18 Best Violin Bridge Reviews 2022 (Best Violin Bridge Brands)

Best Violin Bridge & Best Violin Bridge Brands

Best Violin Bridge & Best Violin Bridge Brands

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Violin bridges are basically designed to uphold the strings at an appropriate height slightly over the fingerboard of a musical instrument. The proper bridge height allows sufficient angularity in the strings which help to create more down-force that drives the top.

This will also allow the strings to be placed sufficiently near the fingerboard for easy noting of strings. Bridge height could be alterable or fixed. Most bridges in the violin family are designed by a luthier which allows it to be adjusted by taking it to a repair shop for assistance.

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What are the Best Violin Bridges to Buy?

Glaesel Violin Part (GL33524M),4/4 Medium
Other Aubert Teller Germany Semi Fitted Violin Bridge Music Stand (9145-44)
YMC Violin parts Violin-Bridge-5pc-4/4 Maple Bridge Violin Parts, 5 Piece
Glaesel Violin Part (GL33524M),4/4 Medium
Other Aubert Teller Germany Semi Fitted Violin Bridge Music Stand (9145-44)
YMC Violin parts Violin-Bridge-5pc-4/4 Maple Bridge Violin Parts, 5 Piece
Glaesel Violin Part (GL33524M),4/4 Medium
Glaesel Violin Part (GL33524M),4/4 Medium
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Other Aubert Teller Germany Semi Fitted Violin Bridge Music Stand (9145-44)
Other Aubert Teller Germany Semi Fitted Violin Bridge Music Stand (9145-44)
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YMC Violin parts Violin-Bridge-5pc-4/4 Maple Bridge Violin Parts, 5 Piece
YMC Violin parts Violin-Bridge-5pc-4/4 Maple Bridge Violin Parts, 5 Piece
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In addition to enhancing the effort of the strings and transmission of vibrations, bridges also regulate the spacing of shallow grooves from one string to another. The strings settle in those grooves, and as a result, are helping in a lateral position properly.

From the bridge to the extreme opposite end of the instrument is a nut that functions as a spring spacer. Just like the bridge, the height of the nuts also determines the distance of the fingerboard from the strings.

The violin produces sound via the application of energy on the strings; this propels them to a vibratory motion that creates musical sounds in turn. However, the strings on its own cannot offer a quality sound because they produce less volume of air when vibrating.

As a result, the sound produced by the strings alone will require impedance that aligns with the surrounding air through the transfer of vibrations to a wider surface area.

This allows an arrangement that makes the strings vibrate very freely and also conducts the vibrations effectively to the wider surface. The bridge is the traditional means of achieving this. A bridge basically coordinates the vibrations of strings to a small cavity in a violin and other instruments like balalaika and acoustic guitar.

On other musical instruments with strings, the bridge coordinates the vibrations to the entire body. However, the vibrations of each string are felt by a magnetic pickup to create an electric signal.

Strategically, the bridge is forming a right angle to the large surfaces and strings. More acoustical and larger responsive surface can be joined to a sound chamber to form an enclosure that produces resonance which helps to amplify sounds.

Bridges can be made up of a single kind of material like wood, as popularly seen in violin and other acoustic instruments. It fits between the resonant surface and the strings. In other ways, a bridge may consist of different parts. One common type is a bridge that has a different bearing surface (saddle) that give support to the string.

This material is always harder than the natural bridge itself, like the ivory, metal, bone, and highly sensed plastic. Here is a list of violin bridges that may be considered when thinking about purchasing bridges for replacement.

18 Best Violin Bridge Reviews and the Best Violin Bridge Brands

1) Glaesel Self-Adjusting 4/4 Violin Bridge Medium

The Glaesel self-adjusting violin bridge weighs about 4.54 grams and fits any violin that measures 4/4. This self-adjusting bridge offers flexibility needed for a proper fitting. The adjustable feet of this violin bridge is fitted automatically to the different adjustment made at the top of the curve of the instrument.

All these unique features of the Glaesel bridge allows it to fit in properly to the violin in a way that would be impossible with a single-piece bridge. The Glaesel self-adjusting violin bridge will also be useful for bridge replacement as a learner or as a professional violin player.

2) Aubert Teller Germany Insert Semi Fitted Bridge

This quality pure-grained maple violin bridge is designed in a U-shape ebony, measuring about 4/4 in length. It is also a good replacement for your violin bridge at an affordable price.

The Aubert Teller semi-fitted violin bridge is another popular and trusted product which you can get in many stores dealing in a musical instrument. This U-shape semi-fitted ebony bridge for violins is a product that has the make-up to fulfill a desire for a new level of inspiration. The error allowed in the measurement for this product is between 1 to 3cm from its original size of 4/4.

3) YMC Violin Parts–4/4 Marple Unfitted Violin Bridge

This product is 100% brand new, with a high quality of packaging. The product size is 4/4, with an unfitted install pattern. It is a very low-priced product when compared with the high quality that it offers. Every YMC unfitted violin bridge is designed in a style that will enhance your overall experience while playing.

They are also made from maple wood and weighs about 0.32 ounces, with a dimension of 3.1 x 2.4 x 0.8 inches. The YMC violin bridge can be used conveniently by professional violin players and beginners, and it is easy to fix.

4) Teller Adjustable Violin Bridge Bosnian

The Teller Adjustable Violin Bridge Bosnian is a full-size violin bridge. They are built with adjustable features from the feet, to ensure a maximum balance with the fingerboard of the instrument. This is sure to result in an improved resonance.

Every single piece of the Teller adjustable violin ridge is mainly manufactured from only a selected type of Bosnia Mountain Maple. The wood for producing this bridge is dried naturally between 5 to 20 years, it all depends on the quality. The Teller bridge for violins measures a height of 46/32 inches, with an adjustable base width of 52/32 inches.

5) SKY High Quality 4/4 Full-Size Maple Bridge

This brand new top quality violin bridge is a custom-made and a pre-fitted natural bridge for your 4/4 great violin. They are dry and ready for use, with a pre-installed generic carving that will go in alignment with most popular violin models.

All SKY high-quality violin maple bridge is made from the maple available with a more advanced art in crafting. It has been fitted and always ready to produce the desired sound. Every single piece of this product weighs 3.04 ounces, with a dimension of 4 × 1 × 4 inches.

6) VB-7 Aubert Violin Bridge

This device was invented as far back the 1860’s, with experienced, expertise, and know-how craftsmanship. This has set the VB-7 Aubert violin bridge apart as arguably one of the best ever bridge for violins anywhere around the globe.

With expert-sight, it is only the great wood that is distinguished to advance acoustically as well as aesthetically are used over time. In addition, every single piece of the VB-7 Aubert violin bridge is carefully and naturally aged and dried.

Proprietary methods are used for cutting this product to make them rated among the violin bridges. It weighs about 0.3 ounces, with a dimension of 2 × 0.2× 1.6 inches.

7) Student Violin Bridge Fine Maple Size 3/4

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The Student violin bridge offers a very attractive and fine strong maple for a size 3/4 violin. They are basically recommended for those who are just beginning their journey with violin and also for the intermediate learner. This student violin offers a great value for an affordable price. It measures 0.32 ounces in weight and 5.5 x 3.5 x 0.2 inches in dimension.

The actual color of this product is wood-brown. However, there might be a slight difference as a result of displays of shooting lights. This student violin bridge is a product that will boost your overall experience while playing the violin.

8) Classic Music Genuine Despiau Superieur Violin Bridge

The Classic music genuine despiau superieur violin bridge is a good quality bridge for a variety of violins. It is a popular violin bridge that is able to resist decay and deformity because of its high-quality makeup.

This kind of violin bridge will fit effortlessly into your violin without going through the manuals. Another wonderful feature of this Classic music violin bridge is the tone quality upgrade.

Every classic music genuine despiau superieur violin bridge is specifically designed from one of the best kind of mountain maple. They are also affordable and can be good as a substitute for your violin bridge.

9) Cremona VP-203 3-star Violin Bridge – 1/2 Size

The best way to accomplish a successful experience with your violin is with a Cremona VP-203 3-star Violin Bridge. The VP-203 Violin bridge by Cremona is a better upgrade to any violin student. This is because it basically combines the features that can be observed in other advanced violin bridge that cost so much more.

At every stage of learning or playing the violin, you will need to consistently select the best quality maples. Maples that have been known for many years to provide an effective dry tone that will bring out the best sound in any instrument. The Cremona violin bridge is a seasoned figure from the Northern maple construction, tapered for quick fitting to a violin.

10) DLuka VB-2 Standard Violin Bridge

The DLuka VB-2 standard violin bridge comes in various sizes (4/4, 1/2, 3/4, 1/16, 1/10, 1/8, and 1/4. This standard violin bridge is an affordable and durable bridge for replacement purpose.

Another way to experience a complete and memorable string performance with your violin will be with a DLuka VB-2 standard violin bridge. The DLuka VB-2 standard violin bridge is a good start for anyone who is studying the concept of playing the violin.

The reason for this is because it practically combines the characteristics of other violin bridge that seem to be higher in cost and popularity.

11) Uxcell 4/4 Size Acoustic Violin Fiddle Replacement Wooden Bridge

The feet of this wooden violin bridge is basically set in with wooden joints. This construction allows them to be easily adjusted to the top angle of the instrument.

The Uxcell size acoustic violin with the wooden bridge can hold up strings and transfer the vibrations between the belly and the strings. This, in turn, transfers the vibration to the entire body through the bass bar and sound post.

The Uxcell 4×4 size bridge is basically manufactured for 4/4 violins, and are very easy to handle. They measure about 48 x 37 x 5 mm or 1.9″ x 1.5” x 0.2″ in length width, and height.

12) Josef Aubert Teller Ebony Maple Violin Bridge– Low Action 4/4

The Josef Aubert Teller Ebony Maple Violin Bridge is another wonderful product from Germany. This Josef Aubert violin comes in an Ebony V-inlay that acts as a balance for the E string. It also reduces the possibility of the string from pulling into the bridge.

The Josef Aubert teller ebony maple violin bridge is a violin bridge that is produced from the Bosnia maple from the mountaintop. The wood for producing this bridge is dried with a natural technique for about five to twenty years, depending on the level of quality needed.

13) Milo Stamm Royal violin bridge 41.5mm

The Milo Stamm royal violin bridge is a masterpiece made in Germany. A better way to get quality sound from your violin performance is with the Milo Stamm royal violin bridge. It measures about 41.5mm in length. The Milo Stamm Royal violin bridge could serve as a nice replacement for your violin bridge, both for students and experts.

This is as a result of its combining features that can be easily observed in other expensive and sophisticated violin bridge.

This product is one among few with a trademark of trust and quality, with many years of producing effective and attractive sounds. The Milo Stamm royal violin bridge will produce a pleasant sound from any instrument.

14) Despiau 4/4 Violin Bridge –Ready to be fitted

One of the famous and quality French violin bridge is the Despiau 4/4 violin bridges. They are fresh and ready to be fitted in any violin with the big size (4/4) measurement. They are made from old-aged maple wood and comes with a high admiration of speckled crafting for durability and superior tone.

The Despiau 4/4 Violin Bridge is generally regarded as one of the topnotch violin bridge around the globe. They are made from an outstanding French quality, but also affordable. This product will also benefit those who are just starting in the music journey with the violin.

15) Chesbro Music Bridge Violin 3/4

The Chesbro Music Bridge Violin is suitable for violins with (3/4) medium size. This is another great product from the producers of fine wood musical accessories. The Chesbro music bridge violin comes in an Ebony symmetrical shape that acts as a fitting for the E string. It also reduces the chances of having your strings pulling out.

The Chesbro violin bridge is produced from one of the mountaintop Bosnia maple. The woods for producing this masterpiece are dried naturally for about 4 to 15 years. They weigh approximately 2 pounds with a package dimension of 1.6 x 1.3 x 0.1 inches.

16) BQLZR 4/4 Full Size Violin Fiddle Bridge

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The BQLZR full-size violin fiddle bridge is 100% brand new in the market and never been used. As a result of convergence in light rays, the item’s color may differ from the physical appearance when buying it.

They are wonderfully crafted with advanced techniques from fine maples, with good conditions. The BQLZR full-size violin fiddle bridge will fit very well on the conventional (4/4) large size violins, and it weighs just 0.32 ounces.

They can always be a perfect substitute for a prescribed violin, for any level of player’s expertise. They have integrated features that make them rated among the top quality violin bridges.

17) MagiDeal Durable Maple 1/8 Size Violin Bridge Musical Instrument Accessory for Violinist 1.44 inch

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The MagiDeal Durable Maple bridge is a high-quality accessory for violin. It is a permanent and popular violin bridge that cannot be easily deformed. This type of violin bridge can easily fit into your violins and strings, and easy to manipulate.

The bridge is also capable of improving the tone quality of violin because it is made from the best-aged maples. The measurement for MagiDeal Durable Maple is approximately 3.56 cm × 3.2 cm × 0.5 cm / 1.25″ × 0.19″ (⅛ violin)

If you are looking for a better replacement for your violin bridge, the MagiDeal Durable Maple bridge would be a good choice.

18) Sodial ® Full Size 4/4 Violin Bridge

SODIAL is a popular and registered trademark. This means that only those with proper authorization (under the listing of Sodial) are permitted to sell the product. The Sodial full-size violin bridge is a product with the capacity to boost your experience to the maximum, with a new dimension of inspiration.

The Sodial Full Size Violin Bridge is 4/4 in size (the error allowed in the measurement is between 1 and 3 centimeters). It is also important to note that the different displays of shooting lights may cause a slight difference in the actual color of the product.

Choosing the Best Violin Bridge from the Best Violin Bridge Brands

Every violin today is unique. Violins produced in mass have little difference between them. Therefore, checking the functions of any bridge should be based on the correctness of size as it fits the violin.

There is no such thing as one size fits all when it comes to buying a bridge for your violin. This is how and where the real problems come from.

So how can you tell if your violin is fitted with the appropriate bridge? Here are some of the basic points to note when buying a bridge.

First of all, you have to measure the total distance from the fingerboard to the E string at the extreme of the fingerboard. This should measure about 3 to 4 mm.

Similarly, you should carry out the same procedure with the G string. It must measure between 5mm or 6mm. Also, it is essential you have a look at the bridge from the top-side. Also, confirm if the two strings at the middle are in alignment with the other strings outside.

Look at the feet/base of the bridge; they should fit properly to the head of the violin without leaving a gab. If there are gaps or your bridge is not in alignment, you should see your local repair person. A violin that is not partially fitted with a bridge will never produce well.