3 Websites To Learn Guitar Tone and Gear Lessons Online (Free and Paid)

learn guitar tone and gear lessons online

learn guitar tone and gear lessons online

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Guitar is not just about playing, but you also need to understand different styles, shapes and sizes of guitar to make it worth your time and playing experience.

Different guitars have different kind of tones on them and you need to understand the tones first in order to make a decision about what kind of guitar you would need to get. So, you need to learn all about the guitars and what Tones are being produced on them.

To make it possible, there are tone and gear lessons specifically designed to facilitate those who would like to have an in-depth insight on these different models of guitars and how one might work.

There are tons of different shapes and sizes of guitars being used all across the world and the list is simply too long for one to remember it all. However, there are some common similarities and characteristics that can help you get a better idea about different types of guitars and what Tones are associated to them.

There are also some websites that can help you learn precisely what is needed with each lesson and how you can recognize between these gear options. A few of these websites that you can choose from are:

3 Websites To Learn Guitar Tone and Gear Lessons Online Review

1) TrueFire

truefire learn guitar tone and gear lessons online

TrueFire.com is one of those very few dedicated websites that are all about making guitar easy to learn for everyone. The website is devoted to teaching guitar only and mostly focuses on the energetic styles of the newer generation like rock, pop and other similar genres.

However, there are also courses and lessons listed on the website that are about the folk, country and classic music and this might be the perfect pitstop for any guitar enthusiast who would like to learn playing guitar on their own terms and make it worth their while.

Moving forward, the website also contains other helpful resources, such as learning paths, Courses, and Jams to help you supplement the learning experience.

With that being said, you can find a handful courses on Guitar Tones and Gear on the website as well that are designed perfectly to facilitate all level of guitar students. Doesn’t matter if you might be an absolute beginner, an intermediate level player or expert at your genre.

These lessons always have insightful information for you to get your hands on the right lessons to know everything there is about the guitar gear and different Tones that they can be used for.

Also, you will be learning a lot about Double stops, Blues Scales, Bending, guitar effects, Hybrid Picking, Improvisation, Left-handed techniques and guitar gear, Harmonics and more. The curriculum is precisely designed to make it sure that you are learning everything about the Guitar Tones and Gears.

2) GuitarTricks

guitartricks learn guitar tone and gear lessons online

GuitarTricks.com is another cool website that is about learning guitar only and has so much to offer that a person who loves guitar will not be able to stop themselves from falling in love with the website and enjoying all the resources.

The website has the easiest online learning system and they are also guaranteeing fastest results, so what more can one possibly need. There are also some tools in their interactive toolbox that will help you get the best of your experience on the website and not only figure out what guitar and gear would be perfect for you, but you can also tune the guitar perfectly for the tones you plan on playing.

There are hundreds of lessons listed on GuitarTricks.com ranging from Rock to Pop and all the other genres that one might need to learn. With the help of this website, you can learn Blues, Country, Freestyle and a lot more lessons on the Guitar Tones and Gear.

The best part is that these courses are listed as beginner to intermediate level for the learning process so newcomers can also join these courses and make their time worth it.

Moving forward, their news portal allows you to stay up-to-date with all the important stuff in the world of guitar so you don’t have anything to be worried about. This way, you will also be able to know what is going on in the world of guitar around you and what new guitars are out in the market that might meet your playing style and needs.

3) Udemy

udemy learn guitar tone and gear lessons online

Udemy.com is another cool website that is all about e-learning. The website is simply filled with tons of lessons, courses and other resources going up to millions. So, you will never have any issues looking for something that you might need to learn online on the Udemy.com.

With such huge variety of courses, music courses alone are pretty diverse and you can find millions of courses on different instruments, genres, playing styles, techniques and a lot more. All you will need to do is search for a genre and you will get thousands of courses on that.

Similarly, there are thousands of courses listed on Udemy.com on the Guitar tones and Gear as well. You can find all these courses that might be focused on specific genre, or tunes or there are basic courses as well that offer a wide range of learning experience. So, you will never have to worry about a thing and you just have to pick a course that you might think will suit your needs better and start learning from it.

The courses on Udemy.com don’t only have video lessons, but there are also some other resources along with each course that will help you learn all that you want. Moreover, you will have unlimited access to the course that you have bought, so there is nothing to be worried about.

Choosing The Best Guitar Tone And Gear Lesson Online

These are some of the best websites we could get our hands on, over the internet. The websites can help you learn everything that you can possibly need to learn about the Guitar tones and gear and make it count towards your success in professional musical career. So, just pick the website that you think might be suitable for you and start learning at the comfort of your home.

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