Comparison Simon and Patrick vs Seagull Guitar: Which One?

Simon and Patrick vs Seagull
Simon and Patrick vs Seagull

Some people say that choosing a guitar is just like choosing a partner. You have to be extremely careful about it. One cannot make that decision all of a sudden. There are certain factors that need to be considered before settling for a particular brand.

They include the design philosophy, posture, functionality, performance aspects, sound quality, and many more. The market is replete with a number of guitar brands, of which Simon and Patrick and Seagull are quite popular. These premium guitar brands are not so easy to get your hands on.

Their fame might not match with the rest of the brands, but they still win numbers in feel and performance. If you are searching for a guitar that can last years with you, Simon and Patrick and Seagull are great choices. A comparison between their features can help you in picking the right one as per your requirements and needs.

Simon and Patrick vs Seagull

FeaturesSimon and Patrick GuitarSeagull Guitar
BrandSimon and PatrickSeagull
Number of Strings66
Neck Material TypeMapleMaple
ColorWoodTennessee Red
Scale Length25.5125.5

Simon and Patrick Guitar

S&P has set its name in the market by manufacturing budget guitars that are not only great at playability but also sound pretty great. Their contribution to the guitar industry is immense. It won’t be wrong to call Simon and Patrick a platform for high-quality acoustic guitars.

Players will definitely feel the delight while playing this instrument. You can increase its durability by playing it often.

Place Of Manufacturing

Simon and Patrick are manufactured in Canada with a true zest for the music. The devoted artisans of LaPatrie Quebec make guitars that exceed in quality and sound. Thanks to the great line of guitar makers for transferring their knowledge and enthusiasm to the workers at LaPatrie’s and motivating them to manufacture reliable guitars.

Body And Neck

The display of Simon and Patrick is elegant and simple. As expected from a guitar manufactured in Canada, it has an excellent build quality. The use of mahogany for the back and sides of the guitar adds more to the charm. Talking about the top, it is solid spruce that is pressure-tested.

It is very crucial to bring an enhancement in the tone. That’s not. All along the body, the high-gloss polish finish appeals to every eye. The neck is made of mahogany, and the fretboard is a Rosewood. Both of these factors contribute to top-notch playability.

Close-up of a Simon and Patrick acoustic guitar

The total number of frets is 19, and the neck joins the top at the 12th fret. Thanks to its high-quality build and captivating looks, one cannot just go wrong with Simon and Patrick.

Sound And Quality

While the construction of every Simon and Patrick guitar is going on, the prime focus relies on the sound and quality of the instrument. There are certain characteristics that are shared by all of the guitars in the guitar line. They include the use of a few chosen solid tops to ensure maximum richness, full sound, and great response.

Each solid is pressure tested to guarantee the stiffness reaches at its highest levels. This results in the harmonic vibration getting to the top and thus bringing a solid improvement in the resonance, projection, and overall tone.


The tone of the Simon and Patrick is quite strong and bright, thanks to the sold combination of mahogany back and sides and solid spruce top. The loudness and crispiness of the tone are quite a favorite feature of most guitarists. However, that doesn’t keep the tone from losing its warmth and sustain. It is as rich as a guitarist wants.


woman's hands playing acoustic guitar

You might not be impressed with the display of the guitar, but it has been constructed with attention to detail. The cosmetic grandiosity is a secondary factor anyways. The bright and dark woods have a center-back strip setting a transition between them.

Vintage Vibe

The best thing about Simon and Patrick is the vibe that it comes with. There is a lot of diversity in its voice. The pickup is optional. You are definitely bound to consider this instrument.

Integrated Neck System

There is a specific area on the guitar that is a junction point for the body and the top. It needs strength. The innovative Integrated neck system of the Simon and Patrick guitars provides the required reinforcement and sturdiness to that particular area.

The best thing about this system is that it ensures stable and consistent action along with the reduction in twisting and neck warping. Eventually, your guitar is able to deal with the weather changes.


The hardware has a major role in deciding the reliability of the instrument. As Simon and Patrick is an acoustic guitar, there is no involvement of electronics.

Seagull Guitar

Seagull is quite an underrated guitar on the list of acoustic guitars. There is a unique vibe to this brand that differentiates it from the rest. If you keep the price range the same and compare Seagull with its contenders, you will see that it exceeds in craftsmanship.

Quality Over Aesthetics

If you look at the Seagull first, you may not find anything appealing because there are no fancy inlays or chrome-died tuners. It’s just a traditional guitar. But don’t judge a book by its cover. It can surprise you with its grand quality. The specialty of this guitar is totally off the charts.

The Canadian company ensured that the quality has persevered and the budget stayed within its limit as well.


The back and the sides of the Seagull are made of Canadian Wild Cherry. No other guitar product can get you that within the price range offered by Seagull. The credit for the natural and simple look of this guitar goes to the wild cherry back and sides. Besides, the lightness accompanied by the sturdiness is a result of this very tonewood.

Talking about the cedar top, it adds to the tone of the guitar as the instrument keeps aging. You can trust Seagull with the long-lasting factor.


6-String Electric Acoustic Guitar

The tone of Seagull has an excellent sustain and resonance to it. You can clearly hear the tone because it is loud enough. The thickness of the sound is yet another promising factor. The low end even has a fat sound to it. As a result, the root notes are accentuated.

However, some people might find it too bright and chimney. But the use of thicker strings can resolve your problem.


If you look at the price of Seagull, you might think that a guitar this affordable will lack the basic features, but that’s not true. As soon as you get it on your hands, you’ll realize how great it feels. Unfortunately, the size of the nut is improper for the kids to play this guitar.


Everyone can find their favorite parts in the tone of the Seagull. Whether you want the gentleness and softness in it or full-flavored resonance, you get it.


The high quality of sound is one of the major reasons why Seagull has reached this level of recognition in the guitar industry. As great as this instrument sounds, it is an ideal option to take to a live performance without bothering about string issues or sound problems.

Yellow wooden acoustic guitar body with sound hole and strings

If you want to increase the loudness, make sure your fingers are near the soundhole. The incredible tonewood and warm tones play a key role in producing such sound. Seagull guitars guarantee extreme comfort to the players with their incredible setup and machine pegs. You won’t have to worry about your guitar getting out of tune.


The fundamental goal of Seagull Guitar Company is to provide quality guitars to anyone who has a passion for them. It could be a hobbyist, a pro, or a professional guitarist. If you have got your hands on an instrument like this at a reasonable price, you are set to enjoy outstanding playing.


Seagull Guitars Company is widely acknowledged as an environment-friendly guitar manufacturer company. It ensures that the wood for the guitars comes from sustainable sources. The major aim of Seagull is to prevent deforestation and, instead, bring stability to the natural phenomenon by promoting re-plantation.

The use of reclaimed woods to make guitars has led this brand to come this far. Canadian forests are the source of providing tonewoods. The soothing sound produced by these guitars is a result of the natural wood used in the construction.

Seagull is definitely an unbeatable brand, whether you check its construction or chording.

Body And Neck

seagull guitar headstock

The body and neck of Seagull guitars are quite impressive. The dreadnought style of the body shape is loved by many players. The making of the top of the guitar with the solid cedar adds more to the style and design of the guitar.


The tops of Seagull guitars are the basic reasons behind their smooth playing and great sound production. Various models of seagulls feature an integrated neck that is a part of a pressure-tested top. The polish design is custom, and you can pick colors as per your desire.

The Seagull Guitar Company keeps every player in mind and then moves on to the construction of every model. Thus, every product turns out to be very amazing. The impeccable quality of the instrument is vivid proof of the dedicated work of the craftsmen.


closeup of man's hands playing acoustic guitar

Frets are yet another significant feature of Seagull guitars. Its silver metal making enables easy tuning. When a guitar is placed in a humid environment, the frets do not shrink and stay in a good position. Most people keep changing frets frequently.

However, there is no need for it because if there is any problem, any player with a little tech knowledge can fix it.


Simon and Patrick’s guitars are a sign of incredible quality and great price ratio. As far as the Seagull guitars are concerned, they are unmatchable in their wood makeup and sound quality. However, beginners may not like Seagull that much. You can pick the ones which meet your needs on the list.

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