20 Best Intermediate Violin Reviews 2022

Best Intermediate Violins

Best Intermediate Violins

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There are various types of violin designed for different categories of players. If you don’t have prior knowledge of the musical instrument but you are willing to learn, your best bet is the beginner violin. It comes with features that are purposely designed to help learners master the playing techniques of the musical instrument.

Likewise, those that want to hone their skill will practice effectively with the intermediate violin. This type of violin is equipped with functionalities that are a little bit advanced than beginners’ violin. As the name implies, professional violins come with advanced features that help advanced players to make the most of their skills.

Are you an intermediate player looking for the best violin to buy? We have got you covered. No doubt, there is a confusing number of intermediate violins out there. We have come up with 20 best intermediate violins from which you can choose. Apart from that, we will explain the difference between the three categories of violins and what you need to consider before you purchase an intermediate violin.

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What are the differences between beginner, intermediate, and advanced violins?

  • Student Violin

Typically, student violin involves less handwork and they are made from the wood of lower quality. Parts of Beginners’ violin-like chin rest, pegs are made of plastic. This type of violin is great for children and students that are kin on learning the musical instrument.

  • Intermediate Violin

This category of the violin stands between the students and professional musical instruments. The intermediate violins are perfect for a musician that needs something advanced than beginner violin but are not yet ready to spend a substantial amount of a professional musical instrument.

  • Professional Violin

They are usually hand-built and constructed from high-quality wood. Professional violins are assembled by a Luthier and they feature high-value components like ebony fingerboard and the likes. These musical instruments are ideal for professionals as well as advanced musicians.

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What are the Best Violins to Buy?

2) Bunnel Premier Student Violin

  • 4 Advanced Grade Built-In Tuner
  • Warmer and Richer Sound
  • Hand-Made
  • Easy Carrying

1) Mendini 4/4 Wood Violin Package - Full Size

  • High Quality
  • Rich, Powerful, & Deep Tone
  • Sensuous & Strong Sound
  • Hand-Carved Spruce Top

3) Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE - Acoustic/Electric Violin

  • Hand-Carved Maple Back & Sides
  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Volume & Tone Control

What to Consider When Buying an Intermediate Violin

Buying an intermediate violin may be overwhelming if you don’t know how to go about it. This is because there are different types and brands of intermediate violin in the market. Here are some things to keep in mind while shopping for the right musical instrument.

  • Price

It is advisable to set a budget before you even start searching for the right musical instrument to buy. High-quality violins come at different prices depending on the brand you go for, and you should also note that the musical instrument might come with a bow and case, you may likely those accessories separately.

  • Quality

Apart from setting a budget, the quality of the musical instrument is important. You should be able to identify quality musical instruments. With this knowledge, you will not buy a low-quality or a substandard violin. To go about this, check the structure and construction of the musical instrument. A violin that is of good quality will not look warped or creak when you apply a little pressure.

  • Size

Violin comes in various sizes. For instance, student violin comes in sizes like ¾, ½, 1/4, 1/8, 1/10, 1/16, and 1/32. You can determine the size of the violin that best fits your child by measuring the full length of their arm from the base of the neck to the center of the palm or wrist.

20 Best Intermediate Violin Reviews

1. Mendini 4/4 Wood Violin Package –Full Size

What sets the Mendini MV500 apart from other violins is it’s rich, powerful, and deep tone. The musical instrument is ideal for everyone that wants to step up their playing skill. The violin has received a lot of commendations from its past users. Therefore, it is one of the best choices for experienced as well as a beginner player.

The Mendini features an unbeatable tonal quality and an unrivaled ability to create a sensuous and strong sound. The violin comes in a beautiful dark design that brings back the impression of antiquity.

The musical instrument is constructed with high-quality, reliable material, thereby making it durable. It can last for several years without any issue whatsoever. If you are looking for an excellent violin with exceptional design and quality, you should not consider any other choice than this violin.

Some of its important features are ebony chin rest, fingerboard, and tailpiece with four tuners that can be detached. Others are hand-carved maple neck, side, and back, hand-carved spruce top with attractive inlaid purling and varnish finish. Its accessories include two set of bridges, lightweight hard case, additional sets of strings, and adjustable shoulder rest.

2. Bunnel Premier Student Violin

Featuring inlaid purfling, four advanced grade built-in tuner, an ebony tailpiece, and the Bunnel violin is an excellent musical instrument to consider. It is a perfect choice for beginning and intermediate players who want to hone their playing skills. The intermediate violin features improved wood quality, offering a warmer and richer sound. This violin comes with a hand-rubbed and authentic oil finish. This quality is typical of more expensive violins.

The product is equipped with many outstanding features, which include organically dried Maplewood and handmade construction. The Giuliani bow of the musical instrument features a brazilwood authentic bow shaft, silver winding, black leather grip, abalone bow slide, authentic Mongolian horsehair, among others. The case also comes equipped with a hygrometer for measurement of humidity, shoulder rest compartment, weatherproof exterior fabric, comfortably shaped handle for easy carrying, among others.

Other included accessories you need to know about are the clip-on tuner, an extra full set of Portland violin strings, violin beginner book, pre-installed Prelude strings, and lots more.

3. Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE-Black+SR Acoustic/Electric Violin

Described as a perfect violin for students plus beginner players, the Cecilio CVNAE Acoustic/Electric Violin comes with numerous outstanding features that are designed to assist players to master the musical instrument with ease. The product features hand-carved sides and maples plus solid spruce top that is equally hand carved.

The weight of the violin is 4.98 pounds while its dimension is 32 x 12 x 5 inches. The product comes in a metallic black color. This musical instrument is fitted with pegs, chinrest, and tailpieces that are made with ebony material. Also, the fine tuner is plated with nicked.

The package includes a hard case, brazilwood bow, and high-quality shoulder rest and rosin. The Brazilwood bow comes with authentic Mongolian horsehair while the shoulder rest is adjustable with soft rubber feet including soft foam padding, high-value rosin, violin bridge, and aux cable. The hard case is light in weight and is covered with deluxe-plush-lined nylon. The hard case is easy to carry because it comes with straps. Pockets are also included for storing accessories.

4. Ricard Bunnel Violin

Are you looking for a highly rated violin that comes equipped with unbeatable features? if yes, the Ricard Bunnel Violin is your perfect choice. This musical instrument is superior to any other violins that are sold at its price range.

One of its outstanding features is the oil finish, it is a unique feature that commonly comes with a more expensive musical instrument. The Ricard Bunnel Violin does not only look professional, but it also gives the standard for hand-crafted violin.

The musical instrument gives a more progressive and warmer sound thanks to its design, fittings, and finish. This violin beats other musical instruments when we consider the appearance and sound quality. It is worth noting that the Ricard Bunnel Violin comes with a complete package of accessories such as extra strings, high-quality shoulder rest, among others. The features of Ricard Bunnel Violin include an inlaid purfling, tight-grained spruce, and naturally dried maple, handmade construction, high-grade, custom-fit maple bridge and lots more.

5. Cremona SV-130 Premier Novice Violin Package

The Cremona SV-130 Premier Novice Violin is designed to meet the demands of the ever-expanding student market. The musical instrument focuses primarily on value and quality. Therefore, the Cremona SV-130 Premier Novice Violin is a high-quality musical instrument for students and those who are willing to develop their playing skills.

With this violin, students are sure to get a rapid improvement in their playing skills as it comes with features that facilitate learning. One of such features is easy-to-play strings. The height and tension of the strings have been adjusted such that it is extremely easy to play.

Another feature of the Cremona SV-130 Premier Novice Violin that helps students learn fast is its ability to produce a rich and satisfying tone. So, this violin satisfied the two requirements for effective learning of the musical instrument, which is excellent playability and the ability to produce perfect tones. You will be happy to learn that this intermediate violin performs exceptionally whether a student is at the beginner stage of the learning process or have mastered the playing technique to a point.

The dimension of this product is 23.5 x 8.2 x 3.8 inches while its 1.05 pounds in weight. If you are in need of a violin that will always meet your expectations, consider the Cremona SV-130 Premier Novice Violin.

6. Cecilio CVN-500 Solidwood Violin with D’Addario Prelude Strings

The Cecilio CVN-500 is approved by music teachers as a perfect instrument for intermediate players. The musical instrument comes with hand-carved flamed maple sides and back, hand-carved solid spruce top as well as an attractive satin antique varnish. The musical instrument is fitted with ebony pegs, chinrest, fingerboard, as well as tailpiece with fine tuners that are plated with nickel. Also, the violin is strung with sets of prelude strings from D’Addario.

The package that comes with the violin includes a lesson book, a chromatic tuner with a metronome, a hardshell case that comes with straps and pockets for storing accessories, adjustable shoulder rest with comfortable soft foam padding, high-value rosin cake, soft rubber feet, violin bridge, among others.

The product weighs 5 pounds and its dimension is 32 x 12 x 5 inches. The Cecilio CVN comes in satin Antique color. If you need a violin that offers everything that a beginner and intermediate flutists need to learn the musical instrument at their own pace, choose the Cecilio CVN-500 Violin.

7. Stentor, 4 String (1500 4/4)

If you are in need of a high-quality intermediate violin that will give you a greater value for your money, you should go for the Stentor Violin. Apart from its outstanding qualities, the musical instrument is budget-friendly. The Stentor violin is excellently constructed with fine-grained spruce top and a solid maple sides and backs.

Other fascinating features of this musical instrument are its super sensitive red label strings, hardwood chin rest, and inlaid purfling. The musical instrument is easy to play and it is durable.

Other notable features of this intermediate violin are nylon tailpiece loop, alloy tailpiece with four string adjuster, and the polished warm lacquer finish. These high-quality features make the Stentor violin the best choice among serious-minded violin players. The accessories of this excellent musical instrument include padded backpack bag, wood horsehair bow, lightweight canvass covered case along with instrument blanket, among others.

The weight of the product is 1.15 pounds whiles its dimension is 6.2 x 31.5 x 11 inches. The Stentor Violin is one of the musical instruments that offer great value.

8. Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin Package

This musical instrument is purposely designed to meet the specific needs of both beginners and advanced students. It is a unique violin that comes with excellent features that make learning and practice bliss. The Musical instrument features quality workmanship for outstanding tones.

Furthermore, each musical instrument comes in an attractive translucent brown finish that allows the grain to show through. The Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin is painstakingly crafted to be equally pleasing to the eyes and ears. You will be pleased to learn that each violin outfit comes with a Travelite oblong violin case.

Other accessories are octagonal brazilwood bow and a built-in hygrometer along with authentic horsehair and an ebony frog. All products from this brand are set up to Cremona standards at their workshop in the United States. Some of the features that you might find enticing are its Swiss-style ebony pegs, composite tailpiece that is light in weight, and excellent four smooth fine tuners.

Other noteworthy features of the Cremona SV-175 Premier Student Violin are the hand-carved solid maple body and soli spruce, including the ebony fingerboard and fittings. The weight of the musical instrument is 1.05 pounds while its dimension is 23.5 x 8.2 x 3.8 inches.

9. Yamaha Model 5 Violin Outfit 4/4 Size

Featuring maple neck and back, spruce top that is made from high-quality material, Yamaha Model 5 is a perfect example of top-grade violins for intermediate as well as beginner players. You should also be aware that the violin is handcrafted just like other Yamaha’s high-quality violin.

Some of the features that will interest you in this musical instrument are its attractive chinrest, tailpiece, and rosewood pegs. The Yamaha Model 5 Violin is a perfect choice for young students as well as other players that wants to hone their playing skills.

It features a lightweight case, rosin, and a bow. The lightweight case enables players to transport the musical instrument conveniently. Apart from that, players can keep their violin in the case when not in use. The dimension of the Yamaha Model 5 violin is 29.1x 3.5x 7.5 inches while it is 6.61 pounds in weight. If you are in need of a high-value intermediate violin for your child, consider the Yamaha Model 5 violin outfit.

10. Louis Carpini G2 Violin

If you need a top-level student violin that is produced in several sizes according to your requirement, do not underestimate the Louis Carpini Violin. This musical instrument is exceptional because it is more capable than most types of student violins. It is a popular choice among students.

This intermediate violin gains the heart of students through its mellow tone and punchy note. The Louis Carpini G2 Violin is indeed a popular option among serious-minded students that want to improve their skill within the shortest possible time.

It comes with myriads of fascinating features, some of which are the inlaid ebony purfing, elaborate maple back, high-quality ebony chinrest, fingerboard, and peg, personalized French Aubert bridge that is hand-carved from maple, composite tailpiece with four built-in tuners, among others. The accessories include a string cloth, a Kaplan Rosin, and Luggage Tag. You will be pleased to know that the case is light in weight, making it comfortable for transportation.

Not only that, it contains a different compartment for other accessories and it also features an elegant faux leather that holds the musical instrument in place. The dimension of the product is 40.2 x 12 x 7.2 inches while it weighs 10.2 pounds. This violin requires no assembly as it comes completely setup.

11. Cremona SV-500 Premier Artist Violin Outfit -4/4 Size

Weighing 4.45 pounds, the Cremona CVN-500 is an excellent musical instrument that is beautifully designed with attractive orange-brown varnish. The artistry and the tone of this violin are unequaled.

The Musical instrument comes with a D’Addario Prelude strings as well as a lightweight four tuner tailpiece for outstanding tone quality suitable for advanced students. The outfits are equipped with violin care products, authentic horsehair bow, and a hardshell case. Out of the numerous student violin starter kit in the market, the Cremona SV-500 is worthy of consideration as it comes complete with all the needed features for smooth learning.

Before the product gets to customers, it will undergo a thorough inspection by a team of expert violin makers. Each instrument is ready to play on arrival as they have been set up at the United States Workshop to Cremona Standard.

Apart from being preset, it comes with everything a student needs to get started. the Cremona SV-500 is designed to eliminate anything that can hinder or interrupt the students’ development on their musical instruments. The dimension of this product is 24 x 8.2 x 4.4 inches. If you need a violin with the best tone quality, go for the Cremona SV-500 premier artist Violin.

12. Cecilio CVN-600 Solidwood Violin with D’Addario Prelude Strings Size 4/4 (Full Size)

This musical instrument is attractively finished with hand oil rubbed and inlaid purfling. It’s a violin for both intermediate and professional players. This violin shines among others because it possesses high-quality features and it is made from high-value materials. These materials have a remarkable influence on their sound production and playability. The Cecilio CVN-600 weighs 6.75 pounds while it is 32 x 13 x 7 inches.

The Cecilio CVN-600 comes with a fantastic package which includes a guide book, Cecilio chromatic tuner along with a metronome, a violin bridge, an adjustable shoulder rest that comes with a soft foam padding for convenience, soft rubber feet, two violin bow made from Brazilwood, unbleached Mongolian horsehair, and many others.

Notable features of the Cecilio CVN-600 are maple sides and back, solid grained spruce top, hand-rubbed oil finish and the attractive inlaid purfling, ebony chinrest, fingerboard, and tailpiece with four tuners that can be detached, among others. the Cecilio CVN-600 is a top-quality violin that gives you a greater value for your money.

13. Cecilio CVN-320L Violin with D’Addario Prelude Strings

This Cecilio CVN-320L Solidwood Violin is ideal for the beginner as well as intermediate flutists. The musical instrument comes in different sizes and it is equipped with lots of fascinating and helpful features. The product comes with hand-carved maple sides and back, hand-carved spruce top and an attractive antique varnish finish. This violin is fitted with ebony fingerboard, tailpiece, and pegs. It is also strung with it a set of Prelude string from D’Addario.

The packages that come with a Cecilio CVN-320L Violin are a lightweight hardshell case, a Cecilio chromatic tuner with a metronome and a lesson book. The hardshell case comes with a pocket for accessories and straps that allow players to carry the instrument comfortably to school or orchestra.

Other accessories are two brazilwood bow with unbleached authentic Mongolian horsehair, quality rosin cake, soft rubber feet, and a violin bridge. Do you need a violin that is easy to play and produces great sound? This is an excellent choice to consider.

14. Cremona SV-800 Premier Artist Violin Outfit -4/4 Size

Perfect for a student at the highest level of education, the Cremona SV-800 Premier Artist Violin is a high-quality musical instrument that offers a fantastic playing experience. This intermediate violin is made from high-grade material, which makes it durable and attractive.

Apart from that, it produces high-quality sound. It is worth noting that the violin is handcrafted by some of the most skilled luthiers of the world. The Cremona SV-800 Premier Artist Violin is meticulously hand-carved from fine tonewood to give a smooth, sonorous tone.

The fingerboard is shaped beautifully from ebony for durability, playability, and beauty. The endpin, pegs, and tailpiece are made from the finest ebony or select boxwood. The musical instrument comes with a lightweight, oblong case with a matching blanket as well as a padded plush interior.

The weight of the musical instrument is 5.35 pounds whiles its dimension is 24 x 8.2 x 4.4 inches. For an intermediate violin that features rich tonal characteristics, go for the Cremona SV-800 Premier Artist Violin.

15. DZ Strad Violin Model 101

This musical instrument is popular among music teachers and it is adjudged as one of the high-performing musical instruments for intermediate and beginner players. it is light in weight, therefore it is comfortable to play and it is available in 4/4 size. You will be pleased to learn that this product is set up with a Wittner-style tailpiece along with 4 built-in tuners.

The features that make the D Z Strad Violin Model 101 shines among other musical instruments are its exquisite artistry, playability, as well as its warm and round tone. This violin comes with some important and useful accessories. Some of its accessories are shoulder rest, bow, rosin, case, among others.

The carrying case is light in weight and it serves a dual function of storage and transportation. The product is hand-carved and it is finished with high-quality varnish to produce an excellent sound from the aged tonewood. The dimension of the violin is 32.2 x 12 x 5.8 inches while its weight is 4.9 pounds. Are you keen on getting the musical instrument that will always keep you motivated? The D Z Strad Violin Model 101 is an excellent choice that you can consider.

16. D Z Strad Model 220 4/4 Full Size Violin

Beautifully finished with top quality spirit varnish, D Z Strad Model 220 produces a unique sound from the maple wood. The Violin never stops to motivate players through its excellent playability, consistency, and warm tone.

Apart from that, the intermediate violin comes with other exciting features that helps player hone their skills effortless. Some noteworthy features are its attractively constructed body that gives a nice tone and the high-quality materials that allow students to play their favorite tunes with ease.

This outfit comes with rosin, shoulder rest, a carrying case, a brazilwood bow, among others. D Z Strad Model 220 is a perfect choice for intermediate players as well as professional players looking for advanced players musical instruments to showcase their skills.

The musical instrument features maple bottom plate and sides, as well as hand-carved maple bridge. You will be pleased to learn that the violin is set up with dominant strings. It weighs 5.15 pounds and the dimension is 31.6 x 11. 5 x 5.4 inches.

17. DZ Strad Violin Model 100

The DZ Strad Violin Model 100 violin is characterized by an open and clear tone. It is one of the highly recommended musical instruments by music professionals and teachers for learning and constant practice. The intermediate violin is equipped with a smooth and round tone.

In addition to that, it is designed to keep students motivated through its excellent playability, the consistency as well as its exquisite artistry. If you are looking for a beautiful, dependable musical instrument that comes equipped with lustrous sound, do not hesitate to go for the DZ Strad Violin Model 100.

The product weighs 4.55 pounds while its dimension is 32.3 x 9.2 x 6.4 inches. One of the advantages of this violin is that if you don’t need to set it up on arrival, it has been completely set-up before being dispatched. The outfit comes with rosin, shoulder rest, as well as case. The DZ Strad Violin Model 100 is an excellent product that is durable and easy to play.

18. Scott Cao Violin ¾ Size Model STV017

The Scott Cao Violin is a well-made musical instrument that sounds good and looks great. The musical instrument is light, so it can be played conveniently. Its dimension is 32 x 13.5 x 6 inches while it is 5.15 pounds in weight.

The Scott Cao violin comes with some fantastic features which are worthy of mention. Some of these remarkable features are Ebony pegs, fully-carved body, Ebony fingerboard and chinrest, and others. what makes Scott Cao Violin different from other musical instruments is its fine artistry as well as quality tone. The musical instrument is excellently designed and it is made with high-value material for high-quality sound production.

The tailpiece of the musical instrument has a built-in fine tuner. Furthermore, the violin comes with brazilwood wood bow and a student case. It also features an installed Thomastik Dominant strings. The product is fully-carved with hand-painted varnish.

Are you in search of an intermediate violin that offers excellent value for student players, do not overlook the Scott Cao Violin? The musical instrument comes with all accessories and features a student needs to become an excellent violin player.

19. D’Luca PROJBV44 Strauss Professional Violin

Are you in need of an intermediate violin that offers professional features at a friendly price? If your answer is yes, then D’ Luca PROJBV44 Strauss Professional Violin is your best bet. Apart from the high-value features, the musical instrument is durable and easy to play. The violin features an attractive oil varnish with a carved close-grained solid spruce top that is dark brown in color.

The product is made with high-quality materials which make it durable. The fingerboard, chin, and the pegs are made of ebony material while the headpiece, back, and sides are made with maple.

The D’ Luca PROJBV44 Strauss Professional Violin comes with great accessories like horsehair bow with a silver lining, SKB hard case, chinrest, strings, and metal tailpiece along with 4 adjustable tuners. Note. However, this intermediate violin is only available in 4/4.

The violin has a beautiful appearance and its high quality. If you need an intermediate violin with an excellent sound, do not hesitate to go for the D’ Luca PROJBV44 Strauss Professional Violin.

20. Cremona SV-150 Premier Student Violin

The Cremona SV-150 Premier Student Violin gives a perfect example of a musical instrument that has a quality and value that worth more than its price tag. This intermediate violin is designed to meet the needs of both beginning and advancing students.

The product comes equipped with features that allow the student to learn and master the playing skills with stress. The musical instrument is lightweight, yet durable thanks to its brilliant construction. The Cremona Violin is hand-carved from special wood and it is combined with Travelite case.

You will be pleased to learn that the Cremona Violin comes with prelude strings that are made from the United States. The prelude string is an impressive string preferred by the educator for students learning the musical instrument. The features of this amazing violin include swiss-styled boxwood pegs that are correctly fitted, high-value, lightweight tailpiece along with four smooth fine tuners. The string spacing and height are correctly placed for accurate intonation and finger positioning.

Other features that set the Cremona Violin apart are the ebony fingerboard, boxwood fittings, and quality workmanship. For excellent tone and amazing performance, the Cremona Violin is the musical instrument to buy.

Choosing the Best Violin from the Best Intermediate Violin Brands

Purchasing an intermediate violin is an exciting experience if you have the basic knowledge of what to do. Take note of the important features, specifications, as well as the top intermediate violin brands available. On this note, it is essential that you consider all the tips given above and you can as well pick from one of the intermediate violins that we have reviewed.

2) Bunnel Premier Student Violin

  • 4 Advanced Grade Built-In Tuner
  • Warmer and Richer Sound
  • Hand-Made
  • Easy Carrying

1) Mendini 4/4 Wood Violin Package - Full Size

  • High Quality
  • Rich, Powerful, & Deep Tone
  • Sensuous & Strong Sound
  • Hand-Carved Spruce Top

3) Cecilio 4/4 CVNAE - Acoustic/Electric Violin

  • Hand-Carved Maple Back & Sides
  • Solid Spruce Top
  • Volume & Tone Control