All About Raven West Guitars

All About Raven West Guitars
All About Raven West Guitars

Choosing the ideal guitar, whether you are buying one for yourself or someone else, could be challenging. It’s simple to become bogged down in information in many sizes and styles.

One of the most gratifying pastimes is playing the guitar. As long as you choose the correct instrument, gradually raising your learning curve in the beginning, is extremely simple.

In order to make your selection simple, we’ve laid out a very easy-to-follow approach based on our more than 30 years of industry and technological knowledge.

This guitar buying guide will assist in streamlining the process of choosing the ideal guitar from Raven West for you, from deciding between varieties and styles to choosing between guitar sizes.

All About Raven West Guitars

There are well-known companies that have been in business for more than a century, as well as a few independent businesses run by a single person who creates entirely customized musical instruments and everything in between.

Raven West Guitar

According to our decades of research on this subject, Raven West is a reliable guitar manufacturer. They are a medium-sized eBay-based company that manufactures musical instruments with some really exceptional features for unbelievably low prices.

Raven West Guitars is about as little as it gets. Raven West Guitars are renowned for their great deals on quality, functionalities, and aesthetics not commonly found at prices so accessible.

Although Raven West Guitars are acquired from several countries (including China, Indonesia, and Korea), they are delivered, checked, and set up in the USA to be reliable, consistent instruments.

In general, the outcome is unexpected, especially when you consider the cost.

The Origins and Advancement of Raven West

The Great West Imports Limited, a prominent and well-known music industry distributor with offices in New Westminster, British Columbia, and Vancouver, used the Raven brand as its house name.

It was founded in the middle of the 1960s. It had a reputation for producing inexpensive guitars that resembled Gibson, Epiphone, Fender, and many other popular guitar types.

Although some of its manufacturing operations were eventually moved to Korea, Raven guitars were first made in Japan. The business also makes traditional, electric, and bass guitars in addition to acoustic guitars sold in the USA and Canada.

The lovely notion that one dead tree may be given new life in various forms inspired the Raven guitar’s creation. When the owner and founder of the company, RAVEN, was involved in a murder-suicide, the situation became tragic.

Following that, Raven West was created. Since then, Raven West Guitars has been slightly more prominent and has also taken its time when it comes to introducing new models.

Despite all the tragedy, the company’s guitars continue to have their high quality and the same competitive costs.

Design & Architecture

Raven West Design

The Raven West Guitars from the mid-2000s are rather basic: engraved top, single cutaway, two humbuckers—you get the idea! They look like striking guitars, as do many RWGs.

Their carved top has highly intricate etching that gives them a unique appearance. They have a rich, clear tone with outstanding durability.

Although the default humbuckers are more than enough, upgrading with aftermarket pickups would be simple. In fact, all of the hardware/parts are functional and can be readily replaced if necessary.

Raven West guitars are excellent players for setup.

Their intonation is appropriate, and the action is low and friendly. From the fingerboard’s top to bottom, notes can be heard as needed. The pickguard and the spaces into each strap button on Raven West guitars exhibit uniqueness.

The Thin line plays well with low motion and the best neck comfort. With ten gauge strings in standard tune, Raven West Guitars are correctly set up and intonated.

Sound Effects

The Raven West Guitars’ bass balances really well because of the body’s weight. There isn’t even a slight neck dive, and their tones are remarkably adaptable.

With just a slight turn of the dial, you can feel a significant difference between the two pickups’ tones.

The inlay work on the guitars is also done rather well. Although it occasionally seems forced, it never disrupts gameplay or creates any problems.

The sound is excellent when the split feature is used, allowing you to extract the best sound from your guitar and create some fantastic music.

However, without the split option, the sound becomes a bit abrasive and makes any kind of music you wish to create seem a little crunchy.

Overall, very few guitars on the market sound better than this model, and you can also say the same thing about many other Raven West Guitar models.


Nearly all of their guitars have excellent playability. Their guitars’ body designs make them quite simple to hold and tune and fairly pleasant to work with.

If you don’t like heavy guitars, you might have one major issue: Raven West Guitars tend to be rather heavy. Some of their guitars might not be the best choice if you struggle to play heavier guitar models.

Raven West Guitar Models and Specifications

As indicated above, all of the guitars sold by raven west guitars—which specializes primarily in electronic guitars, acoustic guitars, bass guitars, and classical guitars—have excellent features.

However, their electronic guitars stand out. Both their electric guitars and most of their guitar models have six strings.

The examples and characteristics for each are listed below:

  • Raven West Acoustic Guitars

Since Raven is known for producing affordable guitars, their acoustic instruments often have a laminated body instead of a solid one.

The Raven A-201, a replica of a Gibson dreadnought acoustic guitar, is one of their more famous acoustic guitars. Even after all these years, it still has the recognizable headstock with the central image of the raven.

A pickguard is included, and the fingerboard is constructed of rosewood. If you stand far enough, it resembles a Gibson dreadnought guitar.

The Raven A-203Y, a clone of the Gibson Hummingbird, is another acoustic guitar that the company was able to produce.

Raven West also made some parlor acoustic guitars in addition to their dreadnought models. They are more sturdy than other inexpensive acoustic guitars since the neck is made of metal.

These acoustic guitars are more of a duplicate of the parlor guitars made by Gibson, the slim line acoustic guitars.

  • Raven West Classical Guitars

The business also produced a few classical guitars with top-notch nylon strings. Since most of these guitars lack strengthened necks, it is best to avoid using steel strings to harm the instrument.

These acoustic guitars were produced in the 1970s, just before the company’s output ceased and the owner’s son took over the charge.

Raven Classical

Raven West Electric Guitars

Some premium guitar brands, including Gibson and Epiphone, have been imitated by The Raven guitars.

They successfully created a less expensive Gibson ES-175DN, an electronic archtop guitar. It includes a superb tremolo mechanism, two humbuckers, and gold-plated fittings.

Raven Guitars also produced some Les Paul and SG knockoffs. It has three single-coil pickups, one volume button, two-toned dials, and a vibrato bridge, just like a Strat. Just a three-way switch distinguishes it from a strat.

Raven West Bass Guitar

A bass guitar by Raven West is a replica of the famous Hofner violin bass guitar. Since Paul McCartney of the Beatles frequently played this type in live and recorded concerts, these bass guitars have grown in popularity.

These Raven bass guitars feature their distinctive headstock designs.

Additionally, Raven produced bass guitars that were exact replicas of Fender Jazz bass guitars. Despite having two pickups that resemble humbuckers, this guitar only has single-coil pickups. Additionally, it includes two pickup on/off switches.


Before all else, working with Raven West Guitars isn’t an unpleasant experience at all; on the contrary, it may be creative and enjoyable. Because the customer is virtually always satisfied, there is a reason why they don’t have many unfavorable evaluations.

ou shouldn’t expect the guitar to make you a great musician on its own; the guitar is only as excellent as the player who plays it.

7 thoughts on “All About Raven West Guitars”

  1. I bought one of the 300DX Raven West Guitars around 17 years ago. While the quilted maple top with mahogany back and neck were very good quality, the hardware and electronics left a lot to be desired. I upgraded everything for around $300 to Gotoh tuners, bridge and tailpiece, as well as Alpha pots with Vitimin C caps and a set of Seymour Duncan Pearly Gates pickups I had in my parts box. In the end, I bought the guitar on eBay for $350,and put another (approx) $300 into it. I would argue that it plays better that the Gibson Les Paul Studio and Les Paul Standards that I also have. It’s a pretty heavy guitar, but I think that’s part of what gives this guitar its unique tonal qualities. I’m glad I bought it, and I won’t be getting rid of it.

  2. I have a 5 Raven string bass that needs some replacement electronics and hardware, where does one find replacement stuff for this guitar? The pre-amp/controls is what I really need, cant seem to find, and it does not look as if Raven offers support for post sale replacement parts.

  3. I own 3 RWG guitars and have to agree with Bobbie Sears (above), “they play just as good and some times better than most top line USA guitars”. I’ve been playing over 45 years and feel lucky to have gotten 2 of my RWG’s when they were in production. An RM12 in lizard quilt, and an RG6900 6 string with a licensed Floyd Rose tremolo. As well, I was lucky enough to find a mint RM300DX this last year that I missed when they were in production by literally weeks as the last one in stock had been sold little over a month before I inquired.

    The one I found was originally purchased while in production and played twice. The man never pursued learning to play beyond those two sessions and simply put it in his closet in the original box and basically forgot about it. I have a collection of more than 30 guitars. A few now out of production, and many high end well know brands and styles. Point is, I think I have a valid, experienced opinion about RWG guitars. Again, “they play just as good and some times better than most top line USA guitars”. I wouldn’t sell mine for 5 times what they costs new.

    There’s a reason you rarely see them for sale, and that is, anyone who knows a fine instrument and plays it simply doesn’t let it go. I’ll never sell mine and always be on the lookout for other rare opportunities. My 2¢!, if you find one snatch it up and realize why you rarely see them listed for sale. They are fine instruments! Sadly the demise of the company came about under tragic circumstances. A great historic loss to the music industry as a whole, and to knowledgeable guitarists around the world. There’s no connection between RWG of the past and Raven guitars of today. RWG sadly died along with it’s original creator/designer.

    The author said it well when he said; “You shouldn’t expect the guitar to make you a great musician on its own; the guitar is only as excellent as the player who plays it”.

  4. I have 2 of them one was able to be made perfect in everyway with some love and time, the other is a good player not perfect but at the price I paid it’s fantastic. I could have paid 10 times easy for a fender.

  5. I Purchased one Years ago a RWG model it was horrible, So bad my luthier couldn’t fixit . maybe they got better I would not chance. Buy a real good jackson or schector <!!!

  6. excellent info . I own 3 RWG guitars They are my favorites and they play just as good and some times better than most top line USA guitars. I have been playing for over 30 years and highly recommend RWG to any level musician. They are priced fairly and they are as unique as they look. Recently my lizard quilt R300 lp style unit got knocked over and the G string tuner broke off at the head of the tuner instantly. I cannot find a replacement that will be an exact copy and it is powdered gold finish. Does anyone know what the parts contact person is at their company. I am willing to pay top dollar to anyone that might be able to help me find an exact replacement tuner again it is the string tuner. its for the rg300 lizard quilt les Paul style it was purchased around 10 years ago and I need some help. My email is [email protected]. Please help. Thank you.! Rock on…

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