6 Websites To Learn Guitar Fundamentals Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn guitar fundamentals lessons online

learn guitar fundamentals lessons online

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For everyone who has got a knack for music, we are pretty sure that the guitar is the “cool” musical instrument. Well, it must be the cool and one of the famous musical instruments out there, but it has got a fair share of complexities. Be it strumming or plucking; the guitarists need to have the finger-game on to make the right tunes and melodies.

With this being said, that’s only possible if you have a strong grasp on the guitar fundamentals and concepts. The best part of learning guitar fundamentals is that it helps the guitarists improvise the melodies and improve the playability. Practicing the guitar fundamentals will obviously improve the guitar skills, along with correct wrist actions.

So, if you are enthusiastic about the guitar, learning these guitar fundamentals will be crucial. As a result, your overall kills and knowledge about the guitar will improve by multiple folds.

So, if you are ready, we have added websites to learn guitar fundamentals lessons online (free and paid). Also, don’t worry because we have something for everyone. Are you ready to pluck those strings, then?

6 Websites To Learn Guitar Fundamental Lessons Online Review

1) TrueFire

truefire learn guitar fundamentals lessons online

In case you want to learn the guitar fundamentals but cannot stick to the schedule, TrueFire.com is the right choice. That’s to say, because TrueFire.com is an apt learning platform with a variety of courses, these courses are designed to cater to beginners as well as intermediate guitarists.

To begin with, this website is a seamless choice as it shares the course outline and contents for a better learning outcome. With this learning platform, you can access more than ten guitar fundamental courses.

With each course, the students can check the star ratings to depict if the course is worth it. In addition, there are complete educator profiles that help check the reliability of the course, eventually.

We are absolutely in love with how they have designed a YouTube channel for people who need to learn basic techniques for free. In addition, there is a smartphone app that helps access the courses and instructional videos on the smartphone.

TrueFire.com has extremely responsive chat support, so you can clear up the queries pretty easily. They host jamming sessions for people who need to sing it out. Also, the learning paths on TrueFire.com empowers the students to get a strong grip rather easily and quickly. On top of everything, there are private lessons available for people who are interested in learning in one-on-one lessons.

2) Udemy

udemy learn guitar fundamentals lessons online

When it comes down to online learning, Udemy.com has coined its name in the market. Well, the credit goes to their extensive range of courses for everyone. For instance, if you want to learn the guitar fundamentals, there are more than nine-thousand courses available.

Even more, the students will have a 30-days money-back guarantee, so you can actually test the course before you spend the money. All courses on Udemy.com are marked with star ratings.

Udemy.com has designed the guitar fundamental courses for every skill level, ranging from beginners to intermediates and experts. The courses are available in various languages that makes it a fit bill for everyone.

In terms of paid courses, there are various budgets available, and students can choose the courses that suit the budget. The best part of this website is that they add practice tests and quizzes in the courses, so you can test the progress.

Even more, the majority of video lessons are designed with subtitles for students who cannot understand the audio. In addition, there are schedules and timelines because students can learn at their own leisure.

As for remote learning, the courses and video lessons are available on a smartphone since they have a smartphone app available for Android and iOS smartphones.

3) SkillShare

skillshare learn guitar fundamentals lessons online

What can be better than learning guitar fundamental skills than Skillshare.com itself? With this being said, Skillshare.com has designed an extensive range of courses available.

We are absolutely in love with how Skillhare.com has courses for beginners, intermediate, and advanced guitarists. So, it’s pretty clear that there is something to learn for everyone. The students can choose the courses based on class length, so there are no scheduling issues involved.

Skillshare.com is a well-integrated learning platform since it has everything to make you a pro. For instance, the students can access the handbooks to grasp the concepts and theories.

Skillshare.com has a YouTube channel that helps learn the basic concepts and techniques for free. However, in addition to free videos. There are paid and advanced courses in the Go Premium plan. With the premium plan, students can access every course available on Skillshare.com.

There are limited memberships available on this website that helps access the lesson library that has more than 22,000 video lessons available. As far as the guitar fundamentals are concerned, there are more than one-hundred courses available.

With Skillshare.com, the students can access the workshops to show off their skills and opt for the projects to learn more. Last but not least, they have a smartphone app for people who need/want to learn the guitar fundamentals on their phone.

4) GuitarCast

guitarcast learn guitar fundamentals lessons online

For everyone who is still struggling to find the right platform for learning the guitar fundamentals, GuitarCast.tv is here to teach. They have designed the guitar fundamental courses for every guitar niche, such as acoustic guitar, classical guitar, rock guitar, and more.

As a result, the students will be able to become the master of their guitar niche. With GuitarCast.tv, the students can find the courses based on the instructors, such as Andrew DuBrock, Burgess Speed, and more.

GuitarCast.tv allows the users to learn the guitar fundamentals on the basis of categories, such as blues, fingerstyles, and chord by chord. The courses on this website are designed with additional learning resources, which empowers the students to learn the concepts and theories.

There are music notations and tablature available that positively influences the guitar playability. In addition, the additional learning material is available in PDF form, so it’s easy to download and learn.

Once you sign up on GuitarCast.tv, they offer unlimited streaming access to the students, so they can access the videos anytime they want. Above all, the courses are available for downloads, which empowers the students to learn on whichever device they want. The auto-play feature on GuitarCast.tv keeps playing the video lessons, so you don’t have to break the learning rhythm.

5) Berklee

berklee learn guitar fundamentals lessons online

When it concerns the guitarists, who need to learn the guitar fundamentals for becoming professional players, using the right learning platform is essential. Similarly, Berklee.edu is the right choice because they have professionally-designed courses.

In addition to the courses, the students can get the certificates at the end. Above all, Berklee.edu designed the certifications and degree programs for students who need advanced learning experience.

The mentorship program on Berklee.edu allocates the mentors to each student, so they can learn and ask questions. Similarly, the mentors will be liable to provide feedback, so students can focus on the weak spots.

There are handbooks available on Berklee.edu that work as perfect additional learning resources. On top of everything, there are various events where students can take part in. Also, the live Q&A sessions on Berklee.edu helps clear up the questions and confusions.

Each guitar fundamentals course on Berklee.edu comes with the “get info” section which has complete information about course contents. In addition, the students can sign up on the website with their email address and receive the free resources right in the email inbox.

As for the learning approach, Berklee.edu categorizes the content into lessons, promising convenient learning. To be honest, this step-by-step learning approach will harness quick learning.

6) Wyzant

wyzant learn guitar fundamentals lessons online

The guitarists who are still trying to learn the guitar fundamentals but couldn’t find the right instructor, Wyzant.com has got you covered. That’s to say because they have various instructors on board to help you learn the guitar fundamentals.

All instructors on Wyzant.com are allowed on the website after intense background checks to ensure the students have a secure and reliable learning experience. In addition, students can select the learning and skill level to find suitable instructors.

Wyzant.com has been designed to collaborate with the students and instructors. For instance, the students can find the instructors based on day availability. As far as payments are concerned, the students will only pay for what they learn because instructors have a per-hour payment system.

On the other hand, if there are any queries, students can access customer service or talk to their instructors. In addition, the “Find a Tutor” feature on Wyzant.com will help you choose the right instructor as per their needs.

On top of everything, Wyzant.com has a smartphone app that allows them to access the profiles on their smartphone. The smartphone app is available for iOS as well as Android users. All in all, the students can leave the review (and check the previous reviews as well) about their experience.

Choosing The Best Guitar Fundamental Lesson Online

Guitar has to be the universal musical instrument since everyone enjoys it. However, not everyone can make the perfect tunes since it demands the right concepts and information about the fundaments. For this purpose, we added the websites to learn guitar fundamentals lessons (free and paid) to ensure everyone gets to learn! 

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