3 Best Getzen Trumpets Reviews 2021

Best Getzen Trumpets

Best Getzen Trumpets

Music is the food for the soul, but its basis and effectiveness lie with the rhythm and melody of sound that it produces. Music is empowered by various musical instruments that provide and offer distinctive sounds and tones. A trumpet is a popular and common musical instrument. It is a wind instrument known for many decades and over the years, people have come to know of various types of trumpets and brands that manufacture them. One of the famous trumpet brands is Getzen.

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The Getzen trumpet manufacturing company started out with their first product in 1962. There was various modification over time and from 2001 till date, Getzen has been providing very versatile and durable trumpets just like many other popular brands. Trumpets are made up of various parts that determine the sound, versatility, durability, and playability and these are well known to professional players who hold the knowledge as a trumpet buying guide.

Choosing, selecting and buying the right and perfect trumpet at any store requires that you understand the type of trumpet you want even as you have good information about the parts and how they affect the trumpet. In this article, I will review the latest trumpet from Getzen and discuss some useful buying tips.

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3 Best Getzen Trumpets Reviews

1. Getzen Eterna 900S Trumpet

One of the best, commonest and most popular trumpet manufactured by Getzen, the Eterna 900S connects the passions of the old-time players with the realities of the modern-day music. It was first released in the 1960s for professionals and got upgraded over time to meet the requirements of various generations.

The trumpet features an excellent and quality sound as well as an amazing intonation from nice free blowing play. It has a trendy appearance from the wood shell case which also prevents wear and tear to parts of the trumpet. The design and construction are perfect with the 2-piece 4 3/4 inches handspun yellow brass bell. It comes with a silver finish that ensures protection and durability. It is price-affordable with a 5-year warranty and transferable and life-long piston warranty.

However, the 900S Eterna trumpet is not ideal for amateur or beginners. It is more suitable for professional players. This trumpet valve may be sticky than other horns on rare occasions.

The valves are adjustable and nickel hand-lapped, a Bb key and bell of about 4.75 inches. It has a yellow bell brass, third valve slide adjustment, lead pipe material made of nickel silver and a 0.460 degrees medium-sized bore. The trumpet’s weight is 2.5 pounds and 20 by 6 by 6 inches in dimension.

2. Getzen Eterna 907S Trumpet

Getzen became the choice of many trumpet players and musical professionals through the success of its Eterna series that featured the 900 Eterna Classic. The Getzen Eterna 900, however, might not offer the versatility required by today’s music and trumpet players. The flexibility, versatility and more effectiveness than the Eterna classic series lacked was what the new Proteus series is made to offer.

The Getzen Proteus 907S Trumpet is well-designed, possesses a dual or two-piece #137 heat-treated bell, Bb key, 460 inches bore size, Nickel plated silver valves and custom gold brass lead pipe. The Getzen Proteus 907S is known to be perfect for orchestral and chamber usage than the Eterna classic. The weight of the trumpet is about 2.5 pounds and with a dimension of 20 x 6 x 6 inches.

3. Getzen 590S Trumpet

This is a trumpet made and manufactured to satisfy the yearnings of the intermediate and amateur players who cannot wait to start a memorable stage performance. It is a trumpet featuring many attributes that support playability, the convenience of use and comfort for players.

The Getzen 590S standard trumpet comes as a trumpet with a silver finish to ensure there is no chance for rusting and corrosion. It can produce bright and excellent sounds. The trumpet horn has little air resistance and is very simple to play with. The design makes the trumpet looks handy and a lot firm at hand than most other intermediate or student trumpet. Furthermore, it also comes with an innovative compartment where kinds of stuff like a mobile phone can be kept.

The Getzen 590S Standard Trumpet offers a mouth pipe made of nickel silver, a first slide saddle to support intonation of the trumpet, Bb key, while bore size is 0.460 degrees. The trumpet bell is a 2 piece 4 3/4 inches of yellow brass, the third slide ring is adjustable while the hand-lapped slides are made of nickel silver. It has a weight of about 3 pounds and 21 x 5 x 6 inches as dimension.

Choosing the Best Getzen Trumpets

Buying a trumpet just like buying any other products, require a good knowledge of what the buyers want to buy. In the case of a trumpet, it starts with deciding on the type of trumpet that you need. There are student trumpets while there are also have trumpets for professional players. If you are buying a trumpet, you must also consider the sound you want from the trumpet. There are trumpets that offer jazzy sound, orchestral sound, and others. The choice of the sound determines which trumpet you require.

There are other factors that need to be considered while buying a trumpet at the store is it includes the ease in playing and product durability. You would not want to buy a trumpet that aches while holding or that require more blowing efforts. Be sure the valves are with the first and third valve rings to hold the valve from falling away. Buying trumpets that are durable and provides what you need as a student, intermediate or professional player.