How To Learn Piano Without Teacher

How To Learn Piano Without Teacher
How To Learn Piano Without Teacher

The piano is an instrument that needs absolutely no introduction at all. It is one of the most popular instruments around, and this has been the case for a couple of centuries now. Used mainly for the music of classical categories, the piano both seems and sounds beautiful at the same time.

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It is widely considered as one of the toughest instruments to gain full control over, but nothing is too difficult once you find the right way to approach it. While many might say that learning how to play the instrument with a teacher is the best approach of all, there are other great alternatives as well, which we’ll be discussing today.

How To Learn Piano Without Teacher

1. Online Piano Lessons

Studying online through lessons is widely considered to be one of the most efficient methods out there. This method provides learners with full guidance regarding everything important regarding a specific topic. If you’re looking to cover every important aspect of piano playing there is to learn, these online piano lessons can teach you in a great way. They offer a fun learning environment most of the time and usually make sure that they never feel too tired or pressuring.

This keeps users interested in learning more and more, making them intrigued and engaged in their instrument so that they wish to continue practicing their instrument at the end of each topic. Whenever you decide to start learning, you obviously wish to have the best possible help by your side to guide you. Some of the many great online piano lessons which can be considered one of the best out of all are the ones we’ve mentioned and discussed below.

Piano with Christie Peery

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One of the best websites on the internet that have great online piano lessons is ArtistWorks, a platform that we recommend all new learners to try out. Their courses are usually taught by some of the best and most experienced members of the musical community, and their piano courses are no different.

One of the many detailed online piano lessons on their site is taught by Christie Peery, who has always been an extremely talented player of the instrument.

Christie Peery has won lots of awards and even many international competitions ever since she was a child. Many years later, she’s become a well-known pianist that has been working with ArtistWorks to teach learners for well over a decade now. This experience of over a decade when it comes to preparing online piano lessons makes her course on ArtistWorks one of the best available.

She and the platform have teamed up to create a highly useful and easy-to-understand lesson that helps most players develop a strong base for becoming a great pianist in the future.

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Jazz Piano with George Whitty

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Another very popular name that you’ll be able to find on ArtistWorks is George Whitty, who also has an online piano lesson on the site. If you aren’t all that familiar with him, George Whitty is a highly acclaimed pro pianist that has won multiple Grammy awards and Emmy awards for his brilliant work with the instrument. His music is amazing, and this is a direct result of the instrument that he has with jazz piano.

There are lots of different techniques, categories, and methods of playing the piano, and jazz piano is one of these. It is obviously used in the jazz category of music, and it is a beautiful means of playing the instrument.

If you decide that this is the specific type of piano playing method that you wish to approach, we highly recommend this specific course on ArtistWorks with George Whitty. He is one of the best jazz pianists of our time, and his great experience is shared in detail in this informative online piano lesson on the platform.

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Popular Piano with Hugh Sung

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Yet another great name on the platform is Hugh Sung, who teaches learners about the popular piano in his highly detailed online piano lesson on ArtistWorks. Many people know popular piano by its shorter name, which is pop piano. The pop genre is another in which the piano has quite some applications, and it goes without saying that the instrument sounds beautiful in this specific category as well.

If learners decide that popular piano is the specific one that they wish to learn how to play, this course is a great way to learn it. The pop piano can be a little challenging to fully master, but Hugh Sung uses his experience with the technique to create an easy-to-work with online piano lessons. This helps learners get better at playing the piano in a more efficient manner that doesn’t put them off from learning due to its difficulty. It is yet another great course we recommend on the site.

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2. YouTube Tutorials

There are thousands upon thousands of popular channels on YouTube that are dedicated solely to teaching people how to play the different types of piano. These channels cover info on just about any piano playing technique and method, which makes YouTube tutorials a great method to try as the information shared on the platform can be highly helpful. What’s even better is that one should be able to find a video on the platform which matches their preferences.

You should even be able to find piano playing tutorials on YouTube which teach how to work with the specific type of piano that you own, including the exact model type and everything else. These videos are available free of any charge either, meaning you can just look them up and start learning whenever it pleases you without having to worry about any kind of payment.

Another good positive is that this specific method doesn’t have any time-related pressure either, as YouTube is available at any given time for you to visit and explore.

3. Piano Related Games

One thing which can really help new players out, which you’ve likely seen and have been recommended before, is piano-related games. There are hundreds of these available for mobile devices, computers, and other platforms which you could use to learn how to play the instrument. Video games can be both fun and educational at the same time, and this applies to all those related to instruments such as the piano.

Play any of these and they’ll teach you things such as the basics of the piano, how to play specific songs, how to get familiar with the instrument, and eventually become a decent pianist.

After trying any of these, try using an actual piano and you’ll be able to see exactly just how effective they can be. You’ll also be able to see why they’re widely regarded as a popular option that’s recommended by many interested in learning new instruments like the piano.

4. Sheet Music & Piano Book

Another good means of learning how to play the piano is to use sheet music and piano books to your advantage. Once you’ve developed a decent enough understanding of exactly how your piano works and exactly what you need to do in order to play specific notes, this is a highly recommended method. Sheet music not only helps you learn how to play specific songs using the instrument but also develops a further understanding of how said instrument works.

In this case, the trickiest part for a majority of people is learning how to get familiar enough with the piano to use sheet music with it. For this, we recommend that you either check out some guides online or learn the basics through any of the previously listed methods on this list instead! Either way, once you’ve gotten the hang of it, this is another great way of learning how to play the piano without a teacher.

The Bottom Line

The piano is inarguably one of the most beautiful sounding instruments out there. Its beautiful sound has earned it its great popularity and wide applications in the world of music.

While it is certainly difficult to develop enough skill in order to produce said beautiful sound with the instrument, it’s nothing that can’t be achieved with the help of the great methods we’ve listed above. Give any of them a shot and we’re sure you’ll be a good pianist in no time if you put in some effort!

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