20 Best Cheap Violin Reviews 2022 (Best Budget Violins)

Best Cheap Violin & Best Budget Violin

Best Cheap Violin & Best Budget Violin

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It is usually expected of every serious musician to have the mastery of one or more musical instruments, and one of the most beautiful instruments to play is the violin. Amongst the string instruments, the violin is one of the most popular and most notable instrument to play.

If you have decided to choose the violin as your most preferred instrument, buying one is the next step, and you can get confused easily about which one to buy. It gets even more complicated if you have narrowed your options to buying a cheap violin as there are a lot of cheap violins in the market too. The cheap violins cut across different brands and this is where you need to know a thing or two about the possible violin models and brands you may come across.

What are the Best Cheap Violins to Buy?

Mendini By Cecilio Violin For Beginners, Kids & Adults - Beginner Kit For Student w/Hard Case, Rosin, Bow - Starter Violins, Wooden Stringed Musical Instruments
Mendini By Cecilio Violin - MV500+92D - Size 4/4 (Full Size), Black Solid Wood - Flamed, 1-Piece Violins w/Case, Tuner, Shoulder Rest, Bow, Rosin, Bridge & Strings - Adult, Kids
Crescent 4/4 Full Size Student Violin Starter Kit (Includes CrescentTM Digital E-Tuner)
Mendini By Cecilio Violin For Beginners, Kids & Adults - Beginner Kit For Student w/Hard Case, Rosin, Bow - Starter Violins, Wooden Stringed Musical Instruments
Mendini By Cecilio Violin - MV500+92D - Size 4/4 (Full Size), Black Solid Wood - Flamed, 1-Piece Violins w/Case, Tuner, Shoulder Rest, Bow, Rosin, Bridge & Strings - Adult, Kids
Crescent 4/4 Full Size Student Violin Starter Kit (Includes CrescentTM Digital E-Tuner)
Mendini By Cecilio Violin For Beginners, Kids & Adults - Beginner Kit For Student w/Hard Case, Rosin, Bow - Starter Violins, Wooden Stringed Musical Instruments
Mendini By Cecilio Violin For Beginners, Kids & Adults - Beginner Kit For Student w/Hard Case, Rosin, Bow - Starter Violins, Wooden Stringed Musical Instruments
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Mendini By Cecilio Violin - MV500+92D - Size 4/4 (Full Size), Black Solid Wood - Flamed, 1-Piece Violins w/Case, Tuner, Shoulder Rest, Bow, Rosin, Bridge & Strings - Adult, Kids
Mendini By Cecilio Violin - MV500+92D - Size 4/4 (Full Size), Black Solid Wood - Flamed, 1-Piece Violins w/Case, Tuner, Shoulder Rest, Bow, Rosin, Bridge & Strings - Adult, Kids
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Crescent 4/4 Full Size Student Violin Starter Kit (Includes CrescentTM Digital E-Tuner)
Crescent 4/4 Full Size Student Violin Starter Kit (Includes CrescentTM Digital E-Tuner)
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A skilled violinist can produce great music from a violin, and we all know that it is the player that creates the sound that a violin produces. However, having a great violin can make you a better violinist, and we plan to point you in the right direction with this article.

Violins are generally classified according to your skill level – professional, intermediate or student level but whatever your level of skills, if going for a cheap violin is all you can do at the moment, this review of cheap violins will guide you in making a choice.

Rarely will you see a professional violin that is cheap so we can safely say that cheap violins are usually for student and intermediate levels. Since we have established that you do not intend to break the bank to get yourself a violin, how about we make a list of some affordable violins?

In this article, we will be reviewing different violins that should be on your shortlist when shopping for the best affordable violin. These violins are suitable for different skill levels, and even though they may not deliver what a professional-level violin would, they nonetheless will fit your needs as we have carefully selected the best out there.

20 Best Cheap Violin Reviews and the Best Budget Violins

1) Mendini 4/4 MV300 Wooden Antique Violin

As a beginner, the Mendini 4/4 MV300 full-solid Wood Antique Violin is an ideal violin to use for learning and practice. It is fabricated from solid spruce and is finished with its side wood created from maple. It is completely hand-made so you can be sure that full attention is paid to details regarding design.

An alloy tailpiece includes the chin rest as well as to this tailpiece are attached four fine tuners. To play the violin, you need a bow, and the bow that includes the Mendini 4/4 MV300 is made from Brazilwood and quality Mongolian horsehair. If your violin gets damaged within one-year, you are entitled to a one-year warranty from the manufacturer.

We recommended this instrument for those who are just starting out on their violin journey and for a cheap violin, it produces a crisp and warm sound. To improve the quality of the violin, you can change the shoulder rest and the rosin so it can be more comfortable to use.

You may not have any use for the extra bridges that come with the violin since it is well-made. This comes first in our suggestion of cheap violins, and its performance will amaze you.

2) Mendini 4/4 MV500+92D Flamed 1-Piece Back Solid Wood Full-Sized Violin with all accessories

Crafted from maple, the Mendini 4/4 MV500 + 92D Flamed 1-Piece Violin produces deep rich tones which rank it higher than all other student or learning violins made by Mendini. It is suitable for players in either the beginner or intermediate levels. This violin is finished with beautiful wood varnish.

It includes four detachable tuners which let you fine-tune the violin to your desired sound. Two bows made from Brazilwood come with the violin, and it is placed in a solid portable case which has an adjustable shoulder strap. There are extra strings in the violin kit to replace the pre-strung ones in case they break.

The preset tuning of the violin is excellent enough that you may not need to do any fine-tuning, but it does not hurt to add a professional touch if you can. The only issue you may have with this violin is that the chinrest does not fit perfectly so you may have to buy a replacement but this does not change the fact that this violin gives you real value for your money.

Mendini especially is a brand that takes its customers seriously. So, if you run into problems with any of their products, be rest assured that it will be settled amicably.

3) Crescent 4/4 Full-Size Student Violin Starter Kit (Includes CrescentTM Digital E-Tuner)

This is another violin made from maple wood but has its fingerboard made from pear wood and the strings made of steel. Originally designed as a violin for learners and students, it is only suitable for those who wish to learn how to play the violin. It includes a bow and a solid lightweight carrying case.

A Velcro strap is used to hold the violin in the case. The Crescent 4/4 Full-Size Student Starter Kit produces a natural and seasoned sound, and alongside this violin in its full violin kit is a Crescent Digital E-turner.

Once you unbox the violin, you may have to tune it first and rosin the bow so you can get the best tune out of it. It includes impressive pre-strung strings, so you do not have to get new ones for replacement. With proper tuning, the strings produce a nice sound.

The included digital turner helps you pick your tunes easily, and the carrying case has another compartment in which you can put other items you wish to carry alongside your violin. It would have made more sense if this violin can be used to the advanced levels, it, however, does a good job of getting you started and acquainted with the basics of playing the violin.

4) Cecilio 4/4 CEVN-2BK Wood Electric Violin with Ebony Fittings

Violins made from maple wood are usually considered to be the best regarding sound produced and durability. The Cecilio 4/4 CEVN is a well-built electric violin made from maple and is operated by a 9V battery. Is available in various colors, so you are sure to find one that appeals to you regarding design and outward appearance.

It includes an AUX cord and a pair of headphones in case you want to play loudly to a large audience or for a more private playing session. One good thing about this violin is that once you are past the beginner’s learning stage, you do not need to do any replacements as the violin can be used even in the advanced stages.

The violin can be connected to just about any sound system through the output headphone jack, and the strings are professional grade, so you do not have to replace them. Tuning is easy on this violin as rosin includes the violin kit and package. For better and improved sound, however, you may need to buy a much-improved headphone because the one included is just of average quality.

The violin has a lacquer finish which looks great on it. The carrying case the violin comes in does not have enough room to store anything other than the violin, but it remains a great purchase that serves its purpose quite well.

5) Mendini 1/8 MV-White Solid Wood Violin with Casing and Full Kit

Mendini is a well-known brand for its wide range of colorful violins and the 1/8 MV White Solid Wood Violin; it is colored white. With a size of 1/8, this violin made of a solid spruce top and the back is built from maple as well as the sides. The chin rest, pegs and fingerboard are prepared from maple as well. A tailpiece made from allow attached alongside four fine tuners integrated with the other parts.

The full package in which this violin comes contains a lightweight case, a bow made from Brazil wood and real Mongolian horsehair that hasn’t been bleached. It also includes a shoulder rest that can be adjusted, extra strings and a pair of bridges.

As a beginner getting started on learning how to play the violin, this violin is suitable for you. It is quite small-sized and wouldn’t be too big for your child to handle if you plan to get the violin for your child. The all-white color makes it even more attractive and a great choice for a young violinist.

You can save yourself from unnecessary expenses by choosing this simple and affordable violin. The sound produced is warm and of good quality, satisfactory enough for its purpose which is to learn.

6) ADM 4/4 Full-Size Wood Student Acoustic Violin Package

Not a lot of entry-level or beginners’ violin are full-sized. The ADM 4/4 Handcrafted Solid Wood Acoustic Violin is not only full-sized, but it also looks classy, elegant and every bit like a professional violin. The fact that it is handcrafted with maple wood makes the body more streamlined.

The fingerboard is made from rosewood while the back, sides, and neck are all carved from maple wood. It includes a hard carrying case which has a well-padded inside that gives the violin full protection from external forces, hits, and falls.

The bow is made from Brazil wood, and it includes extra rosin, strings, and bridge. The carrying case has a shoulder strap which is comfortable even though the violin itself is lightweight – only about 3Lbs.

Once out of the box, the tuning pegs may be loose so you might have to tune the violin appropriately. You should have no problems with the tuning. It is a highly recommended and excellent first violin which includes different perks that will make you enjoy using it.

7) Windsor MI-1008 1/4 Size Violin Package (Kids Size)

As mentioned earlier, getting a professional violin could cost a lot of money, and if you are getting a violin for your ward, you do not need to spend much. You can go for great violins for kids made by reputable violin brands such as Windsor’s Windsor MI-1008 1/4 Size Violin.

This model is one of the cheapest in the market, and it is fabricated from of quality materials put together in a brilliant, outstanding design. Windsor makes their violins to have different colors, and this shows that playing the violin can be exciting, and colorful. Made with a spruce top with other parts made from ebony such as the fingerboard, the tuning pegs and the entire body of the violin.

When you strike the violin, a well-tuned, mellow and vibrant sound is produced. The chin rest can be easily adjusted, and in the carrying case, there is enough foam which serves as a cushion for the violin to sit in. There is also a compartment in which you can keep other items.

It includes a violin book which helps your child get started on learning more easily. So, even if the quality of the violin is not professional grade, it is sufficient enough to help your child learn how to play.

8) Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE-White+SR Acoustic Violin in Pearl White

This is one of those violins that look every bit like a professional violin. It is one of the most preferred choices for beginners, and hardly will anyone notice at first glance that is just a cheap violin. It is well built; hand carved, made from maple and had an overall solid build.

It includes steel strings which can be replaced with more expensive strings if you wish. The fine tuners are plated with nickel, and a provision of an AUX cable is made in case you want to play to a large audience. You can simply connect to an amplifier.

One impressive feature of the violin clearly is the clear sound it produces, and it is ideal for learning because it gives off the vibe of a professional violin. Made in different colors, it is also shipped with a hard case with plush nylon lining to carry it in.

It has an adjustable shoulder rest which padded with a foam pad and gentle rubber feet. Once unboxed, you do not need to do any bridge work as everything comes perfectly set and all you need to do is take out of the box and start playing.

9) Mugig Violin 4/4, Violin Set with Case and Full Accessories (Full Size)

Mugig Violin 4/4 has its whole body made from maple except the top made from Spruce. This particular violin is different from other violins made from tonewood because it is fabricated from maple wood which gives it great resonance.

The fingerboard is made from ebony while the fine tuners are made from special alloys. It includes high-quality steel strings, and the bow is strung with original Mongolian horsehair. The Muigig 4/4 Violin produces great sound if tuned properly; you may also take it to a music shop to get it tuned professionally.

In the violin package, you will find one rosin, a bridge and a protective carrying bag to keep your violin safe from falls and hits. There is also a 6-month warranty on defective products.

Even as a low-cost violin, the Mugig 4/4 violin is a full-sized instrument of impressive quality. It does not come with a shoulder rest, but it includes extra strings. Offering great sound, a strong build, and design, this is a violin you should get for yourself if you wish to learn the basics of playing the violin.

10) YMC VL-NR 4/4 Standard Sized Violin with Full Accessories

This is another specially designed violin for beginners. Its back and sides are made from maple wood while the top is made of spruce. Violins made from maple wood have been known to come out strong and give a great performance, so the YMC VL-NR 4/4 Violin is no exception when it comes to strong and durable violins.

The durability makes it a suitable violin for beginners to learn, and the good part is that it is a cheap violin. In the starter kit, we have everything you need to get started which include a bow made from Brazil wood, polishing linen that makes the violin shining and a carrying case in which you can carry the violin around.

It is a violin for beginners, but it gives off a great tone. It also includes an electronic tuner with which you can tune the violin. It feels comfortable to play this violin because if the included adjustable shoulder rest. With a full set of steel strings, you can play any type of music with this violin.

The little money you will on this violin will be worth it as this is one of the few violins that offer great sounds alongside great looks and is available in different colors.

11) Merano MV10 4/4 (Full) Size Acoustic Student Violin 

Learning how to play the violin has never been easier with the Merano MV10 4/4 Acoustic Student Violin. The key to getting the best sound and resonance out of this instrument is to tune it properly. Although, the only downside is that the strings or bow can easily break, but those can be replaced.

Right out of the box, the strings may be too tight, and you may need to adjust them so playing the violin will be easier. With a spruce top and a body made from maple, as far as attractiveness goes, the Merano MV10 4/4 Full-Size Acoustic Violin scores high. It has a bright finish and a beautiful texture. It also includes a carrying case which serves as a protector for the violin in case it falls or hits something.

Tuning the violin right out of the box is best done by a professional. So we advise that you take it to a music shop. The pegs may also need to be chalked to avoid having a loose peg that will be unable to hold a tune. Alongside the package comes an extra string to replace the pre-strung one in case it breaks. The violin also includes one free rosin.

12) Windsor MI-1014 3/4 Size Violin Package

If you want your children to learn how to play violin with a violin brand that makes children violin and pays attention to all the important details necessary in a children violin, then you should consider the Windsor MI-1014 ¾ Size Violin.

You can purchase the Windsor violin in different sizes to suit the size of your children across different ages. With a body made from ebony, the violin is designed to be as comfortable and easy to use as possible. So, if you are someone who gets attracted to the design and appearance of a violin, this should work for you.

If you take the much deeper details important, then this should work for you as well because it includes different items that make learning how to play the violin easy. The Windsor M1-1014 includes a bridge which is packaged separately from the violin itself.

To give your child a chance at learning how to play the violin comfortably, you should consider getting him or her this musical instrument is the way to go. Or if you are considering learning how to play the violin yourself, this will make a very good choice.

13) ViolinSmart Full Size 4/4 Violin

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This is another violin made from natural wood manufactured by YMC. It has a smooth, glossy finish, and it is a great way to introduce your child to music without breaking the bank. This violin includes a bridge, rosin, bow and a carrying case.

The bridge is not set up, so it doesn’t get damaged during shipping. The back, as well as the sides, are made from maple wood while the violin has a spruce top. The pegs are colored ebony. It gives off a great sound unexpected of a cheap violin for beginners, and you can play any type of music with the Violin Smart Full Size 4/4 Violin.

The fact that it is full size is impressive as your child will not feel like he or she is playing with a toy and can give the needed motivation to take the violin lessons seriously. Whether you are learning or just playing as a hobby, this is a suitable violin for this purpose and quite a great stepping stone for the intermediate and advanced levels.

14) SKY Children’s Violin 1/16-Size Blue Color

The appearance of the violin is enough to appeal to anyone but as they say, “all that glitters is not gold.” It has an attractive appearance, but when buying a violin, you have to look beyond the appearance and focus on performance.

The SKYVN202 is 8 inches in length and is completely hand-carved. Designed with a high gloss finish, the package includes one Brazil-wood bow that you will play the violin with. It is highly recommended for beginners and even more suited for children between ages 1 and 3.

Once you unbox the product, you do not have to do a lot; simply set it up and start playing. The SKYVN202 includes two pearl eyes, features real, pure Mongolian horsehair, rosin and is housed in a lightweight case that looks nice. The bridge is entirely new, and the strings are of the best quality.

The sound produced by the Sky Brand New Children’s Violin SKYVN202 is unbelievably good and quite unexpected of a cheap violin such as this. This is one of those violins that return good value for money spent, albeit not a lot of money in the case of this particular product.

15) SKY 1/10 Size SKYVN201 Solid Maple Wood Violin with Case and other Accessories

Beginner level violins, these days, now feel and look like professional-level ones. Manufacturers have found a way to include quality craftsmanship when making these cheap violins, and this is another evidence of how you can spend little money to get a violin that can help set you on the course for greatness as a violinist.

The beautiful Sky Violin is perfect for amateur violin players. It has a professional setup and is ready to be played right away. It has a solid top made from spruce, and the neck, sides, scroll, and back are all made from solid maple that has been well-flamed.

In the package, you will find one violin, one strong shoulder rest, and one bow made from Brazilwood all placed in a lightweight triangular violin case that has a shoulder strap that has a pocket in which you can keep a music sheet and your violin accessories.

For any manufacturer defects, you are entitled to one-year warranty. The violin strings are of the best quality available, and it includes a lightweight rubber mute and a brand new bridge fitted to the violin. The case is rainproof as its exterior is covered with a rainproof canvas and you can also keep your violin accessories.

16) Kaizer Violin Acoustic Full Size 4/4 Blue Varnished VLN-1000BL-4/4-TNR

This is one of the best students’ violins in the market, and it meets with the generally required standards of a modern violin. It is hand-carved from maple, and it is fabricated from with a spruce top.

Kaizer is a top brand that makes environment-friendly violins, and this is not an exception to this standard. The wood materials come from Europe and North Asia forests, and there is zero use of toxic materials in the production.

There is an included bow in the complete violin kit which is made from genuine horsehair. There is also a carrying case alongside a rosin and shoulder rest. There are extra strings and a violin bridge included in the package too so that once you unbox the violin, you are ready to play right away.

The best thing about purchasing this product is that you have a free trial period of 45 days after which if you do not like the product, you can return it and get a full refund.

You also get to enjoy a lifetime warranty for parts replacement as long as you have evidence of purchase for the violin. There you have it; an impressive product and a brand that values customer support.

17) Toy Wonder’s Toy Violin – Electric-Powered Toy Violin for Children

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If you have run out of options on what to occupy your children, getting them a toy violin is probably a good idea. Toy Wonder’s Toy Violin is a toy violin that plays like an actual violin.

Your kids won’t even know that it’s not a real violin and it includes 25 inbuilt songs to take their mind off trying to figure out anything. This toy violin has some benefits attached to it such as keeping your kids busy and for educational purposes like introducing them to the violin world.

This toy violin is suitable for kids aged three and above so if you are looking for gift ideas for your little kids, godson or goddaughter, this violin is highly suitable. It uses AA battery, so you don’t have to be worried about electricity risks. 16 inches high, it looks like a genuine violin.

The violin includes 25 preloaded songs which your child can enjoy even when not playing. Some of these songs include popular melodies like London Bridge amongst other melodies. This electronic Toy violin is easy and safe to use; you, however, need to watch your kids as the violin may contain choking hazards and keep the violin away from kids younger than three.

18) MicroMall(TM) 1/2 Acoustic Violin + Case + Bow + Rosin Natural

Micromall ½ Acoustic Violin is ideal for older children. It is nowhere near a professional violin, but at the beginner and intermediate stages, this violin would do well in serving you. It is ideal for kids aged around 9 and ten years old.

The Micromall ½ Acoustic Violin is a violin of high quality which was designed with utmost attention paid to details. The trimmings and fingerboards are made of ebony.

The basswood is hand-carved, and the body is made of maple to make sure the violin is lightweight. The tuning pegs are well-fitted to the violin so that they will be easy to move and will not be too free. Blackwood is used in making the tuning pegs

When changing the strings, which you will when you want to produce another sound, you will realize that the strings are quite easy to replace. Regarding size, the Micromall ½ Acoustic Violin is half-sized which makes it easy to operate with your kids.

It includes a case to carry it around as well as rosin. This violin produces great sounds and gives a pretty decent performance which makes it a good stepping stone for the professional stage of playing.

19) Directly Cheap 4/4 Size Learner Violin with Case and Accessories

We have here a violin designed specifically for those who wish to learn how to play the violin and would like to do so with something colorful. Is available in different colors ranging from pink, green, red, purple, black, white to natural ebony.

It is a 4/4 size violin, and there are a couple of impressive features that include it which makes it perform well for a violin of this category. The basswood top is hand-carved as well as the back made from Catalpa. The sides are also made from the same material.

The case is available in can be carried about, and it is durable enough to carry even on long journeys. The bow is made from horsehair, the tailpiece which has four fine tuners attached to it is metallic, and the bridge is made from maple. It includes all the materials that a player would need to adjust their instrument.

Falling in love with this violin is easy especially if you are on a budget because it produces decent melody too. There is no healthier way to develop your child’s violin playing skills than to get this for him or her. Even you can hold the violin for your child if he or she cannot.

20) Musical Toy Violin with Bow Battery-operated by Hey! Play!

Once your child starts showing music potentials, it is best to tap into it early enough by introducing things that will help nurture that talent. This offering from Hey! Play! is a replica of a real violin for little kids. Though it is a toy violin, it includes a bow, and this is how a real violin is packaged.

With a length of 18 inches, the violin is battery-operated, so it is ideal for children between two years and nine years without any electrical risks. There are four adjustable strings on the violin with which you can play different notes, and the included bow gives the feeling of playing a real violin.

On the back of the violin, there are four keys which play different child melodies when pressed so your child can enjoy different sounds and melodies to listen to. The Hey-Play musical violin gives your child the impression that he or she is part of an orchestra and this feeling alone makes them open to learning how to play perfectly. To keep your child busy and interested in music at the same time, get the Hey-Play! Musical Toy Violin.

Choosing the Best Cheap Violin from the Best Budget Violin Brands

We really would like to pick one of these cheap violins from the list above, but it will make more sense if you made that choice yourself. Why? Buying a violin is personal and subjective; what one person sees as a great feature may not be so important to another person.

The violins listed above are to help you get started in your search so you can know the important things to look out for in every violin even if you would eventually buy a violin that is not listed above. You can also ask a professional violin teacher or player for what brands to avoid and where you can get a reliable violin for beginners.

The goal here is to buy affordable violin which you or your child can learn with. We have made excellent recommendations from the top and lesser known brands above. So be guided. Use your ears and eyes, and pay attention to the most important things only.