20 Best White Violin Reviews 2021

Best White Violins

Best White Violins

When it comes to creating unique and classy music, nothing can beat a good old violin. Violins are beautiful instruments that have been in use since the 16th century. The instrument has now gained a lot of popularity. Violins are mostly used to create music for sad scenarios. However, it can also be used to create other types of music as well. A lot of songs and movie scores we hear these days have violin music in them. Violins also have a great presence in the opera scene. White Violins are some of the best violins in the market. They are known for their awesome looks and unique playability.

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What is the Best White Violin to Buy?

2) Crescent 4/4 Full-Size Student White Violin

  • Smooth Glossy Finish
  • Digital e-tuner to Aid for Playing Exact Note
  • Alloy Tailpiece with 4 Fine Tuners
  • Ideal for Beginner Players

1) Mendini by Cecilio 1/2 MV-White Violin

  • Metallic White Varnish
  • Good Shock & Abrasion Resistant
  • Solid Spruce Top & Maplewood Back and Sides 
  • Affordable Price

3) Cecilio Style 2 Ebony Fittings White Electric Violin

  • Pearly White Outlook
  • Solid Maplewood Body
  • Sound Control to Prevent Disturbing Others
  • Suitable for All Classes of Players

The violins we see these days are more advanced than the old form of violins. Not only has their creation process changed but they also score high in quality assurance. If you are looking for a white violin, then you should definitely make a trip to your local music store. Even if you find your desire violin or not, you will still get a lot of information about violins from the music store owner. If you find the white violin you are looking for then well and good. However in case you don’t find what you are looking for then you can always try to look for your desired product online. Ordering from online stores is a great experience in itself.

You will be shown a variety of different white violins in the online marketplace. Not only does your choice of products increase but you also get to find the item that is available at the most reasonable price. You should read the features; check the reviews from existing customers, read the policies of the company and the products. Once you have done all that and if you are still satisfied with the respective brand then you should order your desired white violin. A great thing about ordering from online stores like Amazon is that they deliver the product right at your doorstep. So you don’t have to physically visit any music store. Let’s take a look at some of the best white violins on Amazon and other online marketplaces.

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20 Best White Violin Reviews

1) Mendini by Cecilio 1/2 MV-White Violin

MV violin comes in a metallic white varnish. This varnish gives an apparent shine to the violin and makes it look refreshing. It is carved by hand with a solid spruce top and the back and sides are built from maple. The maple back and sides make it crisper and brighter. The advantage of having maple wood is that it is exceptionally good at resisting shock and abrasion.

This violin has four fine tuners fitted in the tailpiece that is made of alloy. Therefore, these four fine tuners make it easier to tune the violin and make it easier for you to get the most accurate pitch. It comes with a lightweight hard case, rosin, and an extra set of string, adjustable shoulder rest and a Brazilwood bow made from horsehair.

This violin is uncomplicated in form and easy to handle. Therefore, making it extremely convenient for students who are at the initial stage. It fits people’s unique and diverse preferences. One thing that makes it even more appealing is that it comes at an affordable price. The Mendini ½ MV is not only structurally made well but it also is a beautiful piece to look at. This instrument has a one-year warranty in case of defects.

2) Crescent 4/4 Full-Size Student Violin

The Crescent Violin is a full-size violin that has a white and black finish that showcases a simple look. It is a classical violin which is perfect for beginners who want to excel in playing this instrument. It comes with a durable cover case which protects the violin and allows players to carry it easily. This violin also comes with a digital e-tuner that helps you play the desired tone you want. The screen on the e-tuner shows players which direction to go to hit the exact note they want. This enables beginners to enhance their violin playing skills.

An alloy tailpiece is placed on the violin which comes with 4 additional fine tuners. These tuners let users play tunes according to how they want to. The tuners can be adjusted easily so players can tune their violins to their preferred taste. All of the material used in making the body of the violin is natural. The material used to make the back and sides of the violin is good quality maple wood. The top of the violin is made with solid spruce which aids the sound creation of the instrument. A high-quality bow and rosin are also included in this violin kit.

3) Cecilio Style 2 Ebony Fittings White Electric Violin

This Cecilio violin comes in a beautiful pearly white color. It is unique in its qualities. One quality that is worth mentioning is that it can be set to the volume you want it to be. If you’re practicing and don’t want to disturb the people around you, the sound control is the perfect feature that lets one practice their skills without bothering others. The violin is created in a way that it functions as extraordinarily as it is styled with mother of pearl inlay.

The jack of 1/8 that is featured enables its users to attach it to other guitar amps. The headphone jack is built to let one practice and the jack with line-in is the best feature as it allows you to practice while a song plays in the background. It is offered in various numbers of sizes and so one can choose whatever fits their height and hand size in the best way possible. It also ensures that its user is in the most comfortable position possible so that the best results are produced.

It is perfect for those who are amateur students, those playing at an intermediate level and also for professional players; it accommodates violinists of every level.

4) Mendini Full Size 4/4 MV White Violin

The violins manufactured by Cecilio are inspected by technicians to ensure their high standard quality and sound. This specific model of Mendini is a size 4/4 which is the full size. This hand-carved violin has a solid spruce top, with maple sides and back. It finishes off with an exquisite varnish and inlaid purfling. Maple wood is used for the pegs, chin rest and the fingerboard. The alloy tailpiece that comes switches it is fitted with four fine tuners.

The bow is exceptionally high quality, manufactured from Brazilwood and unbleached genuine horsehair. The whole set consists of an adjustable shoulder rest with soft foam padding, two bridges, high-quality rosin, an extra set of violin strings and violin first lesson book. The lightweight hard case for the violin has pockets, backpack, and shoulder straps to make it easy to carry around.

This model has an impeccable depth of sound and the execution is stunning. One good thing about this is that it can hold its tune for weeks. The Mendini violins come at an affordable price, which makes it open to a whole variety of people. The investment in Mendini 4/4 MV would help you achieve an experience before leading on to get a professional violin player.

5) Cecilio Solid Wood Violin (Electric) Ebony Fittings Style 1

The Cecilio Violin with ebony fitting’s best feature is its ability to operate excellently, producing the best sound irrespective of where it is being used. Its structure is hand-carved with maple wood which is solid and has an inlay made of pearls. The beautiful white violin produces the same melodious sound whether it’s being used to practice, for recording in a studio, or for performing live.

It includes a lightweight, easy-to-carry-around hard case that is lightly padded along with rosin, bridge, bow, headphones and a cable. It is offered in several sizes, the amount of options provides users with the opportunity to choose one that suits them in the best way possible. One of its most useful attributes is sound control which ensures that the violinist can practice freely without worrying about who they’ll disturb.

The violin can be connected to other guitar amps and PA systems with the help of its 1/8 jack that it comes with. This beautiful violin caters to violinists of every level: students, intermediates and professionals. The in-line jack makes it possible to practice with music playing in the background. It offers not only the best functions and style but also comes with a 1-year warranty.

6) Cecilio CVN-300 Accoustic/Electric Violin

The Cecilio CVNAE is an acoustic as well as an electric violin. One of the most popular models from the Cecilio Musical Instruments, the Cecilio CVN-300 is specially hand wrought to suit the needs of a beginner. CVNAE violin has ebony pegs, fingerboard, chin rest and tailpiece with 4 nickel-plated fine tuners. These fine tuners make it convenient for you to tune your strings perfectly.

This model is strung with D’Addario Prelude strings, which are one of the best strings for a violin. The solid spruce top, handcrafted pale sides, and back are complimented perfectly by the antique white varnish. The hand-inlaid purfling indicates the quality of the instruments because most inexpensive violins stimulate the appearance with paint instead of purfling.

This violin package includes VNC-30C lightweight foam fitted hard case, adjustable shoulder rest with soft foam padding, a bridge, high-quality rosin, and an AUX cable. The Cecilio CVN 300 is an ideal model for anyone who is just starting to learn the violin. It is a reliable and durable instrument that doesn’t hinder the student’s development. It has a remarkably bright and warm tone and emphasized clarity in the sound.

7) Cecilio Solid Wood White Electric Violin with Ebony Fittings Style 3

The Cecilio violin with solid wood pearl is an amazing instrument. It is popular for its excellent music quality and its 9 AV battery that lasts very long. The stunning white instrument is consistent in its quality of sound, irrespective of how it’s used. It has the best volume when it is used for practicing, played live or used to record within a studio.

The Cecilio violin has a solid hand-carved body made out of maple wood. Among other excellent features, it includes a Brazilwood bow made of genuine Mongolian horsehair, a bridge, headphones, and an aux cable. This Cecilio violin isn’t just built for one group but is useful to all: students, intermediates and professionals.

The jack of 1/8” is included in its amazing features that allow its user to plug it in other guitar amps. A padded lightweight cover is also included along with rosin and a bridge. The best quality of this violin is its volume control feature which makes it possible to practice on it while being sure that no one else is being disturbed by the sound. It is best suited for every level violinist because of its easy to use functions that work excellently.

8) Cecilio Solid Wood Pearl White Violin

This beautifully crafted violin is hand-carved, made out of maple wood. Its body is designed with an ebony board and along with it is an inlay made out of pearls. A 9V high power long-lasting battery is also included along with a hard case which is very easy to carry because of its lightweight nature.

The violin produces the best quality sound whether you’re practicing, recording in the studio or are playing it live. The amazing feature of sound control allows you to adjust the volume as you want so that you can practice playing the violin without having the fear of bothering others with its sound. You can choose a well-suited violin by picking one that is best for you if you are left-handed or right-handed; it takes into account every unique person’s need and also comes in different sizes.

The violin is perfect for beginners, intermediates and those who have mastered the craft of violin playing; it’s best suited for all because the way it is composed isn’t complicated or technical. The line-in jack is also another feature that is to be appreciated for allowing the user to practice violin with their favorite track in the background. It has the best quality and also comes with a 1-year warranty.

9) Kinglos White Blue Flower Colored Violin

The Kinglos blue flower colored violin is made from the solid wood. That violin is provided with electric, silent kit that includes some full-sized ebony accessories and fittings. The blue floral pattern is printed with the help of the technological coloring system of the Kinglos. This coloring method ensures to dock and locate the pigment networks and wooden texture on the body of the violin.

The Kinglos violin stands out due to its traditional electronic violins that are more beautiful and are individualized based on the design. The blue and white flower colored violin is made up of a solid spruce wooden body that is all handcrafted. A fingerboard of ebon, chin rest and some pegs are also provided, along with 4 fine detachable tailpieces to keep the violin away from being damaged.

The pickup system is wonderful due to the active pickups of about 300 VPU with volume and tone tuners, line out sockets, microphones, mic, and on-off switch. Since this is an electric violin, therefore 9V batteries are inserted for the power that is not included with the kit. Other accessories include bow, rosin, shoulder rest, aux cable, a set of strings and some extra bridges for safety.

10) Kinglos Sunflower Colored Violin

The Kinglos Sunflower colored violin has a pure white base that has sunflowers printed on the body. The color and the texture of the body of the violin are done in the most unique ways. The coloring technology ensures to locate and dock the pigment networks and the texture of the wood. The solid acoustic wooden violin is provided with the most unique and enhanced electric violin kit along with Ebony's full-sized fittings.

The tone and sounds of the violin are of top quality, and being a Kinglos violin it is made in the most traditional ways to make the violin more beautiful and individualized. The top of the violin is made up of the solid spruce that is handcrafted. The sides and back are of Maple with some amazing fittings of ebony that help to strengthen and the parts of the violin more stable.

The best acoustic features and properties are offered that include 4 fine tuner ebony tailpieces that are the most suitable parts for the student violinists, professional players and is also a qualified violin for the beginners. The pick-up system of the violin has amazing features with a perfect tone tuner and volume. Some accessories are also provided that include and aux cable, rosin, case, bow, a shoulder rest, extra bridges and some set of strings.

11) Teekland New 4/4 Acoustic Violin

The full-size Teekland violin is an acoustic violin, which comes in pure white color. The hollowed body of this violin is made to amplify the vibrations of the string. Composite wood is used to manufacture the head, back, and sides of the violin. Unlike other violins, the fingerboard, pegs, chin rest and tailpiece are all made from plastic. The plastic fingerboard and tailpiece make it easy to carry around and use as a learner.

The bow is built from high-quality Arbor and white horsehair, the Arbor allowing the bow to give strong and stable grip. Regardless of that, the Arbor bow is gentle on the fingers and gives a bright sound. Another thing that comes, as a gift, is glassy orange rosin. In addition to that, the set includes a case, which has a very soft interior to protect the violin from any damage.

This acoustic violin set is sure to be on the wish list of anyone who considers themselves a violin enthusiast. This is the perfect violin to make use of while developing the interest of students or getting a beginner’s attention. Regardless of the plastic fingerboard or inexpensive price, this violin performs all the basic functions of a violin.

12) Cecilio L4/4CEVN-L1W Electric Violin

The Cecilio L4 is an electric left-handed violin in size 4/4. The electric violin provides outstanding functionality. This violin allows you to practice, however long you want without distracting others. It is varnished with a pearl white color. This color gives this violin purity and beauty that is unmatched.

The solid maple wood body of the violin is hand-carved. The fingerboard is constructed from a dense black/brown hardwood and the tailpiece is decorated with mother of pearl inlay. The mother of pearl inlay gives an antique and sophisticated vibe to the tailpiece. The mother of pearls also is said to be a soothing and stress relieving stone. The 9V Alkaline battery is used to power the violin.

The whole set includes an AUX cable, quality rosin, Brazilwood bow created from Mongolian horsehair, feathery hard case and headphones. The aux cable and headphones are essential that will come in very handy for practices when in need of a background track. There’s a 1/8” output jack that connects to amplifiers or PA system because unlike other violins, this one is meant to be plugged in while playing. This violin can be played by a beginner, intermediate or professional violinist.

13) Merano 4/4 Full-Size White Student Violin

The Merano 4/4 Student Violin is a classic violin that comes in a beautiful white color. The violin is made using genuine and durable wood. The back and the top of the instrument are made using maple which ensures longevity. The top of the violin is manufactured using spruce which is a perfect material for this instrument as it enhances the acoustics. The quality of materials used to make the violin enable it to create magnificent sounds and tones.

Players can play this violin effortlessly using the wood stick it comes with, which is made with real horsehair. It also features hardwood pegs, fingerboard and chin rest. The tailpiece is made using alloy and consists of four built-in fine tuners. These tuners allow players to adjust the tone of the violin and play it according to their liking.

It is a basic instrument that can be used by beginners, specifically students who are new to this instrument. The 4/4 size allows it to be easily played and carried around. The portability of this violin is made much more comfortable with the lightweight case it comes with. A shoulder strap is an added feature of the case and lets players carry it with ease.

14) Merano MV100 Student Violin

The Merano MV100 is a good quality violin that comes with all the essential items needed to play the instrument. A hard case comes with this instrument to protect it from getting damaged easily. It also helps players in carrying it around. A bow and rosin also come with this instrument, along with an extra set of strings. The extra set of strings can be used to replace strings if they’re ever damaged.

This white colored violin has proven to be perfect for those who have just stepped into the world of violins. It’s easy for beginners to learn how to play the violin on this as it is simpler and relatively easier to understand. The Merano violin is made using the best quality materials and craftsmanship. This ensures that the purpose of the instrument is fulfilled; to create quality tunes and sounds.

Various sizes of this instrument are available to players which allow its usages to vary in different age groups. Children and adults can both enjoy this instrument by going for the size that best fits them. This violin can also be given as a gift to those individuals who’re aspiring to learn a musical instrument or looking for a hobby.

15) Kinglos 4/4 Butterfly Flower Colored Violin

Kinglos violin kit is a beautiful instrument that is made to be used by anyone aspiring to learn the violin. It can be played by beginners, student violinists, and professional players. An intricately painted butterfly is placed on the body of the violin, beneath the strings. The butterfly is painted using the latest coloring technology that maintains the resonance and tone of the instrument. It gives the violin a unique and modern spin. The entire violin features a light flower pattern on its white surface.

To enhance the stability of the instrument, the sides and back are made of maple. The quality of material used in making this violin ensures the quality of sound it produces. The spruce top is handcrafted to perfection which adds to its acoustic properties. The Kinglos 4/4 butterfly flower violin sounds as good as it looks as its parts are made using high-quality ebony.

Fingerboards, pegs, chin rest, and the tailpiece are made using ebony. The tailpiece comes with 4 detachable tuners which allow the player to adjust their tunes according to their preference. It comes with a lightweight case, adjustable shoulder rest, 2 bridges, rosin, wooden bow, and an extra set of strings.

16) RongZhan Maple Spruce Student Acoustic Violin

The Maple Spruce violin is a 4/4 violin all in white color. The pure white color of the violin makes it different and unique. The entire Case Bow Rosin of the violin is pure white making it look antique and grand the neck of the violin is all Maple that has a carved headstock. The top of the violin has solid spruce that is also carved to make it look grander. The back and the sides of the violin are not left unfinished. The sides and back of the violin have flames painted on the solid Maple Spruce.

The fingerboard of the violin is of EBONY that adds more value. The alloy tailpiece of the violin consists of 4 pieces of adjusters. The pegs and parts of the Maple Spruce violin consist of one of the best quality woods that are the Blackwood. The entire finishing is done with a high gloss coating. Some parts are coated with a matte finishing.

There are some accessories also provided along with the violin. A normal case is given to keep the violin protected. Other accessories provided include a Student Bow, Rosin, and some belts. The Maple violin weighs about 1400g, and 1.3lb.

17) Desert Fox Full-Size Basswood Acoustic Violin

The Desert Fox violin is a full size 4/4 violin the unique and antique features of this violin makes it standout and grander. The 4/4 Desert Acoustic violin is one of the best and the most suitable violin for the students who are learning to play these instruments or who are at the beginners' level.

The body of the violin is made from the high-quality Basswood and it is also provided with a hard case to keep the violin safe from getting damaged. A Bow and a White Rosin is also provided along with the hard case. The wooden body is beautifully finished in a way that makes it convenient and highly-functioning for the learners to practice and even play it on stage or in studios.

The Desert Fox violin is crafted in the most skillful way that looks beautiful and pleasing to the eyes. The sound produced by the violin is soft and gives a soothing effect for the ears to enjoy the amazing sounds and tones. The strings of the Desert Fox violin are of top quality and grade. These strings are just perfect for the students and beginners. Therefore, this violin is considered to be an ideal instrument for the beginning level learners and those learning advance skills to play the violin. The top-quality strings also enhance the sounds produced by this violin.

18) Gazechimp Solidwood Acoustic Violin

The Gazechimp Acoustic Violin is a unique looking instrument with a beautiful black and white body. The center of the violin’s body is white, whereas the corners fade into black. The appearance of this violin is unlike others and gives a modern yet simple look. It is made using solid wood and comes in various sizes. The range of players that can play this violin is wide as people of different ages and sizes can play this instrument.

Players can learn how to enhance their violin playing skills by using the perfect violin bow that it comes with. The bow and the high-quality wood used in making this violin allow players to create a pleasant tone. The tailpiece of this instrument features four tuners which let players adjust the tone and sound according to their preference.

A black colored case is a key item in this violin kit as it ensures easy and better portability of the instrument. The case also helps in protect the violin from getting damaged easily. The chin is placed at the bottom of the violin. It is made with comfortable padding so players can play their instruments for long periods without being in discomfort.

19) Kinglos Ebony White Colored Violin

The Kinglos Ebony violin is 4/4 full-sized Kinglos violin. It consists of a pure white-colored solid fitted Ebony violin kit that is provided with the Kinglos violin. There are many accessories provided with the violin so that the comfort and convenience of the player are ensured while playing the beautiful instrument. These accessories include a shoulder rest, bow, an extra bridge, rosin, and full-sized strings.

The Kinglos violins are made and manufactured most especially. The coloring technology is used to locate and dock the pigment networks of the wood. Kinglos manufactures individualized and beautiful traditional violins and also stands out because of the perfect quality tone produced by the violins. The top of the Kinglos violin is made up of solid spruce that is handcrafted. The sides and back are made up of Maple to strengthen the body and ensure that other parts are stable.

Amazing acoustic properties and functions are provided for the students, professionals as well as the qualified beginners. The violin also consists of chin rest, jujube fingerboard, and tailpiece that have 4 fine detachable tuners. The hard case is light in weight; the bow is made up of the Brazilian wood that consists of Mongolian unbleached horsehair. The shoulder rests are adjustable along with extra strings, 2 bridges, and rosin.

20) Cecilio Solid Wood Pearl Left-Handed White Electric Violin

The Cecilio White Electric Violin is one of its kinds. It is one of the most unique and stunning instruments that a person can possess. It comes with a great quality rosin cake, aux cable, a bridge, and a lightweight padded hard case. It is beautifully hand-carved with glistening maple wood. Its amazing battery life is credited to its power of 9AV battery.

It is a brilliant instrument that guarantees amazing functionality while also maintains dazzling outer beauty. One can adjust the sound easily of this violin to be able to confidently practice without disturbing others. The best volume quality can be expected of this violin wherever it is used and played, live or in a studio, for recording or practice. Its features allow you to be able to plug it to other guitar amps and PA systems.

The various sizes it comes to intake into account every person’s comfort and need. As it is easy to use and doesn’t have an intricate pattern, it is well-suited for people who have just begun to play the violin, intermediates and even those that skillfully know the art of violin playing. Violinists can rest assured of the violin’s quality as it also comes with a 1-year warranty.

Choosing the Best White Violin

If you are looking for some great white violins then you would not find any better options than the white violins mentioned above. These are some of the greatest and the classiest white violins in the market. If you are someone who likes to have a feel of the music instrument before you buy it then you should definitely go for physical retail stores near you. However, if you want a more convenient option then you can also order white violins from online stores like Amazon.

2) Crescent 4/4 Full-Size Student White Violin

  • Smooth Glossy Finish
  • Digital e-tuner to Aid for Playing Exact Note
  • Alloy Tailpiece with 4 Fine Tuners
  • Ideal for Beginner Players

1) Mendini by Cecilio 1/2 MV-White Violin

  • Metallic White Varnish
  • Good Shock & Abrasion Resistant
  • Solid Spruce Top & Maplewood Back and Sides 
  • Affordable Price

3) Cecilio Style 2 Ebony Fittings White Electric Violin

  • Pearly White Outlook
  • Solid Maplewood Body
  • Sound Control to Prevent Disturbing Others
  • Suitable for All Classes of Players

You can find these violins at a very reasonable price on Amazon. Don’t forget to carefully read the return policy before ordering such instruments from online stores. White violins would make a great addition to your collection of musical instruments and accessories. A violin will never disappoint you when it comes to creating an amazing piece of music.