15 Best Classical Guitar Cases and Best Guitar Gig Bag Review 2022

Best Classical Guitar Case & Best Guitar Gig Bag

Best Classical Guitar Case & Best Guitar Gig Bag

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You carried out some nice research and after searching for some few months, you were able to lay your hands on one of the best classical guitar out there in the market, and now you are pulling the trigger conveniently to your delight.

That’s good to know. But, the next thing for you to know now is how to keep the dream of your life safe and in good shape always. If you have been wondering how you can keep your beloved guitar in good shape and ensure it last for ages, you have come to the right place.

The most vital thing you can do when choosing a guitar is to choose the type of case that is strictly design for the maximum security of your classical guitar instrument. If you have been thinking about a folk guitar case or you have already purchased another type of case, know that it may not be suitable for securing your classical musical instrument. What you need to get is a classical guitar case that will ensure you are entitled to a well secured and durable classical guitar instrument.

In this article, we are going to provide you with all the relevant information you will need to choose the right type of guitar case and provide you with great options for protecting your guitar in every area. 

MONO M80 Acoustic OM or Classical Guitar Case
Gator Cases Deluxe ABS Molded Case for Classical Style Acoustic Guitars (GC-CLASSIC),Black
La Patrie Gig Bag Classical
MONO M80 Acoustic OM or Classical Guitar Case
Gator Cases Deluxe ABS Molded Case for Classical Style Acoustic Guitars (GC-CLASSIC),Black
La Patrie Gig Bag Classical
MONO M80 Acoustic OM or Classical Guitar Case
MONO M80 Acoustic OM or Classical Guitar Case
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Gator Cases Deluxe ABS Molded Case for Classical Style Acoustic Guitars (GC-CLASSIC),Black
Gator Cases Deluxe ABS Molded Case for Classical Style Acoustic Guitars (GC-CLASSIC),Black
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La Patrie Gig Bag Classical
La Patrie Gig Bag Classical
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Guitar Case or Gig Bag?

It is common knowledge that most guitar cases are hard, with foamy material inserted inside the guitar to help keep it safe from blows/ drops and changes in humidity or temperature.

As a beginner, you can start using a gig bag which is made from foam and is extremely durable like a ballistic nylon fabric. A gig bag comes in handy in keeping your guitar from scratches and damages and is much lighter compared to the hard-shell case.

Hard case, as the name implies, are either made of wooden components, metal or aluminium materials. They tend to be more durable and strong.

Expert Tip

While walking with your case, always remember to turn the zipper or lid side towards you so that, if the case unexpectedly opens, you won’t easily or not even drop the guitar at all, since the lid will first hit your own body, as against just flying open.

Best Classical Guitar Case and Best Guitar Gig Bag

Below are the top 15 best classical guitar cases and best guitar gig bag reviews in 2017. Make your selection and secure your guitar today.

1) MONO M8 Acoustic OM or Classical Guitar Case

The MONO M8 Acoustic and Classical guitar case has been found in hands of renowned and influential musicians of various music categories. The guitar case has patented and exclusive protective features that set it apart from a host of others of its kind.

The hybrid shell and lightweight nature of the MONO M8 has revolutionized the way people travel with their classical guitars. Over the years, this MONO M8 Classical guitar case has proved that if you have a guitar, you should own a MONO case for it.

The MONO M8 is designed with a high-density foam bumpers which comes in handy in diverting vertical impact around and out of the lower bout of your classical guitar—far away from the strap pin. The headlock design of the MONO M8 is patented, and it offers a unique level of protection that will comfortably suit the finest classical and acoustic guitar you can think of.

The headstock comes suspended inside the case, protecting the guitar from rear and both sides impact that would have cause the neck of the guitar to get damaged.

Carrying the MONO M8 is like a breeze, as the guitar can be strapped quickly and remain stable during transport. The storage compartment is specially designed as a place where you can drop your gear at exactly where you will need it, even as the deep gusset pockets ensure that your small items like picks are safe.

2) Gator Cases Deluxe ABS Classical Guitar Case

Gator is a popular model in the guitar case market, with several models listed on their website. Although most of the models listed there are a bit either too tight or too loosed, this model is a game changer.

The Gator Deluxe ABS Classical guitar case is a very cheap and yet solid model to choose any day, anytime. The inside of the ABS Gator has good and durable padding, and when it is closed, the seams are tight and well secured. To say the case is real quality would be an understatement.

Apart from the fact that it shuts evenly and tightly, all the latches line up perfectly all the way around, and the inside padding is devoid of all those weird case smell common with some other brands once it is latch shut.

Regarding guitar-fit and durability, the Gator ABS Deluxe Classical Guitar is way sturdier and nicer than what many buyers who bought the product have hoped for.

The guitar fits very well as a standard guitar case, and it has no sharp points or rivets heads anywhere inside. This case can last for many years due to its solid material built, and the soft fur lining on the inside ensure that your guitar will remain clean at all time.

The heavy-duty aluminium valance reinforces the case as a solid protection option. The inside pocket is roomy enough to store accessories like CDs, tuner, strings, books, and more.

3) Le Patrie Gig Bag Classical

Le Patrie Gig Bag is a very attractive and well- designed gig bag. The bag has an extremely nice pouch for adequate stashing of the various things that you need to take along with you such as, CDs, tuner, books, and other necessary accessories. The case is very sewn, well protected and fit perfectly well with your classical acoustic guitar.

Each side of the Le Patrie has quality and flexible PVC inserted to provide extra protection. At the back of the case, there is an embodied logo of the manufacturing brand—Le Petrie—attached to provide more uniqueness. The case extra storage space comes with large zippers, and you don’t need to struggle to get things in or out.

The Le Patrie’s case front and back are heavily padded, with a thick pad consisting of hook-and-loop straps created to hold the neck in position and prevent it from being overstressed. The pocket on the outside has a lot of room, and the case itself has both shoulder and handle straps. If you are looking for something comparable to Taylor’s handbag in terms of sturdiness and durability, you have found it in Le Patrie Classical.

4) ChromaCast CC-CHC Classical Hard Case

ChromaCast is a classical guitar hard case that is primarily designed to keep your guitar protected while allowing it to retain and maintain its unique quality and sound output. This case material design consists of durable wood featuring plush line internal designs with extra bridge and neck padding for ultimate support.

The ChromaCast classical guitar hard case has solid bumpers and latches at the sides and at the bottom of the case, adding stability and protection the handle that is molded makes it easy to carry and transport in a more comfortable manner. The case design also features a suitable and large storage compartment where accessories like the tuner, extra springs, picks, and more can be stored adequately.

The interior dimension of the ChromaCast classical guitar hard case measures 40 inches in length, the wide upper bout stands at 15 inches, and the lower bout height is 5 inches.

In terms of all-round performance, the ChromaCast can boast of being lightweight, was a locking latch with added keys, fuzzy internal material that is soft and doesn’t shed like some models. This hard case will ultimately protect your guitar from bends, bumps, or knocks.

The only thing that needed attention in this ChromaCast hard case is the need to improve on the guitar’s compartment size, at least, add another on the sides of the neck.

Here comes a guitar case with some great features that are better than most of its peers. It is something that one wouldn’t have imagined from mere looking at it from the picture. The case of the TKL fit perfectly with any classical guitar and still leaves room for additional tools like pencil, tuner, CDS, etc.

The TKL 7800 is a classical guitar of the premier series the guitar is designed with a multi-ply wood shell case including steel hardware, a dura-hyde covering, molded handle and plush interior. The length of this guitar case measures 41 inches, while the upper bout is 11.5 inches and the lower bout measuring 14,75 inches.

The lining that comes with the TKL 7800 is soft, but unlike some other models, it doesn’t shed. The padding and the lining are great for safety and comfort. The guitar case has much better quality than some of its peer and is a perfect choice for acoustic or acoustic electric type of guitars.

The case of the TKL is quite enough to protect the vintage instrument for decades to come, and for the fact that it has dura-hyde covering as opposed to Tolex, makes it a better choice.

6) Musician Gear Deluxe Classical Guitar Case Bag

The Musician Gear Deluxe Classical Guitar Case Bag is not a heavy-duty road type case that you may have wanted, but it’s one that provide much better protection with lesser weight, which is actually what makes it preferable for storing a classical guitar that rarely leaves home.

The protection it offers appears better than any other gig bag out there in the market, and is very reliable and stable in keeping humidity levels at just point the point where you intend them to be.

One other thing we noticed with the Musician Deluxe Classical Guitar bag is that the vinyl covering is not that tough and the hardware could be better, although this is rare with most of the cheap priced case available today. However, it’s a good a relatively solid case for the money.

The latches are well lined, and although the neck comes a little too long, it is better than making it look bulky and inconvenient. The case has a lock which provides further security for your classical guitar, and the locks have keys.

Regarding dimensions, the Musician Acoustic Classical Guitar lower bout measures 14 - 7/8 inches while the upper bout is 11 - 1/2. The waist regions measure 10 inches, the depth is 4 inches while the overall body length measures 19 - 3/4 inches.

The Musician little compartment has plenty room for storage of items and accessories like straps, strings, polish, tuner, etc. This guitar case is comparable to some other costly types in some areas, and it’s mostly fit for a big man.

7) Gator Case GBE Classic Classical Guitar Gig Bag

Popular brand, Gator, returns with another famous and high selling gig bag—the gator Classic Classical GBE Guitar bag.

For those looking for a cheap and light bag that’s equally reliable for their classical guitars, the Gator GBE series is the best choice. The Gator GBE provide an excellent storage option for all classical guitars, especially with the solid and the size, which is the perfect fit for Gretch JIM Dandy, a parlor size guitar.

The case fits well with acoustic classical guitars and the external pockets are perfectly sized and design in such a way that they allow the storage of papers or such other music materials. The pocket is deep and if care is not taken, you can pick or pencil in the very bottom crevice.

The Gator CLASSICClassical GBE bag has shoulder straps, which users believe it’s not that super in terms of comfort, but this can easily be swap with a better one. It is even better that this case allows you to replace the shoulder strap with a full backpack setup if you like.

On the fit side, the Gator GBE is not too tight or too loose. The overall dimension of this case measures 16 x 12 x 2.5 inches, with a weight close to 2 pounds. This guitar is meant to protect the most fragile guitar instrument you may have.

8) YMC 4Inch Waterproof Dual Adjustable Shoulder Strap Acoustic Guitar Case

This is a guitar case with strong performance that you can rightly describe as a steal for the price. The YMC is a classical guitar case that is made of high-quality material—a water-resistant 600D Oxford nylon that includes 5 padded sponge. The guitar case also has a 210D soft and smooth lining fabric for protecting the guitar in the case of unexpected scratches, collision or damages from transit.

The YMC comes with two comfy backpack straps that are adjustable and wide, with double grip handles which give the user multiple carrying options. The standard size of the YMC is 40 and 41 inches with an overall length of 42 inches. The overall weight is 600 g, meaning this not a heavyweight guitar which is even better for those looking for comfort and ease of play.

In terms of performance, the YMC has good quality and it’s something every beginner player should get. The YMC has lots of accessories such as a pick holder, a carrying bag, guitar straps, strings winder and more.

9) World Tour GBLAS Deluxe Classical Guitar Gig Bag

If you are a beginner and you are looking for the best and durable classical guitar case to buy, World Tour offers you the chance to get onboard and secure your guitar play to the highest length. In terms of packaging and design, this is a big step up from the usually cheap and almost useless gig bags. Now, you can protect your beautiful and lovely classical guitar when not in use with one of the best gig bags in classical guitar history.

World Tour GBLAS Gig Bag is the ticket to housing and protecting your classic guitar in a secure and comfortable manner. It is lightweight and the high-density padding is more than adequate to protect against scratches and dings.

The GBLAS comes with a couple of pockets right on the outside suitable for handling tuners, instrument cords, and some pedals. The deluxe classical gig bag comes with sturdy zipper and it has back pack straps which makes it highly mobile.

The World Tour GBLAS Gig Bag is covered with PVC backed Cordura exterior material that is water-resistant. A traditional handle and a back-pack style make transporting your acoustic guitar an easy choice. The 5 years’ warranty that comes with this product defines readiness for longer use.

10) Hola! Deluxe Padded Acoustic and Classical Guitar Gig Bag

Here is a classical gig bag design to fit standard classical and acoustic guitars that measure up to 41 inches in length. This guitar is laden with soft layers reinforced and excellent padding that keep the surface of your classical guitar from being damaged or scratched.

The overall weight of the classical guitar is distributed evenly by the neck support pillow, which protects the neck of your guitar from strain and shock. The shoulder straps of the Hola are cleverly designed with little wings at the bottom of the bag where the straps are connected, and it feels more secure. The wings are designed to move so there won’t be strain hitches in the area where the straps connect to the bag’s body.

The straps connection point at the top of the bag has a thick and nicely padded design, meaning there will be no strain on the shoulder. For guitars that measure 41 inches in lengths, the dimensional settings of this case are even preferable. While the upper bout measures 11.5 inches, the lower bout counts 15.6 inches.

The depth is 4.5 and the bag will fit a 41 x 13 x 16.5 x 5.5, even with more extra room. On the inside, the world tour bag looks like a tough draped over the guitar. The padding is decent enough for the price feels sturdy and comes with a neck block with Velcro in place.

11) Cordoba Full Size Deluxe Gig Bag

For those looking for a heavy water-resistant and durable nylon denier, this Cordoba Full Size Deluxe gig bag is the real deal.

The Cordoba is the type of gig bag that appears well constructed, and its designed to fit your classical guitar like a glove. This guitar case fits well with classical string guitars like the Cordoba C110, and the ample amount of padding in it is just perfect. The Cordoba full size guitar case comes with a cushioned wedge that is positioned just behind the guitar’s neck. Also, there is Velcro straps attached that the user can use to secure round the neck if you decide to.

The size of the Cordoba means it will fit the standard complete size of classical guitars. The overall interior and exterior design have a perfect finish. The exterior design consists of nicely padded reinforced padding over bridge and headstock areas.

The carrying handle is also padded and at the back of the case is a nice backpack strap that you can use for totting your guitar around. The cushion Velcro around the neck and the two zippered closures, together with the highly adjustable straps provides the much-needed comfort and ease of packaging.

12) Silver Creek Classical Guitar Case Black

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For all those looking for something perfect and comfortable with a vintage Yamaha G85-A classical acoustic guitar, this Silver Creek Classical Guitar Case is just the perfect choice to go for. This Tolex designed classical guitar case provides an all-round snug fit. The form-fitting appearance of the case elicits solid and quality construction, with a reliable-looking latch and a good handle. The case has six high quality latches with one having a lock. It comes with two keys and the retro styling is fascinating.

In terms of dimensions, the Silver Creek Classical Guitar Case has a lower bout measuring 14.5 inches while the upper bout is 11.5 inches. The waist area measures 9.5 inches while the depth, as well as the bridge length, is 4.5 inches. The overall length is 39.5 inches. When opened, the new guitar case smells of synthetic and glue material, which is probably due to being long boxed-off in the factory; but fades off with time.

The shell of the Silver Creek Classical Guitar Case is very hard and durable, according to some users on popular sites like Amazon and eBay. The inside pocket is adequately roomy for storage of accessories, and the handle is solidly padded, making it a pleasure to carry the case. The entire hinges and latches are made with shiny a gold-like substance which even goes further to match the black-colored exterior design of the case. This is a great case is highly recommended.

13) Yamaha CG-HC Hard-shell Classical Guitar Case

The Yamaha hard-shell Classical Guitar Case is an acoustic type of guitar case strictly designed for the use of Yamaha models only. It is one of the most potent and reliable guitar cases that is designed by one of the most popular brands in the acoustic classical guitar industry.

The Yamaha Hard-shell classical guitar case comes with a well-furnished exterior design that has gold, polished latches while the interior aspect is made up of padding that shows no signs of inferior or cheap quality material and construction. It appears the case is very well braced and reinforced because there is no sign of twisting and sloppiness across the hinges which are mostly associated with cheap models.

The overall body design of the Yamaha CG-HC Classical Guitar Case is made up of a solid hardware that is generic, with lock that is very reliable and suitable for protecting the guitar from the reach of children, if need be. This case is a perfect fit for the Yamaha acoustic guitar products. The interior lining perfectly most of the guitars it has been tested with like a glove.

The latches all work smoothly and the storage pocket located inside has more than enough room for some spare springs, picks, and more. One unique thing about this Yamaha customized Guitar case is that there is no looseness or rattling in the case when the guitar is put inside to store.

14) Faswin 41 Inch Dual Adjustable Shoulder Strap Acoustic Guitar Gig Bag

Now, if the quality is to be determined by the degree of sales, the Faswin Dual Adjustable Acoustic Classical Guitar Gig Bag should be the highest from this position upward. This high selling gig bag features high-quality and durable material. The Faswin is a compact size gig nag that can provide all-round protection for your classical guitar.

The Faswin Dual Adjustable Guitar Gig Bag appears to have been specially design for transportation to and fro various destinations. The Faswin comes with dual adjustable shoulder straps for comfort and ease of transport. The inside padding and outer layer of the bag effectively protect against shock and scratch for your classic guitar.

The triple gusset storage pockets provide much needed space for adequate and ideal for storing score sheets, note book and a pen. Apart from the two zippered pockets on the sides, there is another smaller zipper compartment located just right at the neck of the case, an area where you can possibly store your picks.

At the back of the Faswin are strapped with solid padding that prevent it from digging into your skin, and regarding fit; this is great gig bag to trust with your money.

15) Cordoba Humified ArchTop Classical/Flamenco Wooden Guitar Case

Here is a new hard shell arch top new case from Cordoba, one of the most famous brands of guitar and guitar accessories in the industry. This model comes with a built-in HumiCase technology.

The guitar’s sound hole in the case comes with re-designed and custom HumiPod mounted at the top of the case itself. There is a foam sponge fitted inside the container that comes with the HumiPod, and this should be removed periodically and moistened with distilling water to maintain adequate and proper levels of humidity for your classical guitar.

The exterior dimension of the Cordoba Humidified Archtop Classical and Acoustic Guitar is 42 inches in length, the width is 17.5 inches and the height/depth is 6 inches. The overall outer layer is leather with a powerful handle, while the inside thereof is a plush, burgundy or marooned color material. The Cordoba Humidified Classical Wooden guitar case has a lock, with the key tuck away in the little storage area to keep it sealed and safe for travel.

Overall, the Cordoba Humidified wooden case looks firm and perfectly fit any Cordoba guitar model. Although there have been complaints from some users about the humidifier, the product seems perfect with nice lineup latches and a solid quality locking hardware.

Finding the Best Classical Guitar Case and Best Guitar Gig Bag

From our reviews and exploration, the best professional classical guitar case or gig bag is the type that can last for years while adequately providing the much-needed security for your classical guitar in all climate and humidity. But for you to choose the right case or gig bag for your classical guitar, there are certain things to consider. That is, what makes up a good and reliable guitar case?

First, a reliable and good classical guitar case should be relatively heavy. In this case, there is no exact weight requirement, but by picking one up, you should be able to feel a bit of heftiness. In fact, the case you intend buying should feel like the type made of wood, even when it’s made of other substances. But if the case is to be overly light or appear flimsy, the chances that it will not survive the strain of frequent travelling by a touring musician are very high.

Another good thing you can do to get the best of protecting your guitar is to go for a case that has a rubber seal. Apart from the rubber seal helping to prevent water from getting into the case, it is also very helpful insulating your classical guitar from frequent changes in humidity or temperature.

Our Recommendations

We want to ensure that you will get the best case that will keep your guitar in good shape. Thus, we are recommending our best pick for you, but always remember that what might be good for your neighbor, may not be tasty to you.

That said, if you’re yet to make up your mind in purchasing a guitar case, go for the MONO M8 Acoustic or Classical Guitar Case (because of its innovative features and padded fit) or consider the Gator GBE Classic Classical (known for its perfect size fit and reliable safety measures).

Here we draw the curtain on our top 15 best classical guitar cases buying guide reviews. Happy shopping!