Epiphone vs Agile Guitar Comparison- Which Brand Is Better?

epiphone vs agile
epiphone vs agile

There are certainly some guitar manufacturing brands out there because you are getting the best features on all of them, but there are certainly a lot more features than the brand only that you will need to consider. If you are looking to get your hands on a guitar, you will need to check on the brand thoroughly to make an effective decision for yourself.

With hundreds of different brands out there, you can certainly get confused as to which guitar you might want to buy to have the perfect experience for you. Epiphone and Agile are two such guitar manufacturers that you can choose from, and they are certainly some of the best guitar manufacturers out there.

Both are considered to be competitors, but you will certainly need to ensure that you are learning all about them if you want to get the best possible experience from the guitar that you are going to buy since that is certainly an important decision. A few things to know about the Epiphone and Agile to know which one would be a better pick for you are:

Comparison Between Epiphone vs Agile

Epiphone Guitar

Epiphone is originally a Turkey-based guitar manufacturer that is offering their products all across the world and you will certainly be getting the right experience out of them. Epiphone has been in the business since 1873 and they have moved to NY back in 1908 and have been offering their products out of Nashville, TN ever since. Yet, you will be able to find Epiphone guitars all across the world.

That’s because they have managed to retain customer satisfaction and you will be enjoying a perfect touch of contemporary features and older looks that will be the best combination for softer genres such as pop or folk. Epiphone guitars had the parent organization Gibson and that is why you will be getting some vibes from Epiphone guitars. These are similar to the Gibson, but you will certainly be getting most of the modern features on these guitars.

They have also picked the famous Gibson Les Paul and added some of the design features of Epiphone to make them look more appealing. In addition to that, you will be able to get Acoustic, Single Cut, Electric, Archtop guitars from Epiphone. These allow you to enjoy the right freedom of choice and pick the guitar that will suit your needs.

You can also get some bass guitars and merch that will allow you to enjoy a far better experience than any other guitar manufacturing brand out there. Since they are a premium brand, there are hardly any issues with the durability or features, all you will need to make sure is that you are picking the right model and you will be able to enjoy the guitar playing experience with the Epiphone guitars.

Agile Guitar

Agile guitars are essentially designed by Rondo Music and it is one of the most popular Korean brands out there. The most interesting part is that Agile guitars or Rondo guitars don’t have a manufacturing facility of their own, and their guitars are manufactured at the same plant that manufactures the guitars of all the other Korean brands. That might be a bummer for some of the guitarists.

But it makes the choice easier for some of the people out there since if they don’t like the overall build quality or the Korean guitars, it would be easier for them to avoid agile guitars. Yet, the best thing about Agile guitar is that you not only get a wide range of options on them with the design aesthetics that allow you to enjoy the best of pop music since Korean pop is being appreciated all over the world.

But, you will also be able to choose the features and get a fully customized experience. That means the customization options on Agile guitars are not just limited to the dynamics and design, but you will also be getting options to enjoy picking all such features such as tuners, and controls that you want to add to your guitar and that will be the best thing to have the personalized experience that one can seek from their guitar.


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