Choosing Between Pau Ferro vs Maple

pau ferro vs maple
pau ferro vs maple

While there was no specification of the wood or material in the past, history has seen the stringed instruments to be made out of stone and at times metal as well. Yet, with the passage of time and improvement in all the fields including music, and instrument manufacturing, usage of wood was discovered for the guitars as well, and now almost all the guitars that you can find out there are made out of wood.

Wood has several benefits and features that make it a perfect choice for you to be having for any sort of guitar including the perfect insulation, better resonance, echo, and a lot more that you will be enjoying if you choose a wooden guitar. Not to mention, the wooden guitars are also ergonomic, easy to carry and use and provide you with convenient posture so you can keep playing the guitar for your favorite genre.

You can do this without having to worry about a single thing at all. Yet, there are certain concerns as well that you will particularly need to be careful about including having the right type of wood on your guitar that suits your playing style and needs better. A wide range of wood types are being used today to manufacture these guitars and all of them are pretty cool.

It depends on what you’re playing or needs that you have to ensure that you are not missing out on any such thing. Pau Ferro and Maple are two of the most commonly used types of wood that you can get your hands on. If you are confused between these two to pick the best one that will be suiting your needs best when it comes to having the right guitar, here are a few things that you will need to understand.

Pau Ferro vs Maple Overview

Pau Ferro

Pau Ferro is the wood type that is native to Southern America and is widely used for guitar fingerboards for multiple reasons. It comes with generally two shades of brown, a darker and a slightly lesser dark one, and with that, you will be getting the freedom of choice to have your hands on the right option that will suit your needs perfectly. In addition to that, Pau Ferro is also the best thing that you can get for the fingerboards.

That’s because of its harder density and that allows you a firm posture on the fingerboard while at the same time, you get to enjoy the perfection of having stability with the board, and frets are installed precisely on the board so you don’t have to face any such difficulties while you are dealing with it. Moving forward, you will also get to enjoy the right sense of accuracy if you choose the Pau Ferro fingerboard guitar for any of those genres.

Due to higher density, it can absorb smaller frequencies and doesn’t resonate with them to ensure that you are not facing any such problems if you mistakenly touch or pick a string for some reason and with that, you get to enjoy the perfection of having the guitar played in the right manner. It can also be finished in different shades and colors and with that, you will be enjoying a smooth playing experience overall with your guitar.

Pau Ferro is quite popular with the Fender community and Fender manufactures some guitars with Pau Ferro on the fretboard. Yet, due to the high density, it is not being used by any of the manufacturers for the guitar body. If you are looking for durability, comfort, and accuracy at the same time while being on the budget as well, Pau Ferro would be the perfect choice for you to have them all in the same place without having to compromise.


Maple is another wood type that can be used for a wide range of timber-based applications and is considered to be one of the most widely used wood types for guitars. As Pau Ferro is known to be used on the guitar fingerboard and fretboard, the Maple is mostly used on the guitar body and specifically the back to ensure the perfect softness, resonance, and comfort on your guitar at the same time.

Maple is found all over the world and is pretty easy to source as well that making it the right choice for most guitar manufacturers and the unique wooden tone and touch on the maple is more than enough to make it work for any the s that you might be having. In addition to that, the Maple allows you to be enjoying the accuracy of having perfectly fine and clearer tones on the guitar.

That is the first preference for most guitarists and you will never have to face any problem with that part. Moving forward, you will also be enjoying a distinct feature with lighter tones and shades on the Maple wood guitars and that will be aesthetically great for any of those performances that you might have been planning for quite some time now and you have been looking for the perfect guitar to go with it.

Maple wood is the best thing that you can get and there are no second thoughts about it. With Maple being highly flexible and durable at the same time, the guitars made of maple tend to be great with all the different sorts of durability-related concerns and you will not have to worry about that part.

It’s a good choice if you are looking for a guitar that you can take out and use at different places since it can take a bit of beating without causing you any major trouble. Maple is also considered to be one of the cost-friendly options out there and with that, you will hardly have to miss out on a single thing if you choose to go with Maple and you want to make it work for any of the needs you might be having.


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