical instrument, not mentioning the investment that you make in monetary terms. To ensure you embark on your musical journey with the right instrument, we have added everything to consider while buying a beginner's trumpet!

  • Bore –It is another name for the tubing diameter, and it will determine the air intake for the sound production. If you are a beginner, the medium-large bore will be an apt choice. The bore can impact tone as well, so, try it before buying
  • Valves –While you are opting for the beginner trumpet, make sure there are no seized and sticky valves and opt for the nickel-plated ones as they are low-maintenance and durable. Moreover, it would be best if you always oiled the valves regularly to ensure there is nary corrosion
  • Bell –For the beginner trumpet, opt for two-piece bells because it is inexpensive and provide sound enough to take you through training sessions
  • Mouthpiece –You need to opt for the entry-level mouthpiece because it is hard to take off and wear back. With the gain in experience, you can upgrade the mouthpiece
  • Water Keys –These are responsible for draining out excess moisture from the trumpet to ensure it is protected from corrosion. For the beginner trumpet, the spring version and traditional lever are the common choices
  • Stays –The entity available between the bell section and lead pipe responsible for adding rigidness to the structure and keep it sturdy. The stays position is essential to determine because it impacts the sound quality
  • Material –Trumpets are usually made of brass, the combination of zinc and copper. For the beginner trumpet, 70% copper and 30% zinc alloy is opted for, making 70:30 brass

While we are at the subject, you should invest in some accessories as well, such as stand, valve oil, mouthpiece brush, tuner, and metronome.

Popular Beginner Trumpet Brands

Let's end the debate at the point that recognized brands are better to invest in while making a purchasing decision. There are some top manufacturers of beginner trumpets, and we have got them all for you!

  • Getzen Company, Inc.

Rising from the roots of Wisconsin, the company was first launched by Anthony James in 1939. This is a family-owned business with a coined name in the manufacturing of brass instruments such as baritone horns, trumpets, cornets, trombones, and flugelhorns.

  • Kanstul

The musical instrument manufacturing company was launched in 1981 by Zigmant Kanstul and is famous for the manufacturing of brasswinds. However, the founder Zigmant started his brasswork career in 1952, ensuring the highest quality and craftsmanship of the trumpets.

  • Merano Musical Instruments

This company is a brainchild established in 2000. Over the years, the company has been offering wind instruments, brass instruments, and bowed string. The unique point of Merano Musical Instruments is that it has something for everyone, be it the beginners, intermediate, or experts.


With this wide range of instruments to choose from, it might be difficult to decide, especially if you are unfamiliar with musical instruments in general, or you are looking for the best beginner trumpet brand that is comparable to the ones you might be familiar with. To be fair, only recognizable names likely you might choose those for the sake of familiarity.

All this said, the choice is up to you and/or the student for whom you’re purchasing a beginner trumpet. Do your homework, show them this guide, and gather as much information as you feel you need to make a decision, in order to have the result you want: a beginner trumpet that you or your child will love and stick with.