11 Websites To Learn Guitar String Bending Lessons Online (Free And Paid)

learn guitar string bending lessons online

learn guitar string bending lessons online

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When it comes down to guitars, the strings matter like water matters to us. Well, in laymen terms, strings are the ultimate components that create the sounds and melodies. Likewise, string bending is the guitar technique with which the fretted strings displaces to the vibrating length. The primary function is to enhance the pitch one or more notes.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that string bending technique will positively influence the lead guitar passage. With this being said, string bending has become a popular technique for country, blue, and rock guitarists. The prime reason behind the popularity is the expression string bending creates. 

As for the string bending concept, it’s pretty simple since the pitch is increased in accordance with higher tension. Also, there is no fixed pattern of string bending, because there is double-stop and single-string bends, along with oblique bends, unison bends, and ghost bends. However, the guitarists need proper information about the bends before trying to play them.

For that reason, we have added the websites to learn guitar string bending lessons (online and paid) to meet the diverse learning needs of guitarists. Let’s get to it!

11 Websites To Learn Guitar String Bending Lessons Online Review

1) GuitarTricks

guitartricks learn guitar string bending lessons online

If you want to learn the basics and fundamentals of string bending, there can be no better platform than GuitarTricks.com. That’s to say because there are around one-hundred string bending tutorials available to focus on different techniques.

For instance, the guitarists will learn how to boost the bending and how to implement bending techniques on third and fourth strings. Similarly, the string bending lessons are available for different guitar categories, such as country, rock, and acoustic.

Similarly, if you are interested in blues and classical guitar, GuitarTricks.com has got you covered with them as well. The best part of these tutorials is that it comes with string exercises, so students can gain practical skills.

GuitarTricks.com offers the certificates (yes, the gift ones) to ensure students have a proof that they have taken up the specific course. The availability of guitar chord chart at this platform allows the guitarists to struck the right chord with the strings.

There is a best songs tab on this website that allow the guitarists to learn how the string bending techniques can be implemented on songs. Also, the chapter system in these tutorials help focus on one technique at a time. All in all, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that GuitarTricks.com promise fastest learning outcomes without compromising on the quality.

2) Udemy

udemy learn guitar string bending lessons online

Whenever online learning is concerned, people are always going to opt for Udemy.com for two reasons. First of all, it’s pretty famous and the second is an extensive range of courses for everyone. As for string bending techniques, Udemy.com has thousands of course that helps focus on each and every part of the technique.

To begin with, Udemy.com has something for everyone which depicts that there are courses for everyone, ranging from beginners to intermediates, as well as advanced guitarists.

Second of all, Udemy.com curated the courses in variety of languages, so every guitarist can understand the techniques. As for the string bending courses, there are free as well as paid course available. The paid courses can be shortlisted as per the students’ budget.

In addition, the majority of courses are designed with practice tests that helps check the learning progress. There are quizzes as well that help check the weak spots, and learn the specific techniques again.

Above all, the videos come with subtitles for students who cannot listen to the instructors’ voice. Even more, students have the power to choose the string bending course based on the star ratings and duration of the videos. For remote access, Udemy.com has the smartphone app for Android as well as iOS users, so the instructional videos can be played on mobile phone screen.

3) Lynda

lynda learn guitar string bending lessons online

For everyone who needs a well-integrated and wholesome guitar playing experience, learning the string bending technique is essential. Similarly, you need to choose the right learning platform because it directly influences the singing outcome.

For this purpose, Lynda.com has everything you need to learn and improve the string bending lessons. This website is a fine choice for everyone because they have courses for advanced and beginner guitarists.

On the other hand, the string bending lessons are available for various guitar categories, such as acoustic, classical, and rock guitars. As for the string bending courses, there are more than one-hundred lessons available that helps learn new techniques for everyone.

The best thing about this website is that you can access the basic video lessons for free but the advanced courses are available in premium version. But again, even the premium version has a free trial available.

With Lynda.com, the training and exercises are accessible for students, so they can focus on mastering the practical techniques. Above all, there are various academic solutions are available for students, so they can choose the courses that meets their demands. Last but not least, one can choose the video lessons based on the course duration.

4) AndyGuitar

andyguitar learn guitar string bending lessons online

For everyone interested in guitar, learning how to bend the strings (aka string bending) is very crucial. That’s to say because it not only helps enhance the pitch but it also adds quality to the melodies and vocals.

For the most part, AndyGuitar.co.uk has got you covered with their string bending lessons. They have curated the module system in the lessons and courses. As a result, following the techniques and lessons will become easier than ever before.

With AndyGuitar.co.uk, students can access free and premium lessons, as per their needs. In terms of premium courses, the membership allows the users to access as many courses as they want but users can buy online one course if that’s what they want.

One of the most intriguing features of this website is that lessons can be streamed anywhere you want, be it the smartphone, Smart TV, as well as the laptop. There are eBooks available for building build the theoretical concepts.

The AAA membership offers access to every premium course and lessons at a fraction or cost. Also, with AndryGuitar.co.uk, students can pick up the lessons from where they paused the video. Nevertheless, there is a smartphone app available for people who like to access the video courses and lessons on smartphone.

5) ActiveMelody

activemelody learn guitar string bending lessons online

String bending techniques is becoming more popular with each passing day (for the right reasons, of course). For this purpose, the guitarists are always in search for string bending lessons that helps them improve the singing quality and notes.

For everyone like that, ActiveMelody.com is the right platform. That’s to say because there are half notes as well as note bend lessons. The best part is that ActiveMelody.com has free as well as premium courses available.

On the other hand, the premium lessons are paid. On the other hand, the student can access the premium membership for free (the free trial). In addition, there are tablatures available to focus on the practical skills.

Even more, ActiveMelody.com has MP3 jam tracks that help students how the string bending techniques can be implemented in songs. There is YouTube channel available that helps student access the free lessons that are suitable for beginners.

ActiveMelody.com has an interactive and intuitive forum that help students interact with each other and instructors as well. Above all, the micro-lessons on ActiveMelody.cm helps learn the techniques through simple and short lessons. To summarize, students will learn the practical techniques. Last but not least, the lessons are updated on a weekly basis.

6) JustinGuitar

justinguitar learn guitar string bending lessons online

For everyone who is interested in guitar and want to improve the string bending techniques, JustinGuitar.com is the right platform to begin with. We are absolutely in love with how this platform is catering to everyone, ranging from beginners to intermediate guitarists, and experts.

However, the string bending lessons are only available for intermediate and expert guitarists because it’s a hard skill to learn. Also, there are written techniques available to understand the theory.

JustinGuitar.com has added the exercises in the courses that motivate the guitarists to practice the techniques, resulting in better outcomes. In addition, there are notations and tablature available to learn the practical aspects of string bending.

There is a discussion tab on JustinGuitar.com where students can talk to each other and leave comments. All the courses on this website have modules, which creates the step-by-step learning experience.

On top of everything, JustinGuitar.com has a musicianship tab that ensures access to the music theory, ear training, and guitar techniques. In addition, there are tools available for students to learn the technical aspects of guitars and music. In case of any queries, the live Q&A sessions will be extremely helpful. Lastly, the forum is available for students to interact with each other.

7) GuitarMasterClass

guitarmasterclass learn guitar string bending lessons online

Every guitarist who needs to master the art of string bending techniques, GuitarMasterClass.net is the optimal platform to learn with. There are dozens of such courses available to meet the diverse needs of the guitarists.

The best thing about this website is that students can choose the course in accordance with the desired instructor. Also, GuitarMasterClass.net helps choose the courses as per the difficulty level, from 1 to 10.

GuitarMasterClass.net allows you to choose the string bending courses, as per the lesson type and music category. In addition, there is a spoken video function on this platform with which students can learn the techniques while on the go.

They have designed the YouTube channel available where basic videos are available for free. In addition, the forum on GuitarMasterClass.net allows to interact with each other and clear the confusions and questions, if any.

The lick of the day feature on this website will allow students to learn a new lick every day, along with the string bending techniques. The scale generator on GuitarMasterClass.net empowers the guitarists to work on the technical aspects. There are student reviews available on this website will help you see if courses are worth your time (with student feedback).

8) MusicRadar

musicradar learn guitar string bending lessons online

So, you are a guitarist who wants to learn and improve the string bending techniques; MusicRadar.com has got you covered. To begin with, students can sign up on the website with the email address and receive the lessons in inbox.

To be honest, this website is one of the most famous and effective ones out there. The best part about MusicRadar.com is that students can access the software for learning the technical aspects of guitar and music development.

Each course on MusicRadar.com comes with the target notes with which students will learn how to read and improvise the notes. The students will learn how to reinforce the bends.

MusicRadar.com has a subscription system that shares push notifications about new video lessons. The string bending lessons and courses are actually suitable for beginners, intermediate, and improviser guitars as well.

Even more, the buyer guides on this website helps guitarists to make sure they are choosing the right instrument. That’s an important section because choosing the right instrument is essential for optimizing the string bending lessons. Last but not least, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that MusicRadar.com provides a well-integrated learning and guitar experience.

9) DaveGuitar

daveguitar learn guitar string bending lessons online

Every guitarist who wants to enhance and master the guitar skills, building the string bending skills will be suitable. As a result, DaveGuitar.co.uk is the prime learning platform for everyone since they have a well-integrated learning experience for every skill level.

In simpler words, there are instructional guides available for beginners as well as advanced guitarists. Before we start with it, the string bending has become the unique technique.

DaveGuitar.co.uk has designed the YouTube channel that makes it suitable for beginners. That’s to say because the YouTube channel is suitable to teach the basic techniques for free. The best part if DaveGuitar.co.uk is that students can learn the hand positions and additional techniques.

In addition, there are backing tracks available for students, so they can learn the practical aspects of techniques. In simpler words, students will learn how to implement string bending techniques on songs.

Above all, the availability of the tablature helps master the practical techniques. Also, the backing tracks as well as tabs can be downloaded and one doesn’t even need to pay for it. There are one-on-one lessons available for string bending through Skype, so students can get vigilant learning experience. Last but not least, there are kids lessons available as well!

10) FretHub

frethub learn guitar string bending lessons online

For the guitarist looking for the comprehensive string bending techniques, FretHub.com is the ultimate learning platform. To begin with, this website will teach the techniques through a vibrato.

All the video lessons on this website are designed with in-depth demonstration, so students will learn the practical techniques. First things first, FretHub.com offers in-depth string bending lessons that helps learn how to pull off the techniques.

FretHub.com is a seamless website platform that help students learn how they can improve overall guitar techniques. In addition, they have a well-designated YouTube channel that helps students access the basic concepts and fundamental techniques that help build the foundations.

Also, these YouTube videos are available for free and will suffice the beginners. In terms of paid courses, the free trail period is available, so you can test the course before paying.

Above all, the string bending courses on FretHub.com are suitable for electric as well as acoustic guitar when it comes down to the beginners. In addition, the tablature is available for guitarists who need to learn how to read the notes and pitches. The best part is that they have designed DVDs, in case students want to watch the lessons on their TV.

11) Wyzant

wyzant learn guitar string bending lessons online

Whenever guitarists need to learn some techniques and skills, they switch to the courses but we think focusing on instructors is a much better approach. With this being said, Wyzant.com is the ultimate platform to find the right instructors for learning string bending lessons. That’s to say because Wyzant.com has various instructors on board and students can sign up for hourly lessons.

Also, the students are charged on per-hour basis, so you will only pay for what you learn. Wyzant.com has a search filter through which students can choose the instructor based on the day availability. In addition, the students can choose the male or female string bending instructor, whoever they are more comfortable with.

On top of everything, Wyzant.com allows access to the online videos and instruction through video conference, such as Skype and Zoom. Even more, the instructors have star ratings that will help decipher if instructors are reputed enough. All in all, there are additional learning resources available for building the concepts!

Choosing The Best Guitar String Bending Lesson Online

String bending lessons are perfect for guitarists who are trying to improve their pitch and notes. Consequently, it helps improve the singing quality of the songs and melodies.

On the contrary, if you couldn’t find the right platform or content to learn from, we tried to add the websites to learn guitar string bending lessons (free and paid) that meets the needs of different guitarists!

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