Indian Laurel vs Rosewood: Which Material Is Better?

indian laurel vs rosewood
indian laurel vs rosewood

Different types of wood have been used for the guitars ever since they were made and there have been lots of experiments going on as well that made it easier to know which of the wood types are more durable, efficient, and can help in producing better tunes on the guitar. It is not only about the durability while you are choosing the guitar wood type, but there is a lot more to it.

The guitar wood type defines the design aesthetics, the feel of your guitar in your hand, and most importantly the tonal characteristics that you will be getting out of your guitar once you are playing it. The guitar wood type has a great impact on the resonance, bass, tones effect, and of course the echo

So, that is why you need to make the right decision while choosing the guitar wood type to ensure that you can play it as you want to and get the perfect experience off your guitar. A few such things to know about Indian Laurel and Rosewood to ensure that you are picking the right choice for your guitar that is going to help you out perfectly would be:

Indian Laurel vs Rosewood Comparison

Indian Laurel

Indian Laurel is a tree that is scientifically known as Ficus Microcarpa and is native to China, Central Asia, Tropical Asia, and Australia. The wood has certain elasticity in it that makes it the perfect thing to be placed on the guitar fretboards to enjoy the right tension on strings and it makes it easier for you to feel the guitar when your fingertips touch the fretboard since it is soft to touch.

At the same time, Indian Laurel is highly durable and it can maintain the right tension between the strings of your guitar so you have just the perfect experience that you might be seeking. The right elasticity and rigidness combined help you to not only get the perfect tunes on your guitar when you are picking those strings.

But, you will also be enjoying the right pleasure of having the best intonation and to keep it like that unless you loosen the strings yourself. Indian laurel is medium brown and is mostly used with guitars that require to have a bit lighter finish on their fretboards. Of course, the fretboard can be painted.

But, the wood is mostly polished to ensure that an authentic wooden look is kept intact while making the guitar look better at the same time. The Indian laurel tunes are almost similar to the Rosewood, but not as good and you can consider it an option if you are on a budget.


Rosewood is referred to as several richly hued timbers and is found on highly specific wood types from the trees known as Bubinga. The species is endangered and there was a ban on cutting it down or shipping it overseas, however, the ban was lifted back in 2019 since they managed to save it, and ever since Rosewood has become legal for guitar and other musical instruments.

Although, the use remains limited to guitars and other musical instruments only and you get to find it scarce on the guitars as well. Rosewood is a bit darker than the Indian Laurel and has certain natural patterns on it that make the fretboard look pretty cool and have tons of value to the overall design aesthetics of any guitar that you might plan on using it.

The best thing is the unique tonal frequency and spectrum that makes rosewood the best possible choice to have on your guitar fretboard since there is hardly anything that can beat the rosewood tones. That is why rosewood guitars are considered royalty and luxury and are well priced for that as well.

Yet, it would be worth it to get your hands on a guitar that has rosewood on the fretboard since it is worth each penny being paid for and you get to enjoy just the perfect experience that you might be seeking to make it all possible for you. If you are not on a budget and want the best graphics as well as tones on the guitar, rosewood is the choice to go for.


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