30 Best Student Flute Reviews 2022 – Best Student Flute Brands

Best Student Flute

Best Student Flute

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There is a regrettable dearth of information online when it comes to flute buying for students. A lot of students are unsure of which, where, and how to buy the best student flute available on the market right now.

As a result, we have decided to put together a perfectly detailed flute description and review that will help students of all categories to find the best and suitable flute for their marching band, musical setup or for home practice.

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What are the Best Student Flutes to Buy?

2) Jean Paul USA FL-220 Student Flute

  • Exquisite Cupronickel Body
  • Power Forged Keys
  • Fine Response
  • Great Intonation

1) Mendini Fuschia Closed Hole C Flute

  • Offset G Key & Split E Key
  • Double Bladder Pads
  • Undercut Beveled Embouchure
  • Rubber Key Bumpers

3) Yamaha YFL-222 Student Flute

  • Footjoint Alignment Mark
  • Durable Neoprene Key Bumpers
  • Rich & Warm Tone

For student or children under 7 years old, it is advised to start with a Recorder instead of a flute. Here are some great recorders for your consideration.

2) KINGSO Soprano
8 Hole Recorder

  • Variety of Colors
  • German 8 Hole Fingering
  • Arched Windway
  • Improved Intonation

1) Yamaha YRS24B Soprano Recorder

Yamaha YRS24B Soprano Recorder
  • Durable & Safe
  • Classic & Pure Tone
  • Baroque System
  • Perfect for Beginner Students

3) Lyon 3PCRBRN-ABS Soprano Recorder

  • Full 2 Octave Range
  • Fine Resonance
  • Clear Cut Response
  • C# & D# Tone Holes

30 Best Student Flutes & Best Brands for Student flute

We are quite aware that there is no globally tagged best flute that works for everyone as our different situations and taste dictate much of what kind of flute brand you are interested in buying. Therefore, to mitigate the difficulties experienced by some people in buying the best beginner’s flute, we have decided to provide a detailed review of some popular student beginners flute brand that is dominating the market and schools today.

1) Mendini Fuschia Closed Hole C Flute

This is one of the best teachers approved flutes that features a flawless finish and undercut beveled embouchure having solid quality double bladder pads. This student flute package comes with a Pro-deluxe durable plush and lined nylon covered that is lightweight.

Designed as a C Flute, the Mendini Fuschia Pink 16 Closed Hole C Flute with an offset G key that makes it easier fit for short and sticky fingers to play. It also has a split E key that ensures you switch between two independent keys—Offset G and the C key not. The sound effect of the Mendini Fuschia Pink is perfect for the beginner student.

This flute is good for beginners. That said, the case that comes with this flute is durable, and it comes with flute notebook for easy playing tips.

2) Jean Paul USA FL-220 Student Flute

The Jean Paul USA FL-220 is one of the top choices and most recommended by teachers as a great beginner flute.

Weighing 2.1 pounds, the Jean Paul Flute features power-forged keys that guarantee durability while producing even response. The flute is designed as a C tone Key flute alongside with French-styled sculptured keys with an embouchure plate that is student friendly, making it much easier to play with excellent intonation.

The C foot nature of the flute, with its plateau keys-style together with an offset G are also contributing factors that makes it possible to be properly held and played by younger students.

The Jean Paul FL 220 Student Flute comes with a round and elegant carrying case for easy transportation and use. The sound output of the flute is great and the fact that it is made by Jean Paul Rampal, the master of flutes, has further cemented this flute as a great beginner’s choice. The flute also has all the required maintenance such as clothing rod, screwdriver, cloth, gloves, and lubricant.

3) Yamaha YFL-222 Student Flute

Yamaha produces all sorts of musical instruments. So, if you want to purchase a professional and well-made flute, this product might be for you. It is an intermediate flute for students, created with the international version in mind. And we can tell you it has everything you might need to master the art of performing on a flute.

This flute comes with a unique footjoint alignment mark, which is intended to allow young performers to grasp the instrument better. But what we love the most about Yamaha’s flute is the neoprene key bumpers. These are rather sturdy and can last significantly longer than it is the case with less professional instruments.

Mainly, this flute was created from non-toxic, safe to use, and less prone to breakage materials. And the best part about purchasing Yamaha’s flute is that you will receive a one year warranty so that you can replace your product in case of issues.

Hence, this intermediate flute from Yamaha can suit the needs of everyone, including beginners and professional players. It was created for a clean attack and sensitive response, which in turn favors the production of impressive sounds and music.

4) EastRock Closed Hole Student Flute

This is one of the student flutes that have a cupronickel material composite, making it a bit distinct from most of its peers in the market.

The EastRock incorporates a superbly designed and assembled with outstanding precision under high-quality metal echo panels to ensure its resonance feature. The EastRock is a unique antique finish flute built as a split E key flute for the student flutist. By virtue of its features, it is one of the best flutes around for students in the marching band and for such other activities. The entire body and keys are nickel-plated, with a high and enduring quality finish.

EastRock's student flute kit also featuring a plastic rod for cleaning, with extra attention given to the joint fittings. The key configurations are designed in such a way that all hands size (no matter how long or small) are qualified to play the flute as well.

Using the EastRock student flute will be ideal for student flutist and is one of the few flutes recommended by teachers on several occasions. The sound output is great, as it gives greater playability. The level of intonation encouraging and the overall rich sound quality is good for the beginner student in the marching band.

This flute does not only have a comfortable playing feeling but also with its more explosive sound quality. The EastRock is both a good product for the beginner student in the marching band and an ideal choice for the average student starter.

5) Cecilio Student Nickel Plated Flute

Cecilio is a well-established distributor of student flutes, and we can say from our experience that this product stands out due to its craftsmanship and reliability. It was created with the help of flute professors so that it suits the needs of any student eager to improve his skills.

This Cecilio flute is silver nickel-plated, making it an exquisite addition to your collection, no matter if you are a beginner or intermediate performer. It comes with a split E key, and simple to master 16 holes, which we believe makes room for a lot of improvisation. Also, it is shipped with any accessory you might need, including a foldable flute stand, screwdriver, a pair of gloves, a cleaning cloth, and a rod.

The best part about this student flute is that it has a sturdy protective case created from exquisite materials. The case is zip design, offering handy open-close feature and durable material for additional protection for your flute during transportation or storage. Also, this flute comes with a 1-year warranty, making it the perfect choice for those looking for an affordable and qualitative student flute.

Hence, if you need a new flute, or you merely shop for your first instrument, this product might be the best choice. It can go up to Grade 5 experience!

6) Yamaha YFL – 221 Student Flute

Yamaha YFL – 221 Student Flute

Yamaha is known as one of the best flute makers in the industry as it is. The flute is designed as a C K note flute with silver plated design that is greatly recommended by teachers for students who are learning how to play.

The entire body of the flute is made of durable nickel silver, the Yamaha YFL 221 is practical to withstand the rigors of young musicians and the most favorite set of players for this are students. Those in elementary or middle schools are perfect for this kind of flute. The flute is also very popular among teachers because of its durability, ease of play and open sound.

The Yamaha YFL 221 is designed strictly for students to play, especially with its CY head joint and specifically designed embouchure hole. The flute is good for students up to grade 8, and it has greater tonal colors and classic sound that produces for the head joint, allowing excellent toner quality and good flexibility.

To achieve better projection, the head joint needs replacement with a higher silver content. Nonetheless, the sound quality is good and extremely fit for students.

7) Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute

The Gemeinhardt 1SP Flute is a student flute designed by Kurt Gemeinhardt in the late 1940s and is used as the perfect source of introducing a student into the act of making high-quality music. This flute is duly approved by band directors, repair technicians and music retailers spread across the country.

The flute features a silver plated nickel body, head, and foot joint, together with closed keys. The Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute has an offset G that is designed to be very ergonomically. It comes with a case that can be zipped to accommodate the flute, which is very easy to carry about.

The flute is for beginners and its plateau closed hole keys and attractive silver plated finish makes it a top choice for many beginners.

In terms of intonation and sound output, the Gemeinhardt 1SP Student Flute boasts an excellent sound quality and great response rate. The good sound quality from this flute makes it a teacher’s choice for students. It is comfortable, cheap and comes with a 3 years warranty against defects.

8) Etude EFL-100 Offset G Student Flute

The Etude Model EFL 100 Student Closed Hole Flute is a top quality instrument designed to suit the budget of students and intermediates. Its entire body, head, body, and foot are features of a silver plated design that completely beautifies and durable. The Etude is designed as a C Foot key and the Offset G help people with small or tiny hands also to play the instrument.

The sound coming out from the Etude Model EFL 100 Student Flute Closed Hole is specially designed for students needs and Etude believes that price shouldn’t constitute a barrier whatsoever to experiencing the raw joy and growth that comes from making music. The product comes with a cleaning rod and a case for easy transport and use.

Etude Model EFL is a renowned student flute, especially for those students who are practicing for the marching band. The flute itself is completely worth the value of the purchase. The only problem is that there are some copies in which the foot joint doesn’t fit properly. Otherwise, it is a great flute for beginners capable of lasting up to two years.

9) Windsor MI-1002 Student Nickel Plated Flute

This is yet another good and teacher recommended student plated flute. The Windsor MI-1002 is the perfect choice for students you are beginners and those in the intermediate levels. The embouchure holes of this flute have been designed in a manner that allows the user the user to blow with ease, making it an excellent choice for the beginner, but because of the inclusion of the split E, this flute also becomes beneficial for those looking to get to the intermediate stage and beyond.

The flute is designed to be in the key of C, having 16 holes coupled with the easy actionable keys further complete with awesome pads produces excellent intonation that makes the beginner look as if he or she is a professional. The Windsor is normally supplied in a plushed line case complete with maintenance tools such as cleaning rod and cleaning cloths for the best maintenance of the flute.

For any budding flutist in school who wants to take part in the marching band or in an opera, the Windsor MI-1002 Student Nickel Plated Flute is the best cheap quality flute any parent or guardian can get for his or her ward.

10) Merano Mer-1322 Student Flute

This is a very beautifully made student flute, one of the first flutes that are capable of hitting the middle C without any difficulty. This flute allows the student beginner to play some beautiful tones in the marching band. The Merano Nickel Silver Flute for Student Band Beginners is designed as a C Foot Keynote flute specially crafted for the student to play as a beginner. The higher registers of the flute belt out so easily.

In terms of performance, this flute is a nickel silver plated flute that has undergone the highest level of resonating intonation that makes it a top-notch student flute to reckon with and one that can compete with any Gemeinhardt flute series to the orchestra. Its quality and durability as a top notched product is underlined by the double bladder pads. It is a 16 keyhole flute mainly designed for the C key, but featuring a split E mechanism and an offset G system that incorporates players with shorter hands.

The Merano is a beginner flute specially designed for the marching band. The design suits 5th graders first year of the marching band and the silver plated body, head joint and C Foot make this flute consisting 16 plateau keys easier to play.

The player gets more versatility and response from the keys as the upper and lower action of the offset G is precisely divided by the split E mechanism. The presence of the offset G in the Moreno Flute makes it naturally possible for you to reach the G key with less difficulty while helping you to eliminate potential problems that may arise within the inline of the flute. The sound output is awesome and the playing experience is extremely comfortable and pleasing.

The Merano Nickel Silver Student Flute also comes with a half-solid case, a cleaning rod and gloves, including a cleaning cloth, polishing cloth, pads, brush and an instruction manual to keep your flute in good shape and ready for practical use.

11) Gemeinhardt 2BLK Flute

If you are just starting to learn the flute or you are a merely intermediate player, you most likely look forward to discovering an instrument that can help you improve your skills. And this flute sold by Gemeinhardt is one of the best on the market for this level of experience!

Overall, it is advertised as a student flute, but its exquisite craftsmanship makes it suitable for all levels of experience. It was created with a durable nickel-coated finish, and it looks a lot like the professional Gemeinhardt 2SP student flute. We do recommend this flute for beginners as it is reliable, and it can withstand a lot of wear and tear.

Also, the materials used for this flute are chemical-free and won’t pose any harm to the environment. This flute comes with a J1 head joint model, plateau keys, along with a C foot and a C3 case. Besides this, it comes with a wide array of features, including an impressive body finish, a black nickel-plated foot finish, or an offset inline foot joint option.

It is professionally padded, and it was created with the beginner level in mind. This product is sold with a hard case, specially designed to protect the flute during transportation or storage.

12) Kaiser FLT-1000BLNK Student Flute

This is a fully loaded student flute package. The Kaiser Student Flute is one of the few flutes that offer a free trial period for students to try out the quality. The pre-trial period offers by the Kaiser Flute is for 45 days where after the student may decide to buy it or not.

The Kaiser Student Flute is a C Foot close hole design to last for a long time. The body make is Nickel-plated silver and power-forged keys, including professionally padded keys. The flute is easy to maneuver by virtue of the adjustable screws and the steel springs. The overall construction is based on French accepted standard which includes easy playing and sensitive response.

In terms of performance, the sound output of this flute is excellent, with great intonation, all made possible by the plateau closed 16 key holes and beveled embouchure. The included offset G means that student with shorter hands can also play feeling comfortable. The Split E and its detachable foot-joint further add to the overall magnificent design of this student flute that is completely meant for beginners.

13) Hawk WD-F113-WT Closed Hole Flute

The Hawk Closed Hole C Foot is a beautiful student flute that comes in different colors for the beginner student to choose from. The colors include Purple, Red, Pink, Black, Blue, and White. The flute is very inexpensive budget flute designed to be affordable for the student player.

The Hawk WD Closed Hole C Foot is a C Foot Key Flute that has the entire body made of nickel plated silver, including the foot of the flute for all-around beauty and top class durability. The flute itself is made using sterling silver which enables it to be easily adjusted throughout the body and head joint. This design allows the flute to give out high and precise quality sound that is perfect for the student beginner flutist to master the art of playing music while taking part in a music show or concert.

In terms of overall quality and sound output, the Hawk WD has innovative features like the high precision pads that ensure comfort and easy flow of keys when in player mode, and the Split E mechanism which gives the student player the option to either use the offset G or the in-line or C key tray.

The quality pads include deluxe hard shell case for storage and easy transportation of the flute. The flute also comes with a cleaning rod, a cleaning cloth for easy maintenance. The rubber key bumper and its adjustable screws all contribute to derive excellent quality sound from the flute.

14) Eastrock Black Resin Piccolo Flute

Eastrock surprises its customers with professionally-made instruments that are suitable for all levels of experience. So, this instrument for primary and intermediate performers is an asset that can allow you to achieve the best music experience.

It is a Piccolo Key of C, which we believe will not disappoint you. Overall, this flute was created by using the information gathered from professors and experienced flute players. And as a result, it has smooth details that enable one to achieve outstanding sounds with little to no hassle. It has the power to produce clean and beautiful music.

The best part about Eastrock’s flute is that it was created from lead-free materials, which are safe to use even by children. We like the smooth and professional design, but what stands out the most about this flute is that it includes a qualitative valve. This allows you to produce a pristine key of C Piccolo sounds, simple to keep up.

As a result, it might turn out to be an asset for beginners. This flute is shipped with a sturdy carrying case, designed from waterproof materials. Also, the case has padded straps to prevent your instrument from moving during transportation.

15) Yamaha YFL-281P Inline G Student Flute

The 200 series from Yamaha stands for student flutes created with a professional touch and a wide array of durable materials. Mainly, this is a French model, meaning that it features an in-line F.

What we admire the most about this beginner flute is that the head joint, body and foot joint were created from reliable nickel-silver. Also, all materials used for this flute were thoroughly tested, so that there is no toxicity for the user.

This French model flute allows you to explore the key of C, while the neoprene bumpers are meant to boost the efficacy and ability of the performer to use the instrument correctly. Moreover, there are plenty of features you can benefit from by purchasing this Yamaha flute. Some of these include a stronger post design, which prevents bending, user-friendly screws, and a professional body for easier positioning of the foot joint.

The finest part of this product is that many teachers recommend it for students or beginners. The Yamaha flute for students comes with a limited five-year policy for issues that might appear while using the flute. This product is shipped with a durable carrying case, which protects the instrument from all types of damage.

16) Libretto FL001 Closed Hole C Flute

The Libretto is one of those manufacturers that can help you find the most professional and exquisite instrument to perform upon. And this silver-plated closed hole C flute is not an exception! It was designed with a lot of attention to detail, is meant to aid musicians of all levels of experience to master it.

Libretto flute is well-built and user-friendly, making it a nice addition to your collection, no matter if you are a student or a performer in an orchestra. What we liked the most about this flute was the fact that even though it was created for beginners, its professionalism and top-notch features were preserved.

The qualitative cupronickel tubes and toxic-free materials used for this flute allows you to use without worrying about any risks. And the best part about it is that it features a customized lip plate, meant to enable beginners to gain a deeper understanding of how to use the instrument. It is a flute in offset G key with qualitative stainless-steel springs. This product is shipped with a sturdy carrying case, joint grease, cleaning cloths, and a set of gloves.

17) Armstrong 102 Student Flute

Armstrong Model 102 USA Student Flute, Standard

The Armstrong 102 is a popular Student Flute design to achieve practical music play for all student beginners. The flute is designed as a C foot keynote that has enclosed holes and silver plated design across the body. The flute has flat key cups for preventing leakage. The Armstrong 102 Flute sturdy mechanism and heavy plating model assure that students will continue to play this model for many years to come.

The Armstrong Model 102 Student Flute Standard comes with adjustable screws that are mounted at the top of the flute to enhance easy repair. The offset G that comes with this model makes it easier for people with small hands to play. The curved head joint of this flute makes it suitable for people for suffering from shoulder problems to play with ease.

Armstrong is a highly recommended product which is being played across many high schools marching band. The Armstrong 102 is an excellent closed whole beginner flute that gives good response and top sound quality. It is an inexpensive option to introduce a child learning how to play.

Like every other flute, the Armstrong 102 comes with complete set of maintenance tools such as cleaning rod, cleaning cloth, screwdriver, and gloves for proper maintenance. The durability of this flute is one other thing that set it apart from its peers.

18) Allora AAFL-229 Student Flute

Allora AAFL 229 Student Series Flute Model

The Allora is one of the best Student flutes that is highly recommended by teachers for the student of all grade categories. The flute is expertly crafted with outstanding value. The body, flute and silver plated head joint and it has an even response and scale.

In terms of features, the Allora lone of the instrument was primarily developed to provide for the student musician excellent start to their music practice and career. The flute is designed as a C foot keynote with silver plated head and body. The foot joint plays wonderfully down to a low C key. The closed hole keys design is durable work flawlessly and provides years of consistent playability.

The Allora AAFL 229 Student Series Flute Model package includes a molded case and cleaning rod. The flute itself is cheap and parents can easily affordable it. The sound quality of the Allora flute complies with all schools junior acceptable standards, providing quality intonation, mechanically reliable and comfortable. This flute design is also perfect for rating.

19) Jupital JFL710 Plateau Offset G Student Flute

Jupital JFL710 Silver Plated Plateau Flute takes the shape of most other flutes in the sense that, the body is nickel-silver plated and the flute mouth and foot are plated with silver as well. The flute is designed as a C Key flute with precisely cut 16 plateau holes and is the right choice for beginners to practice and master the art of music in the marching band.

The Jupital Flute is an original Japanese flute that features a metal-like body frame at full length. The blowing mouth is oval shaped, and the sound system is a fully concentrated to generate a resounding tone. The keys are professionally padded using high precision double padding system to provide a smooth sailing playing experience.

The offset G and the dividing split E offers the student the options of making use of the inline or offset G system that acts independently on their own accord, together with the detachable foot-joint that makes it easier to use.

In terms of quality output, the offset G provides the student with the ability to reach the G key without straining his fingers and, a better-concentrated airflow is allowed in through the square opening of the bumper keys, which in turn creates a stronger volume. The quality of the flute’s tone is good and heart-warming, not at all tiny. The flute is comfortable to hold and play, and it has full an amazing timbre quality.

This is a recommended flute for any beginner.

20) Roy Benson RBFL 402E Student Flute

Although most part of this flute lacks proper review, elsewhere, it has been a remarkable product as a student-crafted flute. Just like with most other teachers student recommended flute, the Roy Benson is a free blowing flute with excellent mechanism that enables the student beginner to progress quickly.

The Flute is designed specifically as a C major keynote flute featuring a flawless finishing, and plateau key holes. The body and keys are nickel silver plated body and head joint for more durability and for improved sound quality. The flute also has double bladder Pisoni pads that boast the highest quality, together with rubber key bumpers.

It also comes with a cleaning cloth, a rod and a pair of gloves for easy use and maintenance. The case for storing the flute is made of wood and it comes with a cover to keep it secure and clean at all times.

There are lots of benefits for the student player in using this flute. Apart from the fact that it encourages the student to practice more, the lightweight nature of the Ro Benson means it is extra convenient for the young student to handle without stress. The flexibility associated with the playing experience makes this flute a top good choice for the marching band student.

For beginners, the flute is expected to last for a considerable length of time.

21) Yamaha YRS24B Soprano Recorder

Yamaha YRS24B Soprano Recorder

Yamaha is a renowned product in the flute market. They are known to produce high-quality design, and this Soprano recorder isn’t an exception either. The Yamaha YRS24B Soprano Recorder is a highly durable and easy to maintain flute with precise tuning that makes it possible for the finger pattern for each note to be standard and different from one flute to another. This is what really makes recorders and the Yamaha suitable for group competition or entertainment.

This particular Yamaha flute series is a very inexpensive and almost indestructible plastic design that showcases the best quality of the traditional soprano recorder wooden flute, which is the entry level medium for music instruction some of the high standard schools. This flute makes it easier to accomplish satisfying results. The flute serves as a great way to increase interest in learning to play other instruments.

The sound quality that emanates from this Yamaha series is something reminds people of the good old days. The mouthpiece of the flute is smooth and comfortable and the head joint fit securely. It appears a bit shorter for some students with longer hands, but overall, this is the best quality you can get for such price.

22) KINGSO Soprano 8 Hole Recorder

This is an extremely beautifully made student flute that comes in a variety of colors. The color design includes yellow, pink, red, blue green and white. The students have a plethora of style to choose from. The Kingso features an ABS resin and the delicate soprano recorder with 8 holes patterned after German fingering method. The recorder is an excellent recorder for the young student and those in the marching band.

The Soprano flute measures 32.5cm in length and it comes with a cleaning rod that measures 27.5cm in length. The flute has arched windway that enable clarity of good notes and gives a powerful level of improvement in the intonation. One good thing about the flute is that the color of the recorder is exactly as it appears.

The Kingso came with a plastic holder for easy carriage and a plastic cleaning stick. There is also an instruction manual showing which hole is which key. The paper clearly indicates that some notes have different variations, so the student player must know this beforehand so as not to get confused when playing. The Kingso is sturdy and has the good quality sound that will do the job for any student beginner flutist.

23) Lyon 3PCRBRN-ABS Soprano Recorder

Price is not always the best determinant when it comes to quality, this Lyon Soprano flute has demonstrated such fact. This is one of the cheapest and most affordable flutes in the market that parents can get for their sons and daughters in school, even up to grade 5 and beyond. Just when you think the quality is doubtful because of the price, the sounds that greet the player when playing has forced a lot of folks to have a rethink.

The quality of the Lyon is breathtaking! The flute comes with a thick clear plastic case and a cleaning rod. To be honest, this is just more than a student flute. It’s simply top quality clothed in cheap clothes. The head joint of this awesome flute fit perfectly well that the player doesn’t have anything to worry about. The mouthpieces itself is smooth and provide a great experience during playing practice.

The overall design of this amazingly cheap and yet high-quality Lyon flute is excellent. The sound quality is great, and each hole resonates perfectly to the standard rhythm of each finger. If not the best, this is certainly one of the best student flute players in the market.

24) Nuvo N210SFBK Student Flute

Nuvo comes back again with this waterproof design that looks similar in character and quality like its sister version, the Nuvo SE200FBL. The major difference, in this case, is that the Nuvo N210SFBK sound more like a real student flute, which is a high pass for a product that is designed from composite plastic material and silicone.

The Nuvo is designed as a C Foot and it comes with a lip plate that can be blown just like a penny whistle, which makes it more possible for a kid new to flute to instantly get a sound off the instrument without much stress. The flute has a good tone and the key action is acceptable as a flute option for beginners.

Much like its sister version, this flute has the features of both a beginner’s choice and an intermediate player needs. It is the perfect student flute you can get for such a cheap price.

25) Moz Italian 17 Keys Flute

For those that aim to purchase a complete flute set, this bundle sold by Moz is the best solution you have. You will receive a professionally engraved flute inspired by the Italian designs, which features 17 keys open hole.

The best part about it is that this is an exquisite silver-plated flute. The head joint, body, keys, and foot are coated in silver. This increases the durability of the product, while we do believe it provides scratch-resistant properties. The open holes 17 keys allow you to perform in key C and offset G.

Yet what we liked the most about the Moz flute is the fact that it includes in its design the popular Italian Pisoni pads. As mentioned above, this is a complete set for either intermediate or experienced performers, as you will receive a professionally engraved flute, along with joint grease, cleaning clots, a screwdriver, and a pair of gloves.

The sturdy wooden carrying case also comes along, coated with leather, which adds an extra layer of protection for your instrument. Also, this flute comes with a one-year warranty, meaning that you can return the product if there are any issues with it.

26) Nuvo SE200FBL Student Flute

This is a revolutionary student flute designed from ABS plastic resin. The flute is highly durable and light that it is almost half the actual weight of the regular silver designed flute. Because of its light nature, the stress on the neck and shoulder are thereby physically reduced, which in turn reduce fatigue and enable the player to play and practice more.

The Nuvo flute features a waterproof kit design which makes it suitable for the marching band, the fact that this flute can be washed in warm water at any given time further attest to its durability and longevity. The student can even play this wonderful flute while bathing, in the river or to any tramping vacation.

The Nuvo Student flute plays with a loud and high resonating tone which most performers and teachers have praised as an astonishing flute. The flute comes in smart and semi-hard cases that have to carry straps for easy and stress-less carriage, plus other maintenance tools. The mouthpiece of the flute is similar to that of a recorder which allows the student to produce outstanding sound quality.

27) Pearl PF500 500 Series Student Flute

The Pearl PF500 is a student flute that comes with closed hole design together with tone holes that are precisely drawn. The Pearl PF500 Flute is a C Flute but one that doesn’t feature a split E but an offset G variable key system. The flute is recommended by most teachers because of its high-quality C foot design that comes with stainless steel springs which better sound generation and quality.

To ensure quality and durability, the PF500 is designed with high-quality pads, and the flute case is lightweight, having a good storage pockets, which means enough room for storage while the flute can be easily moved from place to place.

The Pearl PF500 Series Student Flute with Case can be conveniently played and the flute also have a high level of resonating sound that is very good for the student to use, as it encourages the student to play and take more practices. The PF500 sounds very good as C flute with offset G key which makes it possible for people with shorter hands and troubled shoulders to play as well.

The flute also comes with a nice piece of cleaning cloth, a lubricant and an elastic cleaning rod which is properly positioned, together with a screwdriver for all-around maintenance/disassembles activities. Although is relatively not too popular, it is, however, one of the flutes teachers normally recommend for the guardians or parents of students to buy.

The flute allows the student flutist to record positive results within a short time. It is a good student flute to invest on.

28) Le’Var FLUVLV100 Student Flute

For those looking for woodwind features, the Le’Var FLUVLV100 Student Flute is a good quality C Foot with elegant ergonomic key shapes that makes a great playing experience.

Weighing 2.2 pounds, this flute features an offset G with a French-pointed arms keys design. The offset trill keys control key allows for optimum control and tuning of the C key mechanism. The flute also has a lot of other features that simply eliminate any reason for renting a flute instead of buying.

Features such as octave closed hole pads which guarantee standard and comfortable playing experience, and the standard springs that enhances the overall performance. Are some of the things that make this flute a classic one for beginners.

The Le’Var also comes with adjustable screws that make it easy to maintain, while the beryllium copper tone holes working along the undercut resonators provides the excellent sound effect that will make a beginner be more encouraged to play more.

The plastic body material with nickel plated design adds to the durability of this student flute. The flute comes with a case for holding and transporting the flute, and a polishing cloth and a cleaning rod all provide an improved way to maintain the flute.

29) ELENKER 16 Hole Student Beginner Flute

The ELENKER Different Color Student Flute is a beginner flute designed for students of all categories. This Elenker Flute comes in different color, and the material design is cupronickel. The flute features a high and new quality, which is different from others by virtue of the cupronickel material design.

The flute is designed to use the C key tone together with its 16 closed holes. The Elenker Different Color Flute measures 26.38 inches in length capacity, and is very lightweight, making it very suitable for beginner student band.

It comes with a case for storing the flute itself, as well as a cleaning rag, lubricant to keep the rims and holes well functioning, and a screwdriver, cleaning rod and gloves for all-around maintenance.

In terms of performance, this is one of the easiest student flutes that is very easy to play, eliciting a pleasing vibrant feel with a sound output that is well-centered. In the event that it got damaged, this flute can easily be repaired and maintained without having to spend a fortune. The sound is excellent and is a top choice for every beginner.

30) Focket Beginner and Student Flute

If your kid fancies playing the flute or you simply look forward to purchasing a complete beginner set for your student child, this product might be the best choice you have on the market. Focket distributes this 16-hole brass flute musical instrument for learners, along with a sturdy carrying case, gloves, cleaning rod, cloth, and additional accessories.

Overall, this flute was created from non-toxic, safe to use and eco-friendly materials, which is why it can be easily used even b y children. And the best part about this instrument is that it can withstand a lot of wear and tear, which usually occurs while learning.

It was designed in a professional manner, and it features impressive airtightness so that one can master with ease how to press buttons on a flute. We can tell you from our experience that it is challenging to discover a reliable flute for children with such features!

Also, an interesting thing about this flute is that it comes with an extra layer of protection to prevent oxidation. It is an excellent choice for children and beginners, as it can produce mellow tones.

Currently Not Available

Choosing The Best Student Flutes

Flutes have always appeared to be one of the easiest instruments to play, however, this has never been true. Requiring great precision and in some cases, months of practice, the flute is one of the more difficult instruments to master. At the time of their origin, flutes were almost entirely different instruments. This changed long ago in 1847 when a German wind instrument maker Theobald Boehm showed to the world a flute made of metal, which consisted of multiple keys. These adjustments caused changes to the quality and volume of sound for the better.

Choosing The Right Flute For Yourself

All beginners have specific flutes dedicated to them for their budding career as the flutist. The student flutist is not left out of this drive. When it comes to the art of music, everyone can be a winner, if only you know what to buy and the amount of time dedicated to make use of what has been bought.

To master the art of music as a student, especially in the marching band, means knowing what to buy and how to go about getting the best beginner flute. Thus, it becomes necessary to look carefully before buying your beginner flute.

2) Jean Paul USA FL-220 Student Flute

  • Exquisite Cupronickel Body
  • Power Forged Keys
  • Fine Response
  • Great Intonation

1) Mendini Fuschia Closed Hole C Flute

  • Offset G Key & Split E Key
  • Double Bladder Pads
  • Undercut Beveled Embouchure
  • Rubber Key Bumpers

3) Yamaha YFL-222 Student Flute

  • Footjoint Alignment Mark
  • Durable Neoprene Key Bumpers
  • Rich & Warm Tone

If you are looking for a recorder instead of a flute, here are some good suggestions for you. Children under 7 years old can start with recorder and continue their journey with the flute after they have mastered some basic skills.

2) KINGSO Soprano
8 Hole Recorder

  • Variety of Colors
  • German 8 Hole Fingering
  • Arched Windway
  • Improved Intonation

1) Yamaha YRS24B Soprano Recorder

Yamaha YRS24B Soprano Recorder
  • Durable & Safe
  • Classic & Pure Tone
  • Baroque System
  • Perfect for Beginner Students

3) Lyon 3PCRBRN-ABS Soprano Recorder

  • Full 2 Octave Range
  • Fine Resonance
  • Clear Cut Response
  • C# & D# Tone Holes

It is true that some flutes are more comfortable for beginners as compared to other flutes. There are, however, some things that you will need to search for in every flute you buy during the start if you want to get the best experience out of playing while practicing. A list of some of these things is given below.

  • For a beginner, flutes that consist of open holes are the best options. French-styled flutes, otherwise known as open-hole flutes give the player great control over how they play, however, they aren’t so easy to handle. If the beginner in question is a child, they will find it difficult to work with a French-styled flute.
  • However, the best flutes may be made of metal, it is recommended that a beginner uses one made out of plastic, as are almost all the flutes made for beginners. However, these may not have the same quality of sound as compared to that of a flute made of metal, plastic flutes are much easier to handle for beginners, which is why it is recommended that they start with one. Plastic holes are also very cheap, making them a great option for beginning with.
  • The quality of the keys of a flute plays a big role in how it sounds. Always check your flutes to see that they don’t leak air while playing as this will affect the sound it produces drastically. The keys also need to make materials that are harder and stronger. Although metal keys may seem as if they are strong, in the hands of inexperienced flutists, they will break.

Popular Flute Brands

Flutes have always been considered classy and traditional instruments, which is why many instrument brands make them a top priority in production. Flutes are also the oldest instruments, with flutes made of bird bones being found in caves around rural areas in Germany not so long ago. Below is a list of some of the best flute manufacturers, especially for beginners.


Lazarro is one of the newest brands when it comes to instruments; however, they have already become one of the more popular manufacturers for almost every instrument, mainly because their instruments are of great quality, at a great price. Lazarro may not be a brand considered by professionals, however, their amazing flute sets for only $100, and below is a brilliant option for beginners due to their great quality and easy handling.


Although not such a popular brand about 50 years ago due to being only recently founded, Trevor James has become one of the more famous brands for flutes. They have become more and more popular with the passage of time and are now regarded as one of the best brands in the flute business, however, they also manufacture good air violins as well as other air-based instruments. Due to their fame, their pieces are pricy, however, they are well worth it if your area serious about playing the flute.


Definitely one of the most famous brands for almost every instrument, people interested in playing any sort of instrument has heard about Yamaha. Yamaha is one of the best manufacturers of flutes and many other instruments and they still have some great sets that are cheap considering their quality. Founded in 1887, Yamaha is some of the most experienced makers of instruments, and this is evident in their sets. Yamaha make flutes for both beginners and professionals, making them a great brand to stick with from the start.

Helpful Tips for Beginner Flutists

  • Take some time and become familiar with your flute. Memorize the place where each hole is situated to that it is much easier for you to play. Memorize the sound each key produces so you don’t make mistakes often and most importantly, make sure you are more than comfortable with the way you handle your flute.
  • Keep your flute in great condition. It is necessary that you take good care of your flute as they will degrade in quality if you don’t clean it and maintain it properly. Always clean your flute thoroughly after each use and you’ll see that nothing bad will happen to it.
  • Don’t always try to learn yourself. Unlike guitars and violins that can be learned alone, a flute is more comfortably mastered with the help of another. If you have a friend that has played for a long enough time, ask them for help and to give you lessons occasionally so that you improve over time. If not, try watching someone play on YouTube, or hire a teacher if you want a more personal touch.


When buying a student beginner’s flute, many are tempted to go for cheaper ones, but this is not always the best method to get quality student flutes. A good quality beginner’s flute will have good projection, improved intonation, and solid after-effect playability. Such a flute will speak with more precise and commanding clarity across all levels.

If a student learner is handed a low-grade flute, the playing experience may become too tedious for them and this will result in them getting frustrated and they may eventually give up playing. As for students with small hands, look for models that have curved head joint and offset G key as a way of extending the student player’s reach. By minimizing the reach, the student flutist will find the flute easier to play and to enjoy.