20 Best Pocket Trumpet Reviews 2022 – Best Pocket Trumpet Brands

Best Pocket Trumpet & Best Pocket Trumpet Brands

Best Pocket Trumpet & Best Pocket Trumpet Brands

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Have you ever heard of the term “pocket trumpet?” Sound strange, doesn’t it? Yes, it gives the feeling that you can place the trumpet right inside your jacket pocket, but that’s not what is meant by “pocket trumpet.”

Pocket trumpets are otherwise trumpets, the only difference being that they are much smaller and more compact than regular trumpets. Pocket trumpets are fun to play, but finding the best in the midst of plenty out there is like looking for a needle in a haystack. And come to think of it, there is no ultimate best anywhere. Style and preference always determine what you interpret as best. So, you just might be one of those musicians out there looking for novelty or a gag instrument.

Conversely, you just might be looking for a small practice horn or for a professional grade pocket trump to satisfy your endless playing gift. Either way, pocket trumpets are excellent instruments for fun, practice, and professional career, especially for a regular professional performer.

What are the Best Pocket Trumpets to Buy?

2) Stagg WS – TR245 Bb Pocket Trumpet 

  • Highly Rated
  • Ideal Choice
  • Stainless Steel Pistons
  • Great Sound
  • Reputable Brand

1) CAROL BRASS “Black Hawk” Pocket Trumpet

  • Professional
  • Unique Look
  • High Quality
  • Black Nickel
  • Stainless Steel Valves

3) Mendini – MPT-N Nickel-Plated Bb Pocket Trumpet

  • Affordable
  • Popular Choice
  • High Quality
  • Comfortable Playing

Grade of pocket trumpets you might consider

Novelty pocket trumpets

Considering novelty pocket trumpets, they are just pure novelty instruments, and nothing more. But bear in mind that their quality may depend on the brand. These are usually cheap regarding price.

Practice pocket trumpets

Regarding the practice pocket trumpets, they offer decent sound, and in some case, are comparable to the greater priced models. However, musicians preferred to use them for practical purposes in most cases.

Professional Pocket trumpets

Well, these are the types of mini horns used by seasoned players in stage or high-class performance. They usually offer excellent quality, outstanding intonation and high level of sound projection. But be ready to pay more for them.

20 Best Pocket Trumpet Reviews and the Best Pocket Trumpet Brands

1) CAROL BRASS CPT-3000-GLS-Bb-BG “Black Hawk” Pocket Trumpet

When this pocket trumpet first came to our notice, we didn’t realize how amazing it will turn out to become. At a time when there are claims that some pocket trumpet plays off-tune, the CARLOS Brass CPT-3000-GLS-Bb possesses a different quality.

The CARLOS Bb CPT-3000 features a good-looking black nickel coat maintaining gold trimmings. Even though it’s a small horn, it performs at the same level as professional trumpets.

The Carlos Brass pocket trumpet comes with a large bore and a large bell that generates great sound. This horn definitely has the looks and feel of a premium product. The horn’s gold valves and black lacquer design give it a remarkable look. Overall, the fit and finish are fantastic.

However, we noticed that the sound isn’t quite capable when used for upper register, otherwise its performance was adequate. It is a perfect instrument for practising during when away from professional instruments.

The manufacturer included a hard carrying case, a 3C mouthpiece for the trumpet and carolbrass. It is also covered by a full year warranty against manufacturer damage.

2) Stagg WS – TR245 Bb Pocket Trumpet with Case

The Stagg WS TR245 Bb is a beautiful little trumpet with great sound. Tuning the pocket trumpet is very easy. It is an ideal choice for practical lessons, and it doesn’t have any problem with valves or slides sticking.

The horn is terrific, and the valves were perfect out of the box. The instrument sounds great for an intermediate horn. This design from Stagg renders a surprisingly big sound that compels anyone to next fall in love with it.

You can easily stick a Harmon on the bell, which is always right in front of the player. The horn comes in a hard case. It looks nice and does the job smoothly. The inclusion of the first and second valve allows it to play better and greater sound with excellent intonation to wit. However, itis highly recommended that the keys should be oiled to prevent the first and second valves from sticking.

Overall, this pocket trumpet sounds great—responding in tone and quality—similar to a borrowed Bach 1530. The lead pipe on this model is a bit low, compared with other pocket trumpets.

This makes it a bit difficult to play using one hand or to properly stick the thumb when while playing. The horn is primarily for practices and is not an expensive model and could be taking on a gig with no issues.

3) Mendini – MPT-N Nickel-Plated Bb Pocket Trumpet

This Mendini pocket trumpet model comes with everything that you need to start playing right away. The trumpet comes with a nickel plating design and a beginner’s 7C mouthpiece, but you can improve the trumpet by buying a 3C mouthpiece. You will only need a few modifications to get yourself a horn boasting satisfactory performance.

Regarding sound and level of intonation, the Mendini MPT sound decent, and YES, it does! The instrument is fun ad tiny, making it easy to handle. It comes with a decent slide action, and you may have moved the 1000 grit to the third valve slide, making it more responsive. Just add some few twists to it and apply any lubricant and you are good to go places.

The Mendini MPT is such an adorable instrument that can be taken to anywhere, especially with the elegant case. The case is beautiful and well padded on the inside, yet it measures just the size of a shoebox. It is extremely portable! This horn is relay loveable. The bell is designed to produce a clean sound when played, a sound which is admirable.

4) Roy Benson RBPT101G Bb Pocket Trumpet

Roy Benson has been a renowned brand in musical instrument market; this model is expected to be a reliable one. Weighing just 5 pounds, the RBPT101G isn’t much of a heavyweight instrument.

This instrument arrives in a carrying case that is remarkable formats ability to secure the instrument without experiencing any form of damage. The case is quite small, and in it are some kind straps you can use in carrying it.

Upon opening the case, the trumpet has a beautiful finish to it, and the valves and the entire parts of the instruments came intact—no damage or scratches. These show that case is genuinely durable and priceless. However, before starting out, it is highly recommended that you put some oil in the valves to enable a free-flowing performance devoid of any form of stickiness.

The bell that accompanies the pocket trumpet features a gold brass design, and together with the lead pipe, this instrument resists corrosion and abrasion while extending the shelf life of the instrument.

Nylon valves guides mean the instrument’s thumb ring on the 3rd valve will respond more to better sound projection and level of intonation. Going by the two water keys, the Roy Benson RBPT101G is an excellent Bb Standard Pocket Trumpet to consider when shopping for one.

5) Schiller Center Tone Pocket Bb Trumpet – Silver & Gold Plated

The Schiller Center Tone Pocket Trumpet is a great horn with excellent intonation. The instrument comes with a multi-tapered leadpipe that render great intonation. It features innovative valve block and bottom center tone design, including weighted valve caps—all of which combines to produce a flawless sound flow. Designed to play in the key of Bb, this instrument adds quality to your playing tone and helps you develop the relationship between upper registers.

Of course, this pocket trumpet is a bit pricier compared to the typical cheap pocket trumpet, but the quality is worth every single dollar. The Schiller Center Tone Bb pocket trumpet is wrapped in a compact, sturdy case.

The package includes a cleaning cloth, a bottle of “blue juice,” a 7C generic mouthpiece and handling gloves. The instrument itself is aesthetically appealing, boasting a silver and gold design.

It has valves that are very smooth, compared to cheap horns, but not quite as smooth as a regular trumpet. You can use your thumb to trigger the third valve, which means you will have to master this with time.

The bell is a surprising addition because it is almost complete in size. Overall, the sound of this horn is fantastic! The timbre is amazing and is brighter than most Bb horns.

6) Bach Prelude PT711 Pocket Trumpet (Black Lacquer)

These are fun and practical pocket trumpets to play. The Prelude PT711 pocket trumpet is a standard Bb trumpet that features a tight-wrap design measuring 10 inches in length.

It has a medium-large bore measuring 459 inches, which allows it to render improved intonation. The yellow-brass bell, which weighs 5-inch in length provides an intuitive response with fantastic projection.

Bach is a recognized brand in the instrument world, and this with a black finish also features a rose black leadpipe that effectively rules out corrosion while the player is guaranteed smooth and quiet valve action through the durable stainless-steel piston.

The Back PT711 is not only available in black, but also in silver plate and red lacquer finish. The Prelude PT711 combines value and top class performance for the beginner r student who aims to perfect his/her flair in pocket trumpet play.

Overall, every part of this instrument is built to specification and complies with the best quality possible. This model includes a 7C mouthpiece and a case for adequate storage of the instrument. The third finger ring is adjustable, and the enclose top action valve springs all contribute to the quality that emanates from this design.

7) Merano WD480SV – AB Flat Nickel Pocket Trumpet with case and Mouthpiece

The Merano WD80SV is rated as one of the greatest pocket trumpets ever made. Such rating is probably down to the bell size of the instrument. The WD480SV features a top quality 3.75-inch bell diameter that produces excellent intonation.

The WD480SV is a nickel plating trumpet. It comes with a reliable mouthpiece that has nickel plating that consists of nickel plating and a zippered case that is lined with velvet design.

The Merano WD480SV is designed to play the B Flat key, and it incorporates a 7C mouthpiece it also features a remarkable faux mother of pearl inlay buttons that function well regarding hand placement and key controls.

It comes with a unique carrying case, which makes it easier to transport the instrument to anywhere. It weighs just 4 pounds, meaning it will be lightweight enough for the case not to form a bulky carriage.

Overall, this pocket trumpet is complete with all relevant accessories such as a mouthpiece, a pair of gloves, soft cleaning cloths, and a valve oil. This musical instrument is perfect for the orchestra or musical band. It is a sweet pocket trumpet that you can trust and rely on.

8) Merano B003S1BBFQ Blue Pocket Trumpet

Here is an excellent and impressive design from Merano—the B003S1BBFQ that stands as one of the best mini trumpets in the marketplace. The instrument is worth the asking price in every way.

The finish on this instrument is hugely compelling, considering the blue color design, which easily stands out from the crowd. Just tune it up, oil it and start playing it. The blue color is truly mesmerizing.

The B003S1BBFQ is an ideal choice for practice and will fit the needs of the student player who is looking to be motivated. The blue color finish will make the beginner walk his or her head held high to the envious stare of fellow students.

This Merano is impressive for the quality of sound it offers. The bore and bell make up a significant tone projection while eliciting rich and great sound to the delight of the student player.

Overall, this is a practical pocket trumpet that will play well and stand out in an orchestra or a music band. It is good enough to be taken with you on holiday for practice. The construction is solid and the valves are relatively smooth.

The only flaw in this piece is that at times, one may find it hard to achieve a right tune, with the middle A-Flat resembling the low E-Flat. But with more practice, it is incredible how this instrument produces such a great sound.

9) Carol Brass Pocket Trumpet CPT-3000-GLS-SLB

Carol Brass Pocket Trumpet that excels in sound and plays like a standard pro level trumpet under a low price. This instrument is designed to perform the key of Bb, and it features 460 bore diameters, which renders a high level of intonation. The Carol pocket trumpet features a brass body finish, which is famous among beginners’ players.

The instrument produces a big, full sound with enormous power and flexibility, by the large 4.724 brushed bell made of brass gold design. The sound projection from this instrument is fantastic and the instrument is highly regarded worldwide as one of the best intermediate and professional players. The instrument plays in tune up and down the scale, and the sound is excellent, but be ready to get used to the bell being close to your face.

You will have to apply the valve oil that comes with this model for them to become smooth, sleek and fast compared to Getzen horns. The sound is sharper and even easier to play a high tone. This is a tremendous professional pocket trumpet, and the 2 water keys compliment the stainless steel valves.

10) Rosetti Pocket Trumpet Lacquer Gold ROS1146

Rosetti Pocket Trumpet ROS1146 offers excellent sound and play in a practical style familiar with standard pro level trumpet under similar price range.

The ROS1146 pocket trumpet is constructed to play the key of Bb and is ideal for high school and junior high school playing, with the ability to render a high level of intonation. The Carol pocket trumpet features a brass body finish, which is famous among beginners’ players.

With premium durable valves and springs, the Rosetti ROS1146 delivers actionable and decent sound with enormous power and agility, by the adjustable slide spring valves and a sizeable brushed bell that ends up in a solid lacquer finish.

The sound projection from this instrument is fantastic, and the instrument is highly regarded worldwide as one of the best beginner and advanced student players. The instrument plays a great sound, and the lacquer body finish contributes more to its success both on and off stage. It has a durable and lightweight construction, and thanks to the innovative design, the tone its project is excellent.

The Bb pitched sound of this pocket trumpet is an excellent compared to similar horns. The sound is sharper and is related to sound generated by traditional models. This is a great beginner/student pocket trumpet.

11) Nasir Ali PoTr-05 Pocket Trumpet, Bb Nickel

This Nasir Ali Pocket Trumpet is a magnificent horn with a beautiful and compact size design. Just like its sister version—the Nasir Ali PoTr-05, Pocket Trumpet, Bb Blue—this model features a silver plated design that produces excellent sound and projection.

Like its sister version, it is designed to suit the playing need of beginners and intermediate players. This version comes with similar functions like the PoTr-05 Bb Blue Pocket Trumpet.

The pocket trumpet comes with a free case, a mouthpiece, and a nickel plating design. The mouth of the lead pipe is also made of phosphorus copper, just like its Bb Blue counterpart, which helps in reducing abrasion and corrosion. The smooth action valves that come with the leadpipe are also remarkable for producing decent projection and overall sound quality.

This version also includes a white and happy faux mother of inlaid pearl buttons that excels in assuring finger placement and playability. All necessary accessories such as valve oil, cleaning cloth, mouthpiece and handling gloves are also included in this package.

12) Sky Band Approved Brass Bb Pocket Trumpet

Here is a beautiful and well-engineered pocket trumpet for the beginner player. The horn’s tubing is perfectly shaped, and it offers precise fits while facilitating flawless air flow.

It is designed as a standard Bb pocket trumpet featuring a 0.460-inch bore, which projects high intonation. It also comes with 3.75-inch bell, which provides excellent sound and response during play.

The Sky Band Approved Brass Bb Pocket Trumpet features a one-time drawn body that effectively eliminates seams during construction. This particular model comes with a Paititi mouthpiece usable with silver plated 5c or 7c. Sky Band Pocket Trumpet also features a phosphorus copper on its entire body; a design found only professional model.

This pocket trumpet provides top quality sound and the fact that no seams are found in this high-grade dual tone trumpet, makes it an excellent choice for a beginner and professional.

The pocket trumpet is made of a durable case lined with velvet interior design, which is stylish and elegant. It also comes with a cleaning cloth, a glove and valve oil for maintaining the instrument.

13) Jean Baptiste PT384B Pocket Trumpet Black Finish

Jean Baptiste combines elegance and decent quality to form a reliable pocket trumpet. The trumpet is the most famous student pocket trumpets on the market today.

The compact size of the instrument makes it a popular choice among teenagers. The Jean Baptiste PT384B features a beautiful yellow brass bell measuring 3.7 inches in size, and the bell renders excellent sound for the young at heart.

The PT384B feature a nickel silver-tuning sliding for proper tone selection. It also comes with Monal plate valves, which are mostly seen only on expensive models, and they provide ease of action and exceptional durability.

Furthermore, the pocket trumpet comes with a 459-inch medium-large bore that provides ideal resistance, which in turn, makes the instrument easy for beginners and professionals to play.

This Jean Batiste pocket trumpet is made to become compact by wrapping the full-size tubing of a standardly sized trumpet twice across the valve block, to create a smaller and compact size. Thus, the sound and quality are reduced a bit to please the comfort and style and enhance playability. Overall, this pocket trumpet does not have the pure tone of a top-dollar trumpet but is great to play around with for practice.

14) Nasir Ali PoTr-05, Pocket Trumpet, Bb Blue

For those looking for an ideal beginner to intermediate playing level pocket trumpets, Nasir Ali is a perfect choice to consider. Among the exceptional features of this pocket trumpet is a phosphorus copper lead mouthpiece, having three mouth action valves that render fantastic sound projection. Each of piece of these trumpets is tested and re-tested at the manufacturer’s factory, then by a seasoned professional before they are sold out of stock.

After ensuring that all high-quality standards are met, Nasir Ali PoTr Pocket Trumpets are sold out as beginners and intermediate pocket trumpets. The instrument has won thousands of recommendations from music instructors and teachers.

Quality features such as white faux mother of all inlaid pearl buttons and the phosphorus copper design of the lead pipe mouthpiece produce rich and mesmerizing effects on the player and the audience.

The instrument comes with a hard shell case for safe keeping, a pair of gloves for handling and maintaining the horn, a bottle of valve oil, and a soft cleaning cloth for all-around maintenance.

15) Brass Pocket Trumpet

This Brass Pocket Trumpet features a lacquer brass body construction, together with nickel plated pistons that will last long and delivers the actionable play. The size of this instrument is compact and fit enough for a durable case and easy transportation to anywhere of choice.

If you know how to play it, it makes a beautiful tone. It is the type of pocket trumpet that is designed for a student or beginner to practice on and improve his or her playing. 

But due to the unique compact design, it better not to be left in the hands of little children or kids, who may cause the thin brass to bend or dent, and may also cause the spring valves to come off. Notwithstanding, this pocket trumpet sounds tremendous and plays almost flawlessly. The case that comes with it is very soft and so smooth to carry.

From the mouthpiece to the bell of this beautiful brass pocket trumpet measures 11 inches in length. Weighing just 3.6 pounds, including the extra soft case, the Brass Pocket Trumpet is ideal for beginner r to achieve his or her dream of mastering this grade of a trumpet.

The sound that comes from this little trumpet is somehow comparable to a full-size trumpet. You have something reliable for that beginner player, and this is just it.

16) Merano B Flat Blue Pocket Trumpet

Merino has been a favorite brand name when it comes to manufacturing of instruments, and this B Flat Blue Pocket Trumpet is expected to be a great quality horn. The trumpet is beautiful, and the design is portable to handle and play. It is designed for youths and beginners, and is fun to play, especially for the kids.

Designed as a B crucial Flat pocket trumpet, this Merano version of pocket trumpet features a blue lacquer plated body design, which makes it an elegant and cherish-able horn.

The mouthpiece features a nickel plated design. The color and size should not be mistaken for a toy instrument. The Merano B Flat Pocket Trumpet produces decent quality sound than any other trumpet in its price range.

Apart from the fact that it quickly catches the eyes of anyone that comes in contact with ease, it also gives much excitement to those listening to it. The features a zippered, velvet carrying case, along with other accessories such as a pair of gloves, valve oil and soft cleaning cloth for better maintenance.

17) Trumpet Pocket Bb With Box 7c Mouthpiece

Chopra produced an excellent beginner’s pocket trumpet that has remarkable features. This pocket trumpet is designed to play the Bb Flat key, and it does so with decent quality.

The trumpet is a compact-sized design that features a silver body construction and a lead pipe that produces a dark and rounded tone. This Chopra’s version is lightweight, measuring 9.8 x 7.1 x 3.9 inches in dimension while weighing 2.2 pounds.

Regarding the length, this trumpet measures 10 1/2 inches in length while the bell diameter measures 3.1 inches in size. This pocket trumpet is the best alternative to a costly model, especially if you are looking for a cheap one for a student or beginner.

The pocket trumpet from Chopra plays surprisingly well, considering the price tag on it. Although the tone is not quite as thick and rich compared to a full-size trumpet, it sounds great for such an inexpensive model.

The Chopra comes with a 7C mouthpiece that contributes greatly to the level of sound generation. The 3 diameter bell ensures that the player enjoys a surprising and cheaper sound alternative, creating a remarkable degree of intonation. You can easily transport the instrument to and fro any destination using the 1.4 inches bag that accompanies it.

18) Prelude by Conn-SelmerPT711 Series Bb Pocket Trumpet PT711R Red

The Prelude PT711 is a continuation of the Conn-Selmer Bb pocket trumpet series. These pocket trumpets are great for players who are seeking a great sound and high level of intonation in a small and compact package.

This trumpet is exceptionally compact in so much that you can transport it with ease to anywhere of choice. It is excellent for practical lessons and easy to carry along on the road.

Featuring a unique red color finish, the Prelude Conn-Selmer PT711R stands out from the crowd when performing on stage. The instrument features stainless steel valves that effectively deal with corrosion.

It also comes with a 3rd valve slide ring and two reliable water keys. The lead pipe is standard, and the bore is designed to play the Bb key, measuring 459 inches in size.

The bell material is made of yellow brass, and it resonates handsomely for such a compact-sized instrument. The package comes complete with a lightweight and durable case, featuring a nylon exterior design and an exterior accessory pocket for storing other items. A 7C mouthpiece sums up the quality of this pocket trumpet package.

19) Queen Brass Pocket Trumpet Chrome Finish

Here is a beautiful pocket trumpet from a reliable manufacturer. The Bb pocket cornet features a high-quality brass chrome construction that excels in style and sound generation. The Queen pocket trumpet is regarded as one of the best pocket trumpets online, boasting strong finish and laudable attention to detail.

The Queen Brass Pocket features a 10- 1 /2 inches in length, making it a very compact instrument easy for beginners and professionals to play with ease. It comes with a 3-1/4 inch bell diameter, which renders perfect rich sound while promoting great playability through its good projection. The instrument is great and adds much satisfaction to the musicians that already owns the instrument.

The pocket trumpet also comes in a sturdy case that makes it easy to transport it to any place of choice. A quality mouthpiece is an added to the package, which is designed to play in the key of Bb. Overall, this Queen Brass Pocket Trumpet is a petite horn with fantastic sound quality. It is an ideal instrument for playing with one hand.

20) Ammoon Mini Pocket Trumpet Bb Flat Brass Wind Instrument

Ammoon is no stranger to musical instruments, and when the company introduced this model, expectations were high and from our reviews, this isn’t a bad horn. First thing first, this is a high-quality pocket trumpet with a superb brass finish. It is designed primarily for beginners and intermediate. It works well as a practising instrument and is fit for theatre performance.

The Ammoon is made to play the Bb Flat pitch, and it does so excellently based on the 102mm bell diameter, which gives it a greater intonation and range of play. The bell width is the primary reason why this horn is remarkable. Also, the top quality brass material used in making this pocket trumpet makes it a durable and exquisite design—something that’s worth cherishing.

Ammoon Mini Pocket Trumpet Bb is a packaged a sturdy carrying case design for convenient storage and transportation of the instrument. A pair of gloves also accompanies the product, together with a cleaning cloth, which makes it easy to keep the pocket trumpet in good shape.

Choosing the Best Pocket Trumpet from the Best Pocket Trumpet Brands

There is fun in playing the trumpet, especially when you come across a music band performing on the streets. The sound of their trumps is usually commanding and always draws attention. But when you have to pull and lug around a massive instrument, you just might consider giving up on such tedious task. That’s when pocket trumpets come in—a design to make your love and desire to play the trumpet less difficult.

2) Stagg WS – TR245 Bb Pocket Trumpet 

  • Highly Rated
  • Ideal Choice
  • Stainless Steel Pistons
  • Great Sound
  • Reputable Brand

1) CAROL BRASS “Black Hawk” Pocket Trumpet

  • Professional
  • Unique Look
  • High Quality
  • Black Nickel
  • Stainless Steel Valves

3) Mendini – MPT-N Nickel-Plated Bb Pocket Trumpet

  • Affordable
  • Popular Choice
  • High Quality
  • Comfortable Playing

Pocket trumpets are adorable instruments possessing exceptional big sound. It doesn’t matter if you are already used to playing a traditional trumpet or just getting started, using a pocket trumpet will help improve your skills and learn some remarkable new tones.