15 Best Intermediate Trumpet Reviews 2022 – Standard Trumpet List

Best Intermediate Trumpet & Standard Trumpet

Best Intermediate Trumpet & Standard Trumpet

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If you are reading this, may be you are interested in playing trumpets, either as a player or you are willing to get one for your child or spouse. Trumpets are great instruments to have but finding the best and exact one that fits well with your playing level can be a daunting task, due to so many brands in the market.

We have decided to put together a review of the best trumpets, especially for those in the intermediate level, to help narrow down on the hundreds of options in finding the one that really works for you.

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What are the Best Trumpet for Intermediate Player?

2) Jean Paul USA TR-330 Standard  Trumpet

  • Larger Bore Size
  • Robust
  • Beginner or Intermediate
  • Popular Choice

1)Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L Trumpet Gold Bb

  • Gold-lacquered
  • Highly Rated
  • Smooth Action Valves
  • 1st and 3rd Valve Slides

3) Jean Paul USA TR-430 Intermediate Trumpet

  • Third Trigger Design
  • Robust
  • Intermediate
  • Comfortable playing

So what’s the deal?

The real deal is narrowing down your options list to enable you to choose a trumpet that will not only blend with your playing level but also complies to the weight of your budget. This can be a bit difficult if you do not know exactly what you are looking for or how best to sift through the myriads of trumpets in the market.

Choosing the right trumpet

While it could seem like buying a trumpet should be a simple walk-in experience, it hardly ever is that simple. When shopping for the best trumpet, there are certain factors you must take into consideration. The following are some key factors to consider;

Does it have the Intermediate Sound level?

Some advanced student players might find the entry-level trumpets limiting in some ways. Therefore, manufacturers designed intermediate instruments that include some advanced features which help developing players to achieve a richer and quality sound. So make sure that the trumpet you are buying is the type capable of playing at a level suitable for intermediate players.

While some players prefer darker and bigger orchestra sound, others like the more bright and jazzy sound. You don’t want to buy a trumpet that is meant for advanced players and will thus make your learning and education even more difficult than it should be.

Check out the bell type

Trumpets come with different bell material construction. While brass is the most common form of material used in most intermediate models, Rose Brass Bells are also popular and they impart a darker, warmer quality to the tone. Silver bell is the least popular type and is found mostly in top-grade horns, rendering bright and darker rich tone.

However, the main point of consideration should be how the bell is made. The best trumpet bells are those that feature a one-piece, hand hammered design. They vibrate uniformly and should be the top choice for you.

Check out the Intonation

A perfect intermediate trumpet will be consistent, devoid of unusually flat or sharp notes that sound more bright or dull when compared to the rest. Tuning a trumpet can be a bit difficult to make sure that you get the intonation right from the get-go so that the sound produced is appropriate and suitable.

Operation mechanisms

The most reliable and quality brands incorporate smooth valves together with triggers or with first and third valve rings for adjusting the tuning. Make sure that what you are buying have a stopper that will prevent the third-valve slide from slipping off.

This helps to improve the playing experience and make sure that you are able to coordinate your movements smoother than with other types of trumpets. This is especially important during the early days of practicing more difficult pieces as an intermediate player. You want to be sure that your movements are precise and economic to ensure a smooth playing time.

Ease and comfortable

How comfortable and easy would it be when using the trumpet? Run some test and verify if it would be comfortable for your liking. A good intermediate trumpet should have a free-blowing tougher register devoid of any pinched feeling, while the trumpet should be able to deliver easy projection without much stress. 


Most times, price determines the quality of the instrument you will get. While there are nice quality designs across most of the intermediate line of trumpets, the ones that have higher price tags tends to provide a better playing experience. Rule of thumb is that you buy quality with a good budget but buying expensive does not guarantee to buy quality.

15 Best Intermediate Trumpet Reviews - Standard Trumpet List

1) Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L Trumpet Gold Bb

If you are looking for a trumpet that fits the needs of an intermediate player, either in or out of school, the Medini by Cecilio is the ideal choice. The unique features of this trumpet include a lead-pipe whose mouth is made of phosphorus.

On top of the lead-pipe are three inlaid, white-pearl keys together with 3 outstanding smooth valves. Before these trumpets are sold out, they are tested at the company’s factory and are retested at the product’s distribution center in Los Angeles where they are certified for high-quality standard. This is the primary reason why thousands of teachers and musical instructors have endorsed the Mendini by Cecilio Trumpet.

The Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L Trumpet Gold Bb has a smooth airflow and the valves are heavy duty with top class quality. The trumpet is very solid and there is nothing flimsy about it. The copper lead-pipe adds to the overall beautiful finish of the trumpet. This trump will pass as a perfect gift for your child or spouse who is seeking to upgrade to the intermediate level and beyond.

The trumpet comes with cleaning cloth, valve oil, gloves and a wonderful case for storage and easy transportation.

2) Jean Paul USA TR-330 Standard Student Trumpet

Designed to function in the Bb key, the Jean Paul Standard Student Trumpet offers the student the golden opportunity to upgrade his or her playing career from a beginner level to an intermediate champion and master of the trumpet. The bore provided by this trumpet is very generous to the student as it simplifies the playing process while helping both the beginner and intermediate player to hit the correct notes precisely.

The lead-pipe featured by Jean Paul TR-330 is made of brass, which allows the player to generate warm and well-centered rich tones. The bell and lead-pipe of this instrument are also responsible for the excellent projection of sound that is generated when playing the instrument in school or in the marching band. The quality is nice and the price is just perfect.

The entire body construction is yellow brass while it also features a contoured carrying case. Other accessories that come with this product include the cleaning cloth, valve oil, glove, and mouthpiece.

3) Jean Paul USA TR-430 Intermediate Trumpet

Here is another unique design from Jean Paul, and this time, it’s the TR-430, a continuation of the TR series. Just like its predecessor, the TR-330, this particular version features a rose brass lead-pipe that contributes to the rich and warm sound the instrument for which the instrument is popular.

However, the unique difference in the Jean Paul TR-430 is the adjustable and solid third trigger design that creates a natural hand position and enhancing proper and comfortable playing technique. The piston valve is highly durable, which lengthen and strengthen the life of the trumpet while allowing the intermediate playing the ability to maximize sound quality.

Regarding accessories, the Jean Paul TR-430 comes with polishing cloth for cleaning the instrument, valve oil to prevent rust and keep keys smooth, carrying case and a 7C mouthpiece.

4) Glory Brass Bb Trumpet

Our review shows that this trumpet is a complete package in terms of aesthetic and features. The Glory Brass Bb Trumpet features a solid brass design with a premium build silver plated 7c mouthpiece for outstanding handling and sound resonance.

Although this trumpet which features a standard design appear to be particularly suited for beginners, it also serves as reliable intermediate piece that has won lots of teacher’s recommendations.

The Glory Brass Bb Trumpet packs a flawless and elegant finish while the sound that it project is beautiful and admirable. This trumpet comes perfectly tuned so that the player doesn’t need to do much tuning. The color is appealing and the packaging is great.

Another fact that makes the Glory Brass Bb Trumpet to stand out from a host of others is the simplicity of play incorporated in the design. The sound is just great and the case and care kit that accompanies it further add to its quality.

5) Mendini TT-30CN Nickel plated Intermediate Double Braced Bb Trumpet

This version from the popular brand, Mendini, is one of the best discount trumpets you can get for your son or daughter, at a time when some other models are proven to be junk. The Mendini TT-30CN has a nice feel and the design quality is great and looks cool. Featuring similar design like the MTT-40, this Mendini TT-30C is the perfect instrument for an intermediate.

Clearer and precise intonation are achieved through the proper tuning mechanism incorporated in this design. Although some people have complained about it starting out flat, adjusting the tune can sharpen the note and create a rich, warm and distinct sound, provided you didn’t receive a defective product from the seller.

The Mendini TT-30C is highly recommended especially for players with a low budget. The trumpet comes with a nice-looking case and two colors of gold and silver are just breathtaking.

6) Legacy Silver Plated Intermediate Trumpet TR750S with 2 Years Warranty and Convertible case

Legacy returns with yet another unique and quality trumpet primarily designed to meet the needs of intermediate players. This Legacy Intermediate TR750S version is similar to its sister version—the Legacy TR750—except that this new version, not nickel plated but features a sterling silver plated design.

Known as one of the top-quality manufacturers of musical instrument in the world, the LegacyTR750S is designed to allow the intermediate player (especially for upgrading students) to have a blast while participating in a competitive and nationally ranked high-level marching band. The trumpet features the same 5-inch diameter bell while the silver sterling design ensures richer and warmer sound.

Apart from being reasonably priced and bearing all the qualities of a top-notch instrument, the case for carrying the Legacy TR750S is also convertible but the addition of a heart-warming 2-year warranty further put this piece above its sister’s models.

7) Legacy TR750 Intermediate Trumpet w/ Deluxe Convertible Case

The Legacy TR750 is an intermediate trumpet with the superior quality design when compared some other models in its price range and category. The trumpet boasts superior tone and intonation, a perfect choice for aspiring students and professionals seeking to move to the next level in their careers.

The Legacy Intermediate Bb Trumpet features a 5-inch diameter bell and a double braced rose brass tube that allows a warm, rich sound. It also features nickel double water keys alongside a silver-plated mouthpiece for improved elegance and playability.

This trumpet has a bright tone that delivers an intermediate performance and the price is simply incredible for such a quality. Apart from the fact that it requires just a minimal adjustment with the slides, the LegacyTR750 includes a zippered canvas case that also converts to become a standard backpack case.

8) Jupiter Intermediate Bb Trumpet 1100S

Featuring a reverse, less-resistance leadpipe, the Jupiter Intermediate Bb Trumpet 1100S far exceed lots of expectations. The trumpet is suitable for intermediate and professionals alike. The weight of the trumpet is medium, bearing a silver plated yellow brass body design while the pistons are made of steel.

The Jupiter Intermediate Bb trumpet has a third adjustable slide valve ring which enables the intermediate player to customize the instrument to achieve the desired taste and enhance maximum performance and comfort. Right off the box, this instrument plays and sound like a professional instrument.

The Jupiter’s featured low-range, mid-range and high-range key-sound projection function excellently. The sound is great and the instrument is easy to play. The valve action is just too good for the price. However, we still have to ascertain its durability after a year or so.

9) Yamaha YTR-4335GS Intermediate Bb trumpet Silver Plated

By now you must have heard about the brand name—Yamaha—one of the most popular in the musical instrument world. Although this model is manufactured in China, Yamaha appears to be keeping tight quality control over its products, and from the features incorporated in this YTR-4335GS, it would be right to say the brand has no plan to ditch quality for low cost.

The Yamaha YTR-4335GS Intermediate Bb Trumpet features a Silver Plated design with the gold brass bell that creates a wonderful and warm tone. Every aspect of this trumpet’s inner bore taper is tailored to provide a comfortable response and to achieve splendid tone color. This instrument offers the intermediate player the ability to project a solo or blend right with the ensemble.

The monel pistons featured by the YTR-4335GS enable the player to have quick and reliable valve action, while also providing rich, full and melodious intonation. With this trumpet, you can get as much sound as you want. But take note that the company has discontinued this model, but you still have a great piece to toy with.

10) Cecilio 3Series TT-380CN Nickel-Plated Intermediate Double-Braced Bb Trumpet

The Cecilio 3Series TT-380CN Intermediate Trumpet is the product that gives the student the inspiration and upper hand in advancing to the next stage. The trumpet features a medium weight, a sturdy medium-large bore that includes a double-braced design and a lead-pipe made of rose brass which offers warm sound and clear tone.

The monel pistons that come with the Cecilio 3Series TT-380CN Nickel-Plated Intermediate Double-Braced Bb Trumpet allows responsive and smooth action while the third adjustable slide lock ensures that the intermediate player has a precise intonation. The trumpet is perfectly in pitch and the lightweight means more convenient for the intermediate player

The Cecilio TT-380CN features a deluxe lightweight and durable, nylon cover carrying case with a strap at the back, including a pocket with zip. It also comes with white gloves and cleaning cloth.

11) Mendinni MTT-40 Intermediate /Advanced Double Braced Bb Trumpet

Mendini is a famous name and not many people will doubt the quality of their products in the musical instrument market. So when we got this, we weren’t disappointed by the quality it offers and ease at which the intermediate player can really master and flow with this trumpet.

Featuring a double-braced Bb 7c mouthpiece, the Mendini MTT-40 Intermediate /Advanced Double Braced Bb Trumpet has a fast and flawless action in sound projection and playability. The smooth and fast action monel valves create responsive action while the 3rd slide lock which is adjustable enable precise intonation.

The Mendini MTT-40 Intermediate /Advanced Double Braced Bb Trumpet guarantees the purest piston action attainable through the two-piece-valve casing while the rose lead-pipe and the rose brass bell design ensures a full sound with warm and clear tone. The backpack case, polishing cloth and gloves that comes with it further makes it a trumpet of choice.

12) Bartok Intermediate Bb Trumpet Silver ROS1145S

We critically reviewed and saw that the Bartok Intermediate Bb Trumpet Silver ROS1145S is among the best in the market. The trumpet carries a premium quality design, with the incredible silver finish. Featuring a European bell brass design, this trumpet renders amazing and rich sounds that fit the need of the intermediate player when duty calls.

The Bartok Intermediate Bb Trumpet Silver ROS1145S is a reliable and good looking trumpet that you can get for your child who has a year or so of playing under his/her belt. The trumpet is just the kind of trumpet any teacher would recommend because the sound quality is good and the silver finish adds impetus to its elegance.

Aside from being good in sound and looks, the Bartok Intermediate Bb Trumpet Silver ROS1145S features a solid and super nice case that resembles an expensive suitcase. With that, you can keep your trumpet safe and travel anywhere with it.

13) Ravel RTR301S Paris Intermediate Bb Trumpet

Moving from a beginner to a higher level in trumpet playing requires getting something that’s perfect for that level, and the Ravel RTR301S Paris Intermediate Bb Trumpet is exactly that fit the intermediate level—the next level after the beginner’s level.

The Ravel RTR301S Paris Intermediate Bb Trumpet features a durable and high-sounding brass material construction, a great choice for advanced musicians and students who are looking to progress beyond the beginner’s level. As a part of its specification, the Ravel RTR301S features 459 inches Bb key and a 4.9 inches bell silver-plated Monel pistons, including plastic valve guides.

This trumpet performs excellently, packing a perfect sound projection that resonates off the bell ring so beautifully in so much that it can easily be mistaken for a professional trumpet. This one contains a fully adjustable third slide lock with metal nuts, but it doesn’t have fixed third slide ring.

14) Yamaha YTR-4335GII Intermediate bb Trumpet Bb Trumpet

This is a unique redesigned concept of the Yamaha YTR-4335GII Intermediate Bb Trumpet. It is one piece of high-quality design that produces a richer and wider range of tonal colors because of the gold-brass bell feature it incorporates. The trumpet also features light but the durable design which is very suitable for the intermediate player to handle. Excellent playability and endurance is promoted by the bell during playing.

The Yamaha YTR-4335GII Intermediate Bb Trumpet has a great and durable monel alloy pistons, including newly constructed valve button caps that helps in maximizing sound quality while also assisting in promoting the life of the instrument.

Regarding the main and second tuning slides, the same high-end method is used as in other Yamaha designs, providing stability, added durability and increased refined tonal color. This trumpet is an excellent choice between the beginners’ and professional trumpet.

15) Kohlier 110 Series Intermediate Bb Trumpet Silver

The name may sound strange but what it carries is a stark definition of the best and among the best. Featuring BbBore key, this trumpet with a Lead-pipe measuring 460-inch represent a great value for the player seeking to upgrade his or her career to the next level—the intermediate level.

The 460-inch medium-large bore featured by this trumpet, including the dual-braced actual tuning slide, allows it to have a bit of increase mass for added sound projection.

The Kohlier 110 features unique Monel valves which create and offer flawless action while accurate tuning is guaranteed using the adjustable third valve slide stop. The Kohlier 110 Series Intermediate Trumpet features a yellow brass bell as the material used for the construction of the standard lead-pipe.

This trumpet comes with a wooden case including a 7C mouthpiece. This intermediate design goes a long way in motivating the intermediate player to play and improve more.

Choosing the Best Intermediate Trumpet - Standard Trumpet Selection

Understanding everything that you need to understand will go a long way in simplifying the selection process for you. Apart from providing you with the opportunity of buying the best trumpet that fits your playing level, you will also be in possession of a durable and reliable instrument that will forever give you a course to play more and improve better.

What we have discussed above in the introduction segment of this review, are unique ways by which you can get the right intermediate trumpet, including the best brands and types in the market.

2) Jean Paul USA TR-330 Standard  Trumpet

  • Larger Bore Size
  • Robust
  • Beginner or Intermediate
  • Popular Choice

1)Mendini by Cecilio MTT-L Trumpet Gold Bb

  • Gold-lacquered
  • Highly Rated
  • Smooth Action Valves
  • 1st and 3rd Valve Slides

3) Jean Paul USA TR-430 Intermediate Trumpet

  • Third Trigger Design
  • Robust
  • Intermediate
  • Comfortable playing

Some other basics

We can agree that a trumpet is not a single unit instrument because it consist of different parts that are brought together to form the trumpet. Apart from the ones discussed above, some critical parts of the trumpets also include:

The Bore

The bore simply refers to the internal diameter of the second slide tubing. If the bore ranges between 458-460 inches, it means the trumpet is perfect for intermediate and professional purposes. A smaller ball may also be suitable for an intermediate player, depending on the overall quality of the instrument.

The Mouthpiece

The mouthpiece is also known as the lead-pipe and refers to the tube portion that connects to the tuning slide. The material construction of the mouthpiece is normally in yellow brass, sterling silver or red brass construction.

Point of note: remember that the best intermediate trumpets require some set of skills from the individual player who must have upgraded from the beginners’ level. Intermediate trumpets with silver designs offer brighter and deeper sounds while packing the best of slide saddles.

Make sure you look around online and in music stores. The advantages of shopping online for trumpets is getting it easy and convenient with so many options. The disadvantage is you’re not able to try it out before buying it. That’s going to be an advantage of going to the store.

You can try it out, get a feel for a trumpet and speak to a store professional and ask for advice. When shopping online, also make sure you read the reviews, especially the negative ones before making up your mind.