10 Best Gemeinhardt Flute Reviews 2022

Best Gemeinhardt Flutes

Best Gemeinhardt Flutes

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Does the name ‘Gemeinhardt’ ring a bell when it comes to buying a flute for you? Well, that will depend whether you’re just starting out as a flutist or someone who is looking to buy one for his or her child.

To cut things short, Gemeinhardt is one of the most famous companies in the wind instrument market. While there are many companies in the market that are producing excellent flutes, we decided to review some of the best flutes from this company.

Take note that our decision is not in any way related to brand loyalty, but simply for the quality the company produces at affordable prices.

What are the Best Gemeinhardt Flutes to Buy?

Gemeinhardt Flute (2SP)
Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute
Gemeinhardt Model 3OB Flute, Open Hole, Offset G, B-Foot, Silver Plated
Gemeinhardt Flute (2SP)
Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute
Gemeinhardt Model 3OB Flute, Open Hole, Offset G, B-Foot, Silver Plated
Gemeinhardt Flute (2SP)
Gemeinhardt Flute (2SP)
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Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute
Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute
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Gemeinhardt Model 3OB Flute, Open Hole, Offset G, B-Foot, Silver Plated
Gemeinhardt Model 3OB Flute, Open Hole, Offset G, B-Foot, Silver Plated
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As professionals in the flute industry, we have been opportune to review first-hand different categories of flutes from different brands. During these times, we have come to notice that while Yamaha remains a force to reckon with in the market, others like Pearl and Gemeinhardt are without a doubt, giving them a run for their money.

Why buy Gemeinhardt flutes?

Now, that’s a good question. There are some few reasons why we are recommending these models of flutes constructed by Gemeinhardt. These include but not limited to;

Amazing quality

Every one of their student and professional versions are just excellent. While Yamaha is always a favorite to beat, it doesn’t necessarily mean they alone have the best in quality. In fact, most of the intermediate flute produced by Gemeinhardt are on par, if not above, the very best of Yamaha in the same category.

Take for instance the adjustment featured on Gemeinhardt flutes; they are better positioned unlike the ones on some Yamaha models which tend to strip off their threads.


While Yamaha and Gemeinhardt are quite durable, we discovered that the silver plating is much more durable on the Gemeinhardt models. Also, the rolled tone holes on the Gemeinhardt flutes are thicker and thus makes the pads to last longer. Whereas, the ones on the Yamaha are thinner and makes the pads seal better. So either way, Gemeinhardt is always there as a top quality option.

Accessories and Price

Considering that Gemeinhardt is located in the US, it is much easier to get parts at cheaper rates for those who reside in the states but is twice the amount to get parts for Yamaha models since they are made in Japan and their distribution process involves a lot of middlemen in the distribution chain. This is the sole reason why the prices for Yamaha models are always twice the amount you will get for a Gemeinhardt model.

If you want an upgraded version of an intermediate flute, go for the Gemeinhardt 3SHB or 30SHB, which is an advancement on the 2SP, an equal of the Yamaha 221 beginner flute.

10 Best Gemeinhardt Flute Reveiws

1) Gemeinhardt 2SP Flute

There is a reason why the Gemeinhardt 2SP flute is regarded as one of the best in the market, and one which is often used in comparison with the best of Yamaha’s intermediate flutes.

The 2SP features a triple plated silver design that generates the best of darkened sound and heavier weight—providing immense balance and composure for the average flutist. This triple design allows the flute to stay durable for a very long time.

The headjoint is well made, with its silver-plated design as well. The student can easily blow air into the instrument from the headjoint and produce the best in sound. The only thing is that this one didn’t come with the more popular open holes, rather featuring closed keys design, which has their own luster and style to the overall play.

Every tone produced by the keys are smooth, mellow and straightforward. With the offset G design, all beginners can get to play this instrument without any stress. The Y arms construction makes it possible to derive the best in sturdiness. With a C footjoint, you know this is meant for the beginner to play to the best of his or her ability.

2) Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute

Now, if you know much about beginner’s flutes, you can tell the 1SP is just one of them. Gemeinhardt incorporates nickel-plated design on this flute. With such nickel headjoint design, the student is able to take care of the flute, and thanks for its durability, the fear that it would damage quickly is out of the question.

The flute can last for many years. It is much lighter in weight compared to other materials like silver or gold designs, and as a result, it produces a brighter sound and is very good for people who are allergic to silver plated flutes.

With Offset G keys mounted on a straight line beside the rest of the keys on the flute, the beginner player is able to play with remarkable ease using the third finger on the left hand. The plateau closed key design while the rest of the body incorporates silver finish, highlights a combination that renders amazing intonation and perfect response from such an affordable instrument.

One thing that should encourage people to go for this flute is the 3 years warranty included by the manufacturer against any possible defects.

3) Gemeinhardt Model 30B Flute

The Gemeinhardt Model 30B is not much of a different model from the very first 30GBLP reviewed earlier. However, this model has more weight (2.6 pounds) compared to the previous one. The flute also appears stronger in terms of construction; thanks to its four-post exclusive foot joint construction—a feature that is remarkable for its durability.

Another great feature of this model is the well proportioned and embouchure tone holes that render elegant sounds, including pad cups that ensure response and extraordinary tone across all the registers.

In fact, this flute comes with artistry design that makes Gemeinhardt famous in balancing construction and sophisticated technology that makes it practically easy for the flutist to enjoy.

The sound of the flute is clear and strong. The gizmo key and B foot provide excellent features for the player to enjoy higher notes performance. The cleaning rod allows you to keep the instrument in good shape while the case enables you to safeguard the instrument as well.

4) Gemeinhardt 30BGLP Offset Flute

If you are looking for a flute that can pass as a wonderful gift for your son or daughter, the Gemeinhardt 30BGLB is the answer. It is the type of flute you will play and receive compliments from all and sundry.

First, the flute is beautiful and it would inspire a beginner flute player to practice and play more. The flute weighs just one pound, which is expected since most of the flutes brands in the market are usually lightweight. Ats 2 x 2 x 25.6 inches in dimensions, the 30BGLP is a highly portable and compact flute that everyone can play conveniently.

The Gemeinhardt 30BGLP is designed for the best interest of the intermediate player. Thanks for the B foot joint design, this flute meets the specifications of all music teachers who always recommend it for their students as one of the best step-up flutes in the market.

The manufacturer also incorporates the popular French mechanism (open holes design) in this flute, which provides for a better level of intonation. As the B foot allows greater resonance through its long tube, the flute player is able to take advantage of excellent fingerings for better playability in the upper register. Thanks for the offset G, people with smaller hands can handle this flute with ease.

5) Gemeinhardt 2BLK Student Student Flute

The 2BLK is yet another superb flutist specifically tailored to meet the needs of the ardent beginner player. Now, how do we know that this is just another beginners’ flute?

Okay, just look at the body design—nickel coated finish—typical of a traditional beginner’s flute construction. With the nickel design, your son or daughter can have the best in creating a brighter and sharper tone, compared to other material construction such as all-around silver or gold plate designs.

Gemeinhardt also features a J1 headjoint that elicit good sound as you breathe air through it. At such a price, the 2BLK is always going to be a superb option for the beginner flutist. At first sight, the 2BLk is a very attractive and elegant flute to behold. We like the black color design, and the action it produces is nice and clean as such that you do not feel anything cheap about it.

The company making the holes on this model a closed option, which has its own peculiarity in creating enduring sound. C foot joint provides excellent convenience for the beginner player, even as the well-padded construction provides the student flutist a convenient way to enjoy his/her play.

6) Gemeinhardt Model 3 Black Intermediate Flute

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Exactly like the 30B model, this Gemeinhardt Model 3 Flute is one of the best beginner’s choices in the market. It is one of the best in the 30B series of the intermediate flutes. Featuring black, nickel coated design; the Model 3 provides a better and brighter sound. The keyholes are silver plated, which also provides excellent intonation.

The lip and the riser are also made of solid silver design, which is perfect for affecting the tone in a better way. The B-foot joint complies with most teachers recommendations for their students. Boasting a black color design, the flutes look sharp and the silver-plated open holes keys perform for better intonation.

If you want to play in the orchestra, this is the flute you need. The B is low and is easy to play, and considering the fact that the flute is longer, it resonates better and provides improved harmonics with great actions.

Of course, the notes are as high as that attainable with a Yamaha flute, and it provides a beautiful, joyful and striking effect for the beginner/intermediate flutist who is just seeking to play a better flute.

With such easy note to play, the student will have a nice instrument to enjoy and treasure for a long time.

7) Gemeinhardt Model 3B Flute Open Hole

As Gemeinhardt continues with the construction of the 3B model series, this flute adds glamour to an already incredible and quality flute design.

The flute comes with the popular Gemeinhardt silver-plated design. This is visible on the head, body, and joint of the flute. The silver plated headjoint allows the flute to have a brighter shining appearance (which is good for the confidence of the beginner) while also rendering a much darker sound than its nickel-plated counterparts.

The keys on this model also feature silver-plated construction as well as the popular French key holes style design, which makes the sound less muffled, loud and clear. The Y arms and the inline G make this another popular choice as well.

While the Y arm design allows the flute to retain its sturdiness and overall durability, the inline G design makes it possible for the player to play according to a traditional and significant style of play.

There is a cleaning rod attach to the instrument which you use in maintaining the structure of the instrument. Carrying case keeps it safe and makes it easy to take around without exposure to damages.

8) Gemeinhardt 30SHB Flute

Gemeinhardt 3OSHB Flute

The 30SHB is a glorious flute parading excellent construction and features for the interest of the intermediate player. It features the popular French key mechanism, which means that the student player can have a louder, clearer and less muffled sound as you blow air through the silver-plated headjoint of the instrument. If you are looking for one of the most reliable step-up flutes in the market, this is just it.

Gemeinhardt features a B footjoint construction on this model, which means it is much longer than its beginner’s counterpart is, and more capable of producing an elongated response.

The entire body of the flute carries a silver-plated construction, giving you a warmer and darker tone. The 30SHB is exactly the right type of flute your ward needs to upgrade from his/her current beginner level.

The company accompanies the package with a hard shell case that you can use to safeguard the body of the flute from dust and scratches when not in use. A cleaning rod means you can easily take out dirt and fogginess from the flute.

Use the case cover to secure the case itself from dirt. The response it provides is quick and reliable, and the tone is warm—both the low and higher registers.

9) Gemeinhardt 3SHB Flute

We round up this review with yet another superb intermediate flute from Gemeinhardt. In continuation of the SHB series, the company releases a reliable flute that features excellent silver design on the headjoint. This allows the instrument to project the true pitch of the flute while also providing a sound that is somewhat resistant compared to some other Gemeinhardt flutes.

The keys on the 3SHB also feature silver construction, but the better part is that they carry that popular French key mechanism. That means a louder, clearer and less muffled sound projection. The foot joint features B foot construction, which provides an extra key at the end of the settings.

Do not forget that the body of the instrument is made of solid silver, which provides a clean response with warm and darker sounds. Like the 30SHB, the 3SHB also comes with a hard shell case that has outstanding durability for protecting the flute from damages and scratches. The cleaning rod enables you to keep the flute interior parts from fogging up, even as you get to enjoy an excellent performance from both low and high registers.

10) Gemeinhardt 3SB Flute

The 3SB is another new generation flute design from Gemeinhardt. The flute has solid silver plated body design, which is also visible on the headjoint and B-foot joint. By this design, the flute is able to provide top-notch dark, warm and focused tone that excels under a clean response.

The headjoint also have a mixture of silver and gold plated lip design, which further adds traction to the bottom part of the lip. This, in turn, assists players to have an easy passage with a warm and colorful tone.

Inline G is one of the distinct features that differentiate this model from a host of others in the entire line-up of the Gemeinhardt flute instruments. The included French designated open keys to provide the best in intonation and fluidity when playing. If there are any perfect flutes for an intermediate or a beginner in the market, the 3SB is one of them.

The NG1 headjoint is the latest feature that characterizes much of Gemeinhardt flute series, and for the professionals. However, since the lip has gone through modification, it means a beginner can get to enjoy the best in a professionally crafted instrument.

Choosing the Best Gemeinhardt Flutes

No doubt, Gemeinhardt remains one of the best flute manufacturers in the market. While they may not be known or as popular as brands like Yamaha, the quality of their wind instruments bespoke their credibility and reliability as one of the best brands in the flute market category.

As you look forward to shopping for the best Gemeinhardt flutes, always remember what you want from a good flute. There are those made of nickel, which provides brighter tones, while those made from silver gives warmer and darker tones. Gold provides a bit of heavier and richer weight in the level of intonation, but the best of the best will always be flutes of wooden nature.

Nevertheless, think of the keys and style of play before buying your flute. Once done, go through any of these or search elsewhere on this site for other flutes options.