23 Best Flamenco Guitar Reviews 2021 – Best Flamenco Guitar Brands

Best Flamenco Guitar

Best Flamenco Guitar

Looking for the best flamenco acoustic or acoustic-electric guitar can be a daunting task due to the numerous brands and different style available in the market. If you are having trouble navigating the online market place looking for the best flamenco guitar, then look no further. We have made your search simple by breaking down our favourite selection into detailed descriptions that fit their uniqueness and elaborate on their qualities.

However, there are cardinal rules to take note of when buying your first guitar. For instance, you have to consider if you will be playing for a long time or for a short time, meaning you will have to upgrade in the near future. This will also determine how much you will be spending as a budget on any guitar you are going to buy.

If you are going to be playing for a long time, say for some years, you will need to spend more on a guitar that is made of top quality, most of which are very costly. But if you are just going to be practicing, you don’t need to spend much on a guitar; a low cost model not exceeding $500 mark will suffice.

2) Cordoba GK Pro Negra Acoustic

  • Solid Indian Rosewood Back & Sides
  • Signature Gipsy Kinds Flamenco Model
  • Fishman Prefix ProBlend Electronics

1) Yamaha CG172SF Flamenco Guitar

  • Solid European Spruce Top
  • Cypress Back & Sides
  • Nato Neck
  • Flamenco Scratch Plates
  • Produce Quality Sound

3) Kremona Rosa Morena Flamenco Guitar

  • Kremona Arete Medium-High Strings
  • Hard Inlaid Wooden Binding & Rosette
  • Honduras Cedar Neck

Furthermore, when buying your first guitar, always consider the following:

1. The Body style — which refers to the overall body design of the guitar you are buying. There are three main body types of flamenco guitars which are a hollow body, a semi-hollow body and a solid body style guitar. Whichever you will feel comfortable with, go for that.

2. The Shape — all guitar comes in different shapes, including telecaster shape, single-cutaway shape or double cutaway shape. Check out the shape style that best suit your needs.

3. Wood and neck — most guitars overall body design are made of wood—rosewood or mahogany—including the neck. Some also features cedar designs with maple or ebony fretboard. Whatever you desire, always consider the material used in designing the body and neck of the guitar, as it has the potential to affect playability.

23 Best Flamenco Guitars And The Best Flamenco Guitar Brands

Below are some of the best flamenco acoustic and acoustic-electric guitars in the market.

1) Yamaha CG172SF Flamenco Guitar

If you have been playing a bunch of nylon string classical guitars without ever touching flamenco from Yamaha, you would know you have been missing something by the time you get to play one. This Yamaha is just as good as the models selling for about a thousand Dollars, but is mostly suitable for beginners and intermediates.

The Yamaha CG172SF Nylon String Flamenco Guitar is beautiful and keenly made. The strings are up to proper pitch and the workmanship is excellent, devoid of any form of sloppiness. While the bass has complete authority, the tenor strings are clear, generating crisp sounding. The Nato neck is shaped in a way that players with smallish hands can find it convenient to maneuver, so that once you are on it, it’s truly difficult to put it down—a very comfortable instrument to play.

Featuring a solid European spruce top, with Cypress back and sides; the CG172SF is a light guitar, made of traditional flamenco materials. The action, though good, could be a bit lower, but this can easily be fixed. The straight neck and frets are well done, and as far as playability and sound quality is concern; the Yamaha CG172SF is an awesome Guitar to add to a collection.

2) Cordoba GK Pro Negra Acoustic Guitar

The Cordoba GK Pro Signature is a version similar in kind to the Cordoba Gk Studio Acoustic-Electric Guitar which is also built build for the stage. As the name implies, the GK Pro Signature is a lightweight, thin body, flamenco guitar that comes with high quality.

All of those accessories make the playing experience much more comfort for the player. At the neck region, the guitar is design using mahogany and features a remarkable ebony tailored fingerboard design. Known for its trademark solid spruce design, coupled with a stunning back and sides rosewood; the GK Pro Signature with Accessories is a beautiful wood combination alongside the thin body design makes it the excellent choice for most classical guitarists. The sounds are unbelievable and the nylon strings are highly responsive.

The Cordoba GK Pro Signature, like its sister versions, has a lot of clean chording capability, but it’s also narrower compare a traditional flamenco guitar. The Pro-blend onboard Fishman Prefix electronic component which constitutes the 3-band EQ, when incorporated with an amplifier; produce an amazing level of intonation.

3) Kremona Rosa Morena Flamenco Guitar

Flamenco guitars have an exquisite flair, which is why many guitar players prefer them. And we can say that even though such guitars resemble the classical ones, they have the ability to impress your audience with unique and mellow tones.

Take as an example this flamenco guitar sold by Kremona. It was handmade from qualitative Indian rosewood, but at the same time, it features European spruce. As a result, this flamenco guitar can produce rich, warm, and dynamic tones according to your needs.

Other features of this product include a sturdy top, an ultra-thin gloss finish, a Honduras cedar neck, an Indian rosewood fingerboard, and an interesting saddle wood binding. We do love the original bone nut and saddle since it offers this guitar an interesting flair.

Further, it was created by hand by the best European craftsmen. This flamenco guitar is shipped with a padded carrying case for reliable protection during transportation or storing.

4) Cordoba 55FCE Acoustic-Electric Flamenco Guitar

Cordoba returns with the 55FCE Acoustic-Electric Guitar build for the stage. The Cordoba 55FCE is a thin body guitar design to provide comfort for the player, making it possible for them to jam out in an upright position (among other positions). The guitar is suitable for all three styles of sound control and retention, making the Cordoba 55FCA a rather handy guitar.

Standing as an ultimate cross-over nylon string guitar, the 55FCA is remarkable for its solid spruce to design paired with a stunning back and sides flamed maple.The guitar features a beautiful wood combination alongside the thin body designmakes it the excellent choice for exploring nuances inherent in sounds that can only be captured using nylon strings. The Spanish ceder neck has a two-way built-in truss rod that makes the beck just perfect.

The Cordoba 55FCE is wide enough to accommodate clean chording but it’s also narrower compare a traditional flamencoor classical guitar. The electronics components between the EQ, piezo pick-up and the onboard mic are just amazing, with their variety of settings that fit different style. The ability of the player to blend between piezo and mic enable him to nail the tone that’s needed.

5) Cordoba Solista Flamenco Acoustic Guitar

Cordoba continues to roll out solid versions of its high quality guitar built, and the Solista is just another great model from this popular brand. The Cordoba Solista features a Cypress back and sides mated with a durable and solid European spruce top under superb craftsmanship.

The Solista is lightweight and is a guitar that is handmade in Spain, designed by the same people that are responsible for the building instruments for the world most popular Gipsy Kings.

The Solista tie post, top and back composes of multiple bindings and ebony neck-fingerboard reinforcement. The shallow and flat fingerboard area of the Solista provides a low and thoughtful action, possessing the bright, snappy and acoustic tone characteristics of that defines the best flamenco guitars. The sound quality of the Solista is good and is ideal for professional players.

The bridge and binding of the Cordoba Solista made of Indian rosewood. And the low action and lightweight capability ensure easy and comfortable playability for the intermediate and professional player. The Cordoba Solista as a nylon string guitar is a quality guitar overall, and it comes with a humid case protect for easy carriage.

6) Cordoba F10 Acoustic Flamenco Guitar

Have you been given the opportunity to play a guitar? Play no other but the Cordoba F10—a model from the Iberia series of Cordoba’s acoustic guitars. The Guitar is a nylon stringed type having classic body shape including a non-cutaway construction. The back and side physical features consist of Solid European Cypress and Spruce with top panel, which is bound in Indian rosewood and perfectly finished in gloss.

The Spruce/Cypress combo is a normal standard for guitars with wooden bodies. The F10 has a sound hole that’s equipped with an excellent classical rosette. The guitar is strictly made for acoustic play and so does not feature any electronic component. The F10 neck design is made of mahogany fitted with a dovetail joint.

The Cordoba F10 has a good separation between notes, and the upper registers are very clear like chimes. That is, there is muddiness when played. The sound quality is great, sounding more delicate and shiny and is one of the most comfortable guitar you can play. The attention to detail is classic as evidence by the mitre joints of the purling. This is a beautiful instrument to play.

7) Kremona Rose Negra Flamenco Guitar

Kremona impresses with the extensive catalog of flamenco guitars. And we do encourage you to try this Rosa Negra series, as it will definitely impress you with its craftsmanship. This guitar was created from Madagascar rosewood and fine European wood. And as a result, it can offer impressive Spanish tones and vibes with little to no effort.

It is an asset for any performer no matter the level of experience. And this happens due to the qualitative and non-toxic wood that enables you to perform without worries.

Other features of this Flamenco guitar include an impressive sonic pallet to enable quick action and response. In our opinion, this resembles quite well the experience you might have when performing on a premium Flamenco guitar. Thus, if you are looking forward to purchasing a reliable and qualitative Flamenco guitar at an affordable price, this product is the go-to solution for you.

Moreover, there are plenty of features that recommend it, including a solid back and sides, an ultra-smooth gloss finish, a Honduras cedar neck, and an ebony fingerboard. This product was handcrafted in Europe, Bulgaria, by Kremona, a guitar brand that’s been in the business since 1924. So, this speaks a lot about their experience and professionalism in crafting the best instruments!

8) Prudencio Saez PS-22-S Flamenco Guitar

Well, those that want to use an original Flamenco guitar will find this product an impressive selection. Prudencio Saez is an important Spanish distributor of Spanish handcrafted instruments and has been on the market since 1963.

Having its headquarters in Valencia, Spain, they get their inspiration for their guitars from the local traditions. As a result, this Flamenco guitar follows the authentic lines of this instrument thoroughly, offering you access to a professionally handcrafted instrument according to old traditions.

The Flamenco guitar is original, and it was created solely to suit the needs and expectations for a Spanish performance. It can produce outstanding and explosive attack notes, which are characteristic of the Flamenco genre.

Moreover, it was created from sturdy wood, which can allow prolonged performance without any damage to the instrument. The back and sides feature cypress wood, while the neck was created from the sophisticated Spanish cedar.

As a result, you will be able to produce unique sounds that will astound your audience. A useful feature of this guitar is the African ebony fingerboard, which is exceptionally comfortable to perform upon.

9) Cordoba GK Studio Negra Acoustic-Electric Flamenco Guitar 

This is another breathtaking design from Cordoba featuring a classical body style and design that offers the player an unblemished playing and practical experience. Designed as a classical instrument, the Cordoba GK Studio Negra is deemed as the ultimate crossover acoustic nylon-string guitar perfect for any style of guitarist.

The GK Studio Negra is known as a great playing instrument, and it has a thin body design, with deep cutaway. It appears a bit narrower in the neck region which is made of European spruce wood and is shaped in a cutaway-electric style.

The width of the neck gives the guitar a comfortable and stable feel at home, in the studio, or on the stage. Besides, the Piezo guitar pickup configuration also generates the electric signals from the pressure of the strings.

What really makes the Cordoba GK Studio Negra the perfect guitar for improvisation is the Fishman Presys blend preamp made it a gigging instrument that generates an amplified sound.

The Cordoba GK Studio Negra comes with 6 Savarez strings that produce extremely responsive, quality, and beautiful sound that you will love. The rosewood fretboard has a fast transitioning rate and also a hardtail bridge system to support the anchor point for the end of the strings.

10) Angel Lopez CF1246CFI-S Acoustic-Electric Flamenco Guitar

Angel Lopez is known due to the interesting approach they have to acoustic guitars. But what we like most from their catalog is this acoustic and electric flamenco guitar. It is one of a kind instrument that has a lot of focus on professionalism and sound quality.

This flamenco guitar follows the traditional lines for this instrument, being created from qualitative and durable materials. It features a solid spruce top, a cypress back and side, along with a mahogany neck and rosewood fingerboard. This flamenco guitar has a key unique element. It includes a gold-plated tortoiseshell for knobs.

Also, we do like that this guitar comes with a Fishman transducer and a Fishman POSY 401 equalizer. This enables you to control better the volume, bass, or treble for the best sound experience. The included chromatic tuner will surely allow you to perform the best notes created exclusively for a flamenco guitar. The design for this Angel Lopes guitar consists of a natural satiny finish, yet all the materials used for this product are toxic-free and safe to use by anyone.

11) Kremona Flamenco Series Rosa Blanca Guitar

Kremona aims to satisfy the needs of any guitar performer. And we believe that this Flamenco guitar from the Rosa Blanca series is more than a must-have. It was created with the requirements of a performer in mind, which is why it is highly responsive and lightweight.

It was created by hand from qualitative cypress and spruce, and it has the ability to allow you to produce the authentic Flamenco experience. And even though it might not appear to be similar to the authentic Flamenco guitar, you should know that you will receive a top-notch Flamenco guitar at an affordable price.

Besides that, you will benefit from similar features, such as a sturdy back and side, an exquisite gloss finish, an ebony fingerboard, a rosewood bridge, and an interesting bone nut. All these characteristics allow you to explore the interesting world of guitars, with a lot of focus on Spanish techniques.

Also, the materials used for this product are non-toxic, being safe to use for extended periods. All Kremona products are created in Europe, as this distributor has a vast experience with musical instruments, being a landmark in the niche since 1924.

12) Prudencio Saez PS-15-S Flamenco Guitar

Prudencio Saez has vast experience and knowledge in crafting authentic Flamenco guitars. Having its headquarters in Valencia, Spain, this distributor has been in the business since 1963. And we can easily see that their craftsmanship and attention to detail make this Flamenco guitar one of the best.

The PS-15-S Flamenco Guitar was created from the reliable spruce top with an appealing Torres style bracing. This leads to a powerful and warm tone, specific to Spanish compositions. Also, the back and sides were created from top-notch cypress, which enables a rich bass and impressive percussive treble. The neck was constructed from traditional Spanish cedar, and it supports the remarkable performance.

As such, this instrument is extremely user-friendly and comfortable to use. We believe this Flamenco guitar is suitable for both intermediate and experienced performers, but it can be a good match for beginners, too.

The fingerboard and bridge were carefully handcrafted from Indian rosewood, and this enables you to smoothly perform a wide array of songs, including authentic Spanish lullaby.

Hence, if you are looking forward to starting your new journey in Spanish Flamenco guitars, this instrument might be a great start for you. It is a cost-effective choice that can withstand prolonged playing without any decrease in quality.

13) Cordoba GK Studio Negra Acoustic Electric Flamenco Guitar

The GK Studio is classified as a high quality gigging instrument designed with a solid European spruce top, together with a back and side Indian rosewood. The GK Studio is a nylon string guitar that comes with a soft and cutaway and Fishman Presys Blend pickup. The guitar is designed for the stage and the construction includes a thin neck, body depth, with a nut width much more than a traditional guitar.

The neck region is designed in such a way that it provides very little or no relief, thereby providing low action for ease of play and comfort. For all flamenco lovers, this model offers a solid and deep bass, with more robust tone that runs contrary to the snappy and bright sound of other flamenco guitars. For those guitarists looking to add an extra tone to the repertoire can trust the GK Studio Negra to do the job.

With its classic tone-wood combination and comfortable shape, this Cordoba model is the right choice for a perfect exploration of the nuances in sound that can only be captured using nylon strings. The GK Studio also has a two-way truss rod incorporated into the neck. The guitar also features a rosewood fingerboard, a bridge, and a high gloss finish. It also comes with a deluxe gig bag.

14) Cordoba F7 Acoustic Flamenco Guitar

This is one of the high quality flamenco nylon spring guitar from Cordoba. You don’t have to be a flamenco guitarist to recognize a quality when you play some basic golpes and rasqueados on the Cordoba F7 Acoustic Nylon String Flamenco Guitar. The sound is perfectly Iberian, even as the Guitar’s cedar soundboard and rosewood back and sides, gives it a warm, excellent sound that offer itself to the classical repertoire.

The Cordoba F7 is a tribute to Pac de Lucia, not a as a signature model. It is designed to resemble some of the instrument the flamenco legend played during his lifetime before passing on to glory, in February 2014, at the age of 66. As typical with most flamenco guitars, the top of the F7 is a solid European spruce that is very light compared to the ones seen classical instruments. The fan racing that act as reinforcement allows it to vibrate more freely for responsiveness and tonal balance.

Also, the F7 body is a bit thinner, with a lower bout of 3.5 inches, compared to the 3.7 inches found on a typical classical model. The mahogany neck of the F7 has a two-adjustable trust rod that allows easy adjustment when needed. The grains found in the Canadian spruce top are very tight and clear, completely free from defects.

In terms of playability, the F7 is extremely comfortable, with its traditional C-shaped neck, producing lively and fast response across all registers with good note separation. That’s what qualifies it as a student flamenco guitar.

15) Cordoba 45FP Traditional Flamenco Guitar

This Cordoba guitar is a flamenco classical guitar that has a lot of features with the rest of Cordoba series of classical guitars. This guitar is very light and is primarily designed for the guitarist looking to develop that authentic sound known to flamenco guitars, or the very percussive and bright tone popular with a Spanish nylon flamenco guitar.

The neck of the Cordoba 45FP is designed in a flattened angle which is also lightweight in construction. The guitar also designed with a string action that rotates up and down to enable quick runs and a snappy responsive tone. This Spanish handmade guitar has a traditional ebony friction peg that also includes the Humicase protégé for carrying the guitar.

Additionally, there is a spruce, top and quarter sawn sycamore that comes with the Cordoba 45FP. The lacquer finish that enhances the gloss and protection sums up the Cordoba 45FP as a classical instrument. Apart from the cutaway electric option, the Cordoba flamenco features an authentic Spanish craftsmanship, an act that was founded way back in 1997, building on a tradition of expertise in nylon string acoustic guitar.

16) Francisco Navarro Flamenco Guitar

Francisco Navarro is not much of a reputable Flamenco Guitar, but it’s one that has some good features as a professional, intermediate and student guitar.

The Francisco is a handsome and tastefully built guitar featuring a solid spruce top that is clear and devoid of any irregularity. The cypress back and sides are mated to the spruce top, while the cocobolo fretboard are cleanly seated and polished, including the bone nuts that is slotted with precision.

The Franciscobridge measures 650 millimetre with each of the nut width scaling 52 millimetre. It has a great degree of responsiveness when touching the strings and the bass is great. The trebles are nice and bright too and the overall built quality is fantastic. The finish is clean with no blemish of any sort, though some users have complain of the action being a bit too high; but this can be normaliszed by trimming down on the saddle.

The Francisco comes with a volume range that is perfect for practicing, and especially when jamming along with others, though it may not have the ultimate in cutting power. The student player has the ability to shape the tone with technical modifications. Compared to some other flamenco guitars, this is a superior product.

17) Manuel Rodriquez C3FLAM Flamenco Acoustic Guitar

The Manuel Rodriquez C3FLAM is a beautiful and high quality design when compared to the price. But, unlike most flamenco guitar, the C3FLAM appears to be a bit bulky and some persons might find it uncomfortable to play. And for those who have small hands, this might not be the ideal guitar, so when planning to shop for this acoustic guitar, this point should be taken into consideration.

However, the C3FLAM has all the features of a typical flamenco acoustic guitar, with the exception being the bulkiness. The concert body type depth of the guitar is dominated with wooden material, with the neck well straightened and the frets properly set in order.

The solid German spruce fits perfectly with the laminated sycamore bracing pattern, and the gloss orientation sums up the gloss body finish. Manuel Rodriquez C3FLAM also features a right handed head nut made of mahogany wood joint measuring 2.04 inches in width.

In terms of sound quality, the C3FLAM strings spread across the Spanish heel fingerboard made of Indian rosewood gives low action and excellent tone, especially when jamming together with others. The frets are 19 in numbers and the length of the rosewood scale measures 25.6 inches.

18) Angel Lopez CF1246 S Flamenco Guitar

If you are looking for an alternative flamenco guitar that is cheap but possessing good quality; the Angel Lopez CF246 S Flamenco Guitar should serve that purpose.

The Angel Lopez CF1246 S is a flamenco guitar similar to other models that features a natural high gloss finish and a solid wood top. While the top is made of solid spruce, the back, body and sides are constructed from high quality cypress wood, even as the neck is made of mahogany.

Headstock veneer and the bridge of the Angel Lopez are both made of rosewood while the sound hole is carefully crafted from wood inlay. The body binding and backstrip is great, being designed marple/rosewood. The machine head composes of tortoise shell-button and classic gold plated design, with a natural highgloss finish.

In terms of playability, the Angel Lopez sounds very decent and is comfortable to play, especially for the price and brand. The intonation is pretty good and is a nice sound for a good flamenco set up Scaling 660 millimeter might put off some players, but with the right practise, one can get use to it.

19) Alhambra 3F US Flamenco Acoustic Electric- Guitar

For those looking for an elegant and eye-catching design, the Alhambra 3F US is the leader of the pack. The guitar comes with extremely beautiful and thinline cut-away finish with an affordable Fishman electronic design. The built-in Fishman classy system in the 3F US is primarily dedicated for nylon string guitars combine effectively to make this guitar a great deal.

Starting with an excellent German spruce top, the 3F US is a design that incorporates the steel-string guitar player in mind during the manufacturing stage. The guitar itself has a neck that is slightly narrower than in width compare to the normal standard associated with classical models.

Acoustically speaking, the Alhambra 3F US generates very rich and heart-warming, bright and snappy sound when played. When connected to a good quality acoustic amplifier, the Alhambra 3F US. With its Fishman Pre-amp, gives a solid and unique sound that is hard to believe is coming from such a cheap priced acoustic-electro guitar. The guitar is accompanied with a gig bag.

20) Cordoba GK Studio Left-Handed Flamenco guitar

If you are left-handed, you might find it challenging to discover a Flamenco guitar suited for your needs. But Cordoba Guitars takes into account all its customers, which is why it distributes guitars crafted for both right and left-handed people. Hence, if you want to discover and perform on a trustworthy and professionally designed left-handed Flamenco guitar, this is the best choice for you.

It was designed from qualitative and exquisite European wood, featuring a cypress back and sides. It is a nylon string guitar, coming with an interesting Fishman Presys Blend pickup. This Flamenco guitar can provide an authentic experience when it comes to performing Spanish songs, but at the same time, it can turn out to be your ally with any type of genre.

An interesting thing about this instrument is that it comes with a noticeable thinner body depth, neck, and nut width when compared with the authentic Spanish guitar. But before you catalog this as a downside, you should know that this particularity is the one that will allow you to experiment and improvise.

Overall, this Flamenco guitar produces an interesting snappy tone that adds a lot of personality to any live performance.

21) LAVIDA BFG1 Acoustic Flamenco Guitar 39"

LAVIDA is making a comeback with the relatively new BGF1 Acoustic Nylon String Flamenco Guitar, not much of a renowned choice in the guitar world. Nevertheless, the LAVIDA BGF1 is also similar to other flamenco guitars in terms of features and quality.

The BFG1 boast of a laminated spruce as the top material design accompanied by other notable features found in flamenco guitars. The LAVIDA BFG1 is Spanish Flamenco whose body built features a top quality laminated spruce material. The back and side design is made of agathis, while the fingerboard design incorporate rosewood as the sole material. The neck region is made of mahogany and the design is easy for players with small hands to play.

At the uppermost region of the BFG1, the machine head features a quality gold design finished off with a gloss and a double action truss rod that makes the playing experience even better.The entire work is elegant, beautifully made with solid wood and exceptional craftsmanship. The bone-made nut and saddle promotes excellent action even as the sound that is generated from the savarez-made 6 strings produces top quality tone and playability.

The binding and bridge that are made of rosewood show that the overall design of the guitar is excellent. Every part of the decor and finishing is flawless. The LAVIDA measures 650 mm in scales and it is a classic acoustic guitar to play.

22) LAVIDA L30 Acoustic Flamenco Guitar 39’’

LAVIDA isn’t much of a popular product in the guitar world but it is one piece of exquisite design that comes with some notable features like every other acoustic guitar in the market. The LAVIDA is Spanish Flamenco whose body built features a top quality laminated spruce material.

The back and side design is made of rosewood, including the fingerboard which is also made of rosewood. The neck region is made of mahogany wood while the veneer is also made of rosewood material.

The machine head of the LAVIDA features an antique brass design with a gloss finish. The inside work is pristine, beautifully made with solid wood and exceptional craftsmanship. The bone-made nut and addle elicit perfect action even as the sound that emanate from the savarez-made 6 strings offers top quality tone and loudness.

The bridge and binding that are made of rosewood indicate that this guitar is complete in solid wood design. Every inch of the wood and paint is flawless. The LAVIDA measures 433 inches in height, 661 inches in weight and 1102 in Width. It is a classic acoustic guitar to play.

23) LAVIDA BFG2R Red Flamenco Guitar

Coming from the BGF1 version, LAVIDA is rolling out the BFG2R Nylon Acoustic String Flamenco Guitar, which is also a relatively new product in the guitar world. However, the LAVIDA BFG2, like its sister version, is not that different from other flamenco guitars in terms of features and quality.

The BFG2R is similar to the BFG1 in all aspects, except that it features a laminated red spruce as the material used in designing the top of the instrument. Other notable features common with flamenco guitars includes a back and side design consisting of rosewood material, and the fingerboard design that is also made of rosewood as the sole material. The neck region is made of mahogany and the design is easy for players with small hands to play.

Looking at it from the upper region, the LAVADIA BFG2R features a machine head that is made of high quality antique brass design, finished off with a gloss and a double action truss rod that increases the tempo and playing experience. The entire work is excellent, beautifully made with solid wood and exceptional craftsmanship devoid of any defect. The bone-made nut and saddle promotes excellent action even as the sound that is generated from the savarez-made 6 strings produces top quality tone and playability.

The LAVADIA BFG2R binding is PVC made and the material used in making guitar’s bridge is rosewood, all of which indicate that the overall design is excellent. The flawless finishing and the overall decor is unique. The LAVIDA BFG2R measures 650 in scales and stands as one of the most intuitive classic guitar to practise on.

Choosing The Best Flamenco Guitars From The Best Flamenco Guitar Brands

Who doesn’t like melodies cramming into their ears while they have a little me-time? It’s safe to say that everyone dreams of that. On the contrary, some people love to make such melodies, and flamenco guitar is one of the best ways to do that. We all have eyed the guys with guitars in the high school days, but who knew that playing those guitars is a real art!

While we are at the subject, let’s talk about flamenco guitar, which aligns with the classical guitar niche topped with minimal bracing and thin tops. If you are the artistic one, you would know about flamenco dance, and this guitar is a unique instrument to create the melodies to move the body on.

Back in the days when Luthiers were all the rage, they made different types of guitar originating from Spain. In this article, we cover every aspect of flamenco guitars, so get that guitar-eye rolling!

2) Cordoba GK Pro Negra Acoustic

  • Solid Indian Rosewood Back & Sides
  • Signature Gipsy Kinds Flamenco Model
  • Fishman Prefix ProBlend Electronics

1) Yamaha CG172SF Flamenco Guitar

  • Solid European Spruce Top
  • Cypress Back & Sides
  • Nato Neck
  • Flamenco Scratch Plates
  • Produce Quality Sound

3) Kremona Rosa Morena Flamenco Guitar

  • Kremona Arete Medium-High Strings
  • Hard Inlaid Wooden Binding & Rosette
  • Honduras Cedar Neck

Flattering Facts About Flamenco Guitar

This section is all about fun and facts about flamenco guitar. We have dived into the world of music to find out these facts that will take you by surprise!

  • Antonio de Torres didn’t consider flamenco guitars any different from the classical guitars. However, Andres Segovia is the revolutionary line where guitars were distinguished
  • When it comes to what flamenco guitar makes, the flamenco music has a mixed origin with the influence of gypsies, Islamic, Arabic, and Sephardic
  • Despite being originated from Spain, the roots branch out to Jews, Cuba, and Moors as it affected the instrument and the rhythms produced by it
  • Flamenco music was all about handclapping and singing until Cante came up which makes the tunes deep, passionate, and emotional
  • Flamenco guitar came later in the game because flamenco music was created by finger-snapping, handclapping, and heel-clicking before the 19th century
  • The word flamenco is derived from “fella min gueir ard,” which is an Andalusian expression meaning the landless peasant
  • UNESCO has declared flamenco the masterpiece of Oral and Intangible Heritage of Humanity in 2010

What To Consider When Buying A Flamenco Guitar

No matter what the tech geeks say, it would be best if you were comfortable with the guitar you play. Forget about the brand name and origin, think about your comfort because that’s what will empower you to create the tunes like no one else. If we look at history, there are multiple legends of the industry, and each of them has chosen the guitar based on their personal preference regarding sound and style.

The famous sounds of flamenco guitar include Vicente Amigo, Paco de Lucia, Tomatito, Manolo Sanlucar, and each of them is famous for their guitar sounds. These sounds cannot be made from the simple string shucking because many other factors contribute. In this section, we help you work on important aspects of the flamenco guitar, which is apt to make the right buying decision!

  • Wood - You might think this doesn’t matter, but the origin of sound depends on the wood type and construction of the guitar. There are many options with edgy designs signaling the utilization of top-notch wood. Still, in reality, they might be uncomfortable and not make the right sounds. For the construction of flamenco guitars, the following wood pieces are used;
  • Ribs are made of fruit trees, maple, or cypress
  • The top is made of German Pine or German Fir
  • The fretboard is made of Ebony
  • The neck is made of Cedar
  • Size - Many people fail to comprehend the difference between classical and flamenco guitars given their similar outlook. However, the flamenco guitars are lightweight and small in size leading to the narrow sides and thin soundboard.
  • Pitch & String - The pitch of flamenco guitars is lower, and the strings are made of nylon.

Popular Flamenco Guitar Brands

Every niche has some top names, and when we talk about Flamenco guitars, the manufacturing companies are less in number. However, the products made by them are not only exceptional but create the sounds that soothe the soul.

  • Alhambra Guitars

Rising from the roots of Spain, this brand was launched in 1965 in the small town named as Muro De Alcoy. Along with flamenco guitars, they have honed their skills on classical guitars and acoustic guitars as well. They have always put exceptional craftsmanship at top priority. Infused with the advanced technology, their guitars smell of Spanish roots and have gained a name on a global scale.

  • Raimundo Guitars

Never compromising the top-notch quality, the company has been manufacturing the highest grade flamenco guitars since 1968 originating from Spain. This company is a family-owned business that has coined its name in the manufacturing of musical instruments, including mandolins, lutes, acoustic guitars, classical guitars, cut-away, and requintos. The workshop is located in Valencia, Spain, and has been working on manufacturing the guitars on the true Spanish system.

  • Admira Guitars

The company was launched back in 1944, and since then, they have been increasing their sales funnel of flamenco guitars devised from the Spanish system. This brand has attracted the exceptional names of the music industry, and credit goes to their rich and in-depth sound-developing guitars. The guitars are made in northern Spain to keep a touch of originality in the manufacturing.

  • Ramírez Guitars

Possibly the oldest guitar manufacturing company, operations started back in 1882 from a small workshop in Cava Baja, Madrid. This is another Spanish guitar manufacturing company owned by a family and started by Jose Ramírez.