8 Solutions For Voicelive 3 On Acoustic Guitar Not Working Issue

Voicelive 3 Acoustic Guitar Not Working
Voicelive 3 Acoustic Guitar Not Working

When you first start out singing, an acoustic guitar may help you build your tone. Most novices favor this device because of its ease of use and excellent audio quality

So, instead of worrying about several specialized devices, you can start with an acoustic guitar. You’ll be able to polish your skills this way, and you’ll be able to buy a specialized device once you’re completely aware of its uses.

For a more aesthetic performance, you can use Voicelive 3 with your acoustic guitar.

What is VoiceLive3 Used for?

VoiceLive 3 is based on the core notion of “layers.” There are three design levels to consider: vocal, guitar, and looping.

VoiceLive 3 makes it simple to access presets, tones, and swaps among them, while also allowing for full customization of switch operations and comprehensive editing controls.

You can fully create your music with literally hundreds of effect combos and a variety of configurable settings.

VoiceLive 3 provides mind-blowing vocal effects that are more extensive than anything previously produced. It comes with 11 distinct effects modules, over 180 unique styles, and over 250 factory presets straight out of the box, through free downloads.

Having stated that, several people have inquired about Voicelive 3 on an acoustic guitar not working. If you’re having trouble with a comparable unit, the methods below may help you get rid of this issue.

Voicelive 3 Not Working on Acoustic Guitar

1. Check Guitar Cable

Check guitar cable

One of the most common causes of difficulties with the Voicelive 3 Acoustic guitar not working is a faulty guitar chord.

It’s also possible that you haven’t properly connected to the cable, or that something is blocking up the wire connections. As a result, when changing the guitar cable, make sure to verify the connecting points.

If you’re confident that the electrical connections are properly secured, then the only option is to replace the cord. If there are no hardware difficulties with the device, the guitar should start operating.

So, if you just got a new device and it’s having some issues, a new guitar cable could be a solution.

2. Remove Effect Pedals

Remove effect pedals

The pedal effects of Voicelive 3 combine your guitar and vocals into one unit, giving you access to a wide range of effects! But many users have also stated that they were experiencing similar issues as a result of faulty effect pedals between the instrument and the input.

So, if you’re using a similar arrangement and your guitar isn’t hooked directly into the input, that’s probably why you’re not receiving any sound from it.

So first, disable any additional effects that may have been applied between the device and the input, and then practice playing the guitar. There’s a strong possibility your problem will be resolved and you won’t be dealing with it again.

3. Fix Volume

There have been several complaints of people experiencing this issue as a result of volume control system faults. Rotating through the footswitches and increasing the volume may help you resolve this issue.

You may also check the owner’s handbook to see what the specifications are for the effect pedals and footswitch.

You must also ensure that the harmonies you are playing contain a base tone. This will help you narrow down the problem and get a better understanding of the true problem with the acoustic guitar not working with Voicelive 3.

4. Try Resetting

Most small and frequent difficulties with a gadget may be resolved by resetting it. Lots of new problems can arise as a result of recent modifications to the settings.

When a user messes with one mode or configuration, it might cause issues with others. All recent modifications are reverted to their initial state when you perform a reset.

To restore the factory settings of the VoiceLive 3, power on while constantly holding the trigger within the headphone socket with a toothpick or anything small, although you don’t need to exert much effort. With the Control Knob, select Factory Reset when “System Maintenance” is shown.

5. Check Mode

Incorrect setups on your device might also cause similar problems. So, if you’re certain that there are no hardware issues with the instrument and that the cable is in fine shape, double-check the controller setups.

There’s a significant probability you’re in tuning mode, which filters off the system’s sound.

By pushing the Preset up/Preset down footswitches at the same time, you will activate Tuner mode, which will mute the guitar sound.

Acoustic Guitar Play

You’re in tuner mode whenever you notice a guitar tuner on the display and also the preset up or preset down buttons’ LEDs are solid red.

Fortunately, you may prevent this problem with the help of a footswitch. By pressing the FX switch simply once, you should be able to exit Tuner mode and the machine will resume normal operation.

6. Turn off the Lock Mode

Voicelive 3 has multiple modes that allow users to maximize their creativity and come up with unique sounds. For instance, you can easily hook up an additional amp and “lock” your Voicelive, essentially diverting control towards the amp.

That’s why sometimes causes a problem as well, preventing clear sound. You should consider disabling lock mode on your Voicelive to see if that fixes the issue.

In some cases, even a simple thing like using a faulty cable or not tightening up the cables can result in an issue.

7. Additional Troubleshooting

  • Try with an alternative microphone.

New microphone

  • Hold down the Setup button.
  • Follow the directions on the screen.
  • Click on the Input tab and set the Input type option to “Condenser.”
  • Make sure your guitar’s volume is all the way up.

8. Contact Customer Service.

In most cases, simply examining the cable, removing effect pedals, resetting the device, changing the mode setting and increasing the volume would resolve the problem.

However, if you’re caught in the difficulty and can’t seem to find a solution, it’s possible that you’re struggling with internal hardware issues.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to resolve these issues on your own, and obtaining assistance from a professional should expedite the troubleshooting process.

Customer service

So, if you have a warranty, call your dealer right away. The specialists will assist you with a variety of troubleshooting methods to help you get ahead of the specific issue with your acoustic guitar. All you have to do is dial the company’s phone number or send an email to customer service.

Include images of the present setups and a full explanation of the problem. That way, it will be much simpler for support staff to pinpoint the issue and recommend troubleshooting procedures that can quickly solve your Voicelive 3 Acoustic guitar.


VoiceLive 3 is extremely reliable, simple to use, and straightforward to set up both on stage and at home. It assists in the improvement of Acoustic guitar usage.

Aside from a few minor flaws, it is a great buy with a highly precise harmony setup. It is very well-designed for live performance, with excellent sound and several connectivity possibilities, including MIDI.

VoiceLive 3 also provides studio-quality vocal and guitar effects, as well as a sophisticated looper, allowing guitarists to sound like professionals. Sometimes it can face issues but with the above mentioned troubleshooting techniques, it will be easily resolved.

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