20 Best Flute Reviews 2022, Open Hole Flute and Closed Hole Flute

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Best Flute, Open Hole Flute & Closed Hole Flute

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Are all flutes alike? Our team would like to guide you through all available options and configurations to help you choose the right instrument and best flute for your needs. No matter if you are looking for open hole flute or closed hole flute, there are some options available for you.

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How To Choose Your Best Flute, Open Hole Flute or Closed Hole Flute?

Mendini by Cecilio Silver Plated Intermediate 17 Keys Open/Closed-Hole C Flute w/B Foot Joint, Durable Case, 1 Yr Warranty, Stand, Book, Cleaning Rod & Cloth, Joint Grease and Gloves MFE-30S+SD+PB
Glory Silver Plated Intermediate 17keys, Open/closed Hole C Flute with B Foot Joint,Offset G, with Case,cleaning Rod, Cloth and Gloves
Yamaha YFL-222 Intermediate Flute for Student (International Version)
Mendini by Cecilio Silver Plated Intermediate 17 Keys Open/Closed-Hole C Flute w/B Foot Joint, Durable Case, 1 Yr Warranty, Stand, Book, Cleaning Rod & Cloth, Joint Grease and Gloves MFE-30S+SD+PB
Glory Silver Plated Intermediate 17keys, Open/closed Hole C Flute with B Foot Joint,Offset G, with Case,cleaning Rod, Cloth and Gloves
Yamaha YFL-222 Intermediate Flute for Student (International Version)
Mendini by Cecilio Silver Plated Intermediate 17 Keys Open/Closed-Hole C Flute w/B Foot Joint, Durable Case, 1 Yr Warranty, Stand, Book, Cleaning Rod & Cloth, Joint Grease and Gloves MFE-30S+SD+PB
Mendini by Cecilio Silver Plated Intermediate 17 Keys Open/Closed-Hole C Flute w/B Foot Joint, Durable Case, 1 Yr Warranty, Stand, Book, Cleaning Rod & Cloth, Joint Grease and Gloves MFE-30S+SD+PB
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Glory Silver Plated Intermediate 17keys, Open/closed Hole C Flute with B Foot Joint,Offset G, with Case,cleaning Rod, Cloth and Gloves
Glory Silver Plated Intermediate 17keys, Open/closed Hole C Flute with B Foot Joint,Offset G, with Case,cleaning Rod, Cloth and Gloves
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Yamaha YFL-222 Intermediate Flute for Student (International Version)
Yamaha YFL-222 Intermediate Flute for Student (International Version)
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Full or hollow trays?

Most pupils have hollow tray flutes with an in-line wrench because they are easier to play. Plastic stoppers initially plug the hollow trays; They are removed gradually.

Solid trays make it possible to fill the holes without worrying about the correct position of the fingers, but they make impossible certain fingerings and modes of play. The offset keystroke comes from an old system which made it easier to put fingers on the keys of Sol and Sol #, but this system pushes the mouth too much.

Nickel-silver, silver or combination of both?

Nickel silver (copper, nickel and zinc alloy) is very durable and more resistant to dents than silver, and it always produces a pleasant sound. For this reason, the pupil will usually choose a nickel silver flute.

The mouthpiece is the heart of the sound production of a flute and logic and begins with the upgrade of a flute. A silver mouthpiece produces a warmer, richer sound while improving the response of the flute. For this reason, many intermediate models have a silver mouthpiece with a nickel silver body.

Most professional flutists use fully silvered flutes because they provide warm and rich sound with clean, clean response. An all-silver flute requires careful handling and is therefore generally not the best choice for a young student. Some professionals play flutes all in gold, but their price is prohibitive for most musicians.

Silver or nickel?

The most popular veneer for flutes is silver. Silver is generally more beautiful than nickel and does not require regular polishing to maintain its beauty. Nickel is a more affordable veneer and is very durable, but it can become slippery, especially if the student has sweaty hands. In rare cases, nickel can cause allergic skin reactions.

A curved head is available on some study flutes. This function places the lip of the lip plate closer to the keys so that students can reach the small keys without forcing them.

20 Best Flute Reviews & Major Best Flute Brands

1) The Mendini silver-plated intermediate key

This flute is made up of cupronickel material which is lined with silver. The flute features 17keys open/closed hole, making it ideal for intermediates/professionals. It comprises of an offset G key which facilitates easier handling, no matter how small the hand of the flutist may be.

A split E key which aids creation of the high E and provides a more balanced response. It has a standard B foot joint. Using the lips to produce sound is eased by the presence of an Undercut beveled embouchure.

It has high-grade double bladder Italian pads which helps as an airtight seal. The flute also comprises of 5 Plastic plugs which can be used to switch the flute to a closed-hole flute. In addition to these, the kit contains a lightweight flute case that can be carried over the shoulder and, it comprises of a collapsible stand that can be stored in the flute case.

A manual of learning the basics which includes learning how to use fingers, solos and daily studies, a cloth for cleaning which is used together with a cleaning rod, joint grease for lubrication, adjustment screws and a pair of white gloves.

2) Glory Silver coated intermediate 17-keys flute

The silver-plated keys by Glory Music are a must-have for any flutist. The device is made of a mixture of copper and nickel alloy popularly referred to as ‘Cupronickel’. Cupronickel is used because it is durable. The metal is then silver-coated. The silver color improves the appearance of the flute and produces a sweet tone.

The Glory Silver flutes are C flutes because they are universal. This beautiful piece of musical instrument contains a B foot joint which helps to improve the tone of the music. This flute comprises of an offset G key, making it an excellent choice for everyone including players who have smaller hands.

This instrument features an Open/Closed hole keys which makes it user friendly. It can either be played by students (closed hole) or professionals (open hole). The “kit” comes with a cleaning rod and a cloth, which is used to dry up moisture in the flute. It also comes with a case which enables you to assemble and assemble the various parts for proper storage.

It comes with a joint grease, which is needed for lubrication. The kit also comes with a pair of gloves. This tried and trusted flute is not only pocket friendly, it does a great job too.

3) Yamaha YFL-222 Intermediate Flute for Student (international version)

Words alone cannot express how wonderful and highly regarded this Yamaha YFL-222 International Flute is for students. The flute is design to use the C note with curled and drawn tone holes featuring an offset G and covered keys.

The Yamaha YFL-222 Intermediate features pointed key arm A, and F, including non-fingered feature keys. It has a wonderful foot-joint alignment marking plus a silver head-joint body that makes it easy for young players to fit it together. The key bumpers are made of neoprene, which is much stronger and durable than cork. All keys and placement are design in a manner that provides comfort and a natural feeling while performing.

In terms of quality output, the Yamaha YFL-222 has rich and high-quality sound. The CY head-joint comes handy in helping beginners to generate beautiful sounds, even as all key registers produces quick responses.

The overall design of the Yamaha YFL-222 Intermediate Flute keys and sound generation is patterned after the European music tradition, and the accompanying adjustable screws make it more comfortable and ideal for use.

4) Andoer Piccolo Ottavino Half-Size Flute Plated C key

Looking for something to remind you of those marching days? The Andoer Piccolo half-Size Flute will take you back on memory lane. Designed with cupronickel, the Andoer Piccolo Flute comes with a padded box that protects the instrument from damage. The overall design is exquisite and stylishly patterned to suit your taste.

The padded box made it easy to store and to carry the flute about. The flute is easy to assemble and disassemble, and maintenance is very simple, with a stick help and a cloth to clean and keep the flute dry.

The pros that underline this flute are that it has an exquisite and intuitive design, the sound quality is fair, it’s perfect as a gift and it is great for students in the marching band. Additionally, it is sturdy and durable and it also comes with a screw driver for easy maintenance purposes.

The only downside is that the case appears as if it is cheaply made.

5) Hallelu HFL -300 Flute W/Case Silver Plated Keys 1 Year Warranty

If you are looking for a teacher recommended flute, the Hallelu HFL 300 Flute is what you need. This flute is one of the ideal musical instruments available for students. It is an easy and free blowing instrument design as a silver plated C-foot key.

The student will enjoy and feel the impact of a clear and melodious sound by virtue of the Italian made Pisoni double skin pads attached to the flute.

The Hallelu HFL-300 Flute comes with a cleaning cloth and a tuning rod enclosed in a durable soft case. A lot of users keep praising the sound quality even as the ridiculously cheap price makes one wonder if Hallelu is Santa Clause.

The good side of the flute is that the design is top quality, and the sound quality is loud and clear. It requires little or no effort to play even as the tone is beautiful. The flute is cheap for such quality and it comes with 1 year warranty.

6) Hisonic Signature Series2810N Closed 16 Hole Flute

Are you looking for something inexpensive yet possessing quality? The Hisonic Signature Flute is your best bet.

The Hisonic Signature 2819N is a 16 closed holes flute featuring the C major key note, but surprisingly incorporates a split E mechanism, making the high E, which is normally the most difficult note in a flute, much easier to play.

The flute comes with a brand new hard-shell casing and rod, together with a US designed Prestini quality pads. The Hisonic is nickel plated with powerful forge keys that perform excellently.

In terms of general use, the Hisonic Signature is very lightweight, which is suitable for a child to use while in school, and it is easy to play across all three octaves. For beginners, the sound output and quality is fine, although you can’t compare it to a Powell, but what really set it apart is the cheap price. For the beginner flutist or a high school student in marching band, this is a great flute for the right price.

Although some users have the complaint about the flute’s durability, it is still a great option for the young learner.

7) Mendini Closed Hole C Flute with Stand 1 Year Warranty

Mendini is a design from the Cecilio flutes group, one of the best-selling teachers recommended flutes in the market.

The Mendini Closed Hole C Flute is designed to function as a C major key note flute featuring a flawless finishing, an undercut bevelled embouchure and close holes. The body and keys are nickel plated with split E key and offset G key for better sound quality and generation.

The flute also has double bladder pads with the highest quality, together with rubber key bumpers. It also comes with a cleaning cloth, a rod and a pair of gloves for easy use and maintenance.

There are lots of bonuses included in the light-weight, durable and plush-lined nylon casing that comes with the Mendini. For instance, there is an accompanying foldable flute stand for flexible playing experience, and also a flute pocket book containing instructions and directions on how to use and succeed with the flute.

For beginners, this is an ideal flute to last for a considerable length of time. But, for the masters or professional players, something more challenging and of higher quality should be preferable.

8) Sky Blue Lacquer Gold Keys Open Hole C Flute

Here is a flute having an ergonomic closed hole design together with tone holes that are precisely drawn. The Sky Blue Gold keys Open C Hole Flute is a C Flute featuring a split E mechanism and an offset G variable key system.

The Sky Blue is recommended by most teachers because of its high quality C key—foot-joint C key design that comes with stainless steel springs which facilitate the production and sustenance of E3 a lot easier.

To ensure quality and durability, the Sky Blue is designed with high-quality Italian pads, and the flute case is lightweight, having waterproof canvass and storage pockets. So you don’t need separate storage bags to move about.

The Sky Blue Lacquer Gold Keys Open Hole C Flute can be conveniently carried about using the handle or shoulder straps that comes with it. The unique thing about the shoulder straps is that it is nicely wrapped over the case to prevent it from opening, instead of just being “around” it. Tone-wise, the Sky Blue sounds very good as C flute with no funny (gizmo) key.

The flute also comes with a nice piece of cleaning cloth, and an elastic cleaning rod which is properly positioned, and a screw driver for all-round maintenance/disassembles activities.

9) D’ Luca 400N 400 Series Plated 16 Closed Hole C Flute

If your aim is to get a flute that will meet and tower above school standards in providing excellent intonation, mechanical and comfort reliability; D’ Luca 400N 400 Series Plated 16 Closed Hole C Flute has got you covered!

The D’Luca is a nickel plated flute that has undergone the highest inspection in Los Angeles to certify its quality and durability as a top notched product. It is a 16-hole flute mainly designed for the C key, but featuring a split E mechanism and an offset G system overlay to blend.

The D’Luca is a beginner and an intermediate flute designed using cupronickel and consisting 16 closed holes or plateau keys which make it easier to play.

The player gets more versatility and response from the keys as the upper and lower action of the offset G is precisely divided by the split E mechanism. The presence of the offset G in the D’Luca Flute makes it naturally possible for you to reach G key with less difficulty while helping you to eliminate potential problems that may arise within the inline of the flute. The sound output is awesome and the playing experience is extremely comfortable and pleasing.

The D’Luca comes with a solid leather case, a cleaning rod and swap, and kits like a cleaning cloth, polishing cloth, pads, brush and an instruction manual to keep your flute neat, healthy and ready for use at any time.

10) Signature Music 17 Open Hole Silver Low B Flute 201821S

For those considering a major music degree in college, this flute from Signature must be among your collections. This Signature Music 17 Open Hole B Flute 201821S is a perfect instrument that comes securely packaged in a durable carrying case suitable for intermediates.

The Signature Music 17 Flute is designed as a low B key flute, with 17 holes spread across power forged keys. The body, foot and head joint of this flute are silver plated, along with the high-quality US made pads that provide added comfort and ease of use. The hole plugs in the flute mean that you can also enjoy playing the flute as a closed-hole flute. The case that comes with this version from Signature also includes an additional carrying bag as a second option.

In terms of use, the Signature Music 17 flute is good and feels great on your fingers. The tone output is amazing and is perfect for any newbie wanting to switch to an open hole while spending less. It is also good for players who have stopped playing for a long time but wants to get back into the game. The only thing negative about this flute is that it looks tarnished in some areas.

11) Lazarro Professional Silver Nickel Closed Hole C Flute

Now, you can stop wasting your money in renting an instrument that you can buy so cheap. If what you’re looking for is a new flute to fulfil all your music taste, then get the Lazarro Professional Silver Nickel Closed Hole C Flute. This flute is a stylish and quite an affordable option that is available for sale in 22 different colors and come with different Silver and Gold keys.

Lazarro cupronickel flute has a rounded, rectangular embouchure hole that is perfect for anybody. You will have no problem hitting the third-octave note and your middle-lower register notes are designed to provide a full and warm feel. The nickel in the lip plate gives you more inspiration to continue playing, especially if you are not the type that’s allergic to nickel.

In terms of output, the tone is lovely and the G key is superb, including the melodious C key. The overall sound output is like those of the more expensive brands. As for those who will tell you it doesn’t do this or that, let them know the Lazzaro isn’t just a child’s toy: it is heavy and it comes with every necessary feature you will need to become the next superstar in flute genre.

And if your child’s teacher criticizes this, it is because he or she hasn’t used it. The Lazarro Professional Silver Nickel Closed Hole C Flute offers good quality for twice less the amount you would have spent for other higher ones.

12) Azumi AZ3 Flute Offset G

Azumi AZ3 Flute Offset G

The Azumi Offset G AZ3 Flute is a high-quality midrange flute design by a manufacturer (Altus) with an excellent track record in producing high quality and durable instruments. The AZ3 is one of such outstanding quality design.

The flute itself is made using sterling silver throughout the body and head-joint; also having keys plated with silver. This design result in a high and precise quality sound, that is perfect for an intermediate or junior player taking part in a music show or concert, where he or she have to give recitals or be sure that his or her flute can keep up with the challenge of the concert. It must be noted that, by virtue of the inclusive and expensive material used in the design, the Azumi is not a learner’s flute but one meant for an upcoming professional.

In terms of overall quality and sound output, the Azumi has innovative features like the Split E mechanism which gives you the option to either use the offset G or the in-line and the C key trill tray. The Z-cut head-joint is another important function of the Azumi, which makes it possible for you to derive excellent and quality sound from the flute, notwithstanding which of the 3 registers you are playing.

Maintaining this flute is like a breeze, but you will have to cough out some cash to get this premium flute.

13) LJ Hutchen Silver C Flute with Hardshell Case

Lil Hutchen Silver C Flute with Hardshell Case

This is one flute that appears so distinct from a host of others in the market. Designed and assembled with outstanding precision, the Lil Hutchen Silver C Flute is one of the best flutes around for student needs in school and elsewhere. The entire body and keys are silver-plated, with high-quality finish.

Lil Hutchen Silver C Flute features a split Mechanism that leaves the upper and lower registers of your keys in good shape. There are pads specially treated and included to provide better durability while also featuring a plastic rod for cleaning, with extra attention given to the joint fittings. The key configurations are design in such a way that all hands size are qualify to play the flute.

Using the Lil Hutchen will be ideal for student flutist, intermediate and returning professionals. The sound output is great, as it gives greater playability, intonation and overall rich sound quality. Although some users complain about the sound being too high pitched, the flute shares some notable attributes with outstanding brands and is an ideal choice for starters.

14) Engraved Design Italian Rack 17 Keys Open Holes Silver Plated Flute

This is an awesome Moz Engraved Silver Plated Flute excellent for professionals and serious student. This foot-joint and engraved Moz mouthpiece features good sounding and easy playing. It is a 17 holes C Key flute in which the keys are precisely assembled and adjusted for perfect balance and comfortable touch.

The composition of the Moz Engrave Hole Silver Plated Flute consist of Italian made pads that will further make the flute to work better and stay durable. Offset G (which is suitable for people with short fingers) and split E control mechanism, added to the overall design of the Moz flute allows flutist to strike sensitive response, create clean and clear attack and achieve accurate intonation.

The Moz engraved flute offers players more value for their money, especially for young people in the 6th grade. However, there is one caveat with the case. The case appears too tiny as it causes the A Flat key to strike the flute head because it lacks sufficient width needed to create that necessary room for separating the sections and also for cleaning rod that’s shoved in the instrument.

That aside, the flute is top quality and the 2 years’ warranty being offered makes it even better and trusted.

15) Gemeinhardt Model 30B Flute, Open Hole, Offset G, B-Foot Silver Plated

For those looking for a classic intermediate musical flute instrument, the Gemeinhardt is one good flute to consider.

Designed as a B Key flute, the flute features unique embouchure hole design, exclusive 4 foot-joint construction and proportioned toned holes. The pads cup design guarantee extraordinary tone and even response throughout the entire registers as you play on.

This flute also features a cleaning rod for easy maintenance and a case for easy carriage of the flute. The Gemeinhardt flute further includes integrally rolled and drawn holes and power-coined keys that underline the sturdiness and durability of the flute.

Regarding the tone, the sound quality is lovely, strong and clear. The flute itself is a perfect choice for pit orchestra woodwind doublers due to the fact that its quality composes features of a professional flute at a modest cost.

The gizmo key and the extra length that shows up in the B-Foot during show music facilitates very high notes. The hole plugs make transition easy, and the gorgeous red velvet case with the padded overcast, further adds glamour to this fast selling design.

16) Gemeinhardt Model 3 Black Intermediate Flute Outfit Offset G, B Foot

No products found.

This is another top quality design from Gemeinhardt Model 3 Black Intermediate Flute that is modeled after its sister version, the Gemeinhardt 30B Flute. Designed as B Key flute, this model has the popular Gemeinhardt signature black nickel coated design, together with hole keys that are plated with silver finish; including a solid silver riser and lip.

This Gemeinhardt Intermediate Flute contains most of the recommendations teachers have always wanted for their pupils who are buying their first ever step-up flute. The B-Foot Key is known for creating a long and lasting tube that allows a greater resonance. The flute includes other maintenance tools such as a case for housing and carrying the flute, and a cleaning rod for maintenance purpose.

The Gemeinhardt Black Intermediate Flute strikes beautifully, highly responsive and brings out lots of melodious notes and joyful rhymes that are pleasant to the ears. The only downside with this flute is that it is not black as described in the product, but more of a gray color with silver plated keys.

17) Mugig Flute Nickel Silver Closed Hole C Flute

Mugig flute takes the shape of most other flutes in the sense that, the body is nickel plated and the flute mouth is plated with silver. The flute is designed as a C Key flute with precisely cut 16 key holes and is the right choice for beginners to practice with.

The Mugig Flute features a flat shaped tabular-metal body that measures 62cm at full length. The blowing mouth is shaped like an oval, and the sound system is a fully concentrated round one. The keys are professionally padded to provide a smooth sailing playing experience. The offset G and the dividing split E offers you the options of making use of the inline or offset G system moving independently on their own, together with the detachable foot-joint that makes it easier to use.

Concerning quality output, the offset G provides you with the opportunity to reach the G key without straining your fingers and. A more concentrated airflow is allowed in through the square opening, which in turn creates a stronger volume. The quality of the flute’s tone is rich and heart-warming, not at all tiny. The flute is comfortable to hold and play, and it has full timbre.

This is a classic flute for any beginner and intermediate.

18) Cecilio 3Series FE-380BNG Black Nickel Plated & Gold Plated Open/Closed-Hole C Flute

This is an intermediate C flute that is a must-have for all seasoned flutist, especially for its extended range that’s made possible by the B-Foot. Cecilio comes with high-quality bumper keys and Italian design pads that provide a light touch and smooth playing experience while making the flute more durable.

The Cecilio Open/Closed-Hole C Flute features an offset G, with split E key, which makes it possible to use either of two independent keys during play. Together with the 17 undercut embouchure beveled 17 keys, it has an open hole with five plastic bags which you can also play as closed holes.

The Cecilio flute comes with a complete set of maintenance tools such as a cleaning cloth, a pair of gloves, a cleaning rod meant for the inside, joint grease and a sturdy case that is extremely durable. The entire design provides excellent sound background that responds and resonates perfectly with accurate intonation and excellent sound projection. To further boost your confidence, the Cecilio comes with a 1-year warranty.

19) Gemeinhardt 2SP Flute with Straight Headjoint

Gemeinhardt is synonymous with excellent craftsmanship in all the student-level flutes that they make. This 2SP is come highly recommended for students in terms of its excellent tonal capabilities and the ease of use. The Gemeinhardt 2SP Flute is also very durable and can withstand a lot of abuse.

It is built from silver with a highly-durable silver, the finish is done with three different coats of silver plating. This silver finish gives it a better tonal quality than flutes that are plated with nickel.

Like the typical Gemeinhardt flute, this flute model is highly responsive and allows students to focus on their learning and playing without worrying about the kind of sound production that the flute will produce. Its sound is very reliable and the flute also offers users the opportunity for the player to buy expensive enhancements that are essential for students that want to get even better.

Even though the price is a bit expensive, it is made of high-quality materials and comes with a case, cleaning supplies and stainless steel springs. The flute is quite easy to maintain and take care of. It is durable enough and the four post foot joint makes it a flute that can last you more than ten years with proper maintenance.

20) Pearl 665RBE1RB Quantz Series Flute

The Pearl Quantz represents one of the most beautiful and technical flutes in the market. The Pearl PF-665 Quantz is meant for new students who have little practice or experience. This flute is ideal for student players that wants to level up from a beginner’s flute.

The Pearl PF-665 is outfitted with French pointed arms, a feature that is more common on more expensive flutes. This is a bonus for students as it is one of the most important things they would need to learn in the future.

The Solid Silver Headjoint produces excellent tones while the pinless mechanism of the flutes ensures that it is highly responsive and performs excellently. The pointed-key arms make it suitable for both beginners and advanced-level players.

The Pearl 665 Quantz flute is a top choice of students because it is affordable, compared to other similar flutes. This flute is also quite easy to play and is made with very durable materials that mean it can withstand some punishment and still be perfectly functional for years.

Choosing The Best Flutes From The Major Flute Brands

Smile, take a deep breath and breathe out while holding the instrument in your intricate fingers, and it will make a euphonious sound that makes your swing to it. Yes, we are talking about the flute, a member of the woodwind group posing the aerophone approach, which makes the tunes when air is flown across the opening.

For everyone with a knack for music, the flute is the top choice. We all remember rocking clarinets in primary school, and flute is one step ahead of it. There are advanced and beginner level flutes, while on the other hand, there is a difference in configuration; open-hole and close-hole flute.

The close-hole flute has a full-spectrum keywork, but the open-hole flute has keyholes in all five positions. The closed-hole flutes are preferred for kids, while pros ace at open-hole flutes. As we talk about the background, flutes are one of the oldest musical instruments as they were used even 43,000 years back from today. With time, the flute traditions and instrumentation changes, but it has withstood the dynamic shift of the musical world.

Fawning Facts of Flute

Every musically-flair person would understand the intimidating impact of flute and how it can swan the person listening to its tunes. To make you knowledgeable about the flute, we have added some facts about a flute, which will make you fall in love with the tones even more. Have a look!

  • You can make a flute out of the coke bottle as far as it allows to blow in because that’s the mechanism for sound production
  • The word flute was first used in 1380 for The House of Fame by Geoffrey Chaucer
  • The flutes have been making melodies for thousands of years as its one of the oldest instrument
  • A person playing flute is called multiple names; fluter, flutist, flutenist, and flautist to name a few
  • According to the Hindu belief, Krishna, their God made this world while playing the bamboo flute and signifies freedom and love
  • Flute music utilizes treble clef language and creates the high-pitch instrument
  • There are three octaves; ranging from C4 to C7 in a traditional flute
  • Flutes are made of different materials such as brass, ivory, glass, wood, bone, glass, and nickel. Some top-notch people use gold and platinum flutes as well.
  • The type of sound depends upon the material and thickness of the flute
  • Horizontally-configured flutes are known as transverse flutes
  • Theobald Bohm improved the position and size of the holes and empowered players to cover of uncovering the holes, as they would like to make the sound
  • It utilizes a higher range of air to make sounds
  • The flute was redesigned back in the 1600s with a body, mouthpiece, and a foot joint and these parts still remain the foundation of flute manufacturing

What to Consider When Buying A Flute

As much as sounds departing the flute are melodious, finding the right flute can be a daunting task. There is no rule of thumb to be implied for choosing the “best flute” because it narrows down to the personal choice. So, rather than making the process overwhelming for yourself, work on the following considerations, and you will be able to make an informed (or may we say melodic) decision. So, have a look!

The Expertise Level – You need to have an idea about your preferences before you enter the musical market. Do consider your expertise level; are you a beginner or a pro with all his needs aligned?

  • If you are a beginner, closed-holes flutes are an apt choice as they have a C-joint and the body is plated
  • If you are a pro, French (open-hole) flutes are preferred with a B-foot joint and a solid-head joint. The stable head joint is added to produce a rather rich yet deep tunes

Tone – The tones differ with brands; eastern or western. You need to select the preferred tone.

  • Eastern tones are light and bright like a sunny day with airy feels
  • Western tones are rich and deep like a deep dark ocean

Outcome – You need to be clear of what you want to listen to after you have blown in the air. Consider the following statements;

  • The technical passage
  • Need for tones; high or low
  • Range exploration
  • Flaws in the current flute

Popular Flute Brands

When you step into the musical market, the flute options will be in thousands, complicating the decision-making while making the buying situation overwhelming. The following are some brands that have coined their name in flute manufacturing.

  • Sankyo Flute Company

Arising from the borders of Japan, this company has been manufacturing professional-grade flutes. The company has been making leaps in the world because the top flutists are opting for Sankyo flutes for their performance. The names include Julien Beaudiment, John Curran, Young-Ji Song, and they are one of the biggest names of the flute world.

  • Trevor James Flutes

This brand was first launched in the 1980s by Mr. Trevor James and has become an award-winning flute manufacturing company. They have redefined the textures and sounds of the flute through continuous improvement in the design and manufacturing.

  • Yamaha Corporation

We all remember this company as the motorcycle manufacturing brand, but it was first launched as musical instrument manufacturing in 1887. The former name was Nippon Gakki Co. Ltd. However, with time, they have branched out in the world of robotics, electrical home appliances, sports goods, semiconductors, and much more.


The reason for acquiring a quality instrument is not to show off when you say you have a 'branded' instrument, but basically, to guarantee you a sound of the best quality, you will not undoubtedly find it acquiring a three-dollar flute.

Schoolchildren, especially with limited financial resources, cannot be imposed on a model or brand for obvious reasons. They will have to purchase either the recommended model at school or the one that is most within their pocket.

If you want to make some noise from time to time, any flute or plastic tube will serve you. But if you want to start musically, even in a self-taught but serious way, we recommend the above best flutes of the most recognized brands. The decision also goes for the money that you are willing to spend, or rather we should say to invest.