15 Best Beginner Flute Reviews 2022 – Flute Instrument for Beginners

Best Beginner Flute

Best Beginner Flute

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Learning how to play a new instrument or joining the band are fun experiences. Sometimes you need to get a new instrument for these purposes making the experience even more exciting. If you are buying an instrument for the first time, especially if you are a beginner with no pro guidance or advice, this task may be a bit daunting.

This challenge is because of the different brands out there. It could also be because you need to choose an instrument best suited for you. Beginners flute are made to specification. For instance, because so many beginners are young players, the flute is made to have small keys, and you can get curved head joints for your flute. The advantage of a curved head joint is that brings the flute keys closer to the body thereby reducing stretching.

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What are the Best Beginner Flutes to Buy?

The flutes below are few top rated flutes for beginners. However, if you are a student and would like to check more flute options, kindly check this student flute list.

2) Eastar EB016-FBA-CA Beginner Flute

  • Authentic CUPRONICKEL Body
  • Wonderful & Melody Tone
  • Memory Spring Needle

1) Mendini Fuschia Pink Closed Hole C

  • Solid Quality
  • Lined Nylon
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Playing
  • Popular

3) Yamaha YFL 221 Standard Flute

Yamaha YFL-221 Student Flutes
  • Open Sound
  • Offset G
  • Good Flexibility
  • CY Head Joint
  • Plateau Model

Things to Consider when Buying a Flute


As musical instruments of good brands are quite expensive, you may want to go for something low budget as a beginner. Here you get to consider whether you should rent, buy a new or used instrument. 

You may need to consider the pros and cons of the different choices you could make. For example, new instruments are expensive, but they come with a warranty and last longer. You can even get a brand that combines good price and quality if you are lucky.

Buying used, you could get an excellent deal and instrument that was barely used. You could also get one in pretty bad shape which will not last. You may however not get a warranty.

On the other end is renting. This option is a cheap choice if you are not going to be playing for long, otherwise, consider getting yours. Paying for rental and damage to the instrument when in your possession may turn out to be pretty expensive in the long run.


Before you choose a brand, you should have done your research on the different brands and their peculiarities. You should also know the difference between a beginner’s flute, an intermediate and professionals. Knowing this will help you identify brands that cater to particular needs of different skill set.

15 Best Beginner Flute Reviews 2020 and the Best Beginner Flute Brands

Buying online could also be helpful. It may not look right to purchase an instrument you have not played buying online means you have a wider variety to choose. It could also mean buying cheap. You should, however, be careful of buying flutes that look cheap. They may be knock-offs of the original. Here are some reviews of beginner’s flute you could choose from.

1) Mendini Fuschia Pink Closed Hole C Flute

Cecilio is known for making quality and great sounding instruments. The Mendini flute category is within this classification. Mendini Flutes are one of the fastest selling instruments when it comes to beginner’s instrument. No surprise here, as they come highly recommended by music teachers and instructors. They are usually an approved band choice and are also easy for beginners to use in developing their sound.

Made of quality metal material, it comprises a flawless finish consisting of a closed hole, a beveled embouchure with an undercut, and great quality material for double bladder pads. It has a decent tone with excellent intonation. It comes at a relatively affordable price. Better than renting the instrument all things considered.

The features of this flute include its fuchsia lacquered body (it comes in different colors, but this model is fuchsia) and keys plated in nickel. It is a C Flute with 16 closed key holes consisting of an offset G key and a split E key. It has a beveled embouchure with an undercut and double bladder pads made from quality material.

It also includes a pro-deluxe durable hard case which is plush-lined and covered in Nylon. The case comes with a shoulder strap for carrying and a zip pocket. Extras include a flute pocketbook, foldable flute stand, cleaning cloth, cleaning rod, joint grease and a pair of gloves (white).

This flute weighs about 2 pounds; the product dimension is 18 × 5.5 × 3.2 inches with model number MFE-FS+SD+PB. Shipping is subject to shipping rate and policy. 

You can buy confidently, as it comes with a 1- Year warranty where there is a manufacturer’s defect.

2) Eastar EB016-FBA-CA Beginner Flute

Another great flute for beginners, this item looks like a professional instrument while being in the accessible range. More precisely, this is a set containing everything a student needs. So, there will be more than just the instrument in the package.

A fingering chart that will make learning easier, hard case, gloves, cleaning rod, polishing cloth, flute swab, and more will come along with the instrument. This makes it not just a great starter kit for beginners, but also a great gift for anyone interested in playing the flute.

Plated with premium-grade silver finish, this instrument will be around for a very long time. If cleaned, maintained, and stored properly, this flute will perform well for extended periods. Speaking of proper maintenance and storage, the flute comes with a hard case covered with thick plush on the inside. This will prevent any accidental scratches and damages to the instrument.

The body of the flute is made out of genuine cupro-nickel, with a thickness of 0.45 mm, which makes it an enjoyable instrument to play each time. The spring needles are made out of high-quality carbon steel, while the bladder pads are of Italian quality, similar to those present on professional instruments. So, there are high chances this flute will not be disappointing.

3) Yamaha YFL 221 Standard Flute

Yamaha YFL-221 Student Flutes

The YFL 221 model of Yamaha is another best-selling student flute. Although the manufacturer no longer offers Yamaha model YFL 221 instruments, this particular YFL 221 Flute model is a very current model still offered.

Selling at a relatively affordable price, you are also likely to get offers for a used one. This flute comes highly recommended by music instructors and teachers and band directors. Great sound and intonation, perfect for beginners, as it is easy to use and helps them find their sound.

It plays C key with a G Offset. The flute is manufactured and packaged in Japan. It ranks amongst the top 100 selling flutes. Warranty is on manufacturer’s defect when buying new. Otherwise, you will depend on what your seller is offering. You may also need to buy other flute essentials also available by Yamaha when buying a used one.

Amazing features of this flute includes the YAC 1310 case which is known to be of high quality. The flute is made of nickel silver with a silver plated finish for body and keys. The flute is a plateau model that is, comprising closed keys. It is a C Flute with a G Offset.

Extras are a cleaning rod with a cloth attached to the end of the cleaning rod. The item weighs about 2 pounds with a dimension of 16.6 × 6.6 × 3.3 inches. 

4) Gemeinhardt Model 1SP Student Flute

If you are in the market for a perfect way to introduce a child or student to music is then you should try the Gemeinhardt 1SP Beginners Flute. It is not just made of quality materials; it also produces superior sound making. This flute is highly recommended for beginners and the best choice for music teachers and instructors, band directors, instrument repair technicians and instrument retailers all over.

It is relatively affordable and suited for beginners need. This is made apparent as Gemeinhardt considers the beginners comfort in its design which consists an ergonomically shaped Offset G key.

The features of this flute are its silver nickel plated head, body, and key. The C- foot joint is also silver plated and plateau styled, that is closed holes with an offset G key ergonomically shaped. It has an excellent intonation and great response when played.

Also, comes with a high quality zipping case. Other product information states the item weight to be about 2.7 pounds with a dimension of product at 9 × 5× 23 inches.

5) Eastar EB018-FBA-CA Blue Nickel Beginner Flute

It is also possible to get a premium instrument at an accessible price tag. Because we are talking about beginners, this instrument can be a great choice, due to the features it offers. Also, it comes with all the accessories required to start the learning process in an adequate manner.

This flute is made out of a nickel, of premium grade, which ensures sturdiness without making the instrument feel heavy. The body has a beautiful blue tint finish, making it suitable for children or anyone looking for an instrument with a distinct appearance.

The tone of this flute is great, while its durability in time can be an impressive one, with the right kind of care. The flute is accompanied by a resilient case, with hard walls on the outside and plush lining on the inside. This will keep the flute safe against any accidents and the risk of scratching the instrument.

Students will appreciate the fingering chart that is also shipped with the flute, which gives them the chance to practice any time they want. And with the available accessories, like gloves, cleaning cloth and rod, stand, and adjustment screws, caring for the flute will be an easy process.

6) Jean-Paul USA FL 220 Student Flute

One of the leading brands when it comes to manufacturing quality band instruments designed to be used by beginners and intermediate players. Jean-Paul USA is a company that is concerned with customer satisfaction. Every instrument by Jean-Paul goes through the factory and corporate testing.

At the factory, they go through a bench test after which a highly skilled technician is made to verify each instrument. They are committed to giving their customers a pleasant experience using their instruments. Hence, they have a one year warranty covering parts and labor.

The FL 220 by Jean Paul is a beautiful flute. The body is made from cupronickel material and has a nickel finish. It is an instrument constructed for ease of playing, expressly designed for the comfort of beginners or intermediate users. The power forged keys allow for durability.

The flute has an excellent intonation and sound attributed to its French design sculptured keys and user-friendly embouchure plate. It has a C foot plateau French- styled key (closed holes), with a G offset key that facilitates playing and carrying ease. The Flute is C key. It also has a robust contoured case to facilitate carrying and includes accessories such as gloves, cleaning cloth and rod.

7) EastRock Sea Blue Nickel Beginner Flute

For children, a colorful instrument is probably the best way to go. Children love colorful items and they will certainly want to play the flute that has a bright color like this product. Made to suit the needs of beginners and students, this is a flute that will deliver great results, in spite of its playful appearance.

It was manufactured, after all, to sound and behave like a flute. This way, anyone can learn how to play this instrument without spending a lot of money on purchasing it. Thus, for kids, this product can be a great first instrument that will introduce them to the world of music.

Besides, it is featuring a cupronickel body that offers responsiveness and a loud sound. The leather mats, made out of high-quality materials, will add to the performance of the instrument. Also, the instrument has an ergonomic shape, with specially designed keys meant to offer comfort and a natural feeling each time the flute is played.

Besides this, the stainless-steel springs and double sheep casings are good proof that this instrument will resist in the hands of a beginner for a very long time. The player just needs to use the accessories that come along with the instrument for cleaning and caring and to place the flute in its case after each use, for safekeeping.

8) Cecilio Silver Nickel Plated Student C Flute

Cecilio is a brand that also manufactures instruments destined to be used by students or beginners. This way, they also cover the needs of people looking to buy inexpensive instruments. Even so, you can be sure that a Cecilio flute will be above average.

The body and keys of this flute are plated with nickel, which is a material that behaves exceptionally well in time, regardless of the level of wear and tear. Ideally, the flute should be cleaned after each use, especially on the inside, with the help of a cleaning rod. This will remove any excess moisture from within the flute, preserving it in great shape and maintaining its playing properties for longer.

The closed holes are of premium grade, the pads are doubled plated, the key bumpers are covered with rubber, and there’s an undercut beveled embouchure. All of these details show that this instrument can be a great investment for a student.

After all, we are talking about a company with extended experience in this domain, capable of delivering quality instruments. Plus this flute is such a great choice for beginners because it comes with all the accessories required to get started right away, which includes a flute pocketbook.

9) Moz Italian Close Hole Silver Plated C Flute

Accessible and equipped with everything it needs, this is a great flute for those looking to learn all about this particular instrument. While this flute is made to fit the affordable instrument's range, its pads are made according to the Italian standard. Thus, it will be equipped with Pisoni pads, which will make the instrument very responsive and enjoyable.

The flute also features a closed hole, a detail that makes this instrument more than suitable for beginners. When someone is just starting out to play the flute, it is recommended to keep the hole closed, until the player acquires a proper level of experience that will enable him or her to better control the flute.

With 16 keys and the key of C, learning how to play the flute will not be such a daunting task. The flute also features a beautiful silver finish, allowing easy cleaning and maintenance after each use. It is worth mentioning that the package also contains a pair of gloves, allowing the player to reduce the fingerprints and grease that ends up on the instrument during use.

Besides gloves, the package also contains a polishing cloth, joint grease, cleaning rod, adequate screwdriver, and a wooden case, covered with faux-leather.

10) Etude Model EFL 100 Student Flute

Etude has been known over the years to sell superior instruments at affordable prices. This goes with their belief that price should not stop people from experiencing the joy, satisfaction, and growth that comes with making music. As such whether it is a flute, clarinet, trumpet, trombone or alto sax you choose from Etude, you are sure to get great value for your money.

The Etude 100 Student Flute is a high-quality instrument with a silver plated body and a beautiful C foot. It has an offset G key that makes the instrument endearing to users with smaller hands. The instrument is made to be beautiful and durable. It also comes highly recommended by music teacher, band directors, and music retailers. In all with Etude, you are sure to get great design and outstanding construction from quality materials at a very affordable rate.

It comes in a plastic case which may need some adjustment for the instrument to fit properly. The Flute has a C foot and G offset Key that gives it beauty and ensures its durability. The head, body, foot, and key are all silver plated. It comes with its cleaning kit.

Other product information has the item weight at about 2.7 pounds while the dimension of the product is 16 × 4.2 × 2.6 inches. Although shipping weight is 2.1 pounds, you may have to view shipping rates and policies applicable to this item. 

11) Kaizer FLT-1000 Purple Silver Plated Flute

A gorgeous flute for beginners, this instrument from Kaizer can certainly capture the attention of anyone in the public. It has a beautiful purple finish, which comes in contrast with the nickel parts. Speaking of nickel, the entire body of this flute is made out of nickel-silver, so it will be a resilient instrument in every condition.

The keys are power-forged, which means that they will not break, even if the player doesn’t have proper playing skills. Steel springs, adjustable screws, and padded keys will all ensure comfort during performances and will increase the instrument’s resilience.

All in all, this is a flute that is sensitive to the input of the player, offering a fast response each time. This makes the flute very easy to play, making the entire learning process more enjoyable for the player. Also, the intonation provided by this flue is also excellent, allowing the student to learn to play the flute in a proper manner.

Confident in the quality of the provided instrument, the company is offering a 45-day trial session. The player can try the flute out for this entire period and if he or she is not happy with it, the flute can be returned and a full refund offered. In this case, it may be worth giving it a chance.

12) NUVO N220JFBK Flute

Sometimes, a flute made out of plastic is more than enough to satisfy one’s craving to play an instrument. This particular type of flute is ideal for children, but also for beginners of all ages. If someone is not sure whether the flute is the best instrument to choose, although there is a good level of interest for it, then an inexpensive flute will do the trick.

However, even if this is a plastic flute, it is still more than capable to deliver a good performance. So, it is a good instrument to learn the secrets of playing the flute, without spending a small fortune on it.

This flute is so great because it is light, which makes it suitable even for young children, and it can be washed without a problem. This way, the instrument is cleaned and sanitized each time. In spite of the fact that the flute’s body is made out of plastic, this instrument will last for a very long time if it is stored properly.

Made to suit the skill level of beginners, this flute comes with a first note mouthpiece, which makes playing an easy task. With its help, beginners will have the possibility to obtain perfect notes right from their first try.

13) Jody Blues Nickel Silver Plated Flute - Beginner Grade

It is rather easy to start playing the flute with the right kind of instrument. However, as a general rule, beginners don’t need to invest in expensive instruments from the start. This can be done once they have sufficient experience and skills for playing the flute, as the diversity regarding flutes on the market is more than generous.

For starters, a flute-like this particular product will do the job. It has a closed hole, which makes it even more suitable for beginners. An open hole can make the instrument rather challenging for someone with a low level of playing skills, so it’s best to stick to a flute with a closed hole for a while.

Featuring a beautiful silver plating, the flute is easy to clean and maintain and will look great during performances with an audience. Providing 16 keys, this instrument will offer an excellent tone and responsiveness in the hands of the player.

To make transportation and storage easier, the flute is accompanied by a hard wooden box and canvas case. It comes along with gloves, cleaning rod, and cloth, which all give the player the chance to take good care of his or her instrument.

14) Prelude FL711 Student Flute

Many avoid buying a flute, in spite of wanting to play one, due to the price tag of such items. However, it is possible to get a flute even when experiencing a low budget. Or maybe a player wishes to learn how to play the flute, without being certain if this is indeed a good choice. In this case, spending hundreds of dollars on an instrument seems inappropriate.

Prelude comes with a proposal, offering an affordable flute for beginners and students to enjoy. Affordable and accessible, this flute has a nickel-silver body and an ergonomic design for the keys. This will ensure a comfortable play and genuine flute-like sounds.

With its help, the learning process will take place without any issues. With a ribbed construction, this flute is very stable and durable, two features that make it ideal for beginners.

Therefore, this entry-level instrument can be a great choice, considering that it also comes with a fitted case. Once it arrives, the player can only focus on mastering the skills required to play the flute beautifully. Most certainly the affordability and comfort when playing will turn this flute into a favorite for many players.

15) Merano Blue Lacquer Beginner Flute

Who said students or beginners should settle for dull-looking instruments? This beautiful flute features a layer of blue lacquer, which transforms the entire metal body of the instrument. Of course, this is an instrument made out of a nickel, so there’s no plastic in sight.

The keys of the instrument still preserve the characteristic silver finish of most nickel flutes. With 16 keys and beveled embouchure, which flute will deliver as expected. The closed-hole will make it easy to play by those who are still looking to learn or have no experience in playing the flute.

Furthermore, the instrument can also be adjusted according to needs, due to the presence of split E key screws. A carrying case with a hard shell and soft plush interior will make transportation and storage easy and convenient. The package also contains white gloves, a cleaning cloth, cleaning rod, and joint grease. With their help, the player can clean and maintain the instrument properly.

As a basic rule, a flute should be cleaned after each use, to remove moisture from the inside, which builds in during a performance. This way, the life and performance of the flute are both extended.

Choosing the Best Beginners Flute from the Best Beginner Flute Brands

Your flute should ideally come with a case and cleaning kit, but not all manufacturers include this with the flute. As such, you may have to buy these separately. You should preferably buy the accessories for the brand of flute you have chosen. You can also include a flute stand in your purchase.

2) Eastar EB016-FBA-CA Beginner Flute

  • Authentic CUPRONICKEL Body
  • Wonderful & Melody Tone
  • Memory Spring Needle

1) Mendini Fuschia Pink Closed Hole C

  • Solid Quality
  • Lined Nylon
  • Lightweight
  • Easy Playing
  • Popular

3) Yamaha YFL 221 Standard Flute

Yamaha YFL-221 Student Flutes
  • Open Sound
  • Offset G
  • Good Flexibility
  • CY Head Joint
  • Plateau Model

Maintaining Your Flute

If you want your flute to last long, then you need to handle it properly. Here are some tips on how to treat your flute:

Rinse out your mouth before using your flute. This is to ensure you do not blow food and beverages into your flute

Ensure you clean out moisture after each use. Use a silk cloth with your cleaning rod. Be careful on your reach, so you do not break the nodes inside.

Always put your flute in its case when you are done using it. Also, carry and travel with it inside the case.

Finally, you should put a lot of thought into choosing your flute, no matter the duration of use. You may eventually use it for a longer period than intended. You should ideally ask your music teacher or band director for advice when choosing. Be careful about seeking out help too, especially if a particular brand is suggested obstructively. Such a person may be promoting a particular brand for gain sake.

There is no need to go overboard your budget. You will find superior brands at affordable prices. If not go for fairly used ones.