Lutz Spruce vs Sitka Spruce – Which Tonewood Is Better?

Lutz Spruce vs Sitka Spruce
Lutz Spruce vs Sitka Spruce

Guitar tops are required certain consideration to make as they are needed to be the right thing for all the different features. You will need to make sure that you are considering the particularly durable guitar top, have the right elasticity in them, and can produce richer tones as well.

Moving forward, the guitar also has to do a lot with the design aesthetics and it should go with the overall design to make the guitar look better for it to blend in with your performance and not only that, but it will also inspire the right creativity that you need to create the music you are looking for. Lutz Spruce and Sitka Spruce are two types of wood that come from a tree from the genus Picea.

These trees are evergreen and are found in the northern temperate with low temperatures. They are highly effective as they allow you to have the right elasticity needed for all the different sorts of needs that one might be having for the guitar tops. There are a few key differences between the Lutz Spruce and Sitka Spruce and if you are looking to choose between them, here are a few things that you will need to know about.

A Lutz Spruce vs Sitka Spruce Comparison

Lutz Spruce

Lutz spruce is the species of spruce that you get from the hybrid of Sitka and White spruce. Lutz has the perfect balance for all these features that you get on both types of spruce and that makes it the perfect choice to have a guitar top made of Lutz Spruce. Lutz Spruce is found in Northern and Northwestern America.

It grows in the climate zones between the white spruce and Sitka spruce growing region and that makes Lutz Spruce being able to adapt all the features and it has superiorities to other species as well as the Spruce. The texture on Lutz Spruce is light but not like the White Spruce and that will allow the Lutz Spruce to have a good texture and the best feel on it.

Lutz Spruce when used for acoustic guitars makes these guitars a lot better in not only design and looks but it enhances the performance significantly as well. It has the best projection, creates the right volume on all these tones, and has better richness fortunes as well to get you the perfect feel that you might be looking for in a guitar. It goes well with almost all the playing styles and you are not going to face any sort of trouble at all if you choose to get the Lutz spruce guitar for yourself.

Sitka Spruce

Sitka Spruce is the wood type that is being used most commonly for a wide range of guitars and it is the proper thing to have since Sitka Spruce is found in abundance in the Northwestern North American region in the rainforests of Alaska and Canada.

That Is not all and they are simply the most affordable wood type that you can get to ensure that you are having the combination of tonewood standards required for your guitars and the contemporary aesthetics of the modern era on the same guitar.

Almost 80% of guitars are made with the Sitka Spruce as they are the best thing for all the different sorts of playing styles. Not only that, but you also get to enjoy the affordability of these guitars as they are the least expensive guitars that you can get your hands on out there.

Sitka Spruce stands to be the personal favorite of Bob Marley as it can take the light fingerpicking as well as aggressive playbacks all the same and the richness of tones that you get with the Sitka Spruce is irreplaceable.

The tones might not have that wide variety of shades on them if you think of it that way and that is the only downside of having the Sitka Spruce. If you are not that big fan of the looks and want to get your hands on some guitar that is perfectly fine to get the job done for you and is durable, better looking, and affordable then Sitka Spruce top on the guitar would be the perfect thing for you to have.


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