PureSalem Guitars: Bringing Back Vintage Designs!

Guitars. Probably the most iconic musical instrument ever.

A guitar is a piece of music history that anybody could relate to, from your grandpa to your kid. Yet it might appeal to them in several forms and shapes. The former might remember Chet Atkins or Charlie Parker, while the latter might be more impressed by a member of his favorite contemporary rock band. There is one thing, however, that everyone who is into guitars has in common: the passion for good old vintage guitars.

PureSalem Valiente Guitar Model
PureSalem’s Valiente Model

Don’t get me wrong, vintage guitars aren’t magically going to sound better and aren’t necessarily superior to modern instruments, but they do have their own unmistakable vibe. They have a history, marked by the checks on wood’s finish, on the color fading to a different tone, on the electronics and the magnetic pick-ups wearing out and offering a slightly more mellow and warm tone…

Whether vintage guitars are perceived as better for actual merits, for mere psychology…or for both, any guitarist would love to grab one of those like the Holy Grail. There is, however, a big problem: vintage models are often hard to come by and they cost several thousands of dollars, making for something of a collector’s item rather than a working player’s choice. This is why many manufacturers are offering reissues and replicas of the most popular vintage models.

PureSalem Guitars is a new and driven company from Florida, offering something truly unique: their own take on those offsets and “oddball” guitars that scream the 60s all over. From their take on beloved underdogs such as the Fender Jazzmaster or Bronco to completely psychedelic designs, PureSalem set out to come up with some incredibly cool designs with a lot of old school mojo.

PureSalem Brave Ulysses
PureSalem’s Brave Ulysses Model

Their gallery is absolutely stunning and their “small company” approach makes for an incredibly warm and personal approach!


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