Art and Lutherie vs Seagull Guitars: Better Option?

Art and Lutherie vs Seagull
Art and Lutherie vs Seagull

Have you ever wondered how there are so many brands of guitars and yet only a few of them can stay on the top?

The reason is that creating a big name in the market and then maintaining it is not everybody’s cup of tea. There are certain reasons behind the top positions of great guitar brands.

If you are in search of an electric or acoustic guitar, you better start looking for the big companies first because renowned players test their products in the music industry. You cannot question their quality.

Buying a guitar

The choice of a guitar is not an easy decision, and you need to do thorough research. People who need acoustic guitars should consider the options of Art, Lutherie, and Seagull.

Although it’s quite rare to get a hold of the handcrafted acoustic guitars, Art and Lutherie, and Seagull are handcrafted.

If you have to choose between the two of these guitars, you need to be very clear on their features and the factors that set them apart. The comparison between them is a subject that we will discuss later on.

First, let’s read about their characteristics and specs.

Art and Lutherie vs Seagull Guitars

Brief Overview

Features Art and Lutherie Seagull
Suitable For Beginners Beginners and pros
Range Less More
Price Relatively expensive Cheap
Size Small Medium
Environment-friendly brand No Yes

Art and Lutherie

Art and Lutherie have set its name as a brand that manufactures affordable, hand-built, and soulful guitars. No matter if you are a working artist, songwriter, or popular singer, everyone can benefit the most from these guitars.

Art and Lutherie

Music Genre

Art and Lutherie almost cover every music genre, including country, folk, rock and roll, rhythm, blues, the legacy, the Roadhouse, and the Americana. The reflection of heritage in these guitars is pretty inspiring.


The top of the soundboard is made of Cedar. The Cedar top is what gives rise to the warm tones. However, if you are in need of bright tones, you cannot opt for Art and Lutherie.

When you look at the back and the sides, they are laminate wild cherry. This buildup is useful for situations where you want to produce a sound somewhere between bright and warm.

The building material of the bridge is Rosewood. Everyone is aware of the role of Rosewood as a bridge. It is totally reliable and functional.

Art and Lutherie Construction

It guarantees you maximum performance by effectively carrying out the transfer of the vibration of the strings to the soundboard.

As far as the nut and saddle are concerned, they are made from TUSQ material. This material is designed in a manner that is like the bone, but unlike the bone, it lacks potential inconsistencies.

The Action

The action of the Art and Lutherie might be too high for some people. This can create a hindrance to the smoothness and playability of the guitar. However, you can lower the action as per your choice.

Access To The Upper Frets

Some people might face difficulty while playing past the 12th fret. The reason is that the 12th fret is the place where the body and the neck are joined with each other.

It can be quite frustrating if you tend to play up there. However, modern-day guitars have necks that join the body at the 14th fret.

The Size

The size of the Art and Lutherie guitar is small, but it is still pretty fun to play. The suitability of this guitar differs for everyone. It can be awesome for smaller-sized people, obviously.

Art and Lutherie Guitar

However, large people may feel awkward while playing Art and Lutherie.


Rosewood material is used for the construction of the fretboard. It gives a nice touch to fingers.

Nut Width

Having a nut width 1.72 can be narrow for some people. However, anyone with smaller hands can get the most out of this width.

Owing to the small size and affordable price, beginners should grab Art and Lutherie as fast as they can. It is quite an instrument. If your kids need a guitar for learning purposes, you can buy them this one.


You can get your hands on Art and Lutherie at the cost of less than $400. A guitar that is affordable is bound to have some drawbacks which you can compromise on. Regardless, it is a great guitar to play.

Seagull Guitars

Seagull is considered one the most famous and sought-after brands in the musical industry, and why shouldn’t it. It has natural wood makeup that can last decades if taken proper care of. Its sound quality is also pretty impressive.

Renowned musicians from every corner of the world prefer the use of Seagull guitars. Whether it’s packing or the final finish, users are bound to be satisfied with everything associated with Seagull guitars.

Seagull Guitar

The sound produced by these guitars is quite great in quality.

There is a wide range of guitars offered by Seagull. They can either be acoustic or electric. There is also a difference in the price of every guitar.

However, it is guaranteed that Seagull can find you a guitar that sounds perfect and operates exceptionally well, that too at an incredibly low price.

Historical Overview

The first Seagull guitar was manufactured by Robert Godin in 1982 in Quebec. The basic purpose behind the manufacturing of this guitar was to make a guitar for the common people that is handcrafted and features all the important components.

Every working musician can get their hands on a guitar this great.

Country Of Production

From the very first day, Canada has been making Seagull guitars. There is a LaPatrie village that resources natural wood, and that’s what is used for the production of these guitars.

Research shows that half of the population of LaPatrie village is somewhat associated with the production of Seagull guitar. No wonder there are the best guitars on the market today, thanks to the effort and passion of these talented villagers.


Another reason behind the fame and name of the Seagull company is their environmental-friendly measures taken while producing Seagull guitars.

They are trying their best to avoid any potential damage to the environment by using reclaimed wood and making use of hydroelectricity-powered facilities. There is strict control on the models of replanting to avoid deforestation.

Comfort And Playability

Seagull guitars are so easy to play that even beginners without any previous training can play them pretty well. If you have to learn the chords, you will not encounter any issues. 

The holding of the Seagull guitar comes without any discomfort or challenge. The high quality of materials used in the construction of Seagull guitars has satisfied the users to the very extent.

Seagull Guitar Playability


The tonewoods used for making Seagull guitars come from the Canadian forests. The use of natural wood promotes the production of a soothing tone.

As innovative as the design of the guitar is, the manufacturers also keep bringing advancements to the table.

This is how the playability and the sound of the instrument are kept updated and improved. Nothing can beat the features of this brand.


Lovers of warm tones can totally rely on Art and Lutherie. It is an ideal option, especially if you want to play folk and acoustic blues.

On the other hand, both beginners and pros can use the Seagull guitar. Their good quality and durability pave the path for their incredible success all across the globe.

4 thoughts on “Art and Lutherie vs Seagull Guitars: Better Option?”

  1. Own both a Seagull S6 and a A&L Legacy, the S6 is your pure dread but with a more focused sound, but definitly sound “american”, while the Legacy is a more all around model and sound more “europeen”.
    Constructionwhise, they are sister, very similar as both are godin brand, so this would not be a major factor to think about. And it is really cool to have guitars who is not american nor asian. For europeen made, check out the Dowina, they are grand too (I used to own one, still regret selling it).

  2. I have recently obtained a legacy bourbon burst from Art and Lutherie. I was stunned by its tone its feel and its looks. This has now become my main gigging guitar. It’s hard to explain why I find it so wonderful, it just has to be played to understand.

  3. I owned an Art & Lutherie parlor guitar, the ‘Ami model’ for about a decade, I used it for recording, composing and just playing, and it was an absolutely beautiful guitar. Look, sound and feel were just sublime. It had a warm woodsy tone and lovely balance. Never had a Seagle, but they have a great reputation.

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