Gibson Songwriter vs Hummingbird Guitar Comparison (Guide)

Gibson Songwriter vs Hummingbird
Gibson Songwriter vs Hummingbird

Gibson guitars have been around for quite some time now. There is no chance that anyone remotely interested in guitar playing might not have heard of this brand.

Taking factors like durability, performance, and affordability into account, Gibson manufactures quality guitars for everyone.

Users are not only satisfied with the utility, but they are also very fond of the Gibson designs. The inventory of Gibson is replete with a wide range of electric and acoustic guitars.

Therefore, you might encounter difficulty in choosing the right guitar for you.

However, there are subtle differences between every Gibson model. On the list of top-quality Gibson models, Songwriter and Hummingbird find themselves at the top. No matter which of these brands you choose, you are going to love playing it.

Before we jump on setting the comparison between the two of these guitar brands, the study of their individual features is worth considering.

Gibson Songwriter vs Hummingbird Guitar

Features Gibson Songwriter Gibson Hummingbird
Body Shape Square Shoulder Hummingbird
Top Sitka Spruce Solid Spruce
Back & Sides Rosewood Mahogany
Binding Multi-ply top, single-ply back Top: 6-ply Ivory/Black, Back: 2-ply Ivory/Black
Fingerboard Rosewood Pau Ferro

Gibson Songwriter

Gibson has set its name in the market with the consistent delivery of acoustic guitars. In comparison with the modern-day guitars, the Gibson Songwriter is classic enough to outshine everyone else in the competition.

No matter what the genre of the performer is, the square shoulder cutout of the Songwriter is perfect for that genre.

Body Style

Gibson Songwriter

The Gibson Songwriter ensures that the sound is well-balanced and fulfilling. The low end of most of the Songwriter models is pronounced.

The body shape of this Gibson adds to its versatility which in return makes it compatible to suit every playing style.


There is a notable bracing on the Gibson Songwriter. Made with Adirondack red spruce, the hand-scalloped X bracing style is a copy of bracing used in guitars of the ’30s.

You are bound to get the optimal sustain from this guitar because of the stiff and sturdy nature of the red spruce.


Gibson Songwriter Tonewood

The making of the Songwriter takes place using some of the quality tonewoods on the market. The top is made of Sitka spruce, and Indian Rosewood is implied for the back and sides.

Indian Rosewood is similar to Brazilian Rosewood in producing the same sound.

Playability And Sound

The compound radius fretboard is one of the top playability features of the Gibson Songwriter. With the help of this feature, you get low action on the neck and enable the electric playability of the guitar.

It is also easier to play string bends with the radiused fretboard. That’s not it. The round neck is another additional feature in improving playability.

Some of the players prefer slim necks, while others want their guitars with a classic acoustic neck. As far as the neck of Gibson Songwriter is concerned, it strikes a balance between both. This guitar has an average scale length of 25.5″.

The highs of the Songwriter are clear and a piano. Just like most of the Rosewood guitars, it has a well-defined and low tight end. The midrange is also not overwhelming. It is pretty adequate.

Finish And Appointments

On the list of the well-appointed guitars, you can find Gibson Songwriter on the top. There is a similarity between this model and the custom shop models.

The pickguard of this guitar is a unique tortoiseshell. Looking at its shape, you see that it is wavy-edged.

Gibson Songwriter Finish

The arrangement of the inlays is done in a diamond eye design. That’s what makes it unique from the fretboard inlays of the rest of Gibson models.

You also get a taste of sparkle from the abalone rosette. In addition, there is a bone nut and saddle that promotes tuning stability and ensures the authenticity of the acoustic sounds.

Just like the rest of the handmade Gibson acoustics, Songwriter is also hand-finished. However, the manufacturers have ensured that the design of the finish has minimal interference with the sound.

There are two finishes for the Gibson Songwriter, Antique Natural and Vintage Sunburst.

Gibson Hummingbird

Gibson Hummingbird

Hummingbird is a very popular round shouldered guitar from the famous brand Gibson, and this is considered to be the latest model from the brand. This guitar is much ahead of its competitor Songwriter. It is striking in every aspect.

A lot of iconic players, including Dave Grohl, Keith Richards, Tom Petty, and Sheryl Crow, have loved the ornate details and huge imposing frame of this guitar. The stunning sound produced by the Hummingbird is worth every penny.

The signature design on these guitars is something that any country guitarist is going to love, and you will certainly enjoy the aesthetics of this guitar.. There is a certain ease associated with its playability. Besides, it offers splendid value for the money.


The construction of the Gibson Hummingbird is pretty great, and you can feel the solidity in your guitar. You can expect any booming bottom; the large dreadnought body of the guitar will successfully deliver it.

When you have to do the strumming, you have got the volume to fill a room.

The solid top is a nice touch to the guitar that effectively alters the tone. The low mids can be a little boxy. The reason for it could be the thick finish. That being said, it wins over the rest of the guitar models in the weight class.


If you have to play in the local club, you can feel free to use Gibson Hummingbird because it provides the required loudness, sustain, and depth. There is proper maintenance of tone accuracy for the band playing on the stage.

You can also enjoy multiple aggressive styles on the Hummingbird. Whether you are having a jamming session in a studio or you have got some videos to record for your new album, you can learn plenty from the design aesthetics of this guitar.


The best thing about the Gibson Hummingbird is its comfortability to play. The lack of a cutaway and the bulky dreadnought design get compensated pretty well with the low weight of the guitar.

The depth of the body and the tonewood combination is another feature that adds more to the suitability of the Hummingbird for rock and country music. Your fingers are free of any extra tension while fretting, thanks to the patented neck profile.


The top of this electric acoustic is solid spruce, while the back and the sides are laminated mahogany. The composition of the nut and the saddle is top-quality PVC.

However, for the construction of the fingerboard and the bridge, Pau Ferro is used, which is usually referred to as the chapter variety of Rosewood.

Gibson Hummingbird Construction

The Gibson Hummingbird holds the ability to get ahead of plenty of the other guitars, thanks to its excellent retro style. It has amazing playability and builds quality. It is definitely a strong contender to the top-notch guitars on the market.


Gibson Songwriter is a visually stunning guitar that can deliver a natural sound that you can easily customize. On the other hand, lovers of accuracy and warmth in the sound can choose Gibson Hummingbird.

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  1. Hi. I’m Mark and im the proud owner of a songwriter. My mom before she passed away in 2006 handed me her plastic and said I could get any 2 guitars I wanted I bought the songwriter and a black es335 returned the 335 and got a epiphone casino if it’s good enough for the Beatles it’s good enough for me the hummingbird is a really nice guitar but I’d love to have a songwriter 12 string but no more money I still have my dreams. Maybe someday.

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