15 Best Kids Violin Review 2022 – Great Violin for Child

Best Kids Violin & Violin for Children

Best Kids Violin & Violin for Children

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Purchasing a violin for your child, whether they are 6 or 16, can be something of a daunting process.

That’s why it can help to read reviews of violins in various places to at least get you started on the road towards figuring out what might work, asking questions of reputable salespeople, even just to help educate yourself on the world of music itself, let alone the beautiful world of violins and the craftsmanship involved in making quality instruments.

What are the Best Kids Violins to Buy?

Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin Outfit - 4/4 Size
Cremona SV-150 Premier Student Violin Outfit - 3/4 Size
Mendini By Cecilio Violin For Beginners, Kids & Adults - Beginner Kit For Student w/Hard Case, Rosin, Bow - Starter Violins, Wooden Stringed Musical Instruments
Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin Outfit - 4/4 Size
Cremona SV-150 Premier Student Violin Outfit - 3/4 Size
Mendini By Cecilio Violin For Beginners, Kids & Adults - Beginner Kit For Student w/Hard Case, Rosin, Bow - Starter Violins, Wooden Stringed Musical Instruments
Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin Outfit - 4/4 Size
Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin Outfit - 4/4 Size
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Cremona SV-150 Premier Student Violin Outfit - 3/4 Size
Cremona SV-150 Premier Student Violin Outfit - 3/4 Size
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Mendini By Cecilio Violin For Beginners, Kids & Adults - Beginner Kit For Student w/Hard Case, Rosin, Bow - Starter Violins, Wooden Stringed Musical Instruments
Mendini By Cecilio Violin For Beginners, Kids & Adults - Beginner Kit For Student w/Hard Case, Rosin, Bow - Starter Violins, Wooden Stringed Musical Instruments
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15 Best Kids Violin & Violins for Children

The following is a review of 15 violins for kids or children and afterward will be a few tips on what to consider when taking on the task of buying your child their first violin.

1) Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin Outfit; 4/4 Size

If you are looking for a violin for an older child, this particular instrument by Cremona is likely one of your best options. It’s set up to satisfy the California MENC standards, and it’s been featured in Music Inc. Magazine as a violin that satisfies the needs of the beginning or advancing student. Additionally, this particular Cremona model has been the top-selling violin for over three decades, which alone makes it a good choice, reputation-wise.

Quality workmanship in this violin features ebony fittings and fingerboard, hand-carved spruce and maple body for beauty, but lightweight construction means it’s easy to hold onto. The four tuning pegs are Swiss-style and properly fitted, so when your child learns to tune their violin, the pegs will neither be difficult to move, nor will they be too loose. Each Cremona violin comes with “Prelude” brand strings, though it is not difficult to change the strings if your child, or your child’s teacher wants a different sound.

This being a full-size model, the SV-175 is best suited for older elementary and junior high kids. For those who are choosy about aesthetics, the SV-175 has a matte finish on the front and a glossier finish on the front.

2) Cremona SV-150 Premier Student Violin Outfit; 3/4 Size

The appearance of this violin will catch your eye instantly. Like other Cremona violins, the main body is constructed of spruce and maple, but the butterscotch color of the boxwood chin rest, tail piece, and tuning pegs give the Cremona SV-150 a truly arresting appearance and elegance that’s somewhat difficult to find at a student-level price point. Additionally, the purfling is inlaid, which is how you can spot a quality product.

It means that if a crack in the wood were to form, it would stop at the purfling and go no farther, making it easier to repair. Like other similar violins made to fit certain education standards, this model’s correct string height and spacing will allow your child to learn proper finger placement and intonation.

While the SV-175 model does not include a case, the SV-150 does come with a case, which will help parents out by saving extra money on purchasing a separate case.

Just so you know, not every violin is going to look the same as far as grain and finish are concerned, so you might purchase one of the SV-150s one year and then get another the next year and the two will be somewhat different.

3) Mendini MV300 Solid Wood Satin Antique Violin w/Hard Case, Shoulder Rest, Rosin, Bow, Extra Strings; 4/4 Size

Unlike the first two violins, the Mendini is a bit cheaper than that. But regardless of how cheap it sounds at the outset, you’re getting a package deal as the violin comes with quite a few accessories: shoulder rest, rosin, hard case and extra strings.

The solid spruce top with maple back and sides plus a satin antique finish is truly pleasing to the eye, and the fingerboard, chin rest and tail piece complement the dark reddish-brown finish perfectly. This is an excellent full-size violin for an older elementary or junior high student to start with, until your child grows in skill enough for you to purchase a model for their advancing ability.

The fact this violin comes with a case and accessories for your child to start out with will likely be a good thing for those parents who want their children to have lessons, but find it challenging to purchase anything beyond the price mark. This will also, therefore, be a good bet for parents who want their child to try out the violin, don’t want to rent, but commitment and dedication have yet to show themselves.

4) SKY Brand New Children’s Violin (Blue); 1/16 Size

The small size and stunning blue hue of this violin is perfect for the young child wanting lessons, and is priced right for the parent who doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a violin. While you might think this violin is made of fiberglass because of its unusual color, it’s not. It’s a spruce top with maple back, sides, neck and scroll. The bow is Brazil wood with Mongolian horse hair, so you know the bow itself is just as good a quality as the instrument.

Not only will children love the blue color, they’ll also love the high gloss finish. It’s also set up and ready to play, which will please impatient little ones anxious to get going on their first lessons. The case is lightweight, which will make it easy for little ones to carry, and it’s a great way for parents to teach their children how to take responsibility for their violin early on. This violin also comes in pink, but only in the 1/10 size.

5) SKY VN201 Solid Maple Wood Violin with High-Quality Lightweight Case, Shoulder Rest, String, Rosin, Brazil Wood Bow & Mute; 1/10 Size

From the same brand as the blue violin above, this next instrument is the next size up, so when your child has ‘graduated’ from the 1/16, or they’re starting lessons right at the height or age where a 1/10 is more appropriate, this stunning maple violin is a budding violinist’s dream, both in looks and quality.

Hand-carved with a spruce top and a gorgeous, highly-flamed maple back and sides, then finished off with a stunning oil varnish that brings out the natural beauty of the grain on both sides of the instrument, its sheer beauty will inspire any beginning violinist to practice and get better at their chosen instrument.

Additionally, the kit comes with a high-quality shoulder rest, which will give your child a bit more comfort while playing, as well as a string mute so that they can practice without disturbing any family members or neighbors. Your child’s teacher can show them how to place the mute on the instrument so they can do it all by themselves at home when it’s practice time.

Another good thing about this kit is that it already includes rosin and extra strings as well as a high-quality case, so you don’t have to worry about purchasing any of those separately. If you wish to make your aspiring young violinist’s Christmas dreams come true at a fraction of the cost of a higher-end instrument, this should definitely be on your short list.

6) Mendini 1/8 MV-White Solid Wood Violin with Hard Case, Shoulder Rest, Bow, Rosin and Extra Strings

The Mendini 1/8 solid wood violin is not only an instrument meant to make beautiful music, but it is also aesthetically pleasing. It is available in a diverse range of colors from purple, blue, black, white, as well as natural and antique.

The body is made from hand-carved solid spruce and maple with spruce for the top and maple for the back and sides. The fingerboards, chin rest and pegs are also made from maple while the tailpiece is made from alloy integrated with four tuners.

A purchase of this product also comes along with a very light hard case to protect from damage, a Brazilian bow that has unbleached and genuine Mongolian horsehair, rosin, two bridges, an extra set of strings, and two bridges. While there are of course better violins by professional standards, the quality is more than adequate for anyone learning to play the violin.

7) Windsor MI-1008 1/2 Size Violin Outfit Including Case Designed for Kids

If you're looking for a violin that would be perfect for children, then the Windsor Violin is the way to go. It weighs just 2.2 pounds and is available in 4 different sizes so even if you have a five-year-old or a 12-year-old, then there's a perfect fit for your child.

This beautifully crafted musical instrument with the ebony body is perfect for new beginners, hobbyists, school kids, and enthusiasts alike. It is designed to make your learning experience as comfortable as possible. If the beautiful design or the multiple sizes don't call to you, then perhaps the additional items that come with it will.

When you purchase a Windsor MI-1008, you also get a bridge along with it. The bridge is usually packaged separately for ease of packing and transport. The Windsor M1-1008 will give you, or your children if that's who you're purchasing it for, the perfect opportunity to learn how to play the violin.

It allows beginners the chance to get comfortable with this beautiful musical instrument. Interested in showing your children the wonders of the violin? Or perhaps you’re learning for yourself? Then this is the Violin for you.

8) IMusic 1/16 Acoustic Violin Set Kids Students Beginnners, Matte Satin Antique

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The first thing that'll catch your eye when you see this product is the appearance. The IMusic violin is a 1/16 matte satin violin that is ideally suited for beginners, hobbyists and enthusiasts alike. The top, back and sides are made from basswood with a rosewood bow and a maple fingerboard.

With over 40 years in the manufacturing of violins, IMusic brings you a violin that has very strict quality control. The hair on the bows are made from genuine Mongolian horsehair. The violin also comes with a bridge, an e-tuner, a nylon case that makes storage and transportation very easy, and an extra string just in case one cuts while you’re playing or you want a different sound.

The overall weight of the product is approximately 2.9 pound meaning it won't be too heavy for your child to carry around. And with the IMusic passion for perfection and focus on detail, each violin is crafted to give you a blend of tone, durability, and style.

9) Electronic Toy Violin for Kids

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If you're looking for a toy violin to keep your younger kids busy, then this is the product for you. It looks like a real violin and feels like a real violin, so your little ones won't even be able to tell the difference. It may not sound like a genuine violin being a toy and all, but the variety of songs make up for it.

There's a variety of reasons why you'll want to get a toy violin. Perhaps you want a toy with some educational value, or maybe the little one keeps disturbing the big kids while they're practising. Perhaps your practice sessions are the ones getting bothered.

Perhaps you're looking for a toy for your one-year-old, or maybe your godson or goddaughter; then this is a perfect gift for them. It is battery operated (simple AAs for that matter) and has a height of 16” making it so very realistic looking.

The electronic toy violin comes preloaded with 25 melodies that will keep your child entertained while simultaneously getting to start appreciating music early. Some of the more popular songs that have been preloaded into this toy violin include

• London Bridge

• Twinkle Little Star

• Oh Susannah

• Old Black Joe

• One Little Two Little Three Little Indians

• She'll be Coming ‘Round the Mountain

• Old McDonald

• No Place Like Home

• Frere Jacques

• Mary Had a Little Lamb.

It also includes other nursery rhymes like if you’re Happy and You Know It, Isle of Capri, and Are You Sleeping, Brother John.

The electronic toy violin is straightforward and safe to use with your kids. However, watch out for small parts (like batteries) when kids under three are playing with it. 

10) MicroMall (TM) 1/2 Acoustic Violin + Case + Bow + Rosin Natural

Are you looking for a violin for an older child? Then this particular instrument by MicroMall would do you good. This violin is capable of satisfying the needs of both the beginning as well as the advancing student. It is suitable for kid’s ages 9 to 10 years, and it is an excellent way to get them to fall in love with classical music.

The quality craftsmanship in this violin includes natural ebony fittings and fingerboards, hand-carved basswood and maple body to give it beauty and a lightweight construction that makes it easy to handle. Each tuning peg is made from blacked wood and is properly fitted so that when your child finally learns to tune the violin, it won’t be too loose, or difficult to move.

 The strings are also easy to change whenever you want a different sound. Because this is a half-size model, most kids find it easy to operate and play. The product also comes with a case and a rosin.

11) Lujex Mini Music Violin Toy, Brown

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This is another toy violin you can purchase for your kids to help them get used to the feel of a violin, how to hold a violin, and how to get comfortable playing the violin.

Since the body is made entirely from plastic, kids find it easy and light to carry around. It also comes with four steel strings capable of producing real violin sounds. This product looks like a real violin (same natural ebony color and only slightly smaller in size).

Fortunately, it is very well made for a toy, and it is something you kids are sure to enjoy.

12) 4/4 Size Student Beginner Violin

This 4/4 size violin is something for those that like to add a little color to whatever they do. It comes in a diverse range of colours. You can choose from green, purple, pink, white, red, black, and of course natural ebony.

Here’s what you get every time you make a purchase of this violin. A violin that comes with a hand carved basswood top. Hand carved catalpa back and sides, a catalpa fingerboard, a durable travel case, simulated horsehair bow, maple bridge, rosin, metal tailpiece that comes with four fine tuners, and a chinrest and tuning pegs.

This is one product that is beautiful both on the outside and as a result of the melodies it produces. You're sure to fall in love with this violin. What better way to nurture the musical talents of your kids than with this purchase.

Even if your child is not big enough for a 4/4, you can still get this for yourself to play with sometimes will you teach the little one to play. You can hold it for your kid while they learn the simple basics of playing the violin. Nothing beats learning to play an instrument together as a family.

13) YR-Seasons 1/2 Size Violin Fiddle Kit Set with Hard Case + Bow + Rosin for Student Starter Beginner Black Color

The YR-Season violin is just the right violin for student starters and beginning. This half-size violin fiddle kit comes with a case, a bow and a rosin. And to top it all off, the YR-Season Violin comes in black so you know it’s all about excellence.

This professionally handmade violin is suitable for kids of ages 9 and 10 years. The back, sides and the head are all made from composite wood while the chin rest, tailpiece, pegs and fingerboards are all made from plastic. This all adds to make the design easy and comfortable to use.

The ebony and white horse tail bow is intended to caress the strings just right, and fill your room and your ears with the most melodious sounds there is. To protect it all, violin, bow and rosin, is the very soft case which also makes it easy to carry around.

Looking for a violin that your kid is bound to love and enjoy?

Want to teach your child how to play a musical instrument?

Then look no further than the YR-Season half-size violin. This violin is not only beautifully crafted but also beautiful to play. The YR-Seasons violin is one instrument that your child is likely to fall in love with.

For a more realistic replica of a violin for your younger kids, Hey-Play brings you the musical toy violin that comes with a bow. It is a great choice of toy if you’re looking to introduce your child to music early on.

The Hey-Play musical violin has a look and feel of a violin and measures about 18 inches long. It is a battery operated toy that kids aged 18 months and up to 9 years can enjoy. The violin comes with 4 adjustable strings capable of playing notes, and with the bow, you child can feel like they’re part of an orchestra.

There are 5 touch keys at the back that also play different songs so you child has a variety of sounds he or she can listen to. When you switch on the violin, pressing the strings releases the notes of the song.

What better way of making your child feel like an actual composer?

The Hey-Play musical violin has been designed to keep your kids delighted, entertained, and enrich kids of all ages with the use of beloved games, engaging activities, and intrinsic play. This way, leisure time with your kids is always bound to be fun.

If you’re looking for an affordable toy that also teaches your child the wonders of music, then the Hey-Play musical violin is an excellent choice to go with.

15) WinFun Concert Master Violin

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Are you’re interested in seeing whether or not you child may be in interested in learning an instrument someday? Then a good way to introduce them to the joys of musical instruments is with the WinFun Concert Master Violin.

The WinFun Concert Master Violin is made entirely out of plastic and is battery operated. It is great fun for ages 3 and up and could even be enjoyed by 2 year olds if not for the size factor.

It is equipped with an on and off switch as well as an adjustable volume control so you can let your child have your fun without having to worry about excessive noise. The WinFun Concert Master Violin also includes flashing lights, eight keys, three activity modes (Violin Fun, Duet Fun and Play It Right) and seven built-in demo songs so your kid can enjoy several hours of fun music making.

While the concert master violin may look like a violin, it doesn’t actually have any strings you can play. It does, however, come with a fun set of keys each generating music to keep your child happy and entertained.

What to Consider When Purchasing a Child’s Violin?

When choosing a violin for your child, there are many things to consider, many of them physical as well as financial.

The following are tips to get you started with what might be a challenging process of picking out a violin that not only will fit your child, physically, but also inspire them to do the practice required for them to become as good as they likely want to be.

1) Figure out what size violin your child will need first.

This first step is very important, as player comfortability will help determine just how long your child will stick with the instrument, to say nothing of developing the proper habits of good playing posture, hand position and so on. If they have to strain, physically, to get to a particular position on the neck, or otherwise position their hand incorrectly to make a note sound good, then the violin is not the right size.

How to measure: Have your child hold their left arm out to the side, and measure from their neck to the palm of their hand. The length of their arm will determine the size. Violin sizes are measured in ¼ increments, from 1/16, to a full 4/4.

2) Fully explore pros and cons of renting vs. buying.

Renting an instrument often seems like a good option because when a child starts out, commitment has yet to be proven, and if your child is younger, they’ll outgrow each rental. However, rental fees can add up, and if the child somehow damages the instrument, or the instrument is damaged in some other way, you’re truly liable for the cost of the instrument.
If you buy a violin outright, it’s a one-time payment, you won’t have to worry about much of anything except how much more your child will grow, re-hairing the bow, restringing the violin or taking the violin to the shop for other repairs.

3) Figure out how much you’re willing to spend, but it helps to let the child choose.

If you decide to take the plunge and actually buy a violin for your child, you’ll want to work out how much you’re willing to spend. This said, more expensive does not necessarily equal better, and cheaper does not, of course, always mean that a violin has shoddy workmanship. The price of a violin usually depends on the types of wood used in the making of the instrument, and you might end up wanting to spend a bit extra to not just get a good violin, but a kit including the case, the rosin, tuner, etc.

All this said, it helps to have the child go with you to pick out the violin they not only want, but the violin that will fit them and will inspire them to practice and make their violin their ‘best friend,’ as it were.

4) Know that name brands may not be the be-all and end-all.

You might have heard, at one point or another, the name Stradivarius. He was a luthier from back in the 18th century whose craftsmanship has catapulted him into the stratosphere of what might be termed ‘brand-name worship.’ There is not a violin player in the world who doesn’t desire, at some point, to get their hands on a genuine Stradivarius, especially since well-looked-after violins can last decades, even centuries, if well-crafted.
The flip side to this desire is the fact that there are so many fakes out there. A violin may have the ‘Stradivarius’ name, but be a total knockoff with average quality, even if the design is similar to original, genuine Stradivarius models. So, you might want the best for your child, and that’s understandable, even admirable, but genuine ‘Strads’ are expensive, often prohibitively so for many people.

Your best bet, especially if your child is just learning, is to find a violin model whose quality is excellent, even though the name is not as well-known as some others. Your child can decide later on in life, let alone their time with the violin, if they want to go as far as a model that will cost them hundreds, if not thousands of dollars.

5) Online vs brick-and-mortar stores.

You might be debating where to get a violin at all, be it online or in a music shop, and this is where it pays to know what you’re looking for, and how to get a good deal on a quality product. There’s an advantage to shopping online, if you go specifically to online stores that specialize in musical instruments and gear. You won’t get the hassle of pushy salespeople, and you can order in the middle of a snowstorm if you have to.

On the other hand, there’s a level of personable interaction that comes with going to a brick-and-mortar store, to say nothing of the delight a child usually has when the trip is about them and their desire to learn. Also, if you or your child have questions, an in-person Q & A will help a lot, rather than relying on whether a customer service agent will be available on a website’s chat app.

This review and list of tips, along with a consultation with a potential teacher, will hopefully help you begin the search for your kid’s first violin, appropriate to their age, skill level and your budget. As you can see, there are many good violins out there for beginners that won’t break your budget, but will aid your young violinist on their journey.