14 Best Violin Brands and Model for Advanced Students Reviews 2022

Best Violin Brands and Model for Advanced Students

Best Violin Brands and Model for Advanced Students

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If you don’t know the exact type of violin that is perfect for you, buying one can be a challenge as there are different brands and models out there. Apart from that, there are beginner violins and the ones meant for intermediate players. We also have the violins that feature high-grade construction and other top-quality functionalities, such musical instruments are designed for the advanced students or players.

What are the Best Violins to Buy?

2) Mendini ½ MV500 Wood Violin

  • Finely Crafted
  • High Quality
  • Four Fine Tuners
  • Handcrafted Spruce Top

1) Cecilio CVN-300 Solidwood Violin

  • High Durability
  • Strung with D'Addario Prelude Strings
  • High-Quality Resonance & Tone
  • Malleable  Sound

3) Bunnel Violin for Beginners 

  • HandCrafted
  • Highly Rated
  • Completely Setup
  • Fuller & Warmer Sound

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Violin for advanced students is highly rated as they feature great sounds as well as excellent artistry. However, buying a violin as an advanced player may be overwhelming as there are numerous models and brands of violin available in the advanced category.

To enable you to make the best choice, we have come up with the best brands and models of advanced violins. Also, we also consider some factors that you need to consider before purchasing the musical instrument plus how to know the right level of the violin that is perfect for you.

What Level of Violin Should You Buy?

Violin is one of the musical instruments that come in different levels according to the skill of a player. There are musical instruments meant for different stages of a player’s musical career. It is worth noting that many players start with the student’s violin. They are violin meant for beginners and they start out by renting this musical instrument for practice until they have mastered the playing skills and are ready to buy one. Ideally, violins fall into three broad categories, which are student violin, intermediate violins, and advanced violin.

  • Student Violins

These violins are for those who are learning the musical instrument newly. They are perfect for players, young students, as well as adults that want to learn the techniques of playing the violin with a simple and affordable musical instrument. A student violin is the right musical instrument for those who are consistently working on their tone production, bowing, fingering, as well as playing.

Therefore, the areas that are frequently exposed to friction such as fingerboard and pegs are made of maple. This category of the violin is mostly machine-made to make it affordable and at the same time maintain a quality tone.

If you have the basic knowledge of the musical instrument and you are looking for ways to improve your playing skills, you can opt for the intermediate violins. Some of the qualities of this musical instrument are improved workmanship, which results in better sound production. Most intermediate violins are handcrafted, and their fingerboard and pegs are made with ebony. Their prices are higher than that of the student violins.

  • Advanced Violins

This category of the violin is designed for advanced players. it allows them to perform at their best since it comes with top-quality features. They are made with high-quality material, producing a high-quality tone and wide dynamics. However, most professional violins are expensive. Typically, the higher the quality of a violin, the more expensive it is. Sometimes, the price is not the sole indicator of the quality of a musical instrument, the maker as well as the brand of a violin also plays an important role in this regard.

14 Best Violin Brands and Model for Advanced Students Reviews

1. Cecilio CVN-300 Solidwood Violin with D’Addario Strings

This musical instrument is described as one of the most popular brands of Cecilio. It is specially designed to take care of all the needs of student players. Meaning that the violin is crafted to offer the best to the beginner as well as advanced players. Some of the features of this unique musical instrument are attractive antique finish, ebony fittings, and fingerboard, high-quality resonance, and tone.

Are you a student that is just starting to learn the violin? If yes, then, the Cecilio CVN-300 is one of the best musical instruments that you should consider.

Apart from being popular musical instruments among instructors and students, it provides players with a reliable and durable instrument that will surely enhance their performance and boost their confidence.

The dimension of this product is 32 x 12 x 5 inches, and it weighs 5 pounds. Its accessories include a lightweight hard case, an adjustable shoulder rest, quality rosin hair, brazilwood bow, a lesson book, and Cecilio chromatic tuner. However, you should note that it does not come with an additional set of strings. This violin also comes with four detachable nickel-plated tuners, ebony pegs and chinrest, and many others.

2. Mendini ½ MV500 Wood Violin

The Mendini MV500 is ideal for professionals as well as intermediate players that want to improve their playing skill in no time. It is highly recommended by music scholars as it comes with all the necessary features that a player needs to become an excellent player.

While the violin is finely crafted to satisfy the demands of advanced players, it comes with several exciting features. Some of its features are handcrafted spruce top, maple sides and back, attractive varnish and inlaid purfling, and many others. The Mendini MV500 weighs 4 pounds and its dimension is 27 x 6 x 10 inches.

Its package includes a lightweight hard case that comes with a blanket for maximum protection of your musical instrument. It also contains a pocket and backpack that enables you to carry your musical instrument conveniently to the orchestra, school, or anywhere in any other place.

The other accessories that come with the musical instruments are two brazilwood bow, adjustable shoulder rest with soft rubber feet and foam padding, rosin, bridge, an additional set of strings, among others.

3. Bunnel Violin for Beginners Outfit ½ Size RB360

Described as a perfect choice for beginners as well as those who want to hone their skill, Bunnel student violin comes with additional features, thereby serves an upgrade over Bunnel Pupil. The musical instrument is made from high-quality wood, producing a fuller and warmer sound. The sound quality is one of the features that set this brand apart from others.

The Bunnel Premier looks professional thanks to its genuine hand-rubbed oil finish. Apart from its professional look, it also remains true to historical standards of hand-made violins. The features that contribute to the warmer projection of Bunnel Premier are its exquisite finish, designs, and fittings, as well as its excellent artistry.

Some of the features of this outstanding musical instrument are the four high-value built-in tuners, inlaid purfling, tight-grained spruce from the Himalayas as well as naturally dried maple. The accessories include a clip-on tuner, beginners book on introduction to violin, pre-installed D’Addario strings, top-quality shoulder rest, among others.

Also included with the accessories are the Case and the Guiliani bow. The case features two straps for the backpack, weatherproof black nylon, spacious compartment for other accessories, shoulder rest compartment, and others. The product weighs 6.85 pounds whiles its dimension is 40 x 12.6 x 7.5 inches.

4. Cecilio CVN-500 Solidwood Violin

The Cecilio CVN-500 is known for its rich and full tone. It is designed for advanced players who need can also a high-value musical instrument to display their skills. This model is highly recommended by players as an effective, reliable and top-quality musical instrument that performs to expectation irrespective of the playing condition.

This violin is the right choice for students that want a violin with excellent playability as well as durability. It is worth noting that this model is not exclusively designed for advanced players, intermediate and beginner player who wants to improve their playing skills at their own pace can also go for this musical instrument.

This fantastic musical instrument comes with a lot of exciting features. Apart from its superior tone and quality, it is made from high-value material. It features ebony fingerboard and fittings. And, it has a unique ability to produce a tone that is sweet and open.

This violin comes with accessories like lesson book, Cecilio chromatic tuner, rosin cake that is of high-quality, Mongolian horsehair, additional bridge, adjustable shoulder rest, among others. This product weighs 5 pounds and it is 32 x 12 x 5 inches in dimension. Other features of the Cecilio CVN-500 are maple back, sides, and neck. There is also a solid spruce wood top, among others.

5. Cremona SV-175 Violin Outfit

If you are on the lookout for a musical instrument that comes equipped with features that meet the particular requirements of both professional and intermediate players, do not overlook the Cremona SV-175 Violin for Students. This brand features quality wood tones and exceptional artistry for the best sound possible. You will be pleased to learn that the musical instrument is adjusted to the specification of NAFME/MENC.

And, it is attractively crafted and the finish is one of a lustrous brown lacquer that exposes the grain. The musical instrument is improved and now includes an exceptional brazilwood bow, and a Travelite carrying case, among others.

The weight of the musical instrument is 1.05 pounds, which means it is light. The dimension of the violin is 23.5 x 8.2 x 3.8 inches. The Cremona SV-175 violin comes with prelude strings made in the US. They are the most preferred set of strings by music instructors. The features of this violin include high-quality workmanship, ebony fingerboard, solid maple body, hand-carved solid spruce, among others.

6. Cecilio CVN-600 Solidwood Violin (D’Addario Strings)

Are you looking for a violin that is designed to cater to the needs of both intermediate and advanced players? if your answer to this question is yes, then the Cecilio CVN-600 is your best bet. The musical instrument comes with several intriguing features. It is beautifully finished with hand oil rubbed and inlaid purling, and the exterior of the musical instrument looks appealing to the eyes.

Apart from that, this model features a hand-carved highly flamed maple and a solid grained spruce top. What differentiates this musical instrument is a set of D’Addario Prelude strings. Furthermore, the Cecilio CVN-600 is fitted with tailpiece, chinrest, fingerboard, and pegs that are made with ebony.

The violin comes with excellent accessories that enable students to play the musical instruments conveniently and also help in preserving the musical instrument in increasing its lifespan. The package includes two brazilwood violin bows, a violin bridge, a bridge protector, a lesson book, a high-quality rosin cake, a tuner, and a deluxe oblong-shaped case that features a high-quality velvet interior.

Besides, it is also including padded neck restrain, a hygrometer measures humidity, a velvet blanket that protects the musical instrument, an adjustable shoulder rest with soft paddings, and compartment accessories, among others. The dimension of the product is 32 x 13 x 7 inches while its weight is around 6.75 pounds.

7. D Z Strad Model 509 Violin

The Maestro Old Spruce model 509 violin is a favorite musical instrument among music instructors. It comes with myriads of excellent functionalities that enhance its playability as well as sound production. Some of its features are exquisite design, warm and round tone, consistency, and durability.

The Maestro Old Spruce Violin comes equipped with functionalities that keep you inspired and motivated. The weight of the musical instrument is 4.35 pounds while its dimension is 32 x 8.2 x 5.8 inches. The violin is constructed from naturally season tonewood, including select Maple sides and back, as well as Alphine/Italian spruce top.

It is worth noting that the Violin is 100 percent handmade by luthiers. The musical instrument comes with accessories like shoulder rest, rosin, bow, case, among others.

Furthermore, the musical instrument features an antique varnish finish which replicates the sound, feel, as well as the look of older musical instrument. You should also note that these musical instruments are painstakingly graduated with a refined and powerful tone. Therefore, if you need a violin that offers a sophisticated malleable sound with depth and color, consider this reliable and capable violin.

8. D Z Strad Model 220 Violin (Full Size)

If you need a violin that offers the best sound due to superior workmanship, do not hesitate to look for the D Z Strad Model 220. The musical instrument is finished with an excellent spirit varnish that enhances sound production.

The D Z Strad Model 220 is a musical instrument designed to keep you motivated through its consistency, warm and round tone, hand-feel, and playability. So, if you are planning to get a violin that will always motivate you to practice in a bid to improve your playing skills, the D Z Strad Model 220 is the right choice for you. The product weighs 5.15 pounds and its dimension is 31.6 x 11.5 x 5.4 inches.

It is worth noting that this musical instrument is popular among music teachers as well as other music scholars that have an eye for quality music. The violin comes with rosin, a brazilwood bow, a shoulder rest, among others. If you are a professional player looking for sophisticated tones with great sound, consider the D Z Strad Model 220.

9. Stentor, 4-String Violin (1550 4/4)

Featuring full ebony fittings, the Stentor 4 –string violin is an excellent violin that is ideal for intermediate as well as professional players who want nothing short of the best musical instrument. The violin comes with different features that enhance its playability and appearance.

The Stentor 4-string violin is handcrafted from excellently figured tonewoods. Apart from that, it comes equipped with highly sensitive red label strings, hardwood chinrest, hardwood chinrest, nylon tailpiece loop, as well as alloy tailpiece along with 4 strung adjusters.

The musical instrument also features a deluxe oblong case, horsehair bow, shoulder rest compartment, and a lightweight hard case with a cover. If you are looking for a beautifully designed violin that produces high-quality tones, the Stentor 4- string violin is your best bet. The product’s dimension is 5.5 x 31.5 x 11 inches while it weighs 3.31 pounds.

10. Christina V09 Master Antique Violin

Originated in 1868 in Italy, the Christina VO9 is a top brand that is made by the Italian professional violin maker. When it comes to excellent artistry, this violin easily comes to mind. It is worth noting that this musical instrument is handcrafted from materials that are strictly selected.

The panel of the violin is made of high-value spruce wood, which is performing better than ordinary wood when we consider the weight, resonance, as well as resistance to deformation. Another notable feature that must not be overlooked is the natural luster of the hand-polished texture.

One feature that makes Christina V09 outshines other brands is that it is 100% handmade. Apart from that, the paint of the musical instrument has been referred to as the oldest Italian secret as Christina remains the only brand that retains such color.

The dimension of the musical instrument is 32.6 x 14 x 9.6 inches while its weight is around 6.6 pounds. If you need a violin that does not only has an attractive outlook, but also an endearing sound, consider the Christina V09 Master Antique violin.

11. D Z Strad Model LC101 Size ½ Violin

The D Z Strad Model LC101 is worth the amount as it comes with high-grade accessories. It is an amazing violin for those willing to step up from the student violin. It offers incredible playability and beautiful sound. if you need a musical instrument with an excellent look and feel, do not doubt the capability of the DZ Strad Model LC101.

The violin is equipped with a decent case for storage and transportation. Apart from the case, it comes with two excellent bows. The tone of the musical instrument is incredible, so if you aiming at buying a top-quality musical instrument that worth the money, the D Z Strad Model is one of the violins to consider. The dimension of the product is 2.78 x 10.5 x 5.2 inches while its weight is around 4.15 pounds.

This violin comes with all the features needed by a player to start playing. Apart from the bows and case, it also comes with rosins along with other high-quality accessories. This musical instrument is hand-carved to improve its appearance. Apart from that, it is finished with a high-grade spirit to enhance its sound production. What makes the D Z Strad Model LC101 exceptional is its consistent quality.

12. Sky Guarantee Mastero Sound Copy of Stradivarius Professional Acoustic

Are you looking for a beautiful musical instrument that will always meet your expectations? If yes, then the sky Guarantee Mastero Violin is the musical instrument for you. It is one of the brands you will love to recommend to others as it features top-class functionalities. The musical instrument is designed to help the beginner, as well as intermediate player, improve their playing skills.

The violin comes in 4/4 full size and it weighs 7 pounds. Furthermore, it features four high-quality strings. The dimension of the Sky Guarantee Mastero violin is 32 x 6 x 12 inches.

What differentiates this product from the rest are its antique style and ebony body parts. It is made from top-quality material for excellent sound production. Apart from that, it is a professional hand-made to enhance its durability, playability, and sound production. It is worth noting that the musical instrument standard accessories like high-quality oblong case and sold Brazilian wood bow.

The case is used for the storage and transportation of the violin. If you need a musical instrument with guaranteed sound quality, do not look elsewhere as this violin is designed to offer you the best when it comes to tone production, playability, and durability.

13. D’Luca PROJB44 Strauss Professional Violin

If you are looking for a violin that offers professional features at a pocket-friendly price, the D’Luca PROJB44 is your best bet. Apart from its fantastic price, the musical instrument has got a lot to offer. It comes with an attractive oil varnish finish and a dark brown solid spruce top.

Other features of the D’Luca PROJB44 are 1-piece maple back, maple sides with an ebony chinrest, fingerboard, and pegs. The dimension of the violin is 32 x 7 x 10 inches while it weighs 6 pounds.

The musical instrument is available in 4/4 size only and it comes equipped with professional SKB hard case for protection and storage, strings, tuner, as well as horsehair bow. Some other notable accessories of this violin are anodized metal, D’Luca violin clip, among others. If you are of a professional grade musical instrument designed to offer high-quality features, the D’Luca PROJB44 violin is one of the musical instrument to buy.

14. Scott Cao Violin (STV017 Model)

Featuring ebony pegs, chinrest, and fingerboard, the Scott Cao Violin is an excellent musical instrument that worth the money. Apart from its high-quality workmanship, the musical instrument is well known for its great tones.

Are you in search of a violin that offers excellent playability? Then, don’t hesitate to go for the Scott Cao Violin. The musical instrument comes with a brazilwood bow and a student case. The dimension of the product is 32 x 13.5 x 6 inches while its weight is 5.15 pounds.

This violin is fully carved and it comes with painted varnish, which offers great value for student players. Apart from the ebony fingerboard, chinrest, pegs, the musical instrument also features spruce tops and ebony fittings. The tailpiece comes with fine tuners and a pre-installed Thomastik dominant strings. If you are on the lookout for a violin that offers top-grade features, consider the Scott Cao Violin.

Choosing the Best Violin from the Best Violin Brands and Model for Advanced Students

Our list of the best-advanced violin is intended to assist you to make the right choice whenever you decide to get your musical instrument whether as an advanced player, a beginner or an intermediate player. Not only that, it is aimed at providing you with high-quality yet affordable violins for various levels of players.

2) Mendini ½ MV500 Wood Violin

  • Finely Crafted
  • High Quality
  • Four Fine Tuners
  • Handcrafted Spruce Top

1) Cecilio CVN-300 Solidwood Violin

  • High Durability
  • Strung with D'Addario Prelude Strings
  • High-Quality Resonance & Tone
  • Malleable  Sound

3) Bunnel Violin for Beginners 

  • HandCrafted
  • Highly Rated
  • Completely Setup
  • Fuller & Warmer Sound