Gibson LG1 vs LG2: Which Model To Choose?

Gibson LG1 vs LG2
Gibson LG1 vs LG2

The guitar world is incomplete without Gibson guitars. With over 120 years of experience, Gibson is one of the biggest guitar manufacturers in the US. Gibson guitars have been an enormous addition to the musical instruments.

Guitars manufactured by Gibson exceed in quality, performance, and durability. It’s not just the ease of use of Gibson guitars that attracts millions of players but also the Gibson designs.

A wide range of electric and acoustic guitars are on the list of Gibson guitars. LG1 and LG2 are two of the Gibson models that have surprised the guitarists and musicians with their playability and tone.

Both of these models offer everything you might be searching for in a guitar. Therefore, it can get confusing for you to settle on one.

However, a description of the subtle differences between the two models can ease things for you. So, let’s move on to studying the features and differences between Gibson LG1 and LG2.

The Differences Between Gibson LG1 vs LG2

Features Gibson LG1 Gibson LG2
Model LG-1 LG-2
Available 1948-1968 1942 - 1962
Bracing Straight X-bracing
Top Spruce Spruce
Neck One piece mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard with dot position markers. 20 frets One piece mahogany neck, rosewood fingerboard. 20 frets

Gibson LG1

Gibson LG1

The introduction of the Gibson LG-1 took place in 1942 alongside the LG-2 and LG-3 models. The war broke out, and the manufacture of LG-1 and LG-3 was discontinued. However, they kept making LG-2.

LG1 is the guitar model that has managed to gain immense popularity ever since its launch. The credit goes to its amazing features and characteristics.

Not only does the guitar have perfection in durability and performance, but it also produces warm tones and great sound. It has a spruce top on the guitar with a Mahogany neck. It adds to the feel and resonance of the guitar.


The two-tone aesthetics on the guitar contribute a lot to the design factor. LG1 also comes with a 6-string design that adds extra nodes and tones to the guitar.

Gibson LG1 Design


LG1 guitar has the dreadnought shape that is perfectly great to get you rich tones and a better experience with all those mellow genres you intend to play.

Comfortable Body

The dimensions of the Gibson LG1 are so compact that all the blues, folk, fingerstyle, and slide players can get what they want from a guitar. There is an added articulation to each note thrown by the narrow waist of the guitar.

Whether you are playing solo or in a group, you can notice the sharpness of LG1 in translating every nuance of your playing. And the best thing is that it doesn’t cover up your playing in a booming low end either.

Rich Sound

The advanced pickup system in the LG1 is a major reason behind the popularity of this model as a favorite choice of guitarists.

There is maximum coupling between the guitar and the pickup, which gives rise to a natural and lively acoustic sound. Manufacturers make sure that there is no compromise on the tone or convenience.

Gibson LG2

In 1942, a splendid edition of the LG2 was added to the small body L series guitars of Gibson. It is different from the rest of the models in terms of featuring a wider upper bout and a smaller lower bout. Its waist is also shallower than the rest.

Just because of these changes in the features, there is more breadth in the voice of LG2. LG2 is an amazing instrument that you get to enjoy from Gibson, and it is something you won’t be able to resist buying.

Gibson LG2

LG2 is a vintage guitar from Gibson that comes with a Sitka Spruce Top and Mahogany on the sides and back that allows you to enjoy the perfection of durability and design aesthetics at the same time.

The LG2 has darker and deeper two-tone shades on it that are pretty distinct from the LG1.

Small Body, Big Tone

Having a mahogany back and the Sitka spruce top, the Gibson LG-2 comprises solid tonewoods. The body size of this vintage guitar is compact. As far as the midrange response is concerned, it is as strong as needed.

The delivery of warm low end is because of the X-bracing. In this way, there is perfect rounding out of the tone, and the sound is not mellow either.

Gibson LG2 Body


The best thing about the LG2 model of Gibson is its playability. It has attracted plenty of players who have been unable to put this instrument down. There is a comfortable V profile on its mahogany neck.


The material used in the construction of the LG2 fretboard is Rosewood. With a scale length of 24.75 inches and a 12-inch radius of the fretboard, the LG2 is so much fun to play.

The total number of frets on the guitar is 20, out of which 14 are to the body. You can easily maneuver around these frets.


There are multiple factors to go for the LG2, including a resonant body and a well-voiced tone. The loudness of the guitar is good enough to match the clarity. There is a certain balance and fullness to the chords.

Whether your playing style is fingerstyle, jazz, bluegrass, or rock, you cannot go wrong with the LG2 as your all-around choice, thanks to its focused single-note lines.

Once you get into the zone of playing the LG2, you will be unable to find any huge difference between this model and the vintage one. There are striking similarities between the response and sound.

Timeless Gibson Craftsmanship

Gibson acoustic guitars have set their name in the market as instruments that have been handcrafted since day one.

The luthiers who work on Gibson guitars are well-trained and exceptionally skilled. All around the world, countless players have sought inspiration from the Gibson guitars.

As soon as you take a Gibson LG2 or any other Gibson acoustic in your arms, you sense the finest tonewoods, extraordinary quality of the hardware, and incredible work on the finish. The LG2 model of Gibson is bound to stand the test of time.


LG1 promises rich tones and suits the needs of anyone who intends to play mellow genres on this instrument.

On the other hand, players who have a thing for acoustics and need a long-lasting guitar can opt for Gibson LG2. It can serve them lifelong without compromising on the tone and quality.

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